Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (kahani ab tak – recap)


Hey guyz …. Sorry for the late update …and hope u all remember me ??… We have completed 30 episodes … And I update rarely tho so Today I’m gonna recap all the episodes …….But from now I have planned to update 2 episodes in a week ? here read my friends ff too …?
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Ok guys read it ?

Episode 1-30:

After 20 years tanveer returns from jail … Sanam hits Aahil’s car and they start fighting … Sanam is Nazia’s (Aahil’s sister) college mate … Tanveer and Sanam become good friends but after coming to know that Sanam is zoya and asad’s daughter she plans to kill her too rehan (Aahil’s friend ) who’s a lawyer and Aahil both are discussing about a case where a person named sangram malik is trying to snatch Aahil’s property … Sanam and Aahil have many fights Arzaq qureshi (rehan’s step brother) who was adopted by rehan’s father was secretly helping me.malik .. He tries to create rift between rehan and Aahil …. Seher (sanam’s twin sister) comes to know about tanveer … Rehan and seher become friends … Dilshad (Sanam and seher’s badi ammi) Ayan (Sanam and seher’s chachu) humeira (Sanam and seher’s chachi) are unhappy as Sanam is very close and behaving very friendly with tanveer … Nazia comes to know about Arzaq and she tries to inform rehan and Aahil but Arzaq kidnaps nazia and shazia but shazia escapes and reveals arzaq’s true intentions to rehan Aahil Sanam and seher …. Rehan is shocked .. Arzaq kept nazia captive in his house…. Sanam enters his house and she starts confronting him …. Seher records everything in her camera but Arzaq sees that he throws the camera and he tries to misbehave with Seher and he tries to shoot her too but Sanam snatches the gun from him .. But still she warns Arzaq not to misbehave with Seher but Sanam in a hurry fires the gun and the bullet hits Arzaq and he dies …. At the same time Aahil Arzaq and shazia enters the house and they are shocked to see Arzaq dead … And they come to know that Sanam accidentally fired the gun and she shot Arzaq … Police comes there and arrests Aahil as he said that he killed Arzaq ….. Rehan plans to investigate this case … Seher and Sanam go home and Sanam breaks down .. Dilshad Ayan and humeira are puzzled seeing sanam’s behaviour and seher narrates the whole story to them …. They are also shocked and they console Sanam …

At night rehan comes to sanam’s house to talk about the case …. Seher tells about Sanam and arzaq’s heated conversation and she started recording everything in camera …. Rehan asks about the camera but Seher says that Arzaq snatched the camera from her ….. Rehan and seher goes to hospital to collect arzaq’s death report but seher finds something suspicious and rehan too …. when sanam fired the gun she was standing in front of Arzaq but the bullet landed on his back and the gun which Sanam fired , the bullet size of that gun is 5mm and the bullet which landed on arzaq’s body is 9mm .. And rehan comes to know that Sanam is not the killer …. Tanveer is also involved in this case with mr.malik …… rehan wins the case and the killer is none other mr.malik and he’s arrested ….. Mr.malik escapes from jail and enters Aahil’s house and tries to kill Aahil but instead he shoots Sanam … Tanveer is happy ? …

Sanam is hospitalised … Aahil for sanam’s well being enters dargah for the first time … Sanam recovers … Aahil and Sanam become friends …. Dilshad Ayan and humeira go to Lucknow … So Sanam and seher are staying in tanveer’s house …. Aahil’s sisters rehan and seher send Sanam and Aahil to fake picnic trip … There They come close …… Rehan falls for seher … And after the trip Aahil falls for Sanam too ….. They plan to confess …. Then a person named Ayaz Ahmed Khan who’s ayan’s son , Sanam and seher’s cousin brother (elder one ?) has arrived from London and he’s Aahil’s business partner ….. Aahil and rehan get irked as Sanam and seher are not even giving importance to them and they are always spending time with their “MANI BHAI ?”(Ayaz’s dog’s name is mani) …. So they plan to do some pranks with Ayaz … They plan to mix jamalgota ? in Ayaz’s drink … Tanveer mixes jamalgota in Aahil’s drink but tanveer by mistake drinks the juice in which she mixed jamalgota ?

Rehan and seher go to France … There rehan confess his love for seher but seher refuses ????Ayaz always irritates Nazia with his stupid pranks …. Soon Ayaz too falls for Nazia … And many vamps enter into Sanam Aahil’s life (Aimaan ) Ayaz Nazia (Sameer) … Soon sarfaraz (Aahil’s friend) enters ….. Aahil gets irked seeing sarfaraz trying be close with shazia (actually Aahil separated them due to a reason) … It is also revealed that Aahil’s dad is alive …… Sanam too starts feeling for Aahil ……

I’ve be posting twice in a week … Leave ur comments … And I’ve update the episode on coming Sunday …

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