Sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 26)

Hey guys … Ek badi sorry for you guyz … Actually server prob …. ????…. And thanks for 200+ comments ….. I have started a new ff for swaragini named Swasan and raglak – when love is eternal even God bends his rules … I just gave the intro … Plz read that too …. And maya,milly,nahiiiii,Roma where r u ??….And my friends plz read heena’s ff in swaragini (once upon a time when villain meets his angle) ; zuha’s (asya and huyaan) ; nusz (destiny vs love tpk) ; rafya’s (asya and thahaan pyar ki dastaan suno) ; mujhe mohabbhat me Sab qubool hai by Sarah ; a lexis #qubool hai too ;and in this Epi … Sanam will fall for Aahil … Hope u all will enjoy the Epi …. So enjoy it guyz …

Scene 1:
Aahil’s residence

Sanam , aahil , Ayaz , Nazia and aimaan return home ….. Sanam and Aahil eye each other tensedly but don’t even talk with each other…….

They ring the door bell ……

Dilshad , Ayan and humeira open the door and says …..

Dilshad,Ayan,humeira : surprise !!!!!!

Sanam gets very happy and hugs Dilshad … Ayaz gets excited seeing his dad and mom Ayan and humeira ..,

Sanam : (excited) badi ammi !!! U r back !!!! (Hugs Dilshad)

Aahil smiles seeing sanam smiling (Junoon plays)

Ayaz : (excited) ABBU!!!!!! I missed u a lot !!!!!

Ayan : (excited) I missed u too BETA !!!!!

They both hug and jump like kids …. (Funny tune plays)

Humeira : (pretending as if she’s angry) haan!!! U both jump like monkey all the time …., and Ayaz u forgot mom???

Ayaz : (hugs humeira) ammi !!!! How could I forget u !!!!!

Humeira : hmm …… (Silently and kiddingly) what about Nazia ??

Ayaz : (silently and blushing ) ammi…

Dilshad notices aimaan ..

Dilshad : aimaan…

Aimaan : assalamwalekum aunty …

Dilshad : walekumassalam beta…. Nice to see u after a long time …. And beta how did u land here ?????

Aimaan : aunty ….. My abbu is tanveer aunty’s friend ….

Dilshad : (is tensed but doesn’t show it ) ok beta …… (Sees sanam and Aahil tensed) sanam… Why r u tensed beta ??? Did anything happen ???

Sanam and Aahil look each other tensedly …. Aimaan is about to spill the beans …

Aimaan : actually aunty voh ….

Sanam holds aimaan’s hands …. She signals him not to say…..

Aahil gets angry and excuses himself and goes to his room ….. Aimaan too notices this and he’s puzzled….

Sanam , Ayaz , Nazia and aimaan get inside …..

Dilshad is talking with Ayaz and she asks about seher …. Ayaz narrates the whole story

Dilshad : hmmm ……..

Ayaz : badi ammi this was the plan …. Actually Rehan loves seher a lot ….

Dilshad : (smiles) I’m very happy … Rehan is a very good guy and I hope seher to accept his love …….

Ayaz : haan badi ammi … I wish the same …

Dilshad : and what about Aahil and Sanam ??? Are they fighting still ???? They are being friendly with each other right …

Ayaz : arey … What friend badi ammi??? For Aahil sanam is more than that … (He smiles)

Dilshad : huh??? Ayaz say clearly …

Ayaz : badi ammi … Aahil loves sanam !!!!!! It’s unbelievable !!!!

Dilshad is shocked …

Dilshad : (tensedly thinks) ya Allah !!! Why are u doing like this … Aahil now is in love with sanam …. And what if tanveer …

She leaves from there tensedly … Ayaz is confused …. Humeira comes there

Humeira : Ayaz .. What happens to ammi ??

Ayaz : don’t know mom …..

Humeira : ok …

He then sees Ayaz hand is hurt …

Humeira : (panics) AYAZ!!!!!! (Takes his hands and sees)

Meantime Nazia comes there….. Ayaz sees Nazia and acts as if he’s hurt a lot ….

Ayaz : ammi what r u doing ?? Ouch !!!!

Humeira : u r have to be careful … Come on I’ve put medicine …

Nazia talks

Nazia : aunty… If u don’t mind can I put medicine to his hand ???

Humeira : (looks @ Ayaz and turns towards Nazia) huh????

Nazia : By the way his hand his hurt a lot and it has become septic too … I have to give him injection too …

Ayaz panics when Nazia says she will give injection to him

Humeira : oh … U r also a doc right ??? Yeah … U better tend to him ….

Ayaz : (panics) ammi ammi !!! I don’t want injection …..

Ayan comes there ….

Ayan : Ayaz ….. Ur hands are hurt and u have to take injection … Nazia beta … U do whatever u want …. I’ve manage…

Nazia : fine …. Ayaz u go to ur room and I’ve bring first aid box … Aunty .. U better come with me … I won’t be able to handle him….

Humeira : (eyes Ayaz then Nazia ) ok fine ….

Nazia : Ayaz come …

Ayaz : fine …..

