Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 22)

Hey guys …. Sorry for the late update actually I’m badly suffering from typhoid … Par Phir bi I’m so sorry ….. And I’m going to pair up Ayaz and nazia in my ff so plz select a name for them : a) ayna ; b) nayaz ….. And plz choose a suitable bgm for them also

A) Khuda jane (bachna ae haseena); B) kabhi jo baadal (jackpot)…. Ok guys enjoy the episode

Scene 1:

Aahil’s residence

Aahil is puzzled when he sees ayaz and Rehan giving hi five to each other ……

Aahil : (puzzled and thinks) what happened???? How did ayaz and Rehan team up ???? There is something going on….. Let’s see ……

In rehan’s room ……

He’s packing his bags…….. Ayaz comes there …..

Ayaz : so …. Packing ur bags????

Rehan : yeah ….. And I hope everything will be fine there …..

Aahil is hearing everything silently…….

Ayaz : and u remember what I said right ????

Rehan : huh???? What did u say ?????

Ayaz : (what the hell expression)oh god !!!!!! I told u some tips to impress her right???

Rehan : ohh … U were talking about this huh??? Of course I do ……..

Aahil makes a entry

Aahil : Rehan … What’s happening?????? And what r u guys discussing about ????

Rehan looks at ayaz

Rehan : actually Bhai ….. He came to know about everything…… about my feelings for seher and ur feelings for sanam too…(Smiles)

Aahil : ( shocked ) so ayaz u came to know about both of us huh???

Ayaz: ( Smiles ) yeah …. don’t worry. … I’m going to help you guys. …. And Rehan … With in 3 days that too in France… U have to confess ur love for seher ..

Aahil : (hugs him ) thanks mani …. U know what u r the best (he squeezes him while hugging like how Rehan did in the party)

Ayaz : yaar … U both are squeezing me like anything …. Aahil and Rehan … Stop calling me mani (funny tune plays) …

Aahil : oops … I’m sorry …. So what Rehan miya???? R u prepared for everything???

Ayaz : don’t worry he’s fully prepared …. And Rehan … U just beware of only one thing ….

Rehan : what ??????

Sanam comes there and says …..

Sanam : seher doesn’t like if u mess up anythings ….

Ayaz , aahil and Rehan see sanam there and shocked …….

Ayaz : (shocked) sanam when did u come here ?????

Sanam : I came when u were saying to Rehan that he has only 3 days in France to confess his love for seher ….. And partner u already know that Rehan loves seher and mani u too ,……. And u guyz started planning too …..

Aahil : partner ….

Sanam : why u guyz didn’t include me in this plan????? (Funny tune plays

Aahil , Ayaz and Rehan get relieved …

Rehan : thank god …. And by the way thanks for informing that information that seher doesn’t like if anything is messed up too ……

Sanam : so all the best …. Tomorrow flight is at 3 am …..

Rehan : uff … Again I have to get up early … Fine …..

Ayaz : and if u want any help or something else …

Sanam : plz do call us ……. And It’s already too late ….. Now Rehan u have to sleep

Aahil : yeah sanam is right … Go and sleep ….

Rehan : fine … Good night …..

Aahil , sanam , Ayaz go to their room …..

Scene 2 :

Tanveer’s room

Tanveer is reading a magazine … She gets a call from her friend Abdul siddiqui (he’s like a bro to her )

Tanveer : assalam walekum A.S bhaiya (he’s a very big business man … He’s commonly known as A.S)

Abdul : walekum assalam tanveer …. How r u ???

Tanveer : I’m absolutely fine …….. Any important matter Bhai ????

Abdul : yes … Actually myself and my friend Salim yousif wants to make a deal with u related to business …. So I’m planning to stay in ur house …..

Tanveer : (in happy mood) that’s gr8 Bhai … When can we make this deal????

Abdul : tanveer … Tomorrow at 10am .. I’ve better come with my daughter samiya , my friend Salim and his son too …. And tanveer its too late now … I have to sleep ….

Tanveer : (excited) fine .. Plz do come … And khuda hafiz

Abdul : khuda hafiz….

He cuts the call

Tanveer : Abdul Bhai wants to make deal with me and that too his friend too ….. If the deal is confirmed ..l then I’ve definitely get hold of both Abdul and Salim bhai’s property (she smirks ) (billo Rani plays)

Scene 3:

Morning 3 am

House , airport and France …..

Rehan and seher is going to leave ….. Aahil , sanam , Ayaz , nazia , shazia and tanveer too comes there ….

Sanam : seher and Rehan … Have a good journey and u seher … All the best ….

Seher : thanks sanam (she hugs sanam)

While hugging sanam in sign language says all the best to Rehan too …. He too says thank u in sign language ……

Tanveer : (thinks) now one musibath (problem) is going to France now …. Let’s see what will happen …..

Both Rehan and seher leave for airport …..

They reach airport and board the flight ………

After 8hrs (now the time is 10am ) they reach France …… Now they are in France airport …..

Seher : (with a smile on her face ) finally in France …..

Rehan : (smiles ) and yeah …. And by the way … Now how we are going to that high commission ????

Seher : (shocked) … Oh god …. I forgot book a cab ……. Now we have to travel in local cab only …

Rehan : ok fine …..

