Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 30 part 2)


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Ok enjoy episode 30 part 2 ?

Scene 4:


Aimaan and Sameer are chatting

Aimaan : (in angry tone) and because of both Aahil and Ayaz … I was insulted …..

Sameer : NOT ONLY YOU!!!! ME TOO !!!! AYAZ AND AAHIL SHOULD PAY FOR THIS !!!! (Evil tune plays) ???

Aimaan : we both will destroy both of them ……

Sameer : say the plan …..

Aimaan : huh ?!?!?! Ok fine .. Let me think … (Thinks for a while and they discuss about the plan )

Sameer : (thinks) fine …

Sameer : now let’s go ..

Aimaan : before that … Change your pants Sameer in which u po*ped Sameer (funny tune plays)

Sameer : I told u … Actually I sat on cake by mistake …

Aimaan : ok fine ……. Come soon
Scene 4:
Aahil’s residence – Party hall

Tanveer comes there and sees aahil sanam and other chatting together and gets irked seeing sanam and aahil ….

Tanveer : (thinks) uff this sanam ….(goes near them)

Tanveer : so samiya beta r u enjoying ..

Samiya : (smiles) yep aunty …..

Sanam : aunty u better play with them

Taveer : sanam … u play … i have ..

Aahil : ammi plz ….

Tanveer : ok fine ….

Sanam : ok guyz let’s play again …. as i said …. . Who ever loses … They have to eat my pizza … That too with pudine ki chatni !!!!

Tanveer : (laughs) huh !?!?!?! pizza with chatni …. (thinks) sanam is just like that zoya … senseless idiot ….

Sanam : (gives wide smile ) yes !!!

Samiya : ahhh …… umm ok …..

Aahil , Ayaz , Nazia , shazia , Samiya , Nida , tanveer start playing cards ……

Aahil gets 2clubs , 5hearts , 3clubs

Samiya gets 10 hearts , 7spade , 9 diamonds

Nida gets disappointed after seeing her cards ……

Nazia , shazia , ayaz too gets cards…

Sanam : so partner (aahil ) show your cards ..

Aahil gives saddu look and shows his cards ….

Ayaz : (laughs) oh god !!!! 2 , 3, 5 lowest … and now u confused doc (nazia :P)

Nazia : (gets irked) DON’T CALL ME THAT U BANDAR !!

Sanam : nazia u just ignore him ….

Nazia : ok fine …

Samiya : Oh madam (nazia) it’s your turn show your cards

Nazia : (shows her cards 10clubs , 9spade , 7clubs)

Shazia : not bad nazia … nida now your turn

Nida : huh ?!? Me ?!

Sanam : of course …… Your turn Nida …

Nida : (shows her cards) 2spade , 4 hearts , 5clubs ..

Ayaz : huh ?!?! No use same as Aahil ….. Useless ….

Nida : (gives angry look ) now Samiya ur turn ..

Samiya : (shows her cards) 10 hearts , 7spade , 9 diamonds

Aahil : hmm ….. Ok and now mani your turn

Ayaz : oh god !!!! Not again !!!!! it’s my dog’s name !!!!!! I’ve show afterwards .. now shazia’s turn …. (Funny tune plays)

Sanam : yeah shazia show ur cards …

Shazia : (shows her cards) spade queen diamond queen and jack hearts …..

Ayaz : woah ! not bad shazia …

Nazia : now ammi your turn …

Tanveer : (shows her cards) queen clubs queen spade and jack spade

Aahil : hmmm ……. nice

Ayaz : and now my turn …..sanam …..This time I escaped from ur stupid pizza with pudine ki chatni ??? see my cards ….. king hearts , ace hearts , ace spade ….

Aahil : (to himself) janab ayaz escaped from miss.jalli (funny tune plays)

Sanam : woah ! now bhai won the game … and partner u lose the game …

Aahil : yeah ???

Sanam : well issi baat pe ek sher arz hai ..

Ayaz , Nazia , shazia , Samiya : irshaad irshaad ….

Aahil & nida : (confused looks)

Sanam : toh sher arz hai …..

Aakh darein hai pani se aur daulat darti kadki se

Aakh darein hai pani se aur daulat darti kadki se

MR. Aahil raza Ibrahim har gaye suno aaj ek ladki se ….

Aahil : ( gives funny looks yet smiles seeing sanam ) huh ?!?! Shayari ??!! My foot ..

Sanam : whatever idiot ….

