Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 29)


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And yeah plz choose name and song for couple sarfaraz and shazia …

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Ok guyz enjoy the episode …..

Scene 1:
Inside and Outside the house …

Samiya comes inside and goes near Ayaz ….

Samiya : (tensed) Ayaz …. He really kidnapped my friend … Now what can we do ..

Ayaz : oh no …. Samiya relax …… Come on let’s go out …

Samiya : fine .. Let’s go

They start going out

Nazia sees this and A.S (Abdul siddiqui) too ..

Nazia : where’s Samiya and Ayaz going out ??? Let’s see … (She’s about to go) (thinks) but wait .. Why am I bothering if Ayaz is with Samiya .. Waise Bhi Samiya loves Ayaz … But why am I bothering !!! Don’t know what’s happening with me (khuda jaane plays)

Nazia is about to leave ..

A.S sees her….

A.S : Nazia beta ..

Nazia : (turns around ) yeah uncle .. Do you want any help ..

A.S : (smiles) actually Samiya went out

Nazia : so ???

A.S : yeah … Can you please see what are they doing ???..

Nazia : how can I ??

A.S : u know what beta sometimes Samiya goes out to some place without saying .. So you go and check what both are doing …

Nazia : (confused look) ahhhhh OK ….

She goes ……

Outside the house

Samiya is tensed …

Ayaz : (to Samiya) see now I’ve go and handle him

Samiya : ok ….

A guy is who called Samiya is waiting outside and he’s drunk ????….

He tries to enter The party but security stops him …

Guy : I want to go in let me …

The guy pushes the security officers too …..

Ayaz comes there …..

Guy : security uncle .. I’ve handle him…..

Security : fine …

AND WHO R U?????

Ayaz : I’m samiya’s friend and u ???

Guy : (impatiently) oh friend … And I’m Rahim …. U can call me rocky … Now let me in !!! (Tries to push Ayaz)

Ayaz : I don’t bother whether your name is Rahim or rocky or whatever ……
What’s the problem ????? What happened ??

Rocky : Now call her out …

Ayaz : why should I call her ?? What’s the matter ??

Rocky : (angrily yet sad voice) U know what did she do !!! SHE DUMPED ME !!!! I want to ask her … Why she dumped me !!!!! JUST CALL HER!!!!!

Ayaz : (makes fun of him) Oye …. Have u ever seen yourself in the mirror ???? U yourself look like a dustbin …. What will she do rather than dumping u !!!

Rocky : HEY SHUT UP !!! Don’t think that you are joking Joking huh !!! I think you are not her friend but u are her boyfriend ….

Ayaz : (he smirks and gives a annoying look) listen ..

Rocky : u listen to me first … She’s a type of girl who drinks alcohol , enjoys a lot in parties especially flirt with guyz like u and others … Any guy can do anything with her like ….

Ayaz : (gets angry and slaps him and punches him hard and the rocky falls down and he’s hurt and Ayaz hand too) blackmailing my friend huh????? What did u say ??? (Punches him hard)

Rocky : U IDIOT !!!!

Ayaz : (makes him get up and holds his collar) I already told u your face looks like a dustbin ….if u bad mouth my friend gain … I won’t leave u I’ve hit u that much that people won’t know the difference between u and dustbin and throw all waste on u !!!!!!

Rocky : (turns his face )

Ayaz : and yeah …u kidnapped samiya’s friend too … Now leave her …

The guy gives up and frees samiya’s friend she thanks Ayaz and she goes ……


He goes ……

Samiya comes there ….

Samiya : (scared) he went right ???

Ayaz : don’t worry yaar he went and he freed your friend too …….

Samiya : r u sure ???

Ayaz : I’m damn sure yaar he went ..

Samiya : (hugs him) thanks Ayaz ..