Scene 4:

Aahil’ s residence (time 10am)

Today after bathing again Ayaz plays rock music and starts dancing and he’s in the same costume (baniyan , jockey towel wrapped around ????)

Nazia : (comes there and sees Ayaz) again !!!! Now u get inside …

Ayaz doesn’t listen to her and starts dancing like a monkey ….

Nazia : (silently) bina poonch wale bandar (a monkey without a tail)

Sanam comes there … Ayaz shouts

Ayaz : (shouts) Sanam!!!!

Sanam : (shouts) mani!!!!!!

Nazia : (fed up) errh ….. She leaves

Both sanam and Ayaz hug and jump (funny tune plays) and starts dancing ….shazia , Aahil and tanveer too joins them ….. Ayaz stands on sofa and starts jumping

Meantime A.S (Abdul siddiqui ) with his daughter samiya siddiqui and his friend and his son enters ….. Tanveer notices them and welcomes them …. Ayaz , sanam , Aahil , shazia are still dancing ….. A.S friend Salim yousif son is none other that aimaan ……

Tanveer : A.S Bhai …. And Salim Bhai …. Welcome …..

Samiya notices Ayaz dancing and impressed by his cheerful attitude and smiles at him ……

Aahil and ayaz are shocked seeing aimaan there …….

Aimaan : hey Aahil …..

Aahil to signals him

Samiya : (to A.S silently) Abbu can I dance with them …

A.S : (silently to her ) fine beta … But u better ask permission tanveer too …

Samiya : (to tanveer ) aunty can I dance with them …

Aimaan : (to samiya) oh madam … This is my friend’s house … So first I’ve go and dance with them…..

Samiya : (to aimaan) hey u don’t order me…

Tanveer looks puzzled ..

Tanveer : u both can dance with them

Samiya & aimaan : thanks aunty ……

Aimaan and samiya both join them and starts dancing ….. Sanam meets aimaan and she gets excited and both aimaan and sanam hug ….. This makes Aahil more jealous ….. He comes in between them and starts dancing with sanam (Junoon plays)… This time aimaan gets jealous …..

Samiya introduce herself to ayaz ….

Samiya : hey I’m samiya siddiqui …. What about u ????

Ayaz : I’m ayaz ….. Want to dance with me ???

Samiya : ya sure …….

Both ayaz and samiya dancing …….. Samiya’ s dad and aimaan’ s dad to starts dancing with Ayaz …..

Aimaan wantedly pushes samiya into swimming pool …

Samiya : (in rage) aimaan u !!! How dare u !!!

Everyone laughs seeing her (funny tune plays)

Scene 5:


Tanveer and Abdul are talking ….. Samiya comes there smiling …

A.S : what happened beta ????? Why r u smiling without any reason …

Samiya : dad …. Ayaz is so cute …..

Tanveer : Ayaz ????

Samiya : yes aunty ….

A.S : ohh … That’s why my princess was smiling huh???

Samiya smiles ….

Tanveer : hmm… He’s from London …. If u want to be friendly with him …… So u have to be a flirty type …. (Billo Rani plays)

Samiya : that’s it ???? It’s a very easy job for me ….. So let me start this today itself …. I want ayaz ……

Scene 6:


Ayaz is writing a mail to his father Ayan ……. Samiya comes there wearing a dress like as if she’s going to prom ….. Ayaz knows that she’s coming but he doesn’t care ….. Samiya gives a red rose to him ….. He gets it and keeps it in his ears (funny tune plays ) … And again starts writing mail …. Samiya starts flirting with him …..

Samiya : ayaaaz (she calls him in this manner like ) (touches his face and starts flirting)

Ayaz : my name is Ayaz … (He doesn’t care about what she does )

Samiya : I know re …… And why did u keep the rose in ur ears ..

Ayaz : that is the place which is currently free now ….

Samiya : (flirts ) aww … U r so naughty ….

Ayaz : (still mailing ) I know ….

Samiya : (sees his laptop ) to whom r u mailing ???

Ayaz : to my dad …

Samiya : do u like ur dad ????

Ayaz : why r u asking like this … Don’t u like ur dad ???

Samiya : why not ???? I love my dad as I love the sweet dish halwa …

Ayaz : halwa ???? I love halwa like anything ….

Aahil call him for work … He excuses himself ….

Samiya : (thinks) so Ayaz loves to eat halwa huh???? So let’s prepare this dish and impress him ……

The screen freezes on samiya’ s face …..

Precap : Samiya tries to prepare halwa …. Accidentally without knowing instead of sugar she mixes salt in the halwa …… Sheer and rehan reach France high commission …. A guy named Samar keeps on flirting with seher …. Rehan is furious …… There they say something ….. Rehan and seher both are shocked ….

Guys im extremely sorry for the late update …. As I’m suffering from typhoid … I was not able to update …. Now I’m currently somewhat feeling better…. So in the mean time I updated ….. And I hope u like this episode and silent and regular readers … Plz comment after reading …… Tomorrow I’ve definitely update … Plz plz plz leave ur comments

Credit to: Sunehri


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    • Sunehri

      Hey jasmine. … sorry if it’s boring. .. actually my friends suggested to add movie scenes. .. I too agreed as I love movies so my friends give this ideas so I use it …. but anyway thanks

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    • Gulrez

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