Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 28)

Hey guyz …. Sorry for the late update … thanks again for 200+ comments in the previous episodes so I’m gonna at least 100 to 110 episodes ….. And this episode .. Ayaz and Aahil will play pranks on Sameer and Ayaz .. Hope you all will enjoy it … And guyz plz do read my friends ffs ….

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Ok guyz enjoy the episode ..

Scene 1:
Party hall

Nazia is tensed because of Sameer and she thinks of getting help from Ayaz ….

Nazia : I know Ayaz will definitely help me …

He goes near him

Nazia : hey Ayaz …

Ayaz is surprised as she’s talking first

Ayaz : I’m surprised … You r talking to me !!!!

Nazia : I need your help ……

Ayaz : my help ?????

Nazia : u know what … (Making a saddu face) sameer is coming .

Ayaz : sameer ….. Oh the party guy … So what’s the problem … He’s a sweet guy ….

Nazia : sameer !!!! Sweet guy!!! Don’t tell me !!!!

Sameer comes there …

Sameer : Hey Nazia !!!! U r looking gorgeous (pushes Ayaz aside)

Ayaz gives him a saddu look … Nazia too feels bad when sameer pushes him ….

Nazia : sameer ….. He’s my friend Ayaz …

Sameer : (gets hyper) oh I’m sorry I’m sorry … (He hugs Ayaz tightly)

Ayaz : (OMG he’s gonna kill me ???? like reaction to Nazia)

Aahil and Ayan sees this

Sameer : we are getting late now … (Pinches Ayaz cheeks) bye bye sweet boy!!!! (Funny tune plays)

Both start going Nazia gives a helpless look to Ayaz ….. Ayaz feels bad …..

Aahil and Ayan go near Ayaz ….

Ayan : what happened ???

Ayaz : leave it dad …..

Aahil : yeah .. Of course bad … When u see ur lady love with someone else ..

Ayaz : I’m not saying that …. He called me a SWEET BOY !!!!! That to in front of Nazia !!!!

Aahil : janab Ayaz Ahmed Khan ki insult !!! (Funny tune plays)

On the other side

Sanam is about to go but Aimaan holds her hands …

Aimaan : sanam plz … Come on ….

Sanam : Aimaan leave my hands …

Aahil : (to Ayaz ) Aimaan is like he’s misbehaving …

Ayaz sees sameer irritating Nazia …

Ayaz : and there …. Sameer …. So Aahil as per our plan .. Can we start

Aahil : yeah ….what can we do now ??

Ayaz : jo Bhi karnege milkar karenge (whatever we are going to do now … We will do together)

Aahil : so done ????

Ayaz : done !!!!!

Both give thumbs up ….

Ayaz & Aahil : now let’s see … Aimaan and sameer now we won’t leave you …

Sameer is talking with Nazia …..

Sameer : Nazia u know what ….I have touched many girls in my life …. But you have only touched my heart… I mean u won my heart

Nazia : (thinks) Allah plz help me this donkey sameer won’t leave me … (Funny tune plays)

Sameer : and I guess that I’m the first guy to have touched you (puts his arm around her)

Nazia feels weird … Ayaz is furious when he sees sameer irritating Nazia and he Aahil Ayan discuss some plan …..

Nazia : Sameer please take ur hand

Sameer : ok …… And girls like u don’t have boyfriend … Lovers ….

Nazia : huh??? Yeah I don’t ….

Both go near a table and stand …..

Sameer : I knew it !!!! U know what … I vowed one day … I’ve marry the girl whom no body has touched ..

Nazia sees him confused blinks her eyes continuously and gives a weird look ..

Suddenly Ayaz comes there near sameer and says to him… Aahil and Ayan see what Ayaz is gonna do

Ayaz : (to sameer in a kidding manner as sameer called him a sweet boy ?) UNCLE!!!!
Sameer : (shocked and confused) UNCLE?!?!

Ayaz makes funny expressions .. Nazia is relieved

Sameer : I’M NOT YOUR UNCLE !!!!!!

Nazia is happy as Ayaz is helping him……..

Aahil and Ayan are trying to control their laughter ..

Sanam too watches them ..

All guests too sees them and laughs(Funny tune plays)

Ayaz : (kidding him and makes funny reactions) arey how uncle ???? U called me a SWEET BOY … So you are my uncle !!!!

Sameer : (fed up) HOW!!!!!