Ayaz : (too hugs her) you are always welcome … And from now we are best friends …

Nazia comes there and sees them hugging ………

Nazia : (is jealous and puts her hand on mouth thinks) WHAT THE HELL !!! THIS BANDAR AYAZ !!! HUGGING SAMIYA !!!!! HOW COULD HE !! (Very jealous)

Nazia angrily leaves from there … Ayaz sees her going …

Ayaz : Nazia ?? What is she doing here ????? (Breaks the hug) now Samiya he won’t irritate you anymore

Sanam comes there…

Sanam : Samiya , Bhai what are you doing here ???

Ayaz : actually a guy came here to misbehave with Samiya…

Sanam : WHAT !!!!!!!!! Samiya are you alright??? Did he harm you !!!!

Ayaz : yeah she is .. And i sorted out the problem.. So no worries …..

Sanam : Fine let’s go in and I’ve make sure that he doesn’t come back

Samiya : thanks Sanam …..

Inside the house …

A.S is waiting for Nazia impatiently

Nazia comes there ..

A.S : (goes near Nazia ) finally you came here …. And what happened did Samiya ..

Nazia : (frustrated but doesn’t show it) I saw both Ayaz and Samiya out side .. And they both were hugging each other ……

A.S : (Acts as if hugging is a very big offence ????) What !!!!!! This girl !!!!

Both Nazia and A.S sees Ayaz and Samiya coming …

Samiya is tensed after that incident ….

One side A.S is angry but doesn’t show it and Nazia is so annoyed….

Ayaz sees Nazia annoyed……

Ayaz : (thinks) so that’s madam (Nazia) saw me and Samiya hugging !!!! (Smiles a bit) she may be jealous!!!! I wish it’s true ….(To A.S) huh uncle ????

A.S : (goes near Samiya and Ayaz acts angrily) What’s going on Samiya !!!! Party is going and I know u don’t listen to anyone but that doesn’t mean that you can do anything …

Ayaz : ok … So Nazia would have told you right ..

A.S : YEAH !!!!!!!!!!

Samiya : (thinks) oh god !!! Why dad is doing like this !!!!

Ayaz : she was silently following us and …


Ayaz : uncle she might have …

Sanam comes there …

Sanam : Samiya … He won’t come and irritate you anymore .. I called police they came and now he’s behind bars …

Nazia & A.S : (confused look) Huh ????

Ayaz : sanam u better tell uncle what happened exactly …

Sanam : Uncle actually a guy was irritating Samiya and he came here too…. So Bhai went and sorted out …..

A.S : oh…. Then I’m really sorry

Nazia : (thinks) oops .. This time … I’m wrong … He was helping her and I thought they are in relationship ..

Ayaz : and she was scared a lot so I hugged her …… And this doc thought … Errh leave it …

Samiya gives a angry look to Nazia ….

Ayaz : (tries to make Nazia jealous) and come Samiya … U go and enjoy the party …

Samiya : yep u are right … (Sees Ayaz hand wounded) Ayaz your hand is hurt …..

Sanam : (too sees Ayaz wound) yeah Bhai come in I’ve bandage your wound or else ..

Ayaz : it’s ok … I don’t want ….. And Samiya u go and enjoy the party …

Samiya : ok ….

Samiya leaves and A.S too

Sanam : (to Nazia) hey … Actually .. Bhai is like this only …. He usually behaves close with girls only ok … And don’t mistake him ok sometimes he helps others too ..

Nazia : ok ….

Sanam leaves ….

Ayaz : (comes near Nazia acts sad ) I considered u as a best friend but why did u doubt me !!!!! I didn’t even think u will do like this !!!!! I helped u to escape from that Sameer …. But in return u did this to me and you call me a friend !!!!!

Ayaz goes …..

Nazia feels bad ….

Scene 2:

Seher is watching a horror movie and she scared ……

Rehan silently comes there with a popcorn …..

Seher gets scared and hugs rehan very tightly…..

Unfortunately popcorn falls down …… ?????

