Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 3)

Scene 1 :
Aahil’s residence

Sanam and nazia are practicing for the cooking contest……

Sanam : finally …. Nazia we have prepared very well….

Nazia : ya sanam ….

Sanam : (sees her watch and says) …. Ya Allah ! Nazia it’s already too late … We have to get ready for the party right …..? The time is already 6pm.

Nazia : thanks for reminding ….

Sanam : now I have to go to my house and dress up ..

Nazia : no need of going home …. It’s too late …. U can dress up here also…

Sanam : but …

Shazia comes there..

Shazia : it’s ok sanam … U can dress up here … We will be comfortable

Sanam : that’s not the problem shazia… I haven’t brought any outfits for the party??

Shazia : koi baat nahi (it’s ok no problem )

Shazia opens her wardrobe and picks up a beautiful red gown and gives it to sanam ..

Sanam : wow shazia it’s so beautiful

Shazia : then wear it

Sanam : r u sure ?? Can I?

Nazia and shazia : yes !!!!

Then the 3 nazia shazia and sanam start getting ready ….

Nazia : guyz …. I’m feeling thirsty … So I’m going to have some beverage… Shazia sanam … Want something to drink or eat

Shazia : nazia just bring me a glass of Apple juice …

Sanam : I don’t want anything …

Shazia : sanam did u ask seher to come for party ?? (Shazia and seher are good friends)

Sanam : ya … But she’s with badi ammi …. My chachu and chachi have came here to stay so she’s taking care of them ….

Shazia : oh… Then plz ask her to call me …

Sanam : fine…

Scene 2

Party hall :

Nazia comes there .. Meanwhile aahil and rehan too comes there

Aahil after the meeting with sanam is quite tensed …..

Nazia : aahil bhaijaan …. Is all ready ?? Have u invited everyone???

Aahil : (he’s quite tensed and doesn’t reply anything )

Rehan : aahil … AAHIL!!! Nazia is talking with u…

Aahil : Erhh … Sry I didn’t notice …. (Funny tune plays)

Nazia : bhaijaan I have invited my best friend sanam for the party

Aahil : oh that’s gr8 ….. She’s the one who u will be praising about her right?

Nazia : yes bhaijaan … She’s the same person .

Aahil : then introduce her to me in the party …. And nazia here … I have ordered masks for the party … Plz give this to ur friends and keep the remaining there.. (Thinks) I hope her friend is not like that batameez…. And starts thinking about sanam……

Nazia : fine bhaijaan ….. (She finds aahil behaving strange ) r u all right ?

Aahil : voh … It’s getting late and I’m going to get ready bye ..

Aahil leaves …

Nazia : rehan bhaijaan … What happened to aahil bhai ?? He’s behaving so strange today..

Rehan : what to say ….

And he narrates about the fight between sanam and aahil …..

Nazia : my god …. No one has talked to aahil bhai like this …. Anyway … Bhai it’s getting late u go and get ready …

Rehan : fine ….

Scene 3
Unknown location

2 guyz are talking their face is not shown

Person 1 : did aahil and rehan withdraw the case ?

Person 2 : I think they won’t be doing ….. They won’t give us the property …..

Person 1 : then what for we are waiting for …. Start plan B ….

Person 2 : yes mr. Malik …. This time we will succeed and smirks…

Mr . Malik : how u will make our plan successful ??? How u will get into his house ???

Person 2 : don’t worry … Today aahil’s mother begum sahiba tanveer has returned home after 20 years ….

Mr . Malik : then what should we do??

Person 2 : today aahil is organising party tonight at his house ….

Mr . Malik : that’s gr8 …. How will u go there ?? If someone identifies u what will u do ?

Person 2 : mr. Malik, malik , malik … U don’t know about me … Aahil and rehan knows that only u r trying to snatch their business and property from them …. They don’t know that even I’m involved in it ….

Mr . Malik : sabash mere sher (well done my boy ) …. Aahil and rehan … Allah ke paas jaanakeliye Tayyar ho jaavo (get ready to die ) and he smirks … (Evil tune plays)

Scene 4
Party place …

Aahil is wearing a black suit with read tie and rehan is wearing a white suit … And all the guests are wearing masks including aahil and rehan …..

Some girls are seen flirting with aahil ….. But he ignores them…

On the other hand sanam is looking beautiful in red gown … Whereas nazia is wearing a a green one and shazia is wearing a blue one … All 3 r looking very beautiful and are wearing masks…

Rehan is talking with aahil

Rehan : aahil itni saari ladki tum par marthi hai … Tum palatkar bhi nahi dektiho??? Tumari life me kis type ki ladki aana chahi ye ?(all girls are dying for u and u r not even looking at then?? Which type of girl should come in your life )

Aahil : in my life …

He tells many qualities that she should have ……

Rehan : aahil stop …. For your conditions … Us ladki ko asman se hi aana padega (she should be coming from conditions) (funny tune plays)

Aahil : rehan u know that I don’t believe…

Rehan : it’s just like fairy tale buddy ….. If possible … U can find her in this party also… (He starts kidding him)

Aahil : rehan …

Rehan : don’t worry ….. For example if I say a girl would be coming down from stairs in a red gown with her friends and u will be mesmerised after seeing her … U will think that she’s the most beautiful person in the world ….. U will feel like dancing with her…..