Nazia is going … Ayaz is about to go behind Nazia but then he sees Ayan and humeira kiddingly laughing @ him ..

Ayaz : mom?!?!?!?! And dad u too ?!?!?!?! (Funny tune plays)

Humeira & Ayan : go soon or else she will get angry and give u another injection too ..

Ayaz : uff ……(he smiles)

He leaves ……

Scene 2:
France ….

Rehan is standing in lawn and he didn’t get any ideas for saying poetry…. Seher comes there and says …

Seher : time is up ?!?!?!

Rehan : oh madam … I didn’t get any idea ….

Seher : hmm …

She takes his mobile …

Rehan : what r u doing ?!?!?!?!

Seher : I’m planning to make the task little easy ….

Rehan : huh???

Seher : u have to say one of Shakespeare’s best poetry ….

Rehan : for that why did u take my mobile ???

Seher : u know what Rehan …. I know u well more than u …..With the help of ur mobile u will definitely do something ……. So u prepare ur self …

Rehan smiles seeing her … Seher starts leaving while Rehan holds her and pulls her close towards him (ishq dua ishq khuda plays)

Rehan and seher share a eyelock …..

Rehan : challenge accepted ….. Madam …

Seher pushes him and goes …. Rehan thinks of something … A Shakespeare love poem …

Scene 3:
Aahil’ s room

Aahil is tensed in his room and he is breaking all the things ……

He remembers hitting the goons for sanam and He then remembers sanam hugging aimaan ….

Aahil is on his knees and he’s crying ……. (Sad Junoon plays)

Aahil : (crying) S.. Sanam …. I love u so much that ….. I’m not able to bear it …. I haven’t thought that I would ever fall in love …… I hated the feeling love ….. After sometime … I too realised that love too gives happiness …. And now …. I have again started hating this feeling ….Because it is said that …. Love gives only pain if i see my love with someone ….

He again remembers sanam hugging aimaan … (Sad Junoon plays)

Aahil : (crying ) and that’s what exactly happened now … The pain which I’m feeling now .. Which is in my body …. Which is in my heart ….. I hate this pain …

He gets up and he bangs the door ……..

Aahil : I hate that I love u so badly sanam ….. But what to do …… I can’t live without u and if I see u … I’ve forget everything and my heart says only to love u !!!! Don’t know whether u love me or not sanam … But I love u … I loved u and will always love u !!!! (Junoon plays)

Aimaan is standing out and he head everything what Aahil spoke and he’s shocked ….

Aimaan : (shocked and thinks) then it means Aahil loves sanam !!!

Tear drop falls from aimaan’s eyes …..

Aimaan : (thinks) I love sanam … And .. Aahil loves her … What if sanam too ?? No no … Sanam is my childhood love and she’s only mine .. I won’t let Aahil and sanam to be close ….. (Evil tune plays)

He goes inside his room and eyes Aahil evilly (evil tune plays)

Aimaan : (to aahil ) Aahil r u ok???

Aahil : (hesitating) aimaan .. I’m not in a mood to talk….

Aimaan : I was seeing everything when u were crying …… I know it’s hard to see ur love with …

Aahil : (is about to get angry) aimaan plz …..

Aahil starts leaving …

Aimaan : (turns around ) I’m here to warn u Aahil …

Aahil stops when aimaan says this ….

Aimaan goes and stand in front of him … And he smirks ..,.

Aimaan : what do u think of ur self ???? Hero huh??

Aahil : (angry husky voice ) say clearly ….

Aimaan : I love sanam !!! She’s only mine and she’s my childhood love u… Don’t ever try to come close to her even your dreams …. Got it ?? Phir Bhi if she loves anyone I won’t let her love anyone except me !!!!!

Aahil : (holds his collar) shut up!!! Shut up!!!!!! I didn’t even think that u r … So cheap ….. So selfish ….. That too u r a IPS officer … I love her a lot ….. If destiny wants me and sanam together ….. Mujhe qubool hai (I accept it)

Aimaan : (laughs evilly ) (evil tune plays) let’s see what destiny wants …… Will childhood love for 12years will win or love for 12weeks will win …..

Aahil : let’s see … Even when love is true and its eternal …. Even God will bend his rules ….

Aimaan : (eyes evilly) let’s see …..

Aimaan leaves … Aahil is tensed ……

Scene 4:
Ayaz room ….

Nazia tends to Ayaz wound ……

While she’s putting the medicine Ayaz keeps on eyeing her ……

Ayaz : (his hand is paining so he shouts)

Nazia : (looks @ him with care) sorry … It will burn ,…. But u will be fine ..

Ayaz smiles (khuda jaane plays)

Nazia : and by the way ….. U r indeed a bandar …. But ur a very good bandar …. Friends ???? (She smiles and lends her hand)

Ayaz is amused by her words and gives a wide smile (khuda jaane plays)

Ayaz : (special glow in his face ) sure …

He accidentally lends his hand which is hurt … He shouts ….. Nazia holds him and they share a eye lock (khuda jaane plays)

Nazia : Ayaz ….. Be ware …… U r a sweet monkey (pinches his cheek) I like u ..

