Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (regarding characters)

Hey guyz …. Actually priya , sanam and other u all are right ..

. If I’m adding too many leads it will be messy …..

So I won’t add everyone in the same time but after sometime I’ve add one by one …

I hope u all will be comfortable with that …..

And some couples will have flashbacks only regarding vamp characters ……..

And I won’t be adding anymore leads as it will be many leads ….

If I am adding it will be like a friends or vamps …..

Hope u guyz won’t mind ………

And if u feel I’m boring and my ff is also boring …. I’ve make it interesting or I’ve wrap it up soon …

And guyz don’t worry I won’t be pairing many leads and yeah it will really create a mess and it will be boring ….

So some couples will be coming only in flashbacks ….

Coming to vamps couples …

Guyz ….. Mostly u won’t have pairs … U all will just team up …. Hope u all won’t mind ……

And guyz I’m saying this again and again …. I won’t bring all the couples entry @ the same time … I’ve bring them after sometime ……

And plz plz plz leave ur feed backs after reading this …. So my friends say will u be comfortable if I add the couples one by one after sometime ???? Plz comment and say …

Sunehri Mehta ❤️

Credit to: Sunehri


  1. Zuha Fatima

    No worriea dear , actually this is what I am doing in my FF , I am adding couples and new ones , 1 by 1??

  2. Priya tripathi

    Superb sunehri it will be ok otherwise i become confused with so many charcter n plz update ur ff

  3. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    That would be awesome aha, I don’t mind Because your ff is My favourite sahil love story aha. But in my ff you will always be the main character aha~Nusz

  4. Sonali jhadav

    Thanks for giving me a role and yeah I will be fine if I add me afterwards too

  5. Drashti thapar

    Come on sun dear .. just loved the promo and this too and update your ff or else … I’ve cry 😛

  6. Cady

    Happy that u are adding theM and I know you won’t mess up your ff it’s always a hit

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.