Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 27)


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Scene 1:
Aahil’s residence – lawn and France :

Ayaz goes to the lawn to see stars…..

He remembers his moments with Nazia (khuda jaane BGM plays)

*flash back*:
1) ayaz comes down dancing with the rock music after bathing …. that to wearing baniyan. . and jockey with towel wrapped around it …..

Nazia comes there and she’s shocked to see ayaz like this …..

Nazia : (closes her eyes)
excuse me Mr. This is not washroom but hall…. and u r dressed like …..

Ayaz : oh madam ….. so what ??? and u know what I use to be in London like this. …. that too I won’t be wear this also (laughs)

Nazia : (fed up )Yucky! !!!!! u r so weird. … stop dancing and go to ur room now!!!!!

2)Ayaz after taking bath is walking in the lawn in the same costume…

Ayaz accidentally enters into nazia’s room thinking it is his room and is about to change his dress but nazia enter and both shout and turn around ….

Ayaz & Nazia : AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! (Funny tune plays)

Ayaz : what r u doing in my room ????

Nazia : excuse me mr. This is my room …. Now get out ….

Ayaz : (looks around ) oops sorry … I was talking with my father so mistakenly …. U didn’t see anything nah???

Nazia : (oh god expression ) nothing …. Now go out….

Ayaz : r u sure ??? (Funny tune plays)

Nazia : (rage) yes!!!! now go out ……

3) Ayaz goes near Nazia and Nazia is reading …..

Ayaz : hey ……

Nazia doesn’t notice him ……

Ayaz : can I fall here (falls on her lap ) (khuda jaane plays)

Nazia : (fed up) bandar get up!!!!!!!

Ayaz : hey hey relax …..

Nazia gives angry look …….

*Flashback ends *……

Ayaz smiles seeing the stars remembering his moments with Nazia …..

He then turns around and surprisingly finds Aahil behind him ….

Aahil : (looks @ him and talks like as if he’s kidding him) ahaaan …….. What ??? Janab Ayaz Ahmed Khan???? Standing in lawn and smiling alone ???? What’s the matter???

Ayaz : (I’m dead now??? like reaction) uhhhhhhh… (Turns around and stares @the stars) nothing… Just like that ….

Aahil : ahhann…. Not just like that buddy……

Ayaz : yaar ….

Aahil : (Put his hands around him) u know what Ayaz … When a person smiles in solitude… There’s definitely a story behind it ….. So .. What’s your story buddy?????

Ayaz : huh?? (Laughs) no story for now……

Aahil : ohhhh really ?????? But your eyes says that your waiting for your story ……

Ayaz is silent …

Aahil : come on Ayaz …. Tell me ….. Tell me …. Who’s that girl with whom u r in …. Love ??? Come on say …..

Ayaz : (my god u found it like reaction )

Aahil : by seeing your reaction ……. My doubt was right …. U r in love !!!!! You r right ??? (Kiddingly and smiles)

Ayaz : (smiles) yeah ….. I’m in love (khuda jaane plays)

Aahil : woah !!!!! (Hugs him) by the way who’s the girl ?????

Ayaz : Aahil …… I won’t tell now (he smiles)

Aahil : what!!!!!!!!! Ok … Fine and by the way I wanted to ask u …. I forgot to call rehan .. And that too … When we called him he suddenly disconnected…….

Ayaz : yeah … I’ve better call him…

Aahil : yep ?. Do it first …. Don’t know what’s happening there …..

Ayaz : fine ….

Ayaz makes a phone call to rehan …..

In France seher is having rehan’s mobile…

Rehan’s mobile gets a call from Ayaz and she picks it up….. Ayaz starts speaking continuously and Aahil too joins him (both are thinking that they are talking to rehan)

Ayaz : thank god rehan u finally attended the call (he puts the phone in speaker)

Seher doesn’t say a single word and she’s puzzled

Aahil : and rehan why did u cut the call suddenly??? Didn’t anything happen???

Seher : (confused and doesn’t say a single word)

Aahil : and by the way … As per our plan did u u confess ur love to seher …

Seher is shocked and furious knowing that Ayaz and aahil are helping Rehan…

Seher : (furious) so u all are helping him right !!!!!!!!!!

Aahil and Ayaz are shocked…..

Ayaz : (shocked and got to know that seher is having his mobile and acts as if he doesn’t kno anything )huh???? May I know who r u madam ???? (Funny tune plays)

Seher : (shouting in anger) don’t act Bhai I’m seher !!!!!!!