Ayaz : and you know what Nazia we have to respect our elders .. Right sameer uncle???

Ayaz lifts sameer … Everyone laughs seeing them (funny tune plays)


Ayaz : sameer uncle … Until u apologise to me l won’t leave u down and we will be dancing whole day !!!!

Sameer : WHAT !!!! (Funny tune plays)

Ayaz : (leaves him down and holds him like a dance partner ) uncle plz uncle let’s dance …. Tada tada tadatadatadaaaaaaa…….. Tada tada tada tada tadaaaaaa tada da ….

Ayaz lifts sameer again and dances ….

Everyone laughs …

Especially Aahil , sanam , Ayan and Nazia are unable to control their laughter (Funny tune plays)

Aahil : OMG!!!!!! Same dance again !!! (Laughs)

Ayan : (laughs) Aahil … U don’t know much about Ayaz …. He’s very naughty …. This is just a trailer … see sameer will run away when he experiences other pranks done by Ayaz …

Sameer is embarrassed …

Ayaz : (to sameer) Now sameer uncle if you don’t say sorry I’ve be keep on calling you uncle and I won’t leave u don’t and (in his ears) if you don’t say sorry the main thing is no beautiful girls will be friend you … (Makes funny expression) UNCLE !!!! (Laughs)

Sameer : (gives up) ok I’m sorry …… I’m sorry …

Ayaz : (gives a kiddish smile) Aww SWEET UNCLE !!!!!!! (Pinches his cheeks)
Good good very good ….

Sameer gives a weird expression ….. (Funny tune plays)

Sameer : NOW LEAVE ME DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayaz : (gives a wide smile and signals Ayan to proceed their plan) OK

Ayaz is about to put sameer down just like that

Sameer : AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! SLOWLY!!!!!! EVEN I’M A HUMAN BEING!!!!!

Ayaz : Pyaar se bolo na .. (Gives a funny expression) sameer uncle


Ayaz : awww uncle … I mean sameer …. Ask with respect .. I mean request me to leave u slooooowly …. ok uncle.. I mean (smirks) sameer ..

Everyone laughs

Sameer : FINE .. Ok .. Please leave me down …

Ayaz : that’s better …..

Ayan comes and stands near the table silently when Nazia , sameer and Ayaz is standing …..

Sameer : NOW LEAVE US ALONE !!!!!! Nazia …. Let’s go ,….. Babe

Nazia : sameer give me a minute I’ve come ..

Sameer : fine

Nazia looks helpless and goes ……

And sameer goes

Ayaz : babe huh ??? U called my Nazia babe!!!!!! Now see what I going to do with u after sometime …..

Ayaz stands there giving a Saddu look … (Funny tune plays)

On the other side

Aimaan : (holds her hand tightly) sanam come on let’s wish Samiya together ….

Sanam : (irritated but doesn’t show it) Aimaan u go and wish her … I’ve go alone

Aimaan : (forces her and holds her even tight) oh come on sanam let’s go

Sanam : Aimaan please … Ok fine after sometime

Aimaan : (gives a Saddu look ) ok but u have to come with me only

Aahil sees this and understands that sanam is uncomfortable

Sanam : (fake smile) ok

Aimaan takes grapes and starts eating

Sanam : (tensed and thinks) what happened to this Aimaan !!! He’s behaving so weird .. Just don’t know what happened to him nowadays .. He’s so annoying .. He’s my childhood friend but now why he’s forcing me like this !!!! HATE HIM !!

Aahil :(seeing her reaction and thinks ) wah beta wah Aimaan … You are forcing my sanam huh??? And by seeing sanam’s reaction too … She’s feeling uncomfortable with him ….Now see what I’m gonna do with you Aimaan …

Aahil turns around and sees Ayaz coming ….

Aahil :(giving Saddu looks) Ayaz !!!

Ayaz : (turns around and comes towards Aahil and he gives a Saddu look) Aahil !!!!what???

Ayan : (confused seeing Aahil and Ayaz) huh??? Aahil Ayaz what happened to u ???? And Ayaz beta … You are my son and you are and you trouble everyone by your stupid antics …

Ayaz : dad !!!!!!!!!

Aahil : Oye (puts his arm around Ayaz) ayan uncle is just asking why are u giving such looks go and see your face

Ayaz : (gives him a top to bottom look) (funny tune plays)

Aahil : Oye .. Why are you giving me top to bottom look

Ayaz : are you taking about my face or both of us ????