Rehan : (smiles and thinks) thanks to this horror film ? and the director … Now I have become your big fan …… Becoz of u guyz I got a warm hug ❤️❤️❤️

Seher hugs him even more tightly …

Seher : (still scared) plz don’t leave me …

Rehan : (smiles) don’t worry I won’t …..

Meantime Samar and Elizabeth enter the room and see sehan and smile seeing each other ……

Elizabeth & Samar : (makes sounds) Erhhh……. (Coughs)

Seher hears the sound and breaks the hug ……

Seher : what r u doing here Rehan ??? And why did u hug me !!!!!

Rehan : ?!?!?! I came to see movie ??? And for your kind information madam !!!! U hugged me !!!!!!!!!!!

Seher gives angry look but yet confused …..

Samar : (to Rehan ) romance interrupted (laughs)

Rehan stamps samar’s leg hardly …(funny tune plays)

Rehan : by the way Samar any news ????

Elisabeth : yeah sad news …

Rehan & Seher : huh????

Samar : competition cancelled ….. ?????
Rehan & seher : (disappointed) WHAT !!!!!!!

Seher : but why !!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth : what to say …….. France high commission’s chairman’s mood is like weather prediction !!!!! He said that it won’t be good if they conduct competition among u guyz !!!! So unfortunately u have to pack you bags guyz ….

Rehan : strange !!!!!! They why did they call us and told to come here !!! Now no use !!!! So seher !!! Let’s pack our bags !!

Samar : hey hey !!! Wait …… Yeah you can but tonight there’s a party for you guyz !!! So u have to there @ midnight 12am and tomorrow afternoon @ 15:55 is your flight to India …….

Rehan : oh god !!! Ok …..fine …

Elizabeth : and guyz … In dance party … You have to bring your dance partner ….

Rehan eyes seher …..

Elisabeth : (silently to Samar) I wish seher both will agree to become

Samar : (silently to Elizabeth) yeah I to wish

Both give hi five silently go …..

Scene 3:
Party hall

Every one are enjoying the party …

Sanam , Ayan , Nazia , shazia and humeira are playing cards ……

Just then Samiya , Aahil and Ayaz come there …..

Ayaz : dad dad dad … Now it’s our turn now …..

Ayan : ok ….

Shazia ,Ayan and humeira get up from the chair ……

Ayaz and Samiya sit together and Aahil is sitting near Ayaz …

Nazia gets annoyed seeing Ayaz and Samiya together …………

Nazia : shazia .. U better sit and play I have to go now …..

Ayaz and Samiya tries to provoke Nazia …

Ayaz : hey hey .. Gussewali doc …… Where r u going ???? Even u can play with us right ???? And what’s that important work ????

Samiya : Ayaaaaz … U see …. She might go and complain to my dad about us ?
Ayaz : oh yeah I forgot (gives hi five to Samiya)

Humeira : Ayaz behave yourself

Ayaz : ma….

Sanam : Bhai…….

Nazia gets annoyed…..

Sanam : Nazia .. U just ignore him ….

Ayaz : (full on attitude) come on guyz … Let’s play a game …. The one who looses the game (seeing Nazia) will receive punishment from the winner

Nazia is fed up ….

Ayaz smirks seeing her but happy as she’s jealous seeing Them together (Ayaz Samiya)

Nazia : I’m not interested….

Samiya : why r u scared ????

Ayaz : of course…… (Smirks)

Nazia : NOT AT ALL !!!! (Sits on the chair again)

Ayaz : let’s see …

Aahil : now let’s start

Aahil: sanam u shuffle the cards …

Sanam : fine …

Sanam shuffles the cards and everyone gets 3 cards ….

Ayaz sees his cards and the thinks what cards Nazia would have got …

Aahil sees his cards and is disappointed seeing the cards …..

Nazia , sanam , Samiya too sees their cards and doesn’t give any reaction…..