Aahil & Ayaz : WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did u get hold of rehan’s mobile …

Aahil : I know that there’s a problem when rehan disconnected his mobile now see …

Ayaz : seher …….. R u angry ??????? (Funny tune plays)


She cuts the call …..

Ayaz : (relieved) thank god she disconnected the call … U don’t know about her anger … It’s like a atom bomb exploded in the world (funny tune plays)

Aahil : (laughs) and by the way … Today midnight I have arranged a party

Ayaz : for what ?????

Aahil : actually….. birthday …samiya’s ….. Actually I was not in idea to arrange but ammi told that it’s samiya’s birthday and they want to celebrate here …. That’s the reason …… And now I have some work and yeah … I want to discuss about the deal again … So come soon ……

Ayaz : oh….

Aahil : (kiddingly) and u don’t get distracted while discussing

Ayaz : Aahil !!!!!

He starts leaving ….

Ayaz : (kiddingly) and u too Aahil don’t get distracted ok ??
Aahil stops there ….. He remembers sanam shouting @ him while he’s fighting and aimaan’s words (sad Junoon plays) …

Aahil tightens his wrist……. Ayaz finds that Aahil is tensed … He goes near him ….

Ayaz : (pats Aahil) is everything alright??? I guess it’s not …. Tell me

Aahil :(tensed but somewhat kidding to Ayaz) if I tell u … Will u share all the matters which are realities to you??? Will u ????

Ayaz : (confused) ok I will …. But what happened …… Tell me …..

Aahil : (tensed) Aimaan challenged me …..

Ayaz : what !!!!! Tell me clearly…….

Aahil : this is what happened…

He tells what Aimaan did

Aimaan : (turns around ) I’m here to warn u Aahil …

Aahil stops when aimaan says this ….

Aimaan goes and stand in front of him … And he smirks ..,.

Aimaan : what do u think of ur self ???? Hero huh??

Aahil : (angry husky voice ) say clearly ….

Aimaan : I love sanam !!! She’s only mine and she’s my childhood love u… Don’t ever try to come close to her even your dreams …. Got it ?? Phir Bhi if she loves anyone I won’t let her love anyone except me !!!!!

Aahil : (holds his collar) shut up!!! Shut up!!!!!! I didn’t even think that u r … So cheap ….. So selfish ….. That too u r a IPS officer … I love her a lot ….. If destiny wants me and sanam together ….. Mujhe qubool hai (I accept it)

Aimaan : (laughs evilly ) (evil tune plays) let’s see what destiny wants …… Will childhood love for 12years will win or love for 12weeks will win …..

Aahil : let’s see … Even when love is true and its eternal …. Even God will bend his rules ….

Aimaan : (eyes evilly) let’s see …..

Aimaan leaves … Aahil is tensed ……

*Flashback ends *

Ayaz : yaar ….. Now Aimaan has turned villain …. And Aahil u don’t worry tonight let’s embarrass him in front of everyone …. I mean how could he say that he will force sanam too …..

Aahil :yeah ….. I was like …… And now what did u say??? embarrass???? First lets play a prank and even though if he’s not realising …. We have to do something……

Ayaz : IDEA!!!!!!! Tonightt u have organised party right ?????

Aahil : yeah ??????? So what ???

Ayaz : we won’t get a better chance to teach Aimaan a good lesson…

Aahil : huh???? Continue……

Ayaz says the plan … Both give hi five and laugh …..

Aahil : that’s a good idea …

Ayaz : ok fine …..

Ayaz starts moving ……. Aahil stops him…

Ayaz : what Aahil ???

Aahil: (kiddingly) hey (puts his arms around him) I told u before when I was telling about Aimaan …..

Ayaz : (confused and picks up the glass filled with water and drinks it ) what?!?!

Aahil : before I started talking about Aimaan I said that if I tell u about my personal matter And u u share all the matters which are realities to you right ???

Ayaz : urgh yeah …..

Aahil : now as u promised me u have to say …

Ayaz : fine I’ve answer to all questions to which u ask .. (Drinks the water)

Aahil : (smiles) then say …… Who’s the girl with whom you r in love with ????

When Aahil asks this question Ayaz suddenly spits the water down in shock (funny tune plays)

Ayaz : wh what ??

Aahil : yeah buddy … (Kidding) now see I told u about sanam and rehan about seher and indeed they are ur younger sisters …. And now say who’s ur lady love … Yaar we will help u …..

Ayaz turns around and looks @ him ….

Aahil : Janab Ayaz … U have to … Come on say ….

Ayaz : fine ….. The girl’s name starts in the letter “N”

Aahil : ok …. Tell her full name ….

