Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 9)


Scene 1
Arzaq’s guest house

Arzaq is trying to kill seher by clutching her neck… Meantime sanam gets hold of his gun… Sanam is standing in front of Arzaq…..

Sanam : Arzaq leave her , leave my sister, I said leave seher…

Arzaq : (laughs) kya karegi tu (what will u do) u will shoot me huh ??? Then shoot…

Sanam : Arzaq I’m warning u plz leave her…

Arzaq : shoot me … Shoot me…

Sanam : Arzaq!!!!!

Sanam accidentally fires the gun and the bullet hits Arzaq and he falls down….

Nazia, seher are in shock…. Sanam is super shocked as she fired the gun…. She drops the gun…

Sanam breaks down saying : I shooted him …. I shooted him

Seher hugs her and says : sanam … I shooted him …. U didn’t ….

Sanam : no…. I shooted him…..

Meantime rehan, aahil , shazia arrive…

Shazia removes the rope tied on nazia and she frees her they both hug…

Aahil and rehan notice that Arzaq has been shot ….

Aahil : rehan…. He has been shot … Let me go and see

Aahil sees whether he’s breathing …

Aahil : (shocked ) he’s dead!!!!!

Everyone are shocked …. While sanam breaks down …

Sanam : (hugs seher and cries) I have killed him…. Mene maardiyaa

Rehan and aahil are shocked….

Rehan : wh what!!!!

Nazia narrates what happend meanwhile

Nazia : (crying) if sanam would have not done this …. We would have not been alive..

Rehan : (in tears) eventhough he is my bro ….. Sanam u did a right thing … He deserves this…

Aahil : (goes near sanam and seher ) sanam , I don’t know what to say…. U saved my sister from this devil…. I don’t know how to thank u both..

Meantime police arrive there…

Police : someone called us and complained that they heard someone firing bullet and someone shouting for help….

They see arzaq’s dead body…

Police : murder…..

Meantime aahil silently goes and picks up the gun and says…

Aahil : yes , murder … I have murdered this person…. I have murdered Arzaq qureshi…

Everyone are shocked and sanam looks at aahil super shocked

Sanam : no he’s lying…

The police get the gun and they arrest aahil…

Police : mr. Ibrahim u r arrested in the murder case of Arzaq qureshi….

Police puts handcuffs on aahil’s hand and they taking him to jail…

Aahil eyes sanam and says her to be carm while she eyes him (sad junoon plays)

They take aahil to police station …. Sanam breaks into tears…..

Sanam : (in tears ) I have murdered him but y should he suffer???

Rehan : seher just take her home….. Sanam plz… Is not ur mistake…. As a lawyer I’m saying…. As per law .. A lady can defend herself when a male is trying to misbehave with her… Tomorrow they will definitely produce aahil in court…. Don’t worry , I will definitely save aahil and save u too…

Seher : rehan…. I don’t know how to thank u….

Rehan calls the ambulance …. They take Arzaq to hospital…..

Scene 2 :
Dilshad’s residence…

Dilshad, humeira , ayan are waiting for sanam and seher

Dilshad : since morning… They are not at home ..

Humeira : hope they both are safe

They see sanam and seher coming…

Ayan : ammi they have arrived …

Sanam breaks down after coming and seher too….

Dilshad : sanam I have never seen u crying like this…

Ayan : sanam , u r my princess right??? Tell me what happend….

Seher narrates everything …..everyone are shocked …

Sanam : badi ammi I didn’t do this wantedly ….. I wanted to save nazia but accidentally I shot he gun and now ….. He’s dead…

Humeira hugs her and says : sanam , I know about u beta …. U will not do like that…

Rehan calls seher

Rehan : seher, I have to start investingating for aahil’s case becoz the court hearing starts tomorrow …. I want to ask some questions to u and sanam …. If u don’t mind can I come to ur house now????

Seher : fine… Badi ammi … Tomorrow the investigation starts for this murder …. Nazia’s bro’s friend rehan is handling this case and the victim is his elder bro too…. He wants some information it seems … Can he come here now…

Dilshad : fine…

After 10 minutes rehan comes there….

Rehan : aunty I’m here to investigate for this murder case…. Don’t worry I’ve try my best to save sanam

Dilshad : thank u beta

Rehan : aunty , I u don’t mind I want to talk with them personally … Will u allow me..

Dilshad : sure beta..

Ayan,Dilshad,humeira leave …

Sanam , seher and rehan are talking …

Rehan : sanam … See here … Tell me what happend in the guest house

Sanam : actually first shazia told me about ur case and told that Arzaq is also related in that….

Seher : then she even told that arzaq wants to kill u and aahil for property …. And he kidnapped nazia also..

Sanam : so we went to his guest house …. At first seher went inside….. I had a video recorder in my bag so I started recording it …. Suddenly Arzaq came..

Rehan : wait… Wait wait … What did u say …. U had a video cam and u recorded everything what happend in the guest house right???

Sanam : yeah …. But suddenly Arzaq came in front of me and threw the cam…

Rehan : then.. The police will be searching for evidence tonight … Tomorrow I’ve get the list of things which they got… Now I have to go I have to collect the death certificate from the hospital …

Seher : rehan can I accompany u ??

Rehan : sure..

