Sanam aur aahil ki adhuri prem kahani (Episode 1)


Hi guys. Thanks for the comments anu roma jasmine heena kavi and mouni godavari. Thanks a lot. It will be short.

A lady is seen calling sanam and sehr to come and have breakfast. The scene shifts to a girl praying. She is our sanam. The lady calling was zoya. Sanam tells ammi. I will have food on the way. Zoya says no. U have to eat it now. Sanam says ok. She ate and went. Zoya goes to wake up sehr.

Sanam takes an auto and headed towards Ibrahim company. She enters it. She bumps into a handsome boy. The boy is our aahil. He says can’t u se and walk. Sanam says maybe u don’t know to walk or u bumped into me deliberately. Aahil says why I will deliberately bump into u. I don’t have any interest. Sanam says I know all boys r same. If they will see a beautiful girl then start flirting. Aahil says see ms. I ddint do it deliberately. And why am I wa ting my time to talk to u. Sanam I also don’t have any interest in talking to u. They both went to different directions. Aahil went to his cabin and sits in anger. Sanam asks the receptionist where we have to go for interview. The receptionist says go right then left then straight. Sanam says thank u . She headed towards the cabin.she enters the cabin and sees aahil. Both sahi and sanam at the same time says u!!!!!! Aahil says what r u doing in my cabin? Sanam says I have come here for interview. Aahil says ok. Come sit. She sits. Aahil asks her some ques. She answers them correctly. Aahil is impressed by he answers. He tells her to wait. Sanam wents.

Result comes. Aahil says sanam u have got the post P.A. Sanam gets very happy. Aahil says her to come from tomorrow at sharp 8’o clock. Sanam says yes. Aahil tells her to address as sir. Sanam says ok sir. Aahil says yaa. Ok. U may go.

Sanam returns home and tells the good news to her parents and sehr. Everybody gets happy.

Precap : sahil to get into an argument. Sehaan’s first meet.

I hope u like the episode. I know it’s short. But plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz comment guys. If u want any change then plz tell. I will respect ur request.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. it was awesome dear show lill shaiyaris like zoya n sum perfectioh like asad to show their reflection i sanam n saher n eagarly waiting 4 ur next episode

  2. Its awesome ,lovely update loved it

    Waise maine abhi padha nhi??

  3. Awesome, cool episode, lovely plot dearr, sanam is aahil’s P.A. loved it…thx for giving her a good status in this ff…n looks like asya also alive…precap is interesting, keep it up dearrrr, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  4. Fantastic dear….

  5. Hey thanks god bless you ok and i. Have a request pls pls from now on sahil and sehaan romance gonna start ok plspls and asya

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. I will show sahil and se haan romance. And sometimes asya also.

  7. really amazing update & my request is don’t make azad family as middle class

    1. U mean Asad.

  8. Awesome yaar ur really great

  9. It was really good

  10. nice episode. But asya family is a middle class family? Waiting 4 ur nxt episode.

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