Ayaz : voh……… Nazia raza ibrahim…

Aahil : ohhhh …. Huh!!!!! What did u say????

Ayaz : her name …..

Aahil : u said Nazia????? U mean u love Nazia????

Ayaz : (gives a kiddish smile) yeah !!!!

Aahil bursts into laughter….. (Funny tune plays)

Ayaz : what Aahil u r kidding me …..

Aahil : (unable to control his laughter) sorry …. I’ve definitely help u …

Ayaz gives a wide smile….

Aahil : (still laughing) but ur and nazia’s pair looks like …

Ayaz : looks like what ?????

Aahil : it’s like langoor ke muh me angoor ????? (funny tune plays)

Ayaz : ha ha very funny !!!! See here … All girls are mad on me ok …. Don’t know why ur sis miss. Gussewali is the only one who’s not even considering me as a person always calling me bandar …..

Aahil : so that might be the quality of her which made u fall ….

Ayaz : may be …… So will u help me ???? Plz ??????

Aahil : okkkk fine ……

Both shake hands and hugs …

Aahil : Ok now I have to go ammi told that she wants to discuss about something… So see u later ..

Ayaz : and then what about our discussion on our deal ..

Aahil : let it be tomorrow… Now let’s go ….

Ayaz : fine

Both go inside the house …….

Scene 2:
Guest room – (aimaan’s room) and Nida’s house

Aimaan’s dad Salim and Aimaan both are talking … Aimaan tells about sanam to him and he too says that Aahil’s love for her ……

Salim : what Aahil too loves her ??????

Aimaan : (frustrated) yeah

Salim : And you challenged him too ???

Aimaan : yes dad !!!!!!

Salim : why on earth u did this ???? Did u …

Aimaan : dad stop !!!!! U know that sanam is my childhood crush and now she’s my love ….

Salim : u could have waited and told me and I would have sorted everything right ???

Aimaan : (goes near him) u know for how many years I waited!!!! Do you know !!!!!

Salim : Beta relax …

Aimaan : For 12years I waited… And now how can I see another person trying to snatch my sanam from me !!!!!!

Salim : I’ve definitely take your side …… (Evil tune plays)

Aimaan : I know dad u will always be there for me……. I’m IPS officer Aimaan yousif …. And this Aahil raza ibrahim doesn’t know about me ….. Let’s see who will win this game … (He smirks) (evil tune plays)

Salim : what if sanam too loves Aahil ….

Aimaan : (he give a scary look to him and comes towards him )

Salim : he hey … Wh why why r u looking at me like this and why are u … Hey I’m your father …..

Aimaan : dad … I won’t let this happen.. If sanam too loves him .. So what …. I’ve force her … She’s mine (he laughs) (evil tune plays)

Salim : and u know what ????? Tonight Aahil has organised a party…

Aimaan : for what ????

Salim : begum sahiba tanveer’s birthday and that A.S (Abdul Siddiqui) daughter what’s her name ??

Aimaan : oh Samiya …….. So what ?????

Salim : we have to do something in which sanam and Aahil does not be close … Think … What can we do now????

Aimaan : I have a idea …..(he smirks)

Salim : then say

Aimaan : dad … U remember the day when I went to the school reunion party and I told U too that I met sanam there ….. Aahil too …

Salim : yeah ???? How is this related to this problem ???

Aimaan : yes indeed …. It’s related… And do u remember Nida sheikh!???? My friend???

Salim : yeah ???? But why r u asking

Aimaan :Do u know what she did and happened that day ??!

He tells the whole incident happened there … About Nida , Aahil and sanam and problem created there ….


Nida smiles evilly…… She goes near aahil and flirts with him ……

Nida : aahil (she falls on him )

Aahil feels Weird and he’s irritated….

Aahil : Nida what r u doing …. Already my mood I’d not good know and u r drunk too manage yourself…..

Nida : how could I manage ?????? Aahil ask everyone….. They know how much I love u …….

Sanam comes there and sees and she’s angry ….. Nida sees her and she tries to irritate her again ….

Aahil : Nida … Plz (he sees sanam ) plz Nida leave me ….

Nida : no I won’t …… I thought even u feel the same for me and u will confess….. I thought of confessing today …. But today because of of ur stupid partner…. I’m not able to do ……

Aahil : (about to get angry) Nida just stop ur nonsense…….. Don’t interfere sanam in this problem….

Nida : stop it aahil … I know that she’s ur friend …. But I love u …. Come on aahil … Let get married… Come on ….

Sanam gets very angry …… She picks up a glass of wine and she splashed it on her face ……..

