Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 6)

Scene 1 :
Aahil’s residence

Arzaq stands in front of his house and eyes it evilly …

Arzaq : my game starts now… He smirks and enters (evil tune plays)

Meantime he hears aahil speaking with someone…

Aahil : Han mr.sheik I’ve definitely withdraw the papers (something related to his office)

Arzaq : (thinks) chal beta aahil made my work more easy… Let’s add some spice in this game ….

Aahil : Arzaq .. When did u come here ??

Arzaq : voh actually….. I’m really sad to say..

Aahil : what happend ??

Arzaq : what to say aahil ….. Rehan is fed up with ur case….. It seems that he wants to withdraw it…

Aahil is shocked : wh.. What…

Arzaq : but don’t worry I’ve make him understand ….

Aahil : (in angry mood) leave me alone …

Aahil leaves and Arzaq smiles evilly (evil tune plays)

Arzaq 🙁 he smirks and says) … Not bad.. My plan worked here… Now it’s I have to make rehan against aahil…. Then I’ve divide the and rule …. (Evil tune plays)

Arzaq next goes to rehan…

Rehan : bhai .. What r u doing here…

Arzaq : rehan , now I’m coming from aahil’s house…. I’m very sad to say…

Rehan : bhai.. Is everything fine ??

Arzaq : (turns around while speaking and smiles evilly and evil tune plays..) voh… Aahil wants to withdraw the case rehan… It seems mr.malik is going to win the case…

Rehan (in shock ) : wh what r u saying… Aahil is not that kind of person.. Then..

Arzaq : but .. I saw him talking in phone saying he will withdraw the case…

Rehan (in rage) : bhai leave me .. I’m going to meet aahil…

Arzaq : rehan … Par..

Rehan starts leaving..

Arzaq : finally I have succeeded… But wait how could I miss the fight scene… Fine Arzaq … Let’s go to aahil’s place and enjoy the fight… (Evil tune plays)

Scene 2 :
Aahil’s residence

Aahil is standing in the lawn … While rehan comes there…

Rehan : aahil .. How could u do like this???

Aahil : so u r here right ??? U don’t care about me right…. That’s y u r not supporting me nowadays ….

Rehan : u don’t tell that aahil…. Becoz u don’t trust me … This is not aahil which I know…

Aahil : stop giving those emotional dialouges…

Both have a heated conversation …. Arzaq enjoys it…..

Aahil : and rehan … Why u r fed up with mr.malik’s case??? Thank god that Arzaq told me…..

Arzaq gets tensed while aahil mentions his name ….

Arzaq : (thinks) yaar….. Where am I stuck??? That stupid aahil mentioned my name…. Arzaq u r gone beta…. Let’s leave…

Arzaq leaves..

Rehan says to aahil : wait … What did u say …. Arzaq bhai said that I’m fed up with ur case??? Aahil u have misunderstood me …. I don’t have any problem …. And bhaijaan said that u r going to withdraw the case…..

Aahil : what r u saying ??? Actually I was talking with mr . Sheik about the office papers… I have to withdraw it… At that time he would have thought that I’m gonna withdraw the case papers…. And I’m extremely sorry rehan…

Rehan : thank god …. (He hugs aahil ) and by the way why did bhaijaan do like this??

Aahil : forget it…

Rehan : yeah… Ok fine I’ve be here at evening……(thinks) there is something fishy …

Scene 3 :
Aahil’s residence , lawn…..

Aahil is doing some work while sanam enters the house to visit nazia… Meantime she sees aahil at lawn.. Aahil is standing near the swimming pool

Sanam : mr. Bewakoof … Here…. He use to scare me every time right….. Now I’m going to scare him…..

Sanam silently goes near him and shouts…

Sanam : bhoooo!!!!

While she’s shouting both aahil and sanam trips and falls into the swimming pool…. (Junoon plays) …they both share and eye lock…… He lifts sanam from the pool …. And he doesn’t move…

Meantime nazia and shazia comes near the pool and they give weird looks seeing sanam and aahil in that pose… (Funny tune plays)

Nazia : sanam…..

Sanam doesn’t notice nazia…

Both nazia and shazia smile seeing each other …

Shazia : aahil bhai…. Bhaijaan!!!

Aahil and sanam comes to consciousness…

Aahil : voh…. Tum….. What r u doing here??? Can’t u walk and go from this pool.. Why should I lift u???

Sanam : excuse me …. Did I ask u to lift me??? I thought of scaring u as u every time u use to scare me….. So I….

Aahil : yaar…. Iss jalli wali bhi na….

Sanam : did u say anything ….

Aahil : no no no…

Sanam and aahil comes out of the pool….

Aahil : hey u miss . Jalli wali ….. Becoz of u my contract papers have gone wet….

Sanam : ohh mr.bewakoof…. Who told u to stand near the pool and work?? And u know what I’m not this jalli type… I’m from a very well mannered family

Aahil : (laughs) really??? Unbelievable …. I won’t be able to believe that u r from a very well mannered family…. I’m leaving bye…

Aahil leaves

Sanam : (imitates aahil) fine … I’m leaving (funny tune plays)

Shazia and nazia : ya Allah u guyz won’t change right??

Sanam : yeah… (Quarrel tune plays)

Shazia and nazia leaves…

Sanam is about to go but she sees a dark room….

She sees some portraits there but she’s not able to see it clearly…

Sanam : huh?? Secret room??? Let’s go and see what’s there inside ….

Meantime tanveer comes there and shocked seeing sanam trying to get into the secret room….

Tanveer : (thinks ) ya Allah….. Sanam…. What is she doing here?? I have to stop her…

She hurriedly rushes and stops her….

Sanam : tanveer aunty …

Tanveer : beta it’s a store room …. No need of going there ….

Sanam : but aunty I saw something ….

Tanveer : nothing is there inside beta …. (Thinks) thank got … I came at the right time …. (Billo rani plays)

The screen freezes on tanveer’s tensed face…

Precap : Arzaq says to mr.malik that he will kill aahil and rehan tonight….. Nazia is hiding and hears this and she comes to know about his true face… Nazia is in tears …. Arzaq sees her and hits her and she falls unconscious and kidnaps her….. Shazia sees this and she informs this to sanam and seher…

Promo : nazia , shazia …. Are kidnapped by Arzaq …. He keeps them in his guest house …… Seher goes in and says that his game is over … But he blackmails her by telling that he will kill nazia and shazia too…. Sanam tries to save them…. But he’s trying to kill seher by clutching her throat…. Sanam takes the gun and accidentally shoots Arzaq ….

Guyz plz leave your comments…. Sry i have exam … I’ve update regularly but sry for the short episode….

Guyz 1 poll….

Whom can I choose for mr.malik and Arzaq ??!

For mr . Malik

A) sangram singh (ye hai mohabbatein .. Ashok khanna)
B)anurag sharma ( kum kum bhagya – raj)

For Arzaq

A) zain imam (tashan e ishq – yuvi)
B) nikil arya (kum kum bhagya – nikil)

Guyz plz vote…. And plz comment after reading….

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