She goes …. Ayaz freezingly siting on the bed and smiles remembering Nazia pinching his cheeks and saying sweet monkey and I like u ….

He lies on the bed and he recollects his moments with Nazia ….. Their eyelock , Nazia accidentally putting colours on him ….. He falls on her lap to irritate her while she’s reading etc…. (Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Lage Re plays)

Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Lage Re
Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Lage Re
Tab Se Deewana Hua Aah Haaa
Sab Se Begaana Hua
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Oye Oye
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Ho Hohhohho

Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Lage Re
Tab Se Deewana Hua Aah Haaa
Tab Se Deewana Hua Aah Haaa
Sab Se Begaana Hua
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Oye Oye
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Ho Hohhohho

Ayaz : (thinks) yaar …. For the first time I’m experiencing this feeling ….. Love ….. ❤️❤️❤️ (khuda jaane plays) and he imagines Nazia again …. (Thinks) hogaya gussewali doc we mohabbhat (khuda jaane plays )

Ayaz jumps saying

Ayaz : I’m in love! !!!! I’m in love (khuda Jane plays ) (here ayaz doesn’t mention nazia’s name)

samiya hears this silently and gets shocked. ….

samiya : (thinks) what !
Ayaz is in love ???? with whom ??? it can be me too .. but .. I want to know with whom he’s in love with. ….. If he’s in love with another person …. I won’t let him to love another person as ayaz is only mine …. (evil tune plays )

she leaves. ……

Ayaz : gussewali nazia … This bandar is in love with u (khuda Jane ) and now I’ve confess my feelings soon …. get ready doc .. u told that u can’t handle me alone … now u have to handle me throughout the life becoz …. (he takes the pillow and hugs it) I love u nazia (khuda Jane plays) he smiles…….

He then goes to lawn to see starts ………

Scene 5:
dining table and sanam’s room

everyone are eating … aahil , sanam aimaan , samiya , tanveer , dilshad, ayan and humeira too are present ……

Dilshad : as we are back now .. so sanam pack your bags tomorrow morning we will go ….

Sanam and Aahil get shocked and eye each other .. (Sad Junoon plays )

While aimaan is happy as sanam will go from this house so that Aahil won’t be able to get close with her …..

Aahil : aunty …. So soon????

Aimaan eyes him while Dilshad is also tensed ….

Tanveer : yeah khala ….. So soon ???? You better stay here till holy ..

Dilshad eyes tanveer ..

Aahil : Haan badi ammi …. U stay here till holi .. And by the way seher also will be back from France in 2 days so …

Dilshad thinks …

Aahil : aunty plz …

Dilshad : ok fine ………..

Tanveer smiles evilly (billo rani plays)

Aimaan is fed up and he leaves … (Evil tune plays)

Everyone eats their food and go .. Sanam goes to her room and starts studying …..

She takes her bag … Aahil’ s watch falls down …. Sanam picks it up ….. She then starts thinking about Aahil hitting the goon …

Sanam : Aahil (smiles seeing the watch) he cares for me a lot ….

She sees the watch and she’s about to kiss the watch but then stops …

Sanam : sanam what r u doing ??? What’s happening to you!!! This bewakoof Aahil !!! Aahil plz get out of my mind !!!! (Junoon plays) and now let’s take a break …

Sanam goes near window and stands …… She imagines Aahil coming towards her …

Dream sequence :

*aahil comes near and stands … Sanam keeps on eyeing him ….

Aahil : if u want me to get out of ur mind …. Now u say …

Sanam eyes him with love …..

Aahil : if u don’t have any feelings for me …… And when u see me if your heart doesn’t beats…. It’s ok sanam …. U see my eyes and says that u don’t love me …

Sanam keeps on eyeing him….

Aahil : say yes or no sanam …

Sanam : No …, this is not the truth …. I love u !!!!!! (Junoon plays)

Aahil smiles ……

Sanam : (smiles) this is what u wanted u hear right????

She hugs him ….. Aahil to smiles and hugs … (Junoon plays)

Dream sequence ends … ****

Sanam : (smiles) now I realised ……. I accept And yeah ….. No one can’t hide from truth …true feelings ….. From your love Aahil ….. See …. I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU AAHIL!!!!! I love u bewakoof !!! I love u ….. And she sees the stars and smiles …

She smiles …… The screen freezes on sanam’s face…..

Precap : Samiya learns that Ayaz is in love with someone .. But she doesn’t know that Ayaz loves Nazia …. So Samiya takes help from Nazia to find out with whom Ayaz is in love with ….. Ayaz gets tensed ….. Ayaz gets call from his boss ….. His boss says that he arrived in India before 2 days and as he spotted Nazia and Ayaz to gether in the holi colour shop … His boss thinks that Nazia is Ayaz would be wife ???? Ayaz is shocked …….. Shazia is fed up with sarfaraz behaviour … Sarfaraz falls for shazia …. And sarfaraz sees an accident victim …. Samiya’s birthday bash … Aahil guess that Ayaz is in love …… Rehan wins the poetry challenge ……

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Credit to: Sunehri


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