Nida : u blo*dy (she’s about to slap sanam but aahil holds her hand )

Aahil : (angry) tameez she baat Karo meri partner se …. (Behave properly with my friends ) or else will forget that u r my friend and will break ur mouth ….. Let’s go sanam … Rehan call seher , nazia and Ayaz …. Let’s start to home ….

Nida : (shouts) I won’t leave u guyz !!!!!! Let’s see !!!! I’ve make your life hell !!!!

They all leave ….. Nida stands there ashamed……

*Flashback ends*

Salim is shocked yet happy ……

Salim : arey wah !!!!!!! Nida loves Aahil ….. And she dislikes sanam huh ??? And she will do anything for Aahil huh??? And by the way … She’s the one who can help us to separate Aahil and sanam (evil tune plays)

Aimaan : I’ve better make a call and ask her to come to party ….

Aimaan makes a call to Nida

Nida : hello Aimaan … I’m already in bad mood …..

Aimaan : hey Nida …. The information which I’m going to say will relax u …..

Nida : huh ???? Is it …..

Aimaan : I’m currently staying in Aahil’s house till holi …


Aimaan :(shouts @ Nida ) DON’T DARE TO CALL HER blo*dy!!!!!!

Nida : Why?????

Aimaan : because I love sanam !!!! That’s why I called you … This Aahil is coming between us …. And u r the only person who can help me …. Will u ???

Nida : (smirks) really????? Tell me …. What should I do ????(evil tune plays)

Aimaan : (smirks) hmmm …. Come here @ midnight???

Nida : why????

Aimaan : party …. We won’t get a better chance to create rift between them …….

He says the plan…

Nida : (laughs evilly) not bad Aimaan …. I’ve be there ……..

Aimaan : that’s gr8 so meet u soon … Bye ..

Nida : bye

She cuts the call …

Salim : now the game starts …. (Evil tune plays)

Scene 3:
Ayaz room

Ayaz is doing some work ……

He gets a call ….

Ayaz : hi….

Unknown: hey Ayaz …. How r u and How’s your work going there with Aahil beta …

Ayaz : oh … Siyadh uncle …. Yeah I’m fine and work is going good ….

Siyadh : ohhhhhh ….. Fine and by the way …… Ayaz …

Ayaz : what uncle ?????

Siyadh : yesterday evening… U were purchasing colours for holi right ?????

Ayaz : how did u know ?????

Siyadh : I’m in India …. And I was there in that place …

Ayaz : oh that’s gr8 uncle and by the way u better come here for the party…

Siyadh : party ??????

Ayaz : actually .. Aahil has organised a party for his guests birthday…..

Siyadh : ok fine …. And by the way .. Who was the girl with u in that place ????

Ayaz : (oh my god what’s happening with me like reaction ??) voh uncle ……

Siyadh: (kiddingly) your fiancée????

Ayaz : oh god !!! For the past 1 hour everyone are kidding me first Aahil and you uncle ..

Siyadh : (laughs) so what .. Your lady love????

Ayaz : (smiles) yeah ….. (Khuda jaane plays)

Siyadh : that’s gr8!!!!! So when is ur nikkah??? (Funny tune plays)

Ayaz : uncle !!! I have not yet confessed too …

Siyadh : don’t worry …it will happen soon .. So will see u in the party .. Bye ..

Ayaz : Ok uncle see u in the party bye ….

Cuts the call and smiles …..

Siyadh : (laughs evilly) thanks a lot Ayaz … Thanks for giving this good information… And now tanveer … See … What I’m going to do next … (Evil tune plays)

Scene 4:
Nazia’s room and hall

Nazia is reading and she sees that she keeps on getting messages in her mobile

Nazia : (fed up) not again !!! Who’s irritating me like this ????????

She takes the mobile and sees 100 unread “I LOVE YOU “messages from sameer .

Nazia : (confused) sameer ???? And he sent I love u message to me !!!

She calls him

Sameer gets happy when she calls him …

Sameer : hey .. Nazia …

Nazia : (is angry but controls) ahhh sameer … What do these messages mean ??? U sent …

Sameer : yes Nazia …. I LOVE U …

Nazia : (confused)

Sameer : I know u won’t say anything…… But I want to tell u something

Nazia : (stays silent and confused)

Sameer : u know I’m Aahil’s batch mate but …. I badly had crush u …

Nazia : (shocked and thinks) what is this new problem ??? First of all I don’t even like him …. And now … Oh god .. I hope Bhai didn’t invite him for party or else I’ve be irritated a lot ….

