Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 30 part 1)

Hey guyz …. Sorry for the late update …and hope u all remember me ??… And I was not well because someone throwed stone and it hit my head (nus , halima , sanju , Kriya , heena u know who are those stupid people ??) … I was hurt and bleeding badly so doctor told me to take rest ….
And guyz I was really feeling bad because A PERSON NAMED XYZ WAS GIVING WEIRD COMMENTS IN MY FRIEND’S FF !!!! But fpdont take it seriously …..and yeah thanks again for your lovely comments in the previous episodes so I’m gonna at least 100 to 110 episodes ….. And this episode 30 I’m gonna post part 1 today . Hope you all will enjoy it … And guyz plz do read my friends ffs ….

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And guyz u know what !!!! Nowadays I’m so happy that myself , nus , halima , sanju , Kriya and fata came to contact and chat with each other and we talked too !!!!!!!! Oh god what not !!!!!! We call each other in different and funny names ?? ….

Ok guyz enjoy the episode ..

Scene 1:
Party hall – lawn ; road ..

Party hall :

Ayaz comes out …..

Ayaz : where’s Aahil ????

Shazia : Aahil Bhai is talking with his friend ….

Ayaz : oh …. Where’s he ?

Sanam : of course in lawn …….

Ayaz : ok …..

Ayaz goes …

In lawn

Aahil and sarfaraz go to lawn …

Aahil : (in harsh voice) sarfaraz abdullah!!!! Why on earth u again came into my sister’s life again !!! And how did u .l.

Sarfaraz: why did u lie to me Aahil that shazia died in that accident which happened with shazia and syahi (sarfaraz sister) before 2 years ???? Why did u separate shazia from me !!!! Why did u !!!!!

Ayaz : (sees Aahil and Ayaz arguing … And thinks) huh ?!?!?! What’s happening ?!?!?! Sanam and shazia told that Aahil is talking with his friend … But here they are fighting ?!?!?!?! (Hides behind pillar and listens to their conversation )

Aahil : for your kind information… That incident happened because u hurted her a lot …. And where did u see shazia ???

Sarfaraz: I saw her @ the court when arzaq qureshi ‘s murder case and I know that were arrested on that case too ….

Aahil : fine … Listen to me sarfaraz … Please don’t try to be close with shazia … She lost her memory in that accident… With God grace … She at least recognised her family members and friends …. But still she doesn’t remember about what happened before 2 years ….

Sarfaraz is shocked …. Ayaz is confused ..

Ayaz : (to himself silently) huh ?!?!? So Aahil’s friend name is sarfaraz …. And sarfaraz was in love with shazia …. Hmm … But shazia suffering from memory loss ?!?!?!?!?

Aahil : it will be better if u don’t interfere in her life again !!!

Tears flow from sarfaraz eyes …. (Sad tune plays)

Sarfaraz : (tears flow in his eyes) Aahil … U don’t know the pain of losing your loved one …. No one can understand this pain better than me ……. One day u will be in my situation… U will definitely loose your love and then u will understand my feelings !!!! Now I’m going Aahil … But I swear… My love is very strong and I love her more than my life and this is the truth !!!!No one can separate me and shazia …..

He leaves …….

Aahil is tensed ……

Ayaz : (goes near Aahil and acts as if he didn’t hear anything) hey what’s up ?!?!?!?!

Aahil : (turns around and sees Ayaz ) huh ??? Nothing …

Ayaz : come on let’s go … And by the way we have to check what Sameer and that idiot Aimaan is doing …

Aahil : oh yeah … Let’s see …… Now we will go to hall ….

Ayaz : hmm ok …..

Both go ….

Road ..

Sarfaraz is seen depressed …..

Sarfaraz : (thinks) Allah … Why always this happens to me !!! I have to do something ……

He sits somewhere ….

Scene 2:
Party hall

Ayaz and Aahil come there ….

Sanam is scene eating pizza with pudine ki chatni ??????

Aahil and Ayaz give weird expression ????

Ayaz : oh no ! Not again !

Aahil : how can a person eat pizza with pudine ki chatni !!!

Ayaz : yes .. My sis can eat ????

Nida comes there …

Sanam : (sees Nida) hey Nida !!

Nida : (turns around) yeah !

Sanam : let’s play come on !

Nida : ughh ,. Ok …

Nazia : ewe !!! Sanam !!!

Sanam : (pizza in mouth) ? what !!!!!
Shazia : what huh ??? How can u even taste this pizza with pudine ki chatni !!!! Yuck !!

Sanam : whatever (eats again) wow … Yummy …

Aahil is feeling like vomiting ??? Nida gives weird looks

Nazia : so fine let’s start the game again ….

Shazia : hmm ……. Ok ….

