Sanam aur aahil ki adhuri prem kahani (Episode 5)

Hi guys. I’m back with my ff. I’m so so so sorry for the late update. Thanks for the comments everyone. Now I will update it only in English because of someone request. Today episode will be long. I hope u all will like it.

Sanam comes with the tray. She is hocked to see aahil and thinks what this khadoos doing here. Aahil didn’t saw her as he was chatting on mobile. Sanam keeps the tray on table.. She headed to kitchen where sehr is standing. She drags seehr to the room in upstairs. Seehr says what happened di. Why u brought me here. Sanam says says my khadoos boss is also with him. But what is he doing with him. Sehr says I will find out. Snap takes her outside the room and shows while. Seehr says ok I will asks re haan bout him. Seehr goes down. Sanaa is watching from up.

Seehr asks rehaan who is….he? Rehaan says he…..he is my brother. Aahil keeps his mobile and sees sehr. He thought its Sanam and says u. What r u doing here.msehr thinks does he know me. She says do I know u. Because I never saw u before. Sanam is hearing these all and puts her hand on her forehead. Aahil says sanam what r u telling. I don’t know me. Rehaan says bhai u know sehr. Aahil says sehr! Who is sehr? Rehaan says she is only sehr. Zoya says wait….wait. I will tell u actually she is sehr. Zoya calls sanam. Sanam says allah miya. Sanam comes down. Both aahil and rehaan r shocked to see them. They both together says twins! Sanam says yaa we r twins. Sehr says yaa she is right. Aahil says ok. Who is sanam and who is sehr. Sanam says I’m sanam. Sehr says I’m sehr.meehaan says its so confusing. Sanam says rehaan to drink tea. Rehaan says no I will have later. I think I would go. Rehaan aahil and Nazia went.

Sanam says maybe because they were shocked to see us that’s why they went. Sehr says yaa. They both give a hifi and hugs each other.

Aahil says come rehaan we should go. Rehaan says yaa because of these both sisters we had a lot of fun. Aahil says yaa. Rehaan says but how do u know sanam. Aahil says she is my p.a. Rehaan says oh. Ok. Aahil says and when did u met sehr. Rehaan says today only and we became friends. Aahil says only friends or more. Rehaan blushes and tells no bhai. Aahil says do u like her. Rehaan says yaa I like her. The moment I saw her my heart wants to talk to her. Nazia says oh . Wow. Bhai really. It’s so nice. Rehaan says I met her in a shop. She was buying vegetables. Aahil says love at first sight that too in a vegetable shop. Nice. Rehaan says ok. Bhai. Stop teasing me. We have reached home. Aahil says oh. Yaa.

The next day.

At the office.

Sanam comes to office. She comes and sits and starts doing her work. She says oh no. Still I hev to complete three pages. She typed fastle. She see aahil entering comin. She typed hurriedly. Aahil enters and sanlak’s work finished. Sanam says oh. At last it’s done. Aahil asks sanam the file. Sanam gives him. Aahil asked her how was ur day yesterday. U must be very happy that I came to ur house. Sanam thinks how did he read my mind. Sanam says no…….sir…..i…….i…….why I will be happy. I’m happy for my sister that she got such a nice friend. Aahil says hmmm. Ok I want o tell u that we have to go to malware. Sanam says today.maahil says tomorrow for some work and we will stay there for 1 day and 1 night. Sanam says ok. She thinks ohh. I have to be with khadoos for one day and night. Allah miya. Plz help me. But today he was not reacting like khadoos. Aahil says sanam I want to tell u one thing more. Keep this file with u and bring it tomorrow. Aahil thinks why I’m feeling to stop u from going.

Sanam wents home and tells asya about this. Zoya says aaaa…… daughter will be away from me for one day. Sehr says that too with that khadoos. Sanam says yaa ammi. But don’t worry. I will come back. And I’m going tomorrow. Zoya gives dua to snam and says take care. Sanam says sure.

At night

Sehr says di, I will miss u. Sanam says Pagli. I’m going for one day and u r crying like I’m going faway from u. They both hug each other and slept.

Rehaan asks aahil did it talk to sanam about sehr, aahil says rehu wait for some time. U mingle up with sehr. Take her somewhere. When she will become ur best friend then I will talk to sanam. Rehaan says ok. They both slept.

Precap: aahil car got punctured. they tried to get some help.

I hope u all like the episode. I will try to give importance to both the couples.

Plz comment, and again sorry for the late update.

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  1. Good episode. .. keep going

  2. awesome update plz give nxt epsode soon

  3. Sanjana reddy

    Nice…spice up abit ..overall you’re a good writer

  4. I liked it alot and i think its going good do the next one quick and make it even better and alottle spelling mistakes

  5. I liked it alot and i think its going good do the next one quick and make it even better and alot of spelling mistakes

  6. hey dear , loved it and i guess you are writing an ff on asya too , please upload that one soon and thanks for giving equal importance to both couples

    1. Sorry piya. But I’m not writing any ff on asya. I’m writing only on sahil.

  7. So lovely epi, loved the confusion part when ahil n rehaan shocked to see sanam n seher together n say “twins!!!!!” …hilarious. …sahil in malware ….wow…precap is very interesting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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