Sameer : Nazia see … Now I’m in love with u …. And I want answer from u … So u take your own time and I’ve see u @ the party …

Nazia : (shouts) R U COMING TO THE PARTY!!!!!

Sameer : huh?!?!

Nazia : I mean .. Did Aahil Bhai say that there’s party tonight ???

Sameer : yeah … And bye see u ..

Nazia : bye …

She cuts the call and throws the mobile ….

Nazia : why did Bhai invite him ….. I’ve better go and ask Bhai ….

She goes to Aahil’s room and sees Aahil is not there in his room she goes to hall and sees him …

Aahil : Nazia .. Do u want anything..

Nazia : did u invite Sameer to the party ???

Aahil : yeah ???

Nazia : why did u ???

Aahil : hey he’s my friend and he too throwed a party for us and we should invite him … And Nazia I have work and I’ve talk to u later …

Nazia : but Bhai ….

He goes………..

Scene 5:

Rehan : (Thinks) what did she say ??? I have to say Shakespeare’s poetry huh??? Mad girl ….

Someone throws a paper from backside … Rehan sees it ..

Rehan : (sees the paper) what is this????

(He Picks it up and opens it and he’s surprised to find a Shakespeare’s love poem in it)

Rehan : (relieved) ya Allah thanks for helping me …. But who throwed this here ???

He turns around and sees here and there …

He sees Elizabeth and Samar hiding behind the wall and they signals him too

Rehan gets very happy and he asks both of them to go to hall so that seher won’t doubt them ….and now rehan is ready to say the poetry …..

In hall

Elizabeth: (to other members and guests) guyz …. The judges gave the 1st challenge to us ….

Seher : that’s gr8 Elizabeth……

Rehan makes a entry there

Rehan : hey guyz I’m back …..

Seher : (fed up) oh god …. Again ……Why r u here ?????? I gave u punishment right

Rehan : why???? I have accompanied you here so I have all the right to come here ..

Seher : I told u that if u complete the challenge given by me then you can take part in this competition with us …

Rehan : ok I’ve say the poem without stammering

Seher : oh really … Then say

Rehan : ok ….

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no; it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests, and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

Seher opens her mouth widely and stares @ Rehan ……..(ishq dua ishq khuda plays)

She’s impressed but doesn’t show it

Everyone claps ….

Rehan : thank u

At that time Samar and Elizabeth give hi five …

Rehan too signals them and says thank u ..

Seher sees this and says ….

Seher : just a min ….. I saw …… Elizabeth, Samar u both are helping him right ???? WHY DID U !!!!

Elizabeth & Samar : sorry. ……

Seher : (gives angry look)

Rehan : now … I said the poem without stammering Seher ……

(is about to sit down )

Seher : (stops him) Stop !!!!!

Rehan : Why not? I did as u said right?

Seher : see rehan … u said the poem .. that too with samar and Elisabeth help …. and u just mugged the poem and said … even a parrot will do it …. do u know the meaning of this poem ??

Rehan smiles a bit and stares @ seher. …….

Seher : oh fine Rehan…. now u don’t waste my time … u go to room and sleep …. (Quarrel tune plays )

Rehan keeps on staring at seher

samar : seher … coming back to the topic Elisabeth said @ first .judges gave the topic for 1st round….

Rehan : (saying the meaning of the poem )True love ……..

Everyone : huh?????

Rehan : ( slowly comes near seher while saying the meaning of the poem)

True love …. Won’t lose , won’t stop, won’t change ……

True love …..won’t die …. Eventhough a person forces you not to love …

It’s Like the star shining in the dark night sky ……

True love shows the right path to our hearts ….

And if anyone proves that I’m wrong …. I’ve take my words aback…

Because I know ……that no feeling is bigger than love ….. (ishq dua ishq khuda plays )

Seher again opens her mouth widely and stares @ Rehan. …..

he closes her mouth ….

A person comes there and says the competition is going to start …..

They all go there ….. Seher keeps on staring at Rehan

Scene 6:

Sanam is preparing cake for samiya’s birthday ……..

She keeps the cake inside the oven ……

Aahil enters the kitchen and sees sanam …. Both see each other (Junoon plays)

Sanam : (remembers the fight scene and thinks) I think I should ask sorry first ….

Aahil acts as if he doesn’t care about her ….

Sanam is surprised seeing him …

Sanam : (thinks) see .. He’s not even caring about me .. I won’t ask sorry ….

Aimaan comes there inside the kitchen …….

Both give angry look to each other …….

Aahil goes and opens the fridge and drinks water ……

Sanam sees that both are behaving differently ….

Aahil is about to take the apple and at the same time Aimaan too…..