Samiya : now let’s start … Aahil show your cards …..

Aahil shows his cards …. His cards are 5 clubs ; 6 hearts ; and 8 spades….

Samiya : ok not bad …..

Sanam : Samiya u show your cards

Samiya shows her cards …. Her cards are 3 jacks one spade ; one diamond and heart …
Aahil : jack !!!! Ok .. And by the way janab Ayaz show your cards …

Ayaz makes and Saddu face shows the cards to everyone ..

Aahil : (laughs) 2 hearts , 3 clubs and 4 spade !!!! Lowest of all ????
Ayaz gives a Saddu look ….

Samiya : u show your cards sanam and then u have to show Nazia …

Sanam got 2 kings and a heart queen 2 black kings (clubs and spade) ….

Ayaz : not bad …..

Sanam : now it’s nazia’s turn …..

Nazia shows her cards one by one …

Her first card is Ace spade , King heart , and ace clubs ….

Aahil : (to Ayaz silently) get ready to receive punishment from Nazia….. janab Ayaz … Becoz u lose the game…..

Ayaz: (thinks) OMG !!!!! Nazia is the winner !!! Now I’m the one who will be getting punishment as I’m the loser ….

Samiya is also shocked as Nazia won the game and she’s annoyed ….

Sanam : woah !!! King and 2 ace cards !!!! Gr8 job Nazia u won the game …..

Nazia : (smiles) thank u !!!!

Aahil : (wantedly reminds Nazia about the punishment ????) and it’s time to give punishment …….

Ayaz gives a Saddu look to Aahil ……

Nazia : punishment????? To whom ??

Sanam : Ayaz Bhai lost the game so u have to give a punishment……..

Samiya is fed up ..

Nazia : punishment….. (Thinks for a while and sees Ayaz hand hurt) Ayaz…

Ayaz : voh .. Eh … Errh …. Yeah ?????
Nazia : your punishment is …. I want to bandage your wound ….

Ayaz is reliever but yet confused ….

Everyone: HUH !!!!! It’s not a punishment !!!!! (Funny tune plays)

Nazia : whatever…… U come with me Ayaz …….

Ayaz goes with Nazia …..

Samiya seeing this gets annoyed…

Scene 4:
Room ….

Nazia is tending to wounds in Ayaz hand ……..

Both are not talking to each other ????

Ayaz : ouch !!

Nazia : hey .. It will burn now but u will be fine …

She starts bandaging him …

Nazia : I’m sorry ……

Ayaz is surprised by nazia’s words

Nazia : This time I did the mistake …. I saw you and Samiya to get her closely.. So I thought….. I don’t know that u were helping her ……

Ayaz : actually… U don’t know what friendship is !!!!! U have not been close with a guy right like a friend !!!!!!! U r like if any boy and girl are close to each other u think that there’s something in between them huh !!!!!!!

Nazia : sorry … I don’t know about these things !!!!!

Ayaz : I think u need a boyfriend who loves u more than anything in your life …. Then u will come to know the difference between true friend and your boyfriend……. And In my point of view …. U r a nerd!!!

Nazia : huh????

Ayaz : yes !!!! U don’t give time for your self … Your mind … U always study and u don’t give time for other things like love etc ….. U would have studied in your subject… Hormones accelerate when u fall in love … Understood madam ????

Nazia : don’t blabber and give weird examples ok !!!!

Ayaz : (laughs)

Nazia : Hey I understand … But I haven’t experienced this feelings..

Ayaz : hmm ….. For some days u stop studying and feel something …

Nazia : over ..

Ayaz : huh????

Nazia : now u can go … I have bandaged your wound ….. I thought of giving injection but it’s ok …

Ayaz : thank god no injection ???? …. And u know what …. Life me ek baar haath aur dil zaroor tootna chahiye (we should experience heartbreak once in life time) …… Because to feel at least there’s someone who care for us ….