Scene 3

Doctor gives the death certificate to rehan and says

Doctor : rehan… Here ur bro’s death certificate….. And by the way someone has shot him from his back and the bullet size is 9mm …. Due to this he met his death…
Doctor goes

Seher : rehan I want to tell u something

Rehan : yes tell me

Seher : rehan , when sanam fired the gun she was standing in front of Arzaq ….. Then how could the bullet ….

Rehan : what…..she was standing in front of Arzaq …. And did u notice another strange thing …. The gun from which sanam fired … The bullet size of the gun is 5mm …. Then how could 9mm bullet has landed in his body???

Seher : let’s think about this tomorrow … I have to go now….

Rehan : fine let us see tomorrow @ court..

Scene 4:

Aahil is produced at court …. Rehan is going to defend aahil on the other side another lawyer mr. Mathur is going to talk against aahil…

Everyone are present there , sanam , seher , nazia , shazia including mr. Malik…

The judge comes there and everyone stands as a sign of respect … The judge asks everyone to sit down…

Judge : the case can be started

Mr . Mathur : your honour …. In this case … Mr. Aahil raza ibrahim has murdered mr. Arzaq qureshi …. Even he had accepted this …. So I request u to give him a severe punishment ..

Rehan : objection my lord ….. Mr. Aahil has indeed accepted that he has murdered Arzaq…. But it is not proved yet ….. So my lord I request u to give bail for mr. Aahil…

Mr. Mathur : objection my lord….. Mr. Rehan … He has murdered ur brother … Even now u r supporting your friend…

Rehan : (in rage) mr. Mathur !!! I accept that he’s my friend but now I’m in this court and I’m a lawyer ….

Mr. Mathur : my lord…. My point of view is …. Now mr. Ibrahim has murdered someone ….. If we let him free tomorrow he will even murder another person too…

Rehan : (rage ) mr. Mathur …. I told u already … U haven’t proved that aahil is the murderer …

Judge : point to be noted….. This court has decided not to give bail to mr. Ibrahim until mr. Rehan gives any evidence …. The court Is adjourned …

The judge goes…. Mr.malik and mathur come near rehan..

Mr . Malik : rehan , I already told u … U will definitely loose…

Rehan : don’t be so happy malik…. The case is not closed yet let’s see tomorrow ….

Mr . Malik smirks and goes …. Rehan goes to jail and sees aahil…

Aahil : rehan , plz I don’t want sanam to be blamed ..

Rehan : don’t worry , I will save her and save u too…

The screen freezes on rehan’s face……

Precap : rehan says it seher that we have to go to the guest house and we have to search for the camera ….. They both go there ….. Mr . Malik hears this and informs to police that 2 persons are illegally entering into the house which they are investigating …… Rehan and seher get hold of camera and they manage to escape…. After seeing the video rehan finds something strange in the video… Tanveer and mr. Malik’s truth and they join hands ……

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Guyz after a couple of episodes after aahil and rehan fall for sanam and seher I’m planning to make aahil and rehan jealous ….. I’m going to bring Ayaz (ayan and humeira’s son) whom I mentioned in 1st episode ….. R u ok with it????? If yes which actor will be suitable ??? Plz suggest …. And give ur feedbacks after reading and plz vote……..

Credit to: Sunehri

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  1. Sanjana reddy

    Superb story sunehri . .
    Im waiting for upcoming episode .
    I wud like to suggest that write some romantic scenes for both couples by inducing jealousy when ayaz intro starts ..

    1. Thanks sanjana reddy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. namish aka laksh
    or parth samanthan

    1. Ok ash. . Thanks

  3. wow its really fantastic sunehri…
    u r fab yar,..

    ur narrating style is awesome….

    will you plz add some touching moments btwm sanam n aahil at jail….
    when sanam goes to jail to see aahil, he asks like y did ucome?
    then sanam says to aahil that she had come to make aahil sleep,. aahil confused n she remembered his dialog “i dnt get sleep if i ddnt fight wth u”…

    it will be nice right…

    1. Oh… ???? nice thanks for it suggestion. I’ve see to it

  4. awesome yrr no words to describe it update next part soon……

    1. Kriya thanks dear

  5. hey sunheri i think namish taneja aka laksh from swaragini would be perfect.btw i m a silent reader of ur ff. U r amazing yr

    1. Thanks for commenting heena

  6. the episode was amazing sunehri..
    the story is getting intresting after each n evry prt….
    sorry for nt commenting in the previous prt because i was busy wid my java classes….
    nd u can take namish taneja as ayaz as he is perfect fr d jealousy prt… n he can also play a great kebab me haddi… lol….
    jokes apart…. thanks for d updates dear… luv u loads..

    1. Thanks bestie love u loads

  7. My god. … u r fab dear …. when I’m reading this ff I’m getting exited. … Each and every line is wonderful

  8. Marvellous

  9. I can’t wait for the next episode. .. Nowadays I’m mad about your fan fiction

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  11. U r amazing sunehri I really enjoy it

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  13. Awesome

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  16. So excited dear … u can at least tell me what will happen next? I’m ur sis right 😛

    1. Thanks gullu. … even u should wait

  17. Awesome awesome awesome

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  18. Awesome, wowwww such an amazing episode. ..thrilling n interesting …keep it up. ..rehaan is very good as lawer..n seher helping ..sanam n ahil…sad for them…precap is very interesting. ..

    1. Thanks Roma didi

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