Sanam : (interrupts) hmm but …. Who ever loses … They have to eat my pizza … That too with pudine ki chatni !!!!

Nazia , shazia , Aahil , Ayaz , Nida : WHAT !!!!!!

Nida : I’m going !!

Ayaz : (to Nida) oh madam wait !!! U can’t leave !! U have to .

Aahil : yeah Nida u have to …….

Nida : (hesitatingly ) ok fine ……

They start playing …

Scene 3:
France – party hall

Rehan : (thinks) where’s seher … Seher … Seher …….

Just the Rehan sees seher and his heart skips a beat and he’s mesmerised seeing her ❤️❤️❤️……
But seher ignores him and goes …..

Rehan smiles …….

Samar is seen tensed and he’s talking to someone ……

Samar : (silently yet in tensed and angry tone)whatever … I don’t know … Now plz handle her Halima ,.. She will create problem

Halima : shut up !!! U have hurt Ranya and she’s behaving like this because of u !!! (cuts the call)

Samar : wait ,.. Shit !!!

Rehan come there

Rehan : (sees Samar tensed) Samar .. Is everything alright ?

Samar : yeah .. So party is gonna start … And what about seher ?? Where’s she

Rehan : She might be with Elizabeth …

Samar : oh ….

Just then they hear song kar gai chul loud sound …

Just then they see some girls entering and dancing and other too join

Samar : kar gai chul ?!?!?!?!

Rehan : Huh ?!?!?!?

Just then a 5 girls is seen entering the hall she’s Ranya farooqui , Four are halima , Kriya , farin (fatarajo) , Sanjana (sanju)

Guests and others too are confused seeing them …..

Ranya : (shouts takes shampain bottle and starts drinking ??) start the party !!!!!

Samar : (sees Ranya and says to himself) oh god !!! Not again … She’s …

Rehan : (confused) what’s happening !!!

Seher too comes there

Seher : hi Samar …

Samar doesn’t reply …

Seher : huh ?!?!?

She’s about to go but gets surprised seeing Ranya …

Seher : Ranya ?!?! Here ?!?! I thought she was Kerala but …

Samar : U KNOW HER !!!!!!!!!!!

Seher : of course .. She’s my cousin …. What is she doing here ….

Samar : (shocked and thinks) oh no …

Halima : so let’s start

Everyone shout and start dancing

Kar gai chul plays

DJ :Yeah…

A guy (seeing Ranya) :Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull
(chull chull…)
Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull
(chull chull…)

Ranya starts dancing with every one ….

Samar is annoyed seeing her behaviour …..

Seher is confused seeing ranya’s behaviour ……

Dekh tera rang saawla hua baawla
Ladki nahi hai tu hai garam maamla
Bolti bandh meri, kahun kya bhala
Kuchh bhi kahaa nahi jaaye

Kya naache tu Dilli, hile hai London
Matak matak jaise Raveena Tandon
Kya naache tu Dilli, hile hai London
Matak matak jaise Raveena Tandon
Aag lagaane aayi hai ban-than
Goli chal gayi dhaayn

Nakhre vilayti
Ego mein rehti
Nakhre vilayti, ego mein rehti
Tashan dikhati full

A guy comes near Ranya and tries to get close with her …..

Guy : hi sweet heart ..

Ranya ignores him …

Halima : Who r u !!!!

Guy : I’m gajanand Singh .. But people call me gabbar Singh !!!!! (Gives a wide smile)

Kriya : gabbar Singh !!!!!! (Laugh) ewe .. Sholay right ?!?!?

Ranya : whatever babbar ..

Gabbar : it’s gabbar (to Girls) so anyone wanna dance with me ???

Ranya : dance ??? With us ?

Gabbar : yeah sweetie (starts flirting)

Kriya : (to Ranya silently) Ranya he’s flirting ….

Ranya : I know !!! U all know what to do right ????

Halima : what !!!!

Ranya : sandal …

Gabbar : (gives confused look)

Fata : (understands what Ranya is about to say) ok .. I got it ….. (She silently says this to others and they too understand …..

Gabbar : so sweet hearts have u decided ??

Sanju : of course we have ……

Gabbar : so ?

Girls take sandal and starts beating gabbar ???

Halima : (beating him with her sandals) sweet heat ?? Huh !!!

Kriya : get lost !!!

Fata : U fool !!!!!! Flirting and u !!!!!

Sanju : u idiot babbar Singh (funny tune plays)

Gabbar : I’m GAJANAND SINGH !!! My pen name is GABBAR !!!!! Now I won’t leave u (holds ranya’s hand)

Ranya : (slaps him ) u scoundrel !!!!! Don’t dare to touch me !!! I’ve break your hands !!!!! (Throws her sandal on his face) !!!!

