Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 17)

Hi guyz…. Sorry … Actually I posted this twice but I don’t know why they didn’t post it yet …. So I’m posting this again…… And today I’m going to show only sahil scenes …….. I hope u guyz will enjoy this episode …… Janvi , Roma where r u guyz ???? And I want to say something …. I want to recreated all olden movies hit in my ff…… I hope u r reading it…..

Scene 1
Forest – 8:30pm

Aahil holds her face and says

Aahil : I thought … I lost u forever… And u r here…. If u would have been in that ambulance …. WHAT HAVE I DO IF I LOST U!!!!!!!!

Sanam eyes him tensedly and pushes him …..

Sanam : (tears) I just came here for a walk ….. I even asked u to accompany with me but u refused and what if I have been in that ambulance … What bothers u ????

Aahil : (in rage) of course it bothers me damn!!!!

Sanam : why ?????

Aahil : becoz … (Junoon moment ) now u come with me ….. As u didn’t return …

Sanam : as I didn’t return ….

Aahil : I ate the another watermelon …

Sanam : (in rage) what!!!!!!!! I told u not to touch then why….. I thought u r a good friend but …

Aahil : arey listen to me

Sanam : (still in rage ) really???? I have to listen to u huh???? U didn’t even let me speak and u even slapped me …. I thought u were concerned about me that’s why I didn’t say anything …. But u …

Aahil : just a matter of watermelon …. Why r u making it a serious issue???? Ok aim sorry….

Sanam : no … I won’t forgive u…. And by the way …. I came here becoz …. My friend’s father is conducting a nautanki here in this place …. So I thought that we can atleast get help from him…. That’s why.. The place is 6km away from here…..
So I’m going there ….

Aahil : oops…. I’m extremely sorry ….

Sanam doesn’t listen to him and she starts going angrily……

Aahil : hey wait …… The place is 6km away and ur going there …. That too walking ???

Sanam : (while going she shouts) yeah …. I’m going there … If u want u came or else go and sleep …. And I won’t forgive you ….

Aahil : yaar …. Iss jalli bhi na……

Aahil thinks what to do????? He rents a cycle from a shop and goes near sanam….

Aahil : hey jalli .. Stop ….

Sanam : oh god !!!!! Now what problem??????

Aahil : (stops the cycle near her) come on let’s go there …..

Sanam : no thank u …. I’ve go by myself ……

She starts going….. Aahil looks at her and smiles…

Aahil : hey jalli…… (Goes near her and gives a kiddish smile ) plz come…. I rarely use the word plz ……

Sanam : (angrily) what’s ur problem?????

Aahil : u know what sanam….. We are in the forest…… That too… Now it’s night …. So dark….. What if an animal comes and….

Sanam : say clearly….

Aahil : and by the way the place is 6km far away from here and if u go by walking it will almost take 30-50minutes…… If u come with me in this cycle we will go there in 10 minutes…… So u decide….

Sanam eyes aahil….

Aahil : your wish…..

Sanam goes and sits at the back ……. Aahil smiles and starts driving it……

Scene 2:
Forest – 8:35pm

Sanam : I’m still angry on u (funny tune plays)

Aahil : (smiles lightly) I didn’t ask u whether u forgave me or not????? By the way I don’t know how ur badi ammi managed u …. Hats off to her…

Sanam : (what the hell like expression ) excuse me …. Can u plz concentrate on driving? ? R u driving the cycle for the first time???? Drive properly …

Aahil : hello… I won a gold medal in a cycling competition when I was in 12th …..

Sanam : oh really ???? It’s hard to believe….

Aahil : I will drive very fastly …. That to without holding the handle bar….

He leave the handle bar while driving sanam gets scared….

Sanam : what the hell r u doing?????

She hugs aahil ….. Aahil smiles (junoon plays)

Aahil : hey why r u getting scared ….. I won’t let anything happen to u ….. I promise….

Sanam : uff…

Aahil : and by the way ….. U r hugging me for a long time …. I’m not able to concernedrate ….. So can u plz take it (funny tune plays)

Sanam realises that she’s hugging aahil and takes the hand…… Aahil smiles….

They arrive at the nautanki ….

Scene 3
Nautanki – 9pm

Aahil and sanam both arrive at nautanki ……. Sanam’s friend kashish comes there …

Kashish : sanam u r here …..

