Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki ( promo part 2 and question )


Hey guyz …. so sorry for the late update. .. actually I’m in 10th and I want to update everyday … but I’ve definitely try to do so and today I can only give a promo that too it’s a continuation of the previous one that means both the promos are for maha episode ……. I hope u guyz will enjoy it …

Aimaan will try to separate aahil and sanam but vain ……

Sanam will be madly in love with aahil and same aahil is madly in love with sanam ……

tanveer will turn into a good character …..

Dilshad , ayan and humeira will come there …….

ayaz is madly in love with nazia …

ayaz is irritated with samiya’s flirting atitude. …

Samiya is in love with ayaz so she will try to separate ayaz and nazia ……

sameer (Aahil’s class mate) he’s also a doctor tries to kill ayaz as he loves nazia….

seher and rehan confession and engagement. ……

sarfaraz will fall for shazia and he’s a very formal guy. …..

as mentioned in the previous promo sarfaraz is known as rules sarfaraz. ..

shazia will reject him……

so sarfaraz will say to his friends that to impress shazia he have to become like how he was in college. …

so sarfaraz will be playing double role (same person acting as different one) and he will introduce himself to shazia as “saif” a roadside romeo. ……

shazia will fall for him (love @ first sight ) ……

After sometime she will come to know that saif is none other than sarfaraz himself. …..

shazia wants to know sarfaraz truth …

sarfaraz hesitates to say ……

sarfaraz has a younger sister syahi. ….

The question is why sarfaraz became rules sarfaraz? ????

and guyz one more thing … I want my fan fiction viewers to bag a role in my fan fiction. ….. those who are interested please say whether u want to bag a positive or a negative role ….

I’m happy to say that my friend heena has bagged a role as syahi …… A positive role and sarfaraz sister

and yamuna wants to bag a negative role and ur welcome too ….

so guyz if u want to take part in my ff plz leave ur comments and feedback on my fan fiction. … and sorry for the late update too … tomorrow I’ve definitely post the episode. … and sathya (sweety ) thanks a lot for ur help sis …. and guyz I’m the new head girl of my school …. feeling happy … tomorrow without fail I’ve definitely update the episode ….. and plz plz plz leave ur comments and suggestions. …

Credit to: Sunehri

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  1. Karan darmathikari (sunehri,nandhita,arjun best friend)

    And plz dont call me useless … and what about u ??? I r no.1 rothudu

  2. Hey sunehri !!! New head girl of our school .. nice fan fiction I read all episode today only .. and karan arjun not again … plz don’t do this Mahabharata war in this site too .. and I want to bag positive role

  3. Sonali jhadav

    Hey plz update soon …. Heena I agree with u … Please stop the fight

  4. Plz post the episode in waiting for a long time

  5. Yeah … let’s better talk about it .. and sunehri my bestie … So sorry for fighting that too wrestling … tomorrow I’ve definitely bring pizza , chocolates and ask sorry … not only me even karan too will ask sorry … will do situps too but plz tell to me .. plz

  6. Karan darmathikari (sunehri,nandhita,arjun best friend)

    Saale !!! Same there huh??? Lagtha hai rani sahiba sunehri is angry with us … sorry yaar … same I’ve do anything but we both are sorry … plz talk to us .. plz

  7. Barkat imam (sunehri and heena ff fan)

    I want ur episode .. thank God both stopped fighting .. when when sunehri .. what’s going on ?? Tell me in the class tomorrow … kaise bataogi . ?????

  8. Swadheentha (dehleez fan)

    Sorry for the late comment .. mind blowing promo … I want to bag a different type of role … omg .. fight !!!! What’s happening … Karen and arjun besides ..ahaan … ?

  9. Drashti thapar

    I’m eagerly waiting for the episode … what’s going on here … heated argument between arjun and karan … plz don’t fight

  10. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

    Nice… lov to play a role….

  11. very cute little sissy hehe, smile always hehe byebye

  12. I love your fan fiction

  13. I would love to play either positive or negative

  14. I’m waiting for the episode

  15. When will u post the episode

  16. I want to play a small positive role …. just for 1 episode

  17. I’m a very big die hard fan of your ff

  18. I won’t even sleep if I didn’t read your episode so plz update today itself I beg u pardon plz

  19. Fiza (asad and zoya fan)

    Thank god finally both of them stopped the fight

  20. Hey nalaik karan sunehri is not at all talking to me yet !!!!!!

  21. Karan darmathikari (sunehri , arjun , nandhita best friend)

    What to do … Miss. Ziddi won’t forgive us easily. . We have to use our old techniques. . I hope u know it 😛

  22. alexis fayole

    What a promo can’t wait for episode i love this ff a lot and always follow it. Love you too

    1. Thanks alexis

  23. Finally it’s letting me comment… But nice promo.. I’m actually suffering through a lot… But keep up the great work.hun .~Nusz

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