Aimaan : Aahil …. Why do u always snatch things from others ???

Sanam is shocked as they started fighting..

Sanam : Aimaan ., what are you saying ..

Aahil : oh come on Aimaan… Why r u trying to conquer things which are not even yours …

Both fume in anger ……

Aimaan : (is about to hit Aahil ) Aahil Teri toh …

Sanam stops him

Sanam : (stops him by holding aimaan’s shoulder ) Aimaan Aahil !!!! Stop !!!!!

Aimaan sees this and gives a evil smile too Aahil ….

Aahil is about to cry but doesn’t show it (sad Junoon plays)

Sanam : what happened to guyz !!!! Why r u fighting..

Aimaan : leave it Sanam ….

He’s about to go but she stares Aahil and goes (evil tune plays)

Sanam : what happened partner ????

Aahil : partner??? U call me a partner???? U don’t even consider me … U always be with your childhood friend right ???? So U go .

Sanam : oh really ???? Why r u thinking that I’m not even considering u !!!!!

Aahil : All because this Aimaan … Coming in between our relationship…

Sanam : (she’s surprised yet happy when Aahil says “our relationship”) oh …. R u jealous??? (Junoon plays)

Aahil : voh ,…. And u know what … I don’t like when u avoid me …. And this Aimaan ….. (He sees pineapple in the table) he’s like a pine apple u know

Sanam : huh??? (Laughs) pineapple?????

Aahil : and u Jalli waali …..u r like this …..Chilli !!!!!! Very angry !!!! U didn’t even ask sorry when I helped u !!!!(Funny tune plays)

Sanam : (opens her mouth widely) oh really …..

She hits Aahil with a rolling pin……

Aahil : ouch it’s paining a lot ….

Sanam accidentally throws the remaining flour and the flour falls on both sanam Aahil …

Aahil slips and falls on Sanam ….(Junoon plays)

They both share a eyelock …..

They both compose themselves and gets up ….

Aahil & sanam : (laughs seeing each other as flour fell on them)

The cake is baked now and she takes it out…..

Sanam : ok fine … I’m gonna dress up …..

Aahil : (smiles) fine me too …

Both start leaving but turn back and see each other ….

They leaves ….

Scene 7:
Aahil’s room and sanam’s room

Both Aahil sanam in their room are very happy and behaving like mad in love ❤️❤️❤️
(Kuch khaas hai plays)

In sanam’s room

Sanam is lost in Aahil’s thoughts remembering her dream sequence with Aahil
*flash back*:
*aahil comes near and stands … Sanam keeps on eyeing him ….

Aahil : if u want me to get out of ur mind …. Now u say …

Sanam eyes him with love …..

Aahil : if u don’t have any feelings for me …… And when u see me if your heart doesn’t beats…. It’s ok sanam …. U see my eyes and says that u don’t love me …

Sanam keeps on eyeing him….

Aahil : say yes or no sanam …

Sanam : No …, this is not the truth …. I love u !!!!!! (Junoon plays)

Aahil smiles ……

Sanam : (smiles) this is what u wanted u hear right????

She hugs him ….. Aahil to smiles and hugs … (Junoon plays)

*Flashback ends*

Sanam smiles and sees Aahil’s and her pic in her more and she kisses his pic ❤️❤️….

Kuch khaas hai,

Kuch paas hai,

Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,

Kuch duriyan, nazdikiyan,

Kuch hass padi tanhaiyaan,

Kya yeh khumaar hai,
kya aitbaar hai,

Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Haan hai shayad,

Kya yeh bahar hai,
kya intezaar hai,

Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad..

In Aahil’s room :
He’s also very happy and thinks about what happened in the kitchen ….

He too remembers his moments with sanam :

*flash back* :

the flour falls on both sanam Aahil …

Aahil slips and falls on Sanam ….(Junoon plays)

They both share a eyelock …..

*flashback ends* :

Kuch khaas hai,

Kuch paas hai,

Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,

Kuch duriyan, nazdikiyan,

Kuch hass padi tanhaiyaan,

Kya yeh khumaar hai,
kya aitbaar hai,

Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Haan hai shayad,

Kya yeh bahar hai,
kya intezaar hai,

Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad..

Aahil : best thing which happened ever in my life (goes near the window and smiles) love …

In sanam’s room

Sanam : I wish .. Aahil too feels the same which I feel for him (she smiles)

Kuch saaz hai jaage se jo the soye,

Alfaaz hai, chup se nashe mein khoye,

Nazrein hi samjhe yeh guftagu saari,

Koi arzoo ne hai angdayi li pyaari,

Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,

Shayad yeh pyaar hai,

Haan hai shayad,

Naa inkaar hai,
naa iqraar hai,

Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad…

She remembers Aahil’s care for her
*flashbacks* :

The day when they are stuck in the forest :

Aahil slaps her…. Sanam is in tears and rage…

Sanam : (rage and tears) what did I do ???? Why did u slap me now??