Everyone are shocked and Seher is stunned ??

Seher : Ranya is behaving like this !!!! Ya Allah ! She was soft spoken but now !!! Don !!! ??

2 Mangers come there with 3 guards …….. Managers are dressed in formals and they are wearing black Blazers

Manager 1 : what’s happening ! (To Ranya) mam plz don’t create problem … Now leave from this place …..

Ranya : hello !! U men in black !!! What’s your problem !!! This idiot babbar (kicks gabbar’s ass)

Gabbar : ouch !!!! (Funny tune plays)

Manager 2 : mind your tongue and plz behave yourself !!! Now leave ….

Ranya : (takes chair and sits on it) no I won’t go !!! What will you do ….

Manager 1 : oh .. I see (sees guards) guards ……

Guards : yes sir …

3 guards lift Ranya …

Ranya : (shocked and shouts) leave me leave me !!!!! U ….

Halima : sir leave her plz ….

Kriya : fine … We will sort out everything and we won’t create any problem

Fata : we promise ….

Sanju : plz sir plz ……..

Manager 2 : (thinks) ok fine

Manager 1 : but if u mess up again …. You all will be thrown out from this place …. IS THAT CLEAR !!!

Halima , sanju , fata , Kriya , Ranya : YES SIR !!!!!

Manager 2 : guards … Leave her down !!!!!

Guards leave Ranya and they go …

Ranya : thank god …. All because of that stupid babbar Singh ….

Fata : he’s gabbar ….

Ranya : so ?!?!?

Kriya : come on … Let’s start dancing ….

They start dancing again and others too ..

Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull
(chull chull…)
Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull
(chull chull…)

Ranya sees Samar and makes faces …..

Samar gets irritated ….

Ranya throws her another sandal towards Samar which makes him more angry ..

Samar : (thinks) u will definitely pay for this Ranya …. Won’t leave u ?

Arey daayein, baayein
Kaise kamar tu jhulaaye
Physics samajh nahi aaye
Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull

Sanju : (to Ranya) come Ranya let’s go .. Everyone are giving weird looks …

Ranya : let them !!! I don’t care

Arey daayein, baayein
Kaise kamar tu jhulaaye
Physics samajh nahi aaye

Sandal mere cham cham karde
Hege high brand de
Airplane mundeyan de
Mere heel pe honde land ve (x2)

Others enjoy dancing with Ranya ……

Ranya sees seher

Ranya : (she mistakes her to be sanam) sanam ?

Ranya goes near her and asks her to dance

Seher : hey I’m not interested …

Ranya : come on !!!!! (Brings seher to dance floor)

But seher manages to some out of it ….

Saari kudiyan haaye desi chidiyan
Saari kudiyan desi chidiyan
Club ki main bulbul…

Main ladki beautiful kar gayi chull
(chull chull…)
Main ladki beautiful kar gayi chull
(chull chull…)
Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull…

Seher : (thinks) what happened to this girl !!!!!!!!!! I have to talk to bade papa (anwar) badi ma (zeenat)

Arey daayein, baayein
Kaise kamar tu jhulaaye
Physics samajh nahi aaye
Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull

Ranya then takes another bottle and starts drinking ….

Dekh tera rang saawla hua baawla
Ladki nahi hai tu hai garam maamla
Bolti bandh meri, kahun kya bhala
Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull

Again gabbar try’s to misbehave with her friend … ????

This time Ranya and her friends push him and he goes …

Kya naache tu Dilli, hile hai London
Matak matak jaise Raveena Tandon
Aag lagaane aayi hai ban-than
Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull

Koi bacha lo
Mujhe sambhalo
Arrey isey utha lyo
Arrey ladki beautiful
Kar gayi Chull..

Song ends and Ranya gets mad ….

Ranya : oh no …..

Ranya sees Seher ….

Ranya : (drunk and shouts ) sanam !!!!!!! How r u

Seher : (goes near her) hi Ranya … I’m not sanam .. But seher ..

Ranya : (she’s not stable) oh yeah …. How are u my pyaari sis !! (Hugs her)

Seher : (confused look)

Screen freezes on seher’s face

Precap : (episode 30 part 2) sanam will make Nida and Aahil eat pizza with pudine ki chatni ???Samar and Ranya’s past … sarah dances with Rehan and seher is very jealous … Ayaz will kiss Sameer ?? …. Sanam goes to orphanage home …… There Nida plans something …… Seher talks with zeenat and anwar reagarding Ranya ….. Dilshad plans not to stay in tanveer’s house till holi ….. She tries to convince sanam ….. Aahil plans to proposed sanam …. Aimaan proposes sanam ?


And I’ve update 2nd part on 24th June ……Plz leave your comments …….

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