Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (holi special promo )

Hey guyz ….. Today I’m going to give a promo ……. Hope u guyz will like it ….. And by the way I want to ask something to u guyz…. I want to just express my feelings….. Sorry if I hurt anyone …..

Is there any fault being a Pakistani????? Let me say something…. All in my family except me are Indians ……. We use to shift to many countries due to my fathers work …. My dad had work in Pakistan for a year and that time I was born there …. So I was a Pakistani citizen and I’m a Hindu …… Now I’m currently staying in India ….. There are many people in pak who think good about Indians also and some Indians are also there who think good about Pakistanis …… So I want to just say is don’t bring religion and country between friendship …. I’m saying this becoz I’m really hurt by my friends act …. Since 5 years I’m in India …. Eventually next year I’ve become a citizen of India …….Hope u guyz understand me ….

Ok enough of my emotional story and let’s go to promo


Sehan in France…….

Seher and rehan come to France and they are accompanied by some Indians too as seher got invite from France high commission …..

In that group there is a guy named samar …. He use to flirt with seher a lot …

This makes rehan jealous ……

They reach the place where they r going to honour seher …..

The France high commission say that they have invited many article writers from many countries and they have a competition too …… Seher is representing India ….. If she wins …. She would be honoured here …..

Both rehan and seher are shocked ……

Many people from other countries taunt them …. But rehan does something in which they are dumbstruck ………

Seher is impressed by rehan’s act …..

Sahil :

Aahil and sanam go to a party …..

Aahil to make sanam jealous behaves very close with his friend Nida ….

Sanam meets someone in the party ……. He’s sanam’s childhood friend ……..

A new person enters in aahil’s life …..

He refers him as aimaan sheik …… He’s madly in love with sanam from childhood …. But he doesn’t confess it ……….. (He’s 3rd kabab me haddi)

Sanam and aahil have a big fight after the party…….

Holi special :

Ayaz accidentally mixes bhang in all tandai …… Aahil drinks 5 glasses seeing aimaan and sanam very close …….

Aahil holds sanam near a room and pins her to the wall…. That room is tanveer’s secret room …… He is about to confess ….. Sanam is thinking that aahil is drunk so he’s blabbering ……. She pushes him into the room ……

They both see asad and zoya’s portrait ……… And shocked ……..

Unknown location :

A person is holding tanveer’s pic and saying …. U killed my love of my life and u destroyed my life …..

Now I’ve take revenge from u……

He burns tanveer’s pic ………


Hope u like this and plz plz leave ur comments…….. And by the way suggest a actor for aimaan :

A) zain imam -yuvraj – (tashan – e – ishq)
B) amit tandon – subbu (yeh hai mohabatein)

And by the way whom do u think is burning tanveer’s pic and want to take revenge from her ????

Silent and regular readers ….Plz vote and leave ur comments

Credit to: Sunehri


  1. Gauhar

    Aww ….. don’t worry dear friend and by the way nice promo and last part who’s trying to take revenge from tanveer? ???? I’m eagerly awaiting for the episode and happy holi

  2. Drashti thapar

    Nice promo sunehri and can I ask u smtng. .. don’t care about what others are saying ok … If they are like this they are not true friends …. as a friend I’m advising you. … happy holi and be happy

  3. Yuktha

    Awesome awesome promo sunehri and last part of promo is very interesting. ..

    And sunehri don’t make that kind of person who is making friends like if he or she’s from this or that country then only we should make friends. … We all are with u don’t lose hope ….. love u loads 🙂

  4. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Sunehri I am from Pakistan and I feel proud to be a Pakistani and today I got an essay writing competition and topic a was What Is Meant To Be Pakistani so I wrote about 2 pgs and the best thing I think about my nation is that it gives equal rights to all religions and I really respect each religion because my BFF and I are from 2 different sects but there is no connection between religion and friendship!

  5. Zuha (Asya fan)

    And nice promo and my vote for Zain Imam , I like his junoon side?and for Tanu my guess is maybe Zoya’s ex or someone from her family , probably

  6. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Dont care abt anyone bestie ??n realllyy interesting promo…i juz luvv ur storyy dear…i really appreciate ur writing skills??….

  7. Sonali jhadav

    Interesting promo and sunehri … don’t be sad … u r so lucky to be in both India and pak. … no one gets this opportunity. .. and about the friends … as yuktha and others said … be ur self re … ???

  8. priya tripathi

    Sorry sunehri when i was knew that u from pak so i ask i didn’t mean that. If u hurt with my comment than i extremaly sorry even i also think than in friendship countries n relgion r not come between us i m sorry.
    By the way u promo is nice wait for episode n i think than Amit tondon good for u new charcter.
    When tanveer kill Asad zoya n najma than imraan (najma’s husband) r not die so i think that the person is IMARAN.

