Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (promo)

Hey guys I’m back ….. Today I thought of giving a promo …. This is for shazia’s love story …… And I hope u guys will enjoy it ……. Sanjana , Roma , janvi , gargling where r u guyz ???? I hope u all are reading ….. And my friends plz read heena’s ff in swaragini (once upon a time when villain meets his angle) ; zuha’s (asya and huyaan) ; nusz (destiny vs love tpk) ; rafya’s (asya and thahaan pyar ki dastaan suno) …. Ok let’s go to the promo …. Enjoy it ………

Shazia and sarfaraz

New man in shazia’s life …….

His name is sarfaraz abdullah ………

He’s from a traditional Muslim family ……

His looks will be like how politicians like narendra modi wear (only clothes)…..

He falls in love with shazia …….

He is also a lawyer and rehan’s friend but he has one irritating quality……

He wants everyone to follow government, traffic rules etc …..

He’s commonly known and branded as “rules sarfaraz” and everyone calls him by that name ……….

Sarfaraz is a soft person ….

And sometimes he gets scared if anyone terrorise him …..

But he knows manage all the situation by lecturing ……..

He’s very punctual, obedient, kind hearted ……..

But shazia doesn’t like him as he’s very irritating as he says everyone to follow rules and he’s very traditional guy ……..

He’s heartbroken……..

But he tries to change himself …….

Shazia befriend sarfaraz ……

Shazia wants know why sarfaraz is like this ……

So she goes to his native place with Aahil , sanam , seher , Rehan and tries to get any clues ……..

Here in his native when shazia goes and asks everyone about him ……

Everyone gets scared seeing sarfaraz’ s picture even big gangsters too ….

and they tell about sarfaraz past to shazia ……

She’s completely shocked after learning about his past ………

Ayaz Nazia :

Aahil’ s school mate sameer has crush on Nazia and he falls for her too….

Seeing Ayaz and Nazia together he will plan to separate them …….

Samiya is also in rage knowing that Ayaz is in love with someone (she doesn’t know that Ayaz loves Nazia )

Samiya takes help from Nazia to find with whom Ayaz is in love with …..

Ayaz gets tensed when Samiya takes help from Nazia becoz he’s in love with Nazia ❤️❤️❤️

When she comes to know about Ayaz being in love with Nazia , Samiya is in rage …..

So sameer and Samiya join hands …….

Aahil sanam :

Aimaan mistakes sanam’s friendship as love …….

He’s also in rage when he sees Aahil and sanam together ……

He warns Aahil not to be so close with sanam ……

Aahil too warns aimaan not to be close with sanam ……

Sanam will fall for Aahil ………

Seher Rehan :

Rehan is dejected when seher says that she considered him only as friend …….

To make her realise he behaves very closely with Elizabeth (lady helper)

Seher is very jealous and she too behaves very close with Samar (male helper)

Elizabeth is interested on Rehan …..

Both seher and elisabeth get into a big fight and seher reveals that she loves Rehan ….

Tanveer’ s truth :

New entry

A person was burning tanveer’ s pic is tanveer’s brother in law ……

Tanveer murdered her sister and she tried to murder him also but he was safe ……

He had a 2 sons whom he lost (one of the son is still alive) in this incident …….

So he’s now going to take revenge for her bad deeds …….


Guys plz leave your comments after reading …. And shazia’s role is going to be played by helly shah who is currently acting as swara in swaragini and sarfaraz’ s role is going to be played by varun kapoor who is currently acting as sanskar in swaragini

I’ve better say which main actors are taking part in my ff ……

Surbhi jyoti as sanam Ahmed Khan , seher Ahmed Khan

Karanvir bohra as Aahil raza ibrahim

shehzad shaikh as Rehan qureshi

Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar (swaragini – ragini) as Nazia raza ibrahim

Namish taneja (swaragini- Laksh) as Ayaz Ahmed Khan

Helly shah (swaragini- swara) as shazia raza ibrahim

Varun kapoor (swaragini – sanskar) as sarfaraz abdullah

Amrapali gupta – begum sahiba tanveer (aahil’ s mom)

Vikrant massey – Ayan Ahmed Khan (Ayaz ‘ s dad)

Ketki kadam – humeira Ayan Ahmed Khan (Ayaz ‘ s mom)

Shalini kapoor sagar – Dilshad Ahmed Khan (sanam and seher’ s badi ammi)

Zain imam (Tashan e ishq – yuvraj) – aimaan yousif

Roop durgapal (kavya in swaragini) – Samiya siddiqui

Vishal nayak (farhan- qubool hai) – sameer hussain

And guyz can u guess who is the son of that guy who was burning tanveer’s pic????? And I hope u guyz liked the promo and plz plz plz silent and regular readers plz comment and leave ur feed backs …….