Aahil : (holds her wrist) what r u thinking about ur self ????I was searching u for a long time like a mad person….. U left ur mobile in the house and u went for walking …

Sanam : so…

Aahil : (doesn’t let her speak and holds her tightly) I didn’t see u anywhere and I got these 2 things on the road…

Sanam gets shocked after seeing her bracelet and broken sandal

Sanam : (still in tears) aahil .. It’s hurting me leave me…. And let me talk..

Aahil : u r the one who hurted me a lot sanam!!!!! (Remembers running behind the ambulance shouting sanam’s name ) I thought u were ….

Holds sanam even tightly (dramatic junoon plays)

Aahil : do u even know what I’m going to …. I was mad, tensed about u sanam…..

Holds her face and says..

Aahil : I thought … I lost u forever… And u r here…. If u would have been in that ambulance …. WHAT HAVE I DO IF I LOST U!!!!!!!!

Sanam eyes him tensedly and pushes him …..

Sanam : (tears) I just came here for a walk ….. I even asked u to accompany with me but u refused and what if I have been in that ambulance … What bothers u ????

Aahil : (in rage) of course it bothers me damn!!!!

Sanam : why Bewakoof ?????

Aahil : becoz … (Junoon moment )

*flash back ends*

Sanam : he cares for me a lot …(smiles) and I was calling Aahil a bewakoof

In Aahil’s room

Aahil remembers entering into the dargah for first time

Kehna Hi Kya..,
Tera Dakhal Na Koyi
Dil Ko Dikha..,
Dil Ki Shakal Ka Koyi
Dil Se Bhi Meri, Ik Shart Yeh Aisi..
Laage Jeet Si Mujhako, Yeh Haar Hai Kaisi..
Kyun Yeh Pukaar Hai,
Kyun Bekaraar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Jaadu Sawaar Hai,
Na Ikhtiyaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad

*flashback* :

Aahil : (thinks) yeah ….. For my friends well being I have to enter….

He closed his eyes and he enters the dargah…. (Kalma tere naam ka … Dargah song plays)

Aahil : (prays) Allah ….. After a long time I entering this dargah….. I just wish….. I want my friend back….. She should be healthy happy all the time…… Plz …. Allah Sanam needs u …. Plz help her…. She’s suffering a lot…. Plz save her……

*flashback ends*

In both rooms

Aahil : (takes the pillow and hugs) I LOVE U SANAM !!!!

Sanam : I LOVE U BEWAKOOF AAHIL !!!!! (Smiles)


Kuch khaas hai,

Kuch paas hai,

Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,


Ra ra re…na na na

Ra ra ra ra..

Na re na..

Pyaar hai shayad

Pyaar hai shayad

Sanam : (sees the watch) ya Allah … The party is gonna start and guests might have come and I’m not ready yet …. I’m becoming mad in Aahil’s love (she smiles) (Junoon plays) let’s get ready ……

Scene 8:
Party hall 12am

All guests are coming and Nazia and sanam both are looking very beautiful and nazia standing there and she’s tensed as sameer is coming to the party ….

Aahil is also present there he’s lost in her beauty (Junoon plays)

Nazia : (thinks) oh god ….. Even Bhai is not ready to listen … This sameer will irritate me a lot … Now who will help me ???

Ayaz comes there and sees her ….

He’s mesmerised seeing her beauty … (Khuda jaane BGM plays)

Samiya comes there and goes near Nazia ….

Ayaz quickly hides behind the wall…..

Samiya : hey Nazia …….

Nazia : hi happy birthday …

Samiya: thank u (hugs her ) actually I need ur help …….

Nazia : yeah tell me …

Samiya : actually u know what … Ayaz …

Nazia : huh???

Ayaz : (standing behind the wall confused) now why is this flirt talking about me … That too with my Nazia …..

Samiya : actually he’s in love with a girl …

Nazia : ohh … So what??

Ayaz : (what the hell like expression and thinks) oh god how did she come to know ,,, and what’s this new problem !!!! And this flirt Samiya … She’s taking as if I’m in love with a guy ??? (funny tune plays)

Samiya : what huh ??? I need ur help … Now u guyz are friends too and you find out with whom he’s in love with …

Nazia : but ……

Samiya : plz … It’s my birthday too … Don’t refuse ….

