Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (promo and characters)

Hey guyz …. Sorry for the late update … Actually today I thought of giving promo regarding characters … And now many of my besties have bagged role in my ff …. Now here are the characters for the viewers……

Negative role :

1) Zuha – u will be playing as Nida sheik (main negative role in sahil love story)
U r khalnayak in my ff ??????? …. And ur negative opposit pair is karan kundra .. His name is zeeshan

2) Yamuna – u will be playing as afreen Khan (main negative role in shazia sarfaraz love story) U will be paired up with sameer ….

3) Sonali jhadav – u will be playing as Samiya siddiqui (main negative in Ayaz Nazia love story) and u will be paired up with

4) urvashi – u will be acting as a vamp … I’ve say afterwards .. And u will be a vamp in seher and Rehan love story …

And male vamps .. Sameer , aimaan and I’ve add some more

Positive role …

Heena as Syahi …. U will be paired up with karan wahi and u will be acting as sarfaraz sister …

Nusz – u will be acting as ranya Iqbal… And u will be paired up with ravi dubey and his name is zayed zaffir …..

Sarah – u will be acting as haya and u have to say whom u want as parallel lead..

Keira – u will be acting as Keira and u will be paired up with Samar who’s role will be played by parth samthaan….


Now I have decided this much only but I need time to enter my other besties too …

And now let’s go to the promo ……

Zeenat and anwar will be entering into the ff …….

Now Aahil and Rehan have to prove that they are good jamai raja too ……

And Samar tells about his past to Rehan and seher how he got separated from his family……

And he too tells that a lady killed his mother …….

He then comes to India ……..

Ayaz boss entry will be coming and he has many negative intentions ……

Sameer and Ayaz funny fights yet seriously wants to win Nazia’s love …..

Sarfaraz was forced rules sarfaraz because of his father and incident happened with his sister …..

Nida (played by zuha) again enters in Aahil sanam life …….

She tries to hurt sanam ….

Aimaan , sameer , Nida , Samiya team up …..

And samiya’s dad and aimaan’s dad too team up with them ….

Tanveer will turn positive ….

Zeenat’s daughter ranya farooqui enters (played by nusz and nusz I changed the surname )

She collides with a guy named zayed zaffir (played by ravi dubey) in airport ……

And their story starts …..

Aahil tries his best to impress sanam …… Ayaz too tries to impress Nazia


Plz leave ur comments and feedback so guyz …And my friends plz read heena’s ff in swaragini (once upon a time when villain meets his angle) ; zuha’s (asya and huyaan) ; nusz (destiny vs love tpk) ; rafya’s (asya and thahaan pyar ki dastaan suno) ; mujhe mohabbhat me Sab qubool hai by Sarah ; a lexis #qubool hai too ……..

And I’ve post the episode tomorrow ????

Credit to: Sunehri


  1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    OH my god sunnnn, I’m totally in love with your ff the beginning!!!’ Man I love you so much!!! In my ff you’re a main character, paired up namish your dream guy aha!!! I meet him at the airport!! Yippee!!! I hope he falls for me first!!!! Lol I am sorry… I just love Ravi dubey so much!!! But your role in my ff will rock it so much!!!! You enter on epsiode 2!!!! Hehe!!! But I love you so much my sis, bestie and Hun aha… Always keep smiling and shining aha~Nusz

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Thank u for the role , I will be happy to have Nida’s role Opp. Karan.Anyway Love Ya!!

  3. Yamuna

    Lol?? thanks Sunehri…feels good to comment on your ff after a long time. Waiting for further episodes…

  4. Keira

    lv u yaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr cmntng after so long but ya when u said checked the promo before putting to charge I checked lvd to the core

  5. heena

    hey sunehri as always u rock dear loved the promo hehehe n thanks for giving me a role in ur ff waiting 4 ur epi i m so much exited for the further epi keep it up u r fab writer lv u loads πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  6. Parineeta

    Super and dear it’s ok I know it’s difficult to give role to all in the same track and I know u r so sweet girl and u will give role for everyone in different tracks. . And I too want a positive role

  7. Mathanghi

    Sorry for not commenting in the previous epi. . And juts fab promo and wow zeenat sasu mom .. gr8 all the best aahil rehan

  8. Fatarajo

    Wow very interesting promo sunne to u just made ur fans day especially nusz, Keira , Sarah n Heena πŸ˜›

  9. Sanam

    I rlly love the nw characters… but honestly… i thnk…you shuldnt…. add aym,….. becuse… your….going…to.mess….up…..the.stry….line….alll…the….nw….characters…you.just….added…is.awesome…. but stp….adding…mre….anyhow…nice…promo….

  10. Drashti thapar

    Awwww …. very nice one and character are super . And waiting for your update plz update

  11. Laavanya

    Nice yaar and I too agree with sanam .. If u want to add others u better add them as side characters

  12. Nafeesa


    Very nice that u have added your friends in this ff too but too much main leads will mess up … and this much is fine .. but add others in side role and the promo is rocking

  13. Priya tripathi

    Awesome sunehari kab se intezar kar rahi thi finaly update even u also want a play a role in ur ff but positive

  14. Titli sarkar

    Super dear loved the new.characters and yeah I will be happy if u give me a small role

  15. Priya tripathi

    Awesome sunehri but there is many charcter entering n so much cofusion plz don’t adding so much charcter otherwise ur ff will be become boring

  16. Yasmin

    Hey sunehri promo was good but I think priya is right son add too much leads so it will become boring .. I know u won’t let ur ff become boring but im sayibg u can add but keep for a short span …. love u .. we all support u dear

  17. Milly

    Bae your ff is amazing… all the characters you just added keep them
    But please don’t add anymore or i will be honestly so confused… Just keep these ones!! They will rock it I know Baeeeeee

  18. Kiya

    Dear it’s awesome and yeah don’t add more leads addothers in a small characters ? and please update soon

  19. Orvana

    Amazing and this much less is enough no need to addmore yeah it will be confusing

  20. Judaa

    Hey priya is right .. U don’t add more characters and if u r adding add them after sometime

  21. Nahiiiii

    sissy is really good.. let her write the story first and then we will see!! Sissy don’t add anymore characters!! I hope you keep these ones they look interesting to watch hehe

  22. Asalam

    Hey sister yes u can add characters but make sure u will be able to handle and don’t add anymore this much characters is enough ?

  23. Barkat imam (sunehri,heena,zuha,nusz ff fan)

    Aww so nice I’m waiting for your episode but yeah I know u won’t make ur ff boring but don’t add more this is my advice

  24. Sathya (sweety)

    Nice characterization. . But now don’t add more but I know u won’t let ur ff boring so as everyone said try to handle it or add them afterwards

  25. Aroob

    Yes dear don’t add anyone else I mean more character if u add then add them in side role but nice promo

  26. Urvashi

    Good promo and to add or to not add character is ur wish but make sure that u r not getting confused and u will definitely rock

  27. Nisha

    It’s my humble opinion but don’t add any more leads . Because u can’t concentrate on main couples that’s my opinion. .

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.