Sanam aur aahil ki adhuri prem kahani (Episode 2)


Hi guys. This is 2nd episode. And thanks for the comments everyone. I’m happy u r liking my ff. They r so many sahil fans. And I’m one of them. Let’s take a recap.

Recap : sanam gets the post of p.a in aahil’s office.

It’s morning. Sanam wakes up and gets ready as she has to go to office. She sees the time and shouts oh my god it 7:30. And I’m not ready
yet. Allah miya. If I will get late then that angry young man will start scolding me. A man comes and says my princess is not ready yet. Get ready fast. Sanam says ya abbu. I’m ready only I have to comb my hair. U know my boss is just like u. He want me to come exact at 8 am. What is dis? He is also just like u. Always want everything perfect. Asad says ok. Ok.stop talking. Get ready fast and come for breakfast. Sanam says I’m coming. U go.

Sanam eats her breakfast. Zoya asks sanam did sehr woke up? Sanam says no ammi. She is still sleeping like always.

Sanam comes to office. It’s 8:05. Aahil tells her u r five minutes late. I had told u to come at 8 am. Then why r u late. Sanam says Allah miya. What r u saying. I’m late just five minutes and five minutes doesn’t matter. Aahil says of course I matters for me. Sanam says what z ur problem? I’m just five minutes late. Who will see that five min. Aahil says for me every minute is important. If u want to work then don’t argue with me. I’m ur boss u r not my boss. Under stood. If u will say anything or argue with me. I will fire u. Sanam says ok and starts her work.

Sehr gets up. Zoya says at last u woke up. Go and buy some vegetables from the market. Sehr says ok. She gets freshen up and headed to market. Zoya sees and smiles at her.

In the market. Sehr is buying something. She don’t have one rupee. She tells the shopkeeper I don’t have change. Tomorrow I will come and give u. The shopkeeper says no I want my money. Sehr says let it be. It’s only one rupee. The shopkeeper see I want my money back. A guy sees this and comes to sehr. He says what happened? The shopkeeper says I want my one rupee. Sehr says I told him I will give him tomorrow I don’t have one rupee. The boy says ok. Ok. U will give. He gives the money. Sehr gets happy and says thank u Mr. ……..The boy says rehaan and u. Sehr says sehr. She shakes hands with him.

Precap : some goons tease sanam. Aahil rescues her.

So guys . How u like the episode. Plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz comment guys.

Suggest some names also and tell me how am I gng.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. Ur just awesome yaar I loved it

  2. I m really happy that besides Asya someone is also writing a ff on Sahil. I equally like Asya n Sahil that’s why m quite happy to see them together in the ff. I also like sehan 🙂

  3. Sahima its really really nice
    But I would like to suggest something….. 3 ppl aid same face is not a good idea I think……N if possible pls make it long…… Your story line is also nice keep it up:-D 😉

  4. wonderful ,, hats of to u sahima..keep it up

  5. fantastic dear………… loved sahil scenes a lot…………….. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. I will try to update by tomorrow. I’m not sure. Once again thanks to u. U don’t know how much happy I’m to see such good comments.

  7. Nice Eppisode..Keep it up

  8. WOW plz continue ua update plz i missed dz episodes thank u soo much

  9. You are just awsome yaar. Keep going

  10. Wowwww awesome episode, sanam n seher are asya’s princesses, awww…so sweeeeeet…aahil’s very strict…SaHil nok jhok was awesome…5mins…lol…SeHaan face off was very good..precap is interesting. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  11. Story is going really very well, some names, boys or girls? Here are few aliya, rahil, saniya, amber, shahid, shameem, danish, danial, suha, ruhi, shama, …

  12. u r awesome yaar plz update soon

  13. Gud epi . I love aahil

  14. Thanks for the comments everyone. I’m writing so many ff. But in this one I’m getting the most comments. Thanks everyone.

  15. i love aahil bgm music. Plz used his bgm. Nice episode…

  16. Of course I will use in my next episode.

  17. we used to see azad as a sucessful business man. can’t able to see him as a middle class man

  18. They r not middle class.

  19. Thank u 4 clearing my douts. waiting 4 next episode

  20. please write 3 episode of sahil..

  21. It was awesome n good but short update

  22. Thanks

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