Sanam : hey actually … (She introduces aahil to her) u know nazia right ??? He is nazia’s bhaijaan …. Aahil …. Actually we got struck in the forest …

Kashish : no problem …. By the way heer ranjha nautanki is going to start in 30 minutes … U remember right???? We have enacted this in our college…. And u played heer ?????

Sanam : yeah…. Now I’m tired

Kashish : U guyz better take rest ….

Sanam : thanks yaar …. She hugs kashish …..

Kashish’s father arrives there hurriedly

Kashish father : sanam beta u r here …….kashish beta … One big problem ….

Kashish : what problem Abbu ….

Kashish father : voh … The girl who was supposed to play the role of heer …. She’s not well so she said that she won’t be coming to act today ………

Kashish : what!!!!!!! But the play is going to start in 30minutes….

She then sees sanam

Kashish : sanam …. Will u act as heer?????

Sanam : what!!!!!!

Kashish father : how will she act???

Kashish : Abbu … We enacted this play in our collage …. She played the role heer…

Kashish father : oh really …. Sanam beta plz …. Plz or else the audience will insult us a lot … Plz beta I beg u ….

Sanam : ok fine uncle ….

Kashish & her father : thanks ….. U better come to makeup room …….

Kashish and her father leaves…..

Aahil goes near sanam and says

Aahil : sanam …. I’m sorry …

Sanam acts as if she didn’t see him and she goes to makeup room…..

After 10minutes she comes out in heer’s costume ….. Aahil is mesmerised seeing her (junoon plays)….. Sanam gets frustrated …

Sanam : again …. Mr.bewakoof …. This is ladies makeup room … U r not allowed …

Aahil : excuse me sanam …. I just came here to say sorry ….

Sanam : what did u say I didn’t listen properly…..

Aahil : hey listen to me … U jalli wali …..

Sanam gives angry look …….

Aahil : see … If I make a mistake I don’t apologise even to my sis and I’m saying sorry to u …. U r the first girl and I have said sorry many times…..

Sanam : hmm…… If u really feel sorry …. I’ve forgive u ….

Kashish : sanam come fast … Play is going to start ……

Sanam and kashish leaves…..

Aahil : alright … Cool …….. U have to forgive me jalli wali ….. Voh be in this nautanki stage…… (Quarrel tune plays) …… But how can I convince her?????

He then sees DDLJ and Hum Apke Hai Kaun posters and gets idea……

Scene 4
Nautanki stage…

Heer ranjha nautanki starts …..

Ranjha makes a entry and he plays his flute……..

Sanam makes entry as heer ……. And says a dialouge …

Sanam : math bajao e gaane ranjhe…. Math bajao …. Raat ke need toh cheenliya tumne … Toh din ke chayen bi lootega kya????

(Don’t play this tune ranjha … Don’t play this tune…. U have already robbed me of my sleep at night …. And now u want to steal my day time peace too???)

Crowd : everyone laughs…..

Kashish : (to her dad ) Abbu she’s saying the wrong dialouge…. (Funny tune plays)

Ranjha : (says to sanam silently) hey u r saying the wrong dialouge…..

Sanam : (silently ) oops sorry…..

Ranjha : (silently ) it’s ok I’ve manage….

Crowd : oh heer …. Say the dialouge?….

Sanam : oye ranjha …. Bajao apna gaane…… (Oh ranjha …. Play ur tune)

Ranjha : (thinks) yaar she’s saying the wrong dialouge … But fine what to do let’s manage …..

Ranjha starts playing his flute…… Meantime they hear a tuje dekha to eh jana sanam guitar tune ……

A guy makes entry like SRK …. He’s none other than aahil ……. The whole nautanki audience crowd laughs…… Sanam opens her mouth widely seeing aahil in SRK costume ……..

Aahil goes and pushes the guy who’s playing as ranjha and goes and plays the tune near sanam…… In a stylish way he extanges the guitar and flute with that ranjha….

Aahil : eh ranjha kya gaane bajayega ….. Thaliyan (what tune will this ranjha play …. Claps and applause)….

The whole crowd : (whistle and claps)

Kashish father : what the hell he’s doing….

Kashish : Abbu … Let it be …. The crowd are enjoying right???

Kashish father : fine … Let me see….

Ranjha : (says to aahil ) u it self play the tune (funny tune plays)

Ranjha leaves ……

Sanam : ranjha … Where r u going….