Aahil : (don’t remind me about the problem again yaar like reaction) yeah .. It’s true ..

Ayaz : (eyes sameer) the moment when sameer came here me my life hell

Aahil : and I think that’s the reason why Nazia was tensed … I should have not invited him

Ayaz : Yaar !!!!!!! What the hell !!!!

Aahil : same here .. This Aimaan … (Eyes Aimaan) see there he’s irritating me and sanam and now eating grapes .. Wah wah wah

Aahil: (thinks of something) he’s eating grapes right now see …

Ayan & Ayaz : Say the plan !!!!!

Aahil : (sees 2 girls standing near the pool) just see .. Ayaz u take the grapes

Ayaz : (confused) for what ????

Aahil : (gives him a look)

Ayaz : ok fine (gives him the grapes )

Aahil : now follow me ….

Ayaz : ok ..

Both Ayaz and Aahil go

Sanam goes near Ayan and asks

Sanam : chachu .. Where’s badi ammi ???

Humeira comes there and says

Humeira : actually badi ammi is taking rest ..

Sanam : chachi is everything ok ??????

Humeira : yeah sanam u enjoy the party .

Sanam : ok ….

On the other side .

Aahil : (both Ayaz and Aahil are standing behind the pillar and they are hiding)

Ayaz : (is about to shout) hey now what ..

Aahil : don’t shout .. Give the grapes ….

Ayaz : yaar at least say what you are going to do ..

Aahil : Ayaz … (Pointing towards the 2 girls ) u see the girls standing near the pool ????

Ayaz : (sees the girls) yeah ?!?!? So ???

Aahil : and over there u see Aimaan .. Eating grapes ????

Ayaz : yep …. So …

Aahil : this is the time to play a prank on him …now come on ……

Aahil : (takes the grapes and throws on the girls)

Aahil and Ayaz hide back ..

Ayaz : (laughs silently) not bad yaar …. Now Aimaan will get caught …

Both give hi five …

Both the girls turn and see

Girl 1 : who throwed and grapes on us ???

Girl 2 : I don’t know …. Just leave it ..

Aahil & Ayaz are shocked ..

Ayaz : hey now what can we do ??? I think so ..They didn’t see Aimaan

Aahil : yeah .. Now let’s try another time

Ayaz : fine …

Aahil and Ayaz throws more grapes now and both hide behind the wall again …

Now both the girls turn around and they are very angry

Girl 2 : now I won’t leave the person who’s doing like this !!!!

Girl 1 : yeah u are right

Both Aahil and Ayaz and hiding and laughing

Girls see Aimaan eating and having grapes in his hand.. (Now he’s caught ???)

Girl 2 : he’s the one

Girl 1 : now come on

Aahil and Ayaz thumbs up

Girls go near Aimaan … All see this

Girl 1 : excuse me Mr. Whatever … U are here in this party and you doing such a cheap work !!!! Throwing grapes on us and teasing us !!!!

Sanam too sees this and gets confused

Aimaan : (confused) I didn’t ….. Excuse me do you know who am I !!! I’m Aimaan .. IPS officer Aimaan yousif ..

Girl 2 : how weird !!! Being a police officer you are … Yuck … Because of some stupid police like you whole police team’s name gets spoilt…

Girl 1 : you are right !!!!!! And by the way mr. So called IPS officer when did u start such cheap job like Eve teasing …

Aimaan : oh hello !!! I didn’t throw grapes I was just eating (he gives grapes to them) if u guyz want u also eat .

Girl 1 & 2 : (throws grapes on him) we don’t want your grapes !!!!!

They both push him into swimming pool and laugh (funny tune plays)

Aimaan is embarassed

Sanam is about to laugh but controls …..

Aahil goes and stands near sanam ….

Aahil : (silently to himself) plan successful.. (And smiles)

Sanam hears …..

Sanam : (silently to Aahil) plan successful!!!! What do you mean ???

Aahil : (silently) shhhhh !!! Don’t tell anyone actually I was the one who did this prank on Aimaan …..

Sanam : (opens her mouth widely) (silently) Aahil!!! Why did u!!

Aahil : that idiot Aimaan is irritating my partner and how can I leave him !!!!!!

Sanam : Aahil but it’s too much ……

Aahil : but sanam …

She goes ….