Aahil : idiot ?!?! Never mind …

Tanveer : (to herself) eh kambhakt ladki aur isski buri aadat … shayari (this blo*dy girl (sanam) and her bad habit of saying stupid shayaris)

Ayaz , Nazia , shazia , Samiya : wah wah ….. and now …. time to give punishment ….. (gives naughty smile to aahil )

Sanam : yeah !! thanks for reminding me bhai !! now u both (aahil and nida) (takes pizza and pudine ki chatni) eat this

Nida : (is furious but controlls) huh !?!? should I eat this pizza with pudine chatni ?!?!?

Aahil : (gives helpless look) should I !?!? If yes Ayaz …. Plz CALL THE AMBULANCE !!!!

Ayaz : (pours pudine ki chatni in aahil and nida’s pizza) of course I will call the ambulance aahil !!! now u eat (gives wide smile) eat yaar !! (makes aahil eat pizza with pudine ki chatni) (funny tune plays)

Aahil : (helplessly he eat that pizza) yuck !!!!!!!! how are u eating this !?!

Sanam : (makes nida eat pizza with chatni ) I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!

Nida : (helplessely she too eats the pizza and feels like vomiting ) eh … excuse me …… (she leaves)

Nazia : what happened to her !?!?!?

Shazia : leave it !

Ayaz : (gets call from his boss siyadh) hey hey my boss is calling ?!?!?

Aahil : boss ?!?!?!?

Ayaz : yeah I think he’s here … He wanted to discuss about another project with u .. So he’s on his way … He will be here in 10 mins …

Tanveer : Aahil ..that’s gr8 then

Aahil : yeah ….

Sameer and Aimaan come there and Aimaan stares @ Aahil evilly ?? Nida too comes there and she’s having something in her hands …

Sameer : I’m backkk …. Hi Nazia …

Nazia : (annoyed but behaves normal) hi .. (Thinks) why won’t he leave me alone ????

Ayaz : (with wide smile) hi Sameer !!! u still here …. And r u wearing the same pants .. ?

Sameer : (gives angry looks)

Samiya : huh ?!?! Same pants ?!?! What do u mean ?!?!?!

Nazia : (to Ayaz) shut up Ayaz ……

Sameer : actually ……. I sat on cake ? so I ….

Everyone starts laughing ??

Sameer : I changed my pants …

Ayaz : oh …..

Samiya : guyz … I’m getting bored playing cards …

Aahil : so then ?!?!?!?

Samiya : last but not the least ……. dance ….

Everyone : huh ?!?!?! Ok ….

Tanveer : so Let’s try something new …

Nazia : of course …

Shazia : fine then ….. So Boys vs Girls …..

Aahil : I’m tired …and it’s too late …… (Starts going )

Sanam : oh really …. Think u may be afraid to lose in dancing …..

Aahil : (turns around and sees Sanam) if that so … Let’s see …..

Samiya : that’s better …. So now … Girls and boys will change their lines ..

Everyone : huh ?!?!?!

Samiya : I mean girls will be dancing like boys and boys … Like girls

Ayaz , Aahil , sameer , Aimaan : WHAT !!!!!!!!!!

Ayaz : no way ….. Already I missed my favourite cartoon show TOM AND JERRY , DORAEMON , SHINCHAN , MAX AND RUBY too !!!!

Aahil : (laughs) Ayaz u still watch cartoons ?!?!?!? ?????

Nazia : u r not a kid Ayaz ….

Ayaz : whatever I love cartoons and now I’m going ….

Sanam : Bhai this is not fair

Ayaz : I’m done ….

Sanam : OK Bhai … Then eat my pizza …. (With pudine ki chatni ?)

Ayaz : (gives weird looks) EWE …. Then ….. It’s ok I’ve dance ..

Sanam : (pinches Ayaz’s cheeks) that’s like my bubby !!!

Ayaz : first mani and now bubby !!! My god …..

Samiya : so let’s start …. First Aahil , Ayaz … U have to dance like girls …

Ayaz & Aahil : fine…..

Sameer & Aimaan : (laugh)

Samiya : Aimaan … Don’t laugh ….. Now u will be performing and Next aahil and ayaz will be performing like this …

Aimaan : (to Samiya) U ….

Ayaz & Aahil : (laugh)

Samiya : now start …. (Plays the song)

Fevicol SE plays ?

Sameer and Aimaan are wearing funny costumes ?

Ayaz takes video while they are dancing and he plans to post it in Facebook ????

Aimaan : Aa aa…
Angadaiyaan leti hoon main jab zor zor se

Sameer : uff angadaiyaan leti hoon main jab zor zor se

(They are shake their hip) ?

Ooh aah ki awaaz hai aati har aur se

Main toh chalun is kadar
Ki mach jaaye re gadar

Hosh wale bhi madhosh aaye re nazar

Sameer : Mere photo ko mere photo ko seene se yaar
Chipka le saiyan Fevicol se

Aimaan : 
Mere photo ko mere photo ko seene se yaar
Chipka le saiyan Fevicol se

Nazia is laughing like hell ?