Just like how rehan is saying …. Sanam is in red gown and she’s wearing mask coming down from stairs with her friends and aahil noticed them and he’s not listening to rehan …… (Junoon plays)

Rehan too notices and thinks : ya Allah even my words are coming true….

Rehan : aahil control …. (Laughs)

Aahil : shut up … He’s lost in her thoughts (junoon moment )

Sanam comes with nazia …. They go near aahil and nazia introduces sanam to aahil

Sanam : hi I’m sanam … Sanam Ahmed khan … I’m nazia’s friend ….

Aahil : voh…. Erhh …

Sanam : nice to meet u mr..

Aahil : aahil … Aahil raza ibrahim….

Sanam and aahil are wearing mask and they are unable to identify each other ….

Then a lady comes and calls them to come and dance ….

Aahil is nervous and ask sanam whether she would dance with him

Aahil : sanam … If u don’t mind will u dance with me ? .

Sanam : Erhh … Fine

Rehan and nazia start kidding sanam and aahil in sign language

They both start dancing (main agar kahoon song plays) …

After the dance tanveer enters the hall (Billo rani plays)

Meanwhile she’s talking to the guests….

Nazia introduces sanam to tanveer…

Tanveer feels a strange connection between sanam and her…. Tanveer is unable to see her face as she’s wearing mask

Tanveer : nazia who is this girl?

Nazia : ammi , she is sanam … My best friend …

Tanveer : nice to meet u beta … I’m tanveer …

Meantime sanam and tanveer become friend … Sanam is still in mask

Sanam : aunty … U r so sweet

Tanveer : thank u beta …

Sanam : can I ask u something aunty?? Why did u go to jail

Tanveer : sanam …. There are something which could not be shared …..

Sanam : I understand aunty….. Aunty 1 request…

Tanveer : poocho beta … (U can ask me)

Sanam : can I have 1 selfie with u??

Tanveer : (laughs) fine…

Tanveer asks her to remove the mask

Tanveer : sanam remove the mask … U will be feeling uncomfortable right??

Sanam : it’s ok aunty … I’m very comfortable ….

They take many selfies …. Meantime a guy enters the party hall

The screen freezes on their faces….

Precap : the guy who came to the party hall goes and hugs rehan … And rehan refers him as bhaijaan ….. Sanam and aahil have a fight in the party where tanveer is shocked to see sanam as she looks like her mom zoya…. Next morning sanam tells Dilshad about how she enjoyed in the party and she too mentions that she met nazia’s mom and became good friend with her mom also …. And took many selfies with her ….. When sanam refers nazia’s mother as tanveer Dilshad is shocked…..

Guyz plz leave your feedbacks and comments ….

And plz suggests some actors for male antagonists …. For tanveer I’m going to choose amrapali as she’s my fav….

Plz comment after reading πŸ™‚

Credit to: Sunehri


  1. angel

    Awesome epi sunehri … Hats of 2 u… I am waiting for your next epi. And for your male antagonists I choose maybe anurag sharma and tnx for using amrapali she’s my favourite to.

  2. Yamuna

    Fabulous episode…hope Ahil finds out about Tanveer soon and waiting to see love blossoming between Ahil and Sanam and Rehan and Seher??

  3. Amayra

    Tooooo much good dear n y latif n gazala is missing????lol pls add thm they will make comedy…pls pls pls. Love u alots

  4. kna786

    That was so good and plz make ahil and sanam like each other aswell as rehaan and sehar so the story becomes interesting and they have some romantic and intense scenes and plz try and write daily so then i will comment always

  5. angel

    Hey sunehri I thought that your 2 antagonists can be nikhil arya and anurag sharma…and thanks for supporting me with the number mistake…love u lots my dear friend..

  6. Mathanghi

    Hey sunehri fabulous episode dear and update the next episode soon. I wish the real qubool hai was like this and I really missed sahil pair thanks for bringing them again

  7. Sanjee

    Heyy guyz… I wuz actually a silent reader but wanted 2 comment 2day!! Sunehri storyline is going relly gud..N waiting for 24th!!

  8. The epsiode is awesome. It’s ur first ff and u have nailed it. I suggest Karan tacker and Karan kundra. They will be better. Well it’s my suggestion other is all ur wish. Good luck and waiting for the next episode.

  9. aliaa

    Hey u r only 13 yrs old right… u r too young to write a fan fiction but u nailed it sunehri. … u r very good @ writing. … waiting for the next episode πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Sunehri

      Yes aalia I’m too young to write a fan fiction. .. Par phir bi… Thank you so much πŸ™‚ … stay tuned for further updates πŸ™‚

  10. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous episode sunehri dearrryyy, just loved it very very much. …SaHil dance n rehaan teasing aahil was really awesome….tanveer n sanam convo n…precap is very interesting. …you’re so talented dearrr, in such a small age your writing skills are very good. ..keep it up sweetie, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.