Ayaz is still behind the wall and laugh out loud

all guests too sees Aimaan and girls pushing him into pool and they keeps quite and gives funny expression to each other …..

Guest : ya Allah .. What a generation … Yuck .. A police officer teasing girls !!! He’s not at all fit to be a police

Aimaan : (in the pool ) WHAT THE HELL !!!!!!!!!

Sameer comes there and helps him

Aimaan : thanks Sameer

Sameer : it’s ok

Aimaan goes inside

Sameer goes again and stands near Nazia …

Nazia : (thinks) god this donkey Sameer .. Not again ..

Sameer : now I’m back …. Now can we talk alone ?? (Special glow in his face)

Nazia : ok

Ayaz : (thinks) bechari my Nazia … Stuck with this donkey …. Now let’s do something …

Aahil : what are u thinking about ??

Ayaz : now see What I’m gonna do with Sameer …

Aahil : ah ahh (smiles) start your prank and all the best …

Ayaz : (turns around ) thank u …..

Ayaz sees Nazia and Sameer talking …

He goes and stands behind Sameer

Sameer : Nazia actually .. I just wanted to say ….

Sanam and shazia comes there and starts talking with Nazia

Sameer : (thinks) God this girls .. Interrupted … Now let’s sit ..

Ayaz : (standing behind Sameer and thinks) thank god sanam and shazia interrupted … Now let’s start … What can I do ?????

Aahil and Ayan are curiously seeing what Ayaz is gonna do …

Ayaz : now this donkey went in search of chair …. Now what can I do ???
(sees a small chocolate cake near the birthday cake) gr8 chance ….

Ayaz takes the cake …….

Aahil : (to Ayan) wah !!! Janab is now hungry and is going to eat cake …

Ayan : just see .. What he’s going to do ..

Aahil : fine ….

Ayaz : now see Sameer .. What I’m gonna do with you …. But sorry .. I know I’m doing wrong with you .. But …I’m doing this for (eyes Nazia and smiles) (Khuda jaane plays)

He comes to his senses again ….

Ayaz : yaar !!! Where’s this donkey ????? Didn’t come yet ….

Sameer comes there and puts the chair and he’s about to sit …

Just then Nazia calls him

Nazia : (standing with sanam and Nazia) Sameer actually sorry …… Can u just wait for sometime ???

Meantime Ayaz keeps the cake on chair …

Sameer : (I can’t but what to do like reaction ) ok …

Ayaz : (smiles) now it’s gonna be fun…..

Aahil and Ayaz see this

Ayan : (to Aahil) now see the fun ….

Aahil : seriously uncle .. Your son …. Nazia named him perfectly .. Bandar ….

Ayan and Aahil laugh …

Sameer thinking that he’s sitting on chair sits on cake which Ayaz kept ……

Sameer : (opens his mouth widely and gives what the hell like look and realises that someone kept chocolate cake on his chair and he sat on it ) (funny tune plays)

Sameer sees Ayaz and Ayaz gives a look like as if he didn’t do anything (funny tune plays)

Sameer : (thinks) THIS GUY!!!!!

Nazia sees Sameer tensed …

Nazia : Sameer what happened ??? Is everything ok??

Shazia and sanam : what happened???

He stands up and turns around starts running (funny tune plays)

Nazia : (gives weird look) what happened !!!

Guest sees him and his pant (cake stain) and laughs

Shazia : O!M!G … That’s the reason … Sameer ka pant karab hai (stain in his pant )

Nazia : oops !!!

Ayaz : (silently to Nazia ) aisa Bhi Ho saktha hai ki Uska pant Nahi pàt karab hai ?? (it can also be like it’s a po*p stain )

Nazia : (understands that Ayaz did this prank with him) (in a angry tone) come with me right now !!!! (Drags him and takes him to lawn)

Ayaz : hey hey …

Aahil eyes them and smiles ….

In lawn

Nazia : (hits him) why did u do like this !!!

Ayaz : (smiles) hey hey hey …. That donkey was irritating you how could I …

Nazia : but that prank was …..

Ayaz : Nazia …..I can do anything for you (khuda jaane plays)

Nazia : (surprised by his words) … Thank u (smiles )

Ayaz : thank u ????

Nazia : (smiles) yeah …

Ayaz : And by the way why Sameer is doing like this !????

Nazia : actually…..

Ayaz : come on be free to share with me …

Nazia : ok fine …..