Fevicol se fevicol se
Main toh kab se…

Haaye main toh kab se hoon ready taiyar
Pata le saiyan miss call se

Mere photo ko seene se yaar
Chipka le saiyan Fevicol se..

Song ends ,., everyone clap ?

Samiya : now Aahil Ayaz … Your turn ..

Aahil & Ayaz : (look each other) fine ?

Kajra re plays ?????

Ayaz and Aahil are wearing ghoonghat ????

Aahil & Ayaz : aaisi Najar se dekha usne jalim ne chowk par

humne kaleja rakh diya chalu ki nok par …

Everyone : wah wah , kamal Ho gaya , woh raita fail Gaya

Ayaz and Aahil shake their hip ..

All girls are unable to control their laughter ….

Ayaz : mere chain vain sab ujaraa …..

Aahil : zaalim nazar hataa le …..

mere chain vain sab ujaraa zaalim nazar hataa le….

barbaad ho rahe hain ji..

barbaad ho rahe hain ji tere apne shaharvaale..

mere chain vain sab ujaraa zaalim nazar hataa le …..

barbaad ho rahe hain ji tere apne shaharvaale…

meri angaraai na tuute tuu aajaa …..

kajaraa re … (They throw the shawl aside)

kajaraa re kajaraa re tere kaare kaare naina

mere naina mere naina mere naina jurwaa naina

kajaraa re kajaraa re tere kaare kaare naina

Song ends here and everyone are laughing yet they clap …

Samiya : so now sanam , Nida your turn ……

Sanam & Nida : ok

Music plays (lungi dance ?)

Both Sanam and Nida are wearing lungi on their outfits … ?

Moochhon ko thoda round ghumake
Anna ke jaisa chashma lagake
Coconut me lassi milake
Aa jaao sare mood banake

All the Rajini fans – Thalaivar
Don’t miss the chance – Thalaivar
All the Rajini fans – Thalaivar
Don’t miss the chance – Do This!

Lungi dance, lungi dance…

Jado jawaani bada jor si ve jaalma
Main taa Rajini da fan si ve jaalma

Disco me jab ye gana bajega
On the floor aana padega
Lungi ko uthana padega
Step karke dikhana padega

Nida while dancing silently puts glass pieces on the floor so that Sanam will hurt her legs …..

All the Rajini fans – Thalaivar
Don’t miss the chance – Thalaivar
All the Rajini fans – Thalaivar
Don’t miss the chance – Do This

Lungi dance, lungi dance…

(Song ends)

But accidentally Nida stamps the glass and she herself hurts her leg ??

Nida : (shouts)

Sanam and everyone are shocked to see Nida’s leg bleeding and glass pieces

Sanam : Nida !!

Aahil : (comes near Nida) Sanam make her sit on the chair …

Sanam : (makes Nida sit on chair) Nazia bring tweezer , ointment and bandage ….

Nazia tends to Nida’s wound …

Nazia : now r u fine ?!?!?

Nida : yeah … Now I have to go home ….

Aahil : yeah Nida now u have to take rest …

Sameer : yeah …. I’ve better leave her at home …….

Aahil : fine ……

Ayaz : and by the way I will also accompany sameer ..

Aahil : for what ?!?!?

Ayaz : actually I told my boss is coming here . He has not arrived yet so he told me to come ….

Aahil : if that so ok ….

Sameer : (hesitatingly ) ok Ayaz …come on Nida let’s go ….

Party ends sameer Nida and Ayaz too leave ….

Scene 5:
Guest room

Dilshad is seen sitting on the bed she’s not well and humeira is talking care of her ….

Dilshad : (coughs)

Humeira : (panics) ammi r u alright ?!?!? (Gives her some water to drink)

Dilshad : I’m fine humeira (drinks the water)

Humeira : ammi , is it necessary to stay here till holi ?!?!?! That too in tanveer’s house ….

Ayan comes there ..

Ayan : ammi humeira is right …… We can celebrate holi in our house too …… And it’s better to leave from this place ..

Dilshad : (thinks) yes u r right Ayan … But how to convince sanam !! She won’t understand ..

Humeira : but ammi she should …. We can’t let our kids stay here …. And they might face many problems ….. And that too tanveer ….

Dilshad : but aahil will feel bad …. just a matter of 2 days …. then we will leave from this place forever …

Humeira : but ammi … Atleast let’s try to convice sanam …

Dilshad : fine I’ve talk to her …

Ayan : fine ammi now u take rest..

Dilshad : ok …

Scene 6:

Car ..

Sameer leaves Nida at her home and he sees his dance video in Facebook ?