Nazia : ok fine ….

Ayaz : (what the hell r u doing like expression ???) O!M!G she’s taking help from Nazia !!!! What if she comes to know that Nazia is the person with whom I’m in love with !!!!!

Samiya : (hugs her and goes)

Nazia : (thinks) I’m already tensed here and this Samiya … It’s ok leave it … And now who will help me ??????

She sees Ayaz ….

Nazia : I know Ayaz will definitely help me …

He goes near him

Nazia : hey Ayaz …

Ayaz is surprised as she’s talking first

Ayaz : I’m surprised … You r talking to me !!!!

Nazia : I need your help ……

Ayaz : my help ?????

Nazia : u know what … (Making a saddu face) sameer is coming .

Ayaz : sameer ….. Oh the party guy … So what’s the problem … He’s a sweet guy ….

Nazia : sameer !!!! Sweet guy!!! Don’t tell me !!!!

Sameer comes there …

Sameer : Hey Nazia !!!! U r looking gorgeous (pushes Ayaz aside)

Ayaz gives him a saddu look … Nazia too feels bad when sameer pushes him ….

Nazia : sameer ….. He’s my friend Ayaz …

Sameer : (gets hyper) oh I’m sorry I’m sorry … (He hugs Ayaz tightly)

Ayaz : (OMG he’s gonna kill me ???? like reaction to Nazia)

Aahil and Ayan sees this

Sameer : we are getting late now … (Pinches Ayaz cheeks) bye bye sweet boy!!!! (Funny tune plays)

Both start going Nazia gives a helpless look to Ayaz ….. Ayaz feels bad …..

Aahil and Ayan go near Ayaz ….

Ayan : what happened ???

Ayaz : leave it dad …..

Aahil : yeah .. Of course bad … When u see ur lady love with someone else ..

Ayaz : I’m not saying that …. He called me a SWEET BOY !!!!! That to in front of Nazia !!!!

Aahil : janab Ayaz Ahmed Khan ki insult !!! (Funny tune plays)

On the other side ……

Aimaan too comes there and sees sanam and he is mesmerised seeing her …

Aimaan : hey sanam (goes and hugs her tightly)

Sanam feels uncomfortable while he’s hugging and she too sees Aahil staring @ them

Aimaan eyes Aahil evilly and Aahil feels bad …

Sanam : Aimaan plz……

Aimaan leaves her …..

Aimaan : sanam u know what … I have invited my friend too ….

Sanam : oh … Who is she ????

Aimaan : just a min …

He brings Nida there and Aahil , Ayaz and sanam all 3 are shocked …..

Aahil : Nida ….

Ayaz : oh .. What is she doing here !!!!!!!

Sanam : (shocked)

Nida : hey (hugs her) hey Aahil … Actually I’m extremely sorry for that day .. I was on a bad mood so I’m sorry ..

Sanam : (gives a fake smile)

Nida goes and hugs Aahil …. Aimaan evilly eyes him …. Nida excuses herself and goes …

Sanam is about to go but Aimaan holds her hands …

Aimaan : sanam plz … Come on ….

Sanam : Aimaan leave my hands …

Aahil : (to Ayaz ) Aimaan is like he’s misbehaving …

Ayaz sees sameer irritating Nazia …

Ayaz : and there …. Sameer …. So Aahil as per our plan .. Can we start

Aahil : yeah ….what can we do now ??

Ayaz : jo Bhi karnege milkar karenge (whatever we are going to do now … We will do together)

Aahil : so done ????

Ayaz : done !!!!!

Both give thumbs up ….

Ayaz & Aahil : now let’s see … Aimaan and sameer now we won’t leave you …

The screen freezes on Ayaz and Aahil’s face

Precap : Ayaz Nazia and Aahil sanam zehenaseeb dance …..Aahil and Ayaz do funny pranks on Nida , Samiya , Aimaan and sameer and embarrass them …. So all 4 villains team up … There’s anger villan too …. He enters the party …. Tanveer gets shocked seeing him …. Seher falls for rehan and twists in the competition ….. Nida plays very dirty prank with sanam … Sanam will be playing eyes Boise with some kids and her eyes will be closed so Nida will put glass pieces on the floor so she would walk on it ……… Samiya comes to know that Ayaz loves Nazia …. She emotionally blackmails Nazia …. Nazia too starts feeling for Ayaz … Ayaz meets with accident and sarfaraz saves him ….

Plz give your comments and feedback….. Hope u all enjoyed it and plz plz plz silent readers plz comment ….

Credit to: Sunehri

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