She narrates the whole incident to Ayaz

* Flashback * :
She takes the mobile and sees 100 unread “I LOVE YOU “messages from sameer .

Nazia : (confused) sameer ???? And he sent I love u message to me !!!

She calls him

Sameer gets happy when she calls him …

Sameer : hey .. Nazia …

Nazia : (is angry but controls) ahhh sameer … What do these messages mean ??? U sent …

Sameer : yes Nazia …. I LOVE U …

Nazia : (confused)

Sameer : I know u won’t say anything…… But I want to tell u something

Nazia : (stays silent and confused)

Sameer : u know I’m Aahil’s batch mate but …. I badly had crush u …

Nazia : (shocked and thinks) what is this new problem ??? First of all I don’t even like him …. And now … Oh god .. I hope Bhai didn’t invite him for party or else I’ve be irritated a lot ….

Sameer : Nazia see … Now I’m in love with u …. And I want answer from u … So u take your own time and I’ve see u @ the party …

Nazia : (shouts) R U COMING TO THE PARTY!!!!!

Sameer : huh?!?!

Nazia : I mean .. Did Aahil Bhai say that there’s party tonight ???

Sameer : yeah … And bye see u ..

Nazia : bye …

She cuts the call and throws the mobile ….

* flashback ends *

Ayaz : (stammers) d d… Do u love him ???

Nazia : Love !!! I just HATE HIM !!!!!! Thank god u came ….

Ayaz : (relieved) thank god ….

Nazia : huh ?!?!?

Ayaz : Woh nothing (gives a wide smile)

Nazia : fine I’m going …..

She leaves smiling …

Nazia : (thinks) Ayaz cares for me a lot … I like him (smiles) (khuda jaane plays)

Scene 2:
Washroom and lawn

Aimaan is furious inside …..

Aimaan : I know …. This Aahil !!! I won’t leave him ……. Sanam sirf MERI MERI MERI!!! (Sanam is only mine)

Sameer too enters the washroom when Aimaan is inside and Aimaan shouts at him


Sameer : relax Aimaan .. Actually (embarrassed look) I was in a hurry …. (Funny tune plays)

Aimaan : (sees his pants) you po*ped your pants Sameer !!! Ewww!!!

Sameer : oh god !!! Actually I sat on cake

Aimaan : (laughs)

Sameer : all because of that …. Guy who lifted me …

Aimaan : Ayaz ???

Sameer : yes !!!! And what about u ???? Girls pushed u into swimming pool??? U were teasing the girls huh????

Aimaan : leave it …. Ok I’m going out …

Aimaan comes out

just then he Ayaz and Aahil talking near the lawn

Ayaz : my god Aahil … I don’t know that even u do such type of pranks

Aahil : don’t underestimate me buddy

Ayaz : I won’t yaar (gives him a hug)

Aimaan : (standing away from them hiding near a wall and thinks) Ayaz … What are they doing and this Aahil .. And Ayaz too involved …

Ayaz : and did you see aimaan’s reaction … Wah !!! He deserves this !! How can he force my sister !!!! Good that you played this prank on him or else ..

Aahil : yeah .. Or else he would have ….

Ayaz : I understand re …….

Aimaan is furious ….

Sameer too comes out and sees Aimaan furious..

Sameer : hey what happened … (He sees Aahil talking with Ayaz and becomes angry seeing Ayaz)

They both hear Aahil and Ayaz talking …

Aahil : and what you did to Sameer was … My god can’t say …. First u did the same dance which u did that day with me ???
Ayaz : (gives a wide smile) and if you would have not been with me…. I would have not done this ???

Aahil : hmmmm ….. What we did was bad but ….

Ayaz : don’t feel buddy …… Sanam is just aimaan’s madness ….. and Sameer he’s a syco …. Nazia told me everything…..

Aahil : ah Haan …. What did she say ???

Ayaz : nothing much … She just said .. She’s fed up with Sameer … But now after this prank I think he won’t irritate Nazia ….

Aahil : I wish the same

Both Ayaz and Aahil hug and Aahil goes ….

Sameer and Aimaan are furious

Aimaan : (in angry tone) and because of both Aahil and Ayaz … I was insulted …..

Sameer : NOT ONLY YOU!!!! ME TOO !!!! AYAZ AND AAHIL SHOULD PAY FOR THIS !!!! (Evil tune plays)

Aimaan : we both will destroy both of them ……

Both start moving … Ayaz turns back and sees Aimaan and Sameer going ….