    • Sunehri

      Hey it’s not at all u …. its my shool mate who made me feel like this
      .. u don’t worry 🙂 … and thanks dear

  9. Adarshika

    Offo sunehri …… don’t talk with that person who hurted u … if I would have been there I would have killed or give some nice punches to her ….. how could she make my bestie feel bad??? And ur asusual rocking and I vote for yuvi …

  10. Urvashi

    Sunehri darling. … u r awesome …. I love this promo … my vote goes to zain ok…. and be cheerful on and be yourself and plz as everyone said … don’t make such ghatiya friends …

  11. Apeksha

    Keep smiling and don’t worry … . Good promo and I too vote for zain …. I’m waiting for the episode

  12. Nandhita

    I know what happend in school today sunehri …. don’t care about what she said (I don’t want to mention her name) I know how I feel becoZ I experienced it (I know it too… ) as I’m from Bangladesh. … don’t worry and asusual lovely promo … only zain ok….

  13. Aroob

    Wow wow wowsahil❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ and don’t worry we all are ur friends and love u sooooooo much sunehri

  14. Kashish

    I love ur way of writing and sahil and sehan were awesome …. and last part suspense right????? And I’m gonna give the same advice … love u loads

  15. Aaliaa

    Fantastic promo …. oh dear …. some people are like this only …. don’t listen to them dear …..

  16. Nisha

    Luv it ❤❤❤❤ … I’m waiting for the next epi … I do respect u and we are ur friends u can share anything with us ???

  17. Tara

    Oh dear my sweet girl … u r a good girl right ??? So go and confront her ok??? Sorry if its a bad idea and promo …nice

  18. jasmine

    y r u giving preference to cheap mentality fellows thoughts?

    india is the country which allows all as its citizens….
    if they r really indians, they dnt humiliate others like that….

    • Sunehri

      Hey actually I didn’t mean that jasmine. … I’m not saying that all are like that … my school mate manisha humiliated me and my friend. … that too she was my friend too …. that’s why I get sad ….

  19. Vanshita

    I agree with u Jasmine …. sunehri don’t care about that kind of people just ignore it … it’s not that we are disrespecting ur feelings but I know how u would have felt @ that time …. nice promo

  20. Farida

    Good promo I choose zain imam yes yaar jasmine is right …. don’t listen to the guyz who disrespect other countries. .. If they are real Indians they won’t ever do like this ….

  21. Simran

    Yes jasmine is right …. and luved the primo and my vote goes only to zain and I’m waiting for the update

  22. Nithya sagar das

    Just take what that girl said …. and plz don’t ever care what they say …. ff promo was good and only for zain imam …

  23. Ramya hariprasad

    Don’t ever go to that person who speaks bad at ur back ok ….. and promo was fab and I choose zain imam and think the person … no idea 😛 ???

  24. Wazira

    Wow wow wow promo is veryyyy interesting and I can’t wait for the epi even I vote for zain imam

  25. Titli sarkar

    Muhaah … sahil and sehan rocking … for aimaan I suggest zain … and Jasmine u r really a good advisor … can we be friends??,

  26. Gulrez

    Hey hey hey … manish ke baat par dyaan math do … ok … aur fir mujhe path hai yaar ki use tumse kis tarah baat kiya … so leave that matter … I’m waiting for the episode and super promo

  27. heena

    hey dr awsm epi . N in frndship there come nthng so called religion or country n i wanted to ask u r u the same sunheri dr whom i sent a rwqst today

    • Sunehri

      Yes dear u sent me a request and I accepted it too … and this is a promo re
      …. Thanks a lot heena

  28. priya tripathi

    Thanks sunehri u r relaxing me i thought u hurt by my comment n don’t worry about that girl such a girls don’t deserve any respect we r with u.

  29. Keira

    Ohhhh he is asad. I think uvi vil be suitable

    Well I can’t believe a Hindu is my friend God I’m on 9th cloud. But yaar we can’t anything to this problem. Well I’m a Muslim. Love yaar.

    Tremendous promo

  30. Milly

    Well my friend nus told me to read this Fan fiction, I have started reading this it’s really interesting and well written, Keep up the good work XD

  31. Titli sarkar

    Hey sunehri don’t worry we will wait ☺☺☺☺???❤❤❤❤❤❤ love u dear

  32. Nithya sagar das

    Oh madam … I’m waiting … i know re … I posted more that 2 times … I was therewith u right???? No worries

  33. Yuktha

    Plz update … if any prob it’s ok … but plz update soon … I can’t beat suspense sunehri ??

  34. Roma

    Awesome promo sunehri dear….don’t worry and be happy. ..friends are friends always forever. …love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.