Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (promo)

Hey guyz …. This is a promo not a episode …..And Guyz plz pray for angel (she use to comment in my fan fictions)…..She’s getting operated due to her health problems…… So let’s all pray for her well being……..Thanks for your response in the last episode …….. From march 16 maha episodes starts…. I’ve be giving maha episodes each and everyday ………. And I thought of giving a promo now ….. I think u all will like and enjoy it …..


Aahil and sanam return from the forest…. After this trip aahil started to fall for sanam…..

Rehan comes to know about aahil’s feeling for sanam and aahil too comes to know about rehan’s feeling for seher …..

Rehan gets hold of seher’s diary (article diary) gives it to a newspaper company so that seher will be very popular…… Eventually seher’s article becomes very popular……

A person enters aahil’s house …. He’s aahil’s business partner from London …. He refers him as Ayaz Ahmed Khan……… (Here comes the first kabab me haddi :P)

He is sanam and seher’s cousin….

Sanam and seher both go and hug him and they are only talking with him and they both don’t even consider aahil and rehan …..

This makes them jealous ……

They (aahil and rehan) try to play many pranks on ayaz but they are unable to do it…..

Seher gets a call from France high commission saying that they are inspired by her articles so they want to honour her…..

They are asking her to come and stay there for 5 days….

Rehan comes to know about this says this to aahil….

Aahil asks him to accompany her and confess his love for her in France …

They both (seher and rehan ) start for France…….

In France a person named samar and Indian will always be flirting with seher (he’s 2nd kabab me haddi )

This make rehan more jealous ……

Rehan tries to make seher jealous…. So he pretends to be close with a girl….

Finally they both confess their love for each other in France …..

They return and they all celebrate holi in aahil’s house….

Aahil , sanam drinks bhang…….

Sanam gets into tanveer’s secret room and she sees asad and zoya’s pic …

She finds something fishy …….

She then forces tanveer to say the truth……

Tanveer says the truth……. Sanam , rehan and aahil are shocked …..(seher too… But she knows the truth already)

Sanam breaks down….. Seher consoles her

Aahil confronts tanveer….

Aahil says something dramatically…… Sanam is shocked hearing this and goes and slaps aahil ….. Aahil is shocked


And by the way guyz I’m planning to pair up ayaz one of aahil’s sisters

Who will be suitable : nazia or shazia?????

And by the way after the confrontation between aahil and tanveer do u want tanveer as positive or negative ????? Hope u guyz will like this track…. I’m saying this again this is a PROMO…..

For ayaz I choose namish …. And for samar who will be suitable ??

A) yuvaraj thakur (bade ache lagte hai – sammy)
B) parth samthaan (ky2 season 2 – manik )

Plz vote and leave ur comments……

Credit to: Sunehri


  1. Keira

    Manik vil be super had I well lvly promo….. Well sunehri yaar angel is getting operated I didn’t knew may Allah help her and operation vil be successful

  2. Adharshika

    Wow wow wow promo was fantastic. … I’m really waiting for your upcoming episodes … and yes dear we will all pray for angel’s well being …. For samar… plz plz plz parth only and thanks for choosing namish as ayaz

  3. Aroob

    Good promo dear … and angel dear friend u will definitely get well and we all are praying for you. ….. and I choose manik (aka) parth samthaan

  4. Zoya

    Plz update the next episode sunehri I’m waiting. … only manik and I’ve definitely pray for angel’s well being

  5. Nisha

    U nailed it! !! Love ur promo …. One and Only parth ok…. and my prayers to angel get well soon and come back and join us in the comments πŸ™‚

  6. Aaliaa

    Good promo. … and angel dear don’t worry god will definitely be there. .. He will save u …. take care … I vote for parth samthaan who acted as manik

  7. Kashish

    I’m shocked. .. angel u will be fine dear friend. .. We all are with you. .. and coming back to the promo it was fab and at last why sanam slapped aahil? ??

  8. Simran

    I’m eagerly awaiting for the next episode sunehri and angel u will definitely get well soon πŸ™‚ always be happy. … have faith. .. don’t loose it ….. say it every day that ‘I will get well’ … u will definitely be fine and take care dear

  9. Ayesha

    Oh no!!! Angel get well soon and come back re …. u have to get well soon. .. don’t worry god will help you if u have faith on him … so don’t worry πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. Mathanghi

    Aww … cute promo dear my vote goes to yuvaraj thakur. … and angel don’t loose hope .. u will get well and u will become normal πŸ™‚ so no worries

  11. Vanshita

    That’s a great promo sunheri dear friend and I pray for angel and her operation should be successful. .. hope u will get well πŸ™‚

  12. Sasha

    May god bless angel, n make her successful in this fight. Well sunehri if u cn tell me wht problem she has. Whatever it is i pray she overcomes it. Get well soon angel. Lots of love.

  13. angel

    Tnx a lot keira ameen I hope everything go well…tnx for supporting me sunehri and my doctor phoned today my operation is in 2 days time so I am already on my hospital bed counting down the hours so I won’t be able 2 comment for a few days on your epi..tnx and love u lots my bestie

  14. Priya tripathi

    Good promo i think for samar is parth samathan good n after confarmation of tanveer crime she should become positive

  15. I vote 4 manik ie parth… Promo wuz superbb sunehri!! Sehan confession… I think tanveer shud bcom positive…i think ayaz shud b paired up wid nazia…its juz my opinion… Rest on u!!:):)

  16. I vote 4 manik ie parth… Promo wuz superbb sunehri!! Sehan confession… I think tanveer shud bcom positive…i think ayaz shud b paired up wid nazia…its juz my opinion… Rest on u!!:):)n dont wrry angel, my prayers r wid u..get well soon:)

  17. Gargi

    You can pair samar and ayaz with shazia and nazia,so that everyone get partner…… Angel get well soon…….. Sunheri u are just wonderful. Which is you board ICSE or CBSE. All the best for exams…….???

  18. zuha (Asya fan )

    May Allah help her in this critical state (ameen) and she recover soon and start commenting as she used to and our dear Sunehri doesn’t feel lonely. (AM I RIGHT SUNEHRI )Well for the promo it sounds interesting and for Tanveer I would prefer that she changes positive as per my view and then all us your decision.And for your reply on the previous ep thnx!Love you!

  19. zuha (Asya fan )

    And Sunehri I feel that Gari is right and I can’t vote for Samar coz I don’t know about both of the actors so sorry. Hope u forgive me dear.

  20. angel

    Thank u all of u who prayed for me ..I had a operation soon but I am not going for it as doctors did another check up on me and found out that I had internal bleeding and my blood turning black due 2 a hole in my heart so they said I have 2 get test done first and then a operation…love u all guys and u sunehri my bestie don’t worry soon I will get well and will trouble u…

  21. angel

    Hey no problem sunehri it they say when u really want something u have 2 wait for it and we are all waiting for it…sunehri what grade are u in?…

  22. Sasha

    Hey angel dear how u doing? Which grade r u in? Evn !y friend was yelling this, she is trying to uodt her ff since 4 -5 days , bt in vain

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