Ayaz : oh shit !!! Aimaan and Sameer … I hope they did not listen to our conversation….

Scene 3:
Kitchen , party hall

Sanam is angry with Aahil and Ayaz’s prank …..

She keeps 2 cold coffee on the table ……

Aahil comes there …. (Junoon plays)

Sanam too sees him …

Sanam : I didn’t forgive you …

Aahil: I didn’t say sorry ….

Sanam : FINE !!!! Don’t ask !! I won’t talk with you….

She starts going ….

Aahil : sanam wait (takes the cold coffee)

He runs … He accidentally splashes on her face and dress (Quarell tune plays)

Sanam : (opens her mouth widely and eyes Aahil )

Aahil : oops

Sanam : (too takes cold and splashes on his face) TIT FOR TAT (laughs) (Quarell tune plays) u spoilt my new designer outfit .. And u didn’t ask sorry too ….

Aahil : (gives a Saddu look) I should have sorry 1st …

Sanam : yeah ..

Aahil : (gives a naughty smile) now I won’t ask (Quarell tune plays)

Sanam : (takes apple and throws on Aahil ) u know what now I’m changing your name .. U r not bewakoof but u are a chipku (mental)

Aahil : oh really … Now see ..even I know to throw fruits (throws oranges and other fruits continuously )

Sanam accidentally puts banana down …..

Aahil and sanam laugh seeing each other and they hug (Junoon plays)

Aahil : sorry partner

Sanam : it’s ok

Nida sees Aahil and sanam like this and gets furious ….

She comes very fast …. She does not see banana on the floor ….

Nida slips and falls down …

Nida : AAAHHH !!!! (Falls down)

Aahil and sanam sees this …

Both laugh…. Nida is furious …(funny tune plays)

Both makes her get up ….

Nida : (sees their face as they both (Aahil sanam ) poured coffee on each others face) guyz what happened to your face ?????

Sanam and Aahil eye each other ….

Sanam & Aahil : (at the same time) actually we fell into coffee (funny tune plays)

Nida : Huh????

Sanam : I mean coffee fell on us … And we were fighting with fruits ..

Aahil : now we have to go and change …

Nida : (fed up) uuuuhhhh ok ….

Both Aahil and sanam go ….

Nida : (gives angry look and goes) (evil tune plays)

In party hall

Samiya is getting birthday wishes from everyone ………

She gets a call from a person ….

Samiya : hello …

Guy : hey Samiya babe … Happy birthday beautiful ..

Samiya : why did u call today … Already I told you not to irritate and atleast not on my birthday ….. What do you want now ??

Guy : just come out ….. I’m waiting outside of Begum Sahiba’s house …

Samiya : how did you come to know about I’m in Begum’s house !!!!!!

Guy : I know babe … Now listen … Just come out …. Or else …. U know what will I do ..

The guy cuts the call

Samiya : Now what can I do ??

Samiya is tensed …

She sees Ayaz and goes to him ….

Samiya : Ayaz ..

Ayaz : (sees Samiya) what happened ??? U seem to be tensed …

Samiya : actually a guy is irritating me a lot …. He’s blackmailing me that if I don’t come and elope with him he will kill my friend …

Ayaz : (thinks) now seriously she’s in trouble I have to help her (to Samiya) Samiya .. I’ve come with you ..but now u go first and handle him .. I’ve see what he’s doing …

Samiya : fine ……

Ayaz : now see … Let’s wait for 5 mins …. Let him call again … We have to see whether he really kidnapped your friend or not

Samiya : fine … Now silently I’ve go and see ..

Ayaz : but be careful ok

Samiya goes out ……

Dance party starts …..

All bring their partners and and start dancing …..

Aahil and sanam come there and after the coffee incident they went to room and changed their outfits ….

Aahil is looking very handsome and sanam is looking very beautiful …..

Aahil sees everyone dancing ….. He plans to take sanam to dance floor (Junoon plays)

Aahil : (to sanam) sanam ..

Sanam : yep partner …

Aahil : (lends his hand)

Sanam : (surprised)

Aahil : will u dance with me ???? Will u be my dance partner ??? (Junoon plays)

Sanam : (smiles and gives her hand) sure ….

Ayaz sees this and he’s happy …..