Sameer : (to himself ) what the ….. 168 likes !! For this video ? ! Leave it (Funny tune plays)

Ayaz is sleeping and sameer is sitting silently and driver is driving the car …

At that time Ayaz dreaming as if he’s going to propose Nazia and in reality Sameer ,with his eyes closed and he’s still dreaming ……..

First ayaz keeps his hand over sameer’s left shoulder …

Sameer puts his hand down

Sameer : (thinks) huh ?!?!? What is he doing …. Whatever ….

Now Ayaz he kept his hand over sameer thigh …

Sameer : (threw his hand away ) what are u doing !!!

Ayaz : (still in dream) Your voice is so angelic ❤️❤️

Sameer : (jerked and saw ayaz with annoying look thinks) huh my voice ?!?!? Bandar ….

Ayaz : (still in dream ) aww …. Aww…. U r so cute jaanemaan !!!! (Hugs Sameer ) ??

Sameer : jaanemaan ?!?!? Ayaz stop this !!!!!! (Pushes him)

Ayaz : (still in dream) u called me Ayaz !!!!!! Wow ..Issi baa at pe ek her Arz hai ….

Sameer : (completely puzzled ???) now what !!! poetry ?!?!?!?!?

Ayaz : Toh arz kiya hai …
Aisa laga khuda ne rakh diya hamare dil pe haath …
Aisa laga khuda ne rakh diya hamare dil pe haath …
Liya naam hamare unhone Kuch aisi Ada Ke saath …

Sameer : (completely puzzled ?) huh ?!?
Ayaz : u know what jaan ?!?!? I want to kiss your beautiful lips ???…. (Makes a pout ??????)

Sameer : (shocked) W.. Wh…. Wha … What !!!!! My … wh what !?!?!

Ayaz gains over Sameer ???

Sameer : (tries to push him but he’s not able to control Ayaz ..) WHAT THE HELL MAN !!!!!!! AND WHERE AM I STUCK !!!!!

Driver is unable to control is laughter and he’s listening some song and it was a bad timing and bad song too ….. ????

Dhak Dhak Karne laga plays ????

Dhak Dhak Karne Laga, Ho Mora Jiyara Darne Laga
Dhak Dhak Karne Laga, Ho Mora Jiyara Darne Laga
Saiya Baiya Chhodna, Kachchi Kaliya Tod Na
Saiya Baiya Chhodna, Kachchi Kaliya Tod Na
Dil Se Dil Mil Gaya, Mujhase Kaisi Ye Haya
Dil Se Dil Mil Gaya, Mujhase Kaisi Ye Haya
Tu Hai Meri Dilaruba, Kya Lagti Hai, Va Re Va
Tu Hai Meri Dilaruba, Kya Lagti Hai, Va Re Va
Dhak Dhak Karne Laga, Ho Mora Jiyara Darne Laga….

Sameer : (feeling weird) oh god … AYAZ STOP !!!!!!!!

Ayaz : jaanu don’t stop me !!!!!!!!!!!!! today i want to express my feeling and everything !!!! (makes pout again and starts doing smooching sounds and again gains on sameer )

Sameer : (completely shocked and thinks) jaanu ?!?!?! Allah plz save me from this idiot !!!!!

Just then driver applies break and the car stops …….

Ayaz falls aside …. now he’s not in dreamworld and he’s back to sense

Sameer : (relieved) thank god ……

Driver : (to sameer) sir r u ok ?!?!

Sameer : (confused look) yeah …..

Sameer thought for a second what if He was kissed by Ayaz ……

He felt disgusted and had a sense of vomiting. (funny tune plays)

Ayaz : (now he’s normal ? and with smile on his face) WHAT A DREAM !!!! (Funny tune plays) (sees sameer ) sameer ?!?!

Ayaz slowly kept the hand over Arjun’s shoulder.

Sameer : (gets shocked and shouts) AAAAHHHH !!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM ME AYAZ !!! I AM A GUY NOT GIRL !!! GOT IT !!!! AND DON’T TRY TO FLIRT WITH ME !!!

Ayaz : (confused) why r u shouting ?!?!?! And by the way I know that u r a guy …… And why would I flirt with u !!!! Idiot ! Now let me sleep (Starts sleeping again ?)

Sameer : (thinks) thank god finally I escaped … But I won’t leave u ayaz .. u will pay for this (evil tune plays)

Screen freezes on sameer’s face

Precap : (episode 31) Ranya to elope ? Aimaan proposes sanam .. Sanam is confused … Sanam suspicious about aimaan’s behaviour … Rehan and seher nok jhok


Plz leave your comments and I hope u all liked part 2

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        Ewe pudine ko chatni -_-

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