Nazia : and by the way …. Friends again ?????? (Lends her hand) (khuda jaane BGM plays)

Ayaz : (gives a wide smile) yeah ….. Friends (He lends the hand which is hurt) OuCH !!!!

Nazia : (laughs) take care bandar ………

Scene 5:
Party hall

A guy enters the party hall in formals……..

He’s sarfaraz……

He’s first scared to enter but thinks

Sarfaraz: (thinks) I can’t go like this …… After 2 years … I got my shazia back …… I can’t let my love go like this .. I have to face all problems….

He enters the hall ..

Aahil , sanam , shazia , Samiya are playing cards ….

They need 1 more to make 5 players …..

Sanam : where’s this Nazia and Bhai !!!!!!

Shazia : Nazia might be tending to Ayaz wound…

Sanam : chachu chachi… At least one of u come …..

Ayan : no sanam ….. I’m tired of this game ……

Humeira: yeah me too …

Aahil : but one player is missing!!!!! What to do ….

Sarfaraz comes there and says ..

Sarfaraz : shall I join u guyz ?????

Everyone turn around and see sarfaraz….

Aahil is super shocked seeing him ….

Aahil : (to himself) how did sarfaraz

Sarfaraz : (smirks seeing Aahil) hey Aahil … How r u …

Aahil : (hesitatingly) fine ..

Shazia : hey sarfaraz…. Come on ….

Aahil : shazia .. I want to talk to him personally…. U guyz continue the game we will join later ……

Sanam : fine partner … But come soon …

Aahil and sarfaraz go to lawn …

Aahil : (in harsh voice) sarfaraz abdullah!!!! Why on earth u again came into my sister’s life again !!! And how did u .l.

Sarfaraz: why did u lie to me Aahil that shazia died in that accident which happened with shazia and syahi (sarfaraz sister) before 2 years ???? Why did u separate shazia from me !!!! Why did u !!!!!

Aahil : for your kind information… That incident happened because u hurted her a lot …. And where did u see shazia ???

Sarfaraz: I saw her @ the court when arzaq qureshi ‘s murder case and I know that were arrested on that case too ….

Aahil : fine … Listen to me sarfaraz … Please don’t try to be close with shazia … She lost her memory in that accident… With God grace … She at least recognised her family members and friends …. But still she doesn’t remember about what happened before 2 years ….

Sarfaraz is shocked

Aahil : it will be better if u don’t interfere in her life again !!!

Tears flow from sarfaraz eyes …. (Sad tune plays)

Sarfaraz : (tears flow in his eyes) Aahil … U don’t know the pain of losing your loved one …. No one can understand this pain better than me ……. One day u will be in my situation… U will definitely loose your love and then u will understand my feelings !!!! Now I’m going Aahil … But I swear… My love is very strong and I love her more than my life and this is the truth !!!!No one can separate me and shazia …..

Sarfaraz leaves ….

Aahil is dumbstruck after listen to sarfaraz words ….

He closes his eyes ….He again recalls sarfaraz saying

” Aahil … U don’t know the pain of losing your loved one …. No one can understand this pain better than me ……. One day u will be in my situation… U will definitely loose your love and then u will understand my feelings !!!! ”

Screen freezes on Aahil’s tensed face …..

Precap : Ayaz again plays a prank with Sameer ….. He’s sitting inside the car with Sameer …. Ayaz dreams as if Nazia is sitting beside him and tries to kiss her … But in reality Sameer is sitting beside him and Ayaz is trying to kiss him ?????? … This makes Sameer very angry and tries to kill him … Sarfaraz saves him … Sarfaraz shares his love story with Ayaz …… Aahil sanam fight …. Sanam make Aahil eat pizza with pudine ki chatni ???? ….. Nida , Aimaan and their evil plans ….. Seher tries to make rehan jealous ….


Hope u all liked the episode ….

Credit to: Sunehri

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