He watches everyone dancing …

Aahil sanam and other couples dance for the song zehnaseeb

Zehnaseeb plays

Aahil and sanam both dance

Zehnaseeb ….. Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha

Aahil and sanam share eye lock ….

Aahil : (both are still dancing and thinks) today you may be thinking that you are my partner but for me you are my life partner … I can’t imagine my life for a second without you … I wish u too feel the same which I feel for you … I LOVE U SANAM !!! I LOVE U (guitar Junoon plays)

Both sanam and Aahil are lost in each others thoughts

Mere kareeb
Mere habeeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha
Zehnaseeb …..

Tere sang beete har lamhe pe ..
Humko naaz hai
Tere sang jo na beete use
Aitraaz hai
Iss kadar hum dono ka Milna ek raaz hai…..

Sanam : (dancing …eyes Aahil and thinks) The moments which I spent with you was the most beautiful and happy part of my life ….. If you are away from me .. I’m feeling like my soul is apart from me …..I’m in complete without u Aahil …. (junoon moment)

Hua Ameer..
Dil ghareeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha

Zehnaseeb … Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha

Aahil : (thinks) sanam … If you leave me and go .. I might be the richest person in The world ….. But If I loose you …. I’ve be the most poorest person in the world … I can’t bear the pain if you leave me sanam … I want you to be with me always sanam …

Ayaz is starring at Nazia who’s seeing the dance too ……

Just then ayaz sees aahil sanam dancing and he imagines him and Nazia in their place …..

Nazia sees Ayaz and she feels different …. She keeps on staring @ him … (Khuda jaane BGM plays)

* Dream Sequence * :

Ayaz is dancing with Nazia in the same song …

Both hold each other very closely and they are lost in each other

Lena dena nahi duniya se merabas Tujh se kaam hai
Teri ankhiyon Ke sheher me yaara Sab intezaam hai
Khushiyon ka ek tukda mile ya mile gham ki khurchane
Yaara Tere mere kharche me dono ka hi ek daam hai ..

Both stop the dance …

Ayaz : (says to Nazia)if I spend a moment with u Nazia …. Everything in this world is worthless ……. If I see your eyes I’m lost ….. Even a small funny moment with you is like … I don’t want to end that moment , feeling forever …. I can’t live without you … I love you

Nazia : (hugs him)

Ayaz gets happy ….

Both hug each other & he kisses her forehead … (Khuda jaane plays)

* dream sequence ends *

Ayaz comes to conscious and smiles

Ayaz : I wish it was true ……

Nazia : (was staring @ Ayaz now comes out from dream world and thinks) what happened to me ??? Why am I feeling different seeing Ayaz …. Nothing … Just leave it Nazia ….

Sahil and other couples are still dancing ….

Hona likha tha yunhi jo huaa
Yaa hote hote abhi anjaane mein Ho Gaya
Jo Bhi hua , hua ajeeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha

Aahil : (eyes sanam lovingly and thinks) kitni baar socha ki ab mohabbat nahi karni …….par jitni baar dekha tujhe ….. Tujhse mohabbat hogayi ?????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (first I thought to not love …. But whenever I see you .. I always fall in love) (Junoon moment)

Zehnaseeb …. Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha
Zehnaseeb ….

Hua Ameer …
Dil ghareeb ….
Tujhe chaahun betahasha
Zehnaseeb ….

Zehnaseeb …. Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha….
Tujhe chaahun betahasha …
Zehnaseeb ….

Sahil All couples finish the dance …….

Samiya comes inside and goes near Ayaz ….

Samiya : (tensed) Ayaz …. He really kidnapped my friend … Now what can we do ..

Ayaz : oh no …. Samiya relax …… Come on let’s go out …

Samiya : fine .. Both go out …

They go out … Nazia sees this …

Nazia : where’s Samiya and Ayaz going out ??? Let’s see …

The screen freezes on nazia’s face

Precap : a guy enters the party and tanveer shoved seeing him …Nazia is jealous seeing Ayaz and Samiya together …sanam , Aahil , Ayaz , Nazia , shazia , Samiya playcards … Nazia then apologise to Ayaz …. Aahil sanam have a fight on cricket .. Ayan remember asya fighting like this (mitwa moment)….. Sarfaraz comes there and Aahil sarfaraz fight …. Seher is confused about her feelings towards rehan …


I request all silent readers and regular readers to give comments and feedbacks … Hope u all enjoyed ..

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