Aahil : (throws his hat in a stylish way , takes the flute and says) bade bade desho mein, chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hai señorita …….

(In big big countries such small small this keep happening señorita …..)

He then goes to sanam and says

Aahil : sorry ….. (Junoon moment)

They both have a eye lock……

In crowd a person says…

Person : hey heer (sanam) ….. Say the dialouge ….

All crowd : say the dialouge …….

Sanam shows stop signal and says …..

Sanam : eh señorita señorita kya laga ke rakha hai???? (What is this señorita señorita???)

All crowd: laughs and claps …

Sanam starts to go inside….

Aahil : oh heer (sanam) …….

Crowd : (to aahil) oh hero … U also do something ….

Aahil : (in stylish way removes his jacket and like how salman does in hum aapke hai Kaun he hits sanam with a sling shot ) (hum aapke hai Kaun BGM plays)

Whole crowd: (whistle and claps)

Sanam : (oops reaction and says to aahil) u idiot…

Aahil : (tries to hit her with the flute )

Sanam : (sees that and closes her face bit she finds aahil is in knees with that flute )

Aahil : (dramatically)

Hukum aapka tha
Jo maine na maana
Khatavaar hoon main
Na aaya nibhaana

(It was ur command
That I did not heed
I’m guilty
Didn’t fulfil ur wish)

Sanam smiles seeing aahil ……He gets up and sanam holds the sticks in this neck and goes around him

Aahil :Sazaa jo bhi doge
Woh manzoor hogi
Aji meri mushkil
Tabhi door hogi

(Any sentence u pass
Will be accepted by me
The difficulty of mine
Only then it will vanish )

Sanam : (smiles ) aap ne Hume gulel se kyun maara ????? It is bad manners ….. Agli baar kisi ladki ko maarne se pehele 2 baar socheye ga….

why did u hit me with a sling shot …. It is bad manners ….. Next time before hitting a girl … Think twice)

Aahil : (smiles) kisi aur ke soch ne ke fursat kise … Sirs aapse hi to gusthaki kar sakthe hai

(Who has the time to think of someone else ??? I can only be this audacious to u..)

Sanam : (smiles) kyun ??? Hum Apke Hai Kaun??? (Why? Who am I to u??)

When sanam says this dialouge whole crowd claps and whistles like anything….

A person from crowd : oh heer atleast forgive ur ranjha now….

Crowd : yes … Forgive him….

Aahil : thanks guyz …….

Sanam : kuch kuch hotha hai boss …… Friendship me no sorry no thank u !!!!

Everyone in the crowd five applause ….. The screen closes…….

Scene 5
Nautanki makeup room… 10pm

Kashish father comes there and stares at aahil and sanam

Sanam : voh … Uncle

Aahil : sorry … Actually she was angry with me for some reasons so….

Kashish father : (smiles) don’t worry … I won’t do anything …. U did a gr8 job actually crowd enjoyed ur act a lot …. That’s beta….

Aahil & sanam : (relieved) it’s ok uncle….

Kashish father leaves…..

Kashish comes there

Kashish : wow…. That was fab….. And that was a gr8 shock aahil …..

Sanam : I think we have to leave …. Aahil’s car is also damaged…. I don’t know how to return……..

Kashish : don’t worry ….. We have a mechanic here …. He will fix ur car …

Sanam : thank god….. And kashish where’s washroom ???

Kashish : there… Left side….

Sanam : thanks …..

Sanam leaves

Kashish : (goes to aahil and asks) aahil … If u don’t mind can I ask u something…

Aahil : of course

Kashish : do u love sanam…..

Aahil : (dumbstruck ) what!!!!! No way … She’s just my friend….

Kashish : but I don’t think u guyz are friends……

She smiles and goes….

The screen freezes on aahil’s face……

Precap : aahil’s car is fixed and they Both are returning …… Sanam asks something about something …. Aahil gets tensed……..

Hope u all enjoyed today’s episode … And by the way kashish I think u won’t mind if I use ur name in my ff ….. And I request all silent readers to comment and give feedbacks on my ff and this episode ……….

Credit to: Sunehri


  1. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Fab epi sunehri!! Aww luved da way aahil asked forgivness….really awsmm….keep it up!!???

  2. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Awesomely awesome actually my papers are starting from tomorrow and for a breakup I read ur FF and was relaxed for some minutes.Hats off to you!!That during your exa!s