Credit to: Sunehri


    • nusz(T!B!H!)

      Sunehri, are you enoying my ff…. if not you can tell me!!! I just hope you’re enoying it because your ff is one of my fav..~Nusz

    • Sunehri

      Hey I love ur ff a lot … as I’m not well for the past days in only able to comment only in small words … I’ve try to give long comments ?

  1. Barkat imam (sunehri,heena,zuha,nusz ff fan)

    I really loved the promo. … and I like urs zuha , nusz in qh. .. love u … by the way how’s ur health

  2. priya tripathi

    Superb promo n i like shazia n sarfraz charcter i love swsan pair n i have no idea who is burning tanveer pic

  3. Titli sarkar

    Very nice ….. All couples promo part was fab sanam falling in love with aahil. …

  4. Lisa

    Mind blowing promo. ….. u explained everything clearly. .. and oh yeah sameer he hosted party school reunion. … now clarified. …. love u loads

  5. Fiza (asad and zoya fan)

    Good work ….. varun and helly good pair … shazia and sarfraz ♡♡♡ sahil sehan ayna rocks and no idea about tanveer

  6. Cady

    Stupendous. ….. no idea for billo Rani …. and all couples rock … shazia plot is fantastic

  7. Gulrez

    Awesome awesome promo sunehri and last part of promo is very interesting and finally happy to know that ur health condition is somewhat better

  8. Cynthia

    Sunehri dearrrrrr loved it and Please please please don’t end up ….. I wan ur ff … and ayna sahil sehan ….. samiya , sameer and aimaan new trouble makers … let’s see how they will face this situation

  9. heena

    whoa sunheri drgreat promo dr so many twist to get in upcoming epi… I really liked ur casting all the fav jodis in one ff awsm dr lovd it now waiting 4 ur episode…. Really u r grt writer….
    Arz kiya hai:
    ek to khubsurat, fir ache ff likhne wali,
    badi hi awsm he yeah sunheri dr ff wali 😛

  10. Ishaani (matsh fan)

    Very interesting looking forward for the episodes. … want to see romantic scenes

  11. Nafeesa

    So sorry for the late comment and new entry is nice …. I love the way u show the characters in different avatar. . I mean we saw varun kapoor I mean sanky only in stylish way and here in traditional style. … love ur creativity

  12. Adharshika

    Super. …. take care and the rules idea is very nice … and I’m eager to know about sarfaraz past and sanam to fall for aahil and seher confession …… ayaz nazia waiting for it too …..

  13. Namish

    Hey young sis … I hope u r alright they promo was very nice and I’m waiting for the next episode

  14. Ramya hariprasad

    Good one … After getting well plz try to update regularly I’m not forcing you as u r in class 10 … and can I ask u when is ur birthday? I want to wish u so plz …

  15. Nisha

    Remarkable. …. my day is incomplete without ur ff. …. can’t wait for the next epi and heena ur poem was nice 😛

  16. Wazira

    Hilarious one … tanveer truth interesting but all sehan ayna sahil and shazia and sarfararaz was fantastic

  17. Yuktha

    So sorry for the late reply…… Just awesome promo and it’s funny too …. Suspense romance …. Yaar killing me

  18. Kainaat qureshi

    I think the son will be a new entry …. super promo .. take care and want ur episode too

  19. Zoya

    Want to read ur epi can’t wait … and now ur heath is quite well so now u have to update plz plz plz plz ????????

    • Sunehri

      Hey zoya … I still have the side effects. .. so plz try to understand. .. I’ve definitely update

    • Sunehri

      Wait re … I’ve definitely post. .. I have to complete some more in it … so I’ve definitely post it today

  20. Parineeta

    Hey there ! I’m a silent reader of your fan fiction u r so adorable it’s very nice interesting and I’m eager to read the further episodes plz update soon

  21. Qwerty

    Ur one of the best ff writer …. I know that u r not well …. But plz try to update daily and soon … Plz

  22. Fatarajo

    Oh so this is ur ff it’s really awesome and I love the way u combined QH and Swaragini Characters, I have read it before but couldn’t comment as I was busy. U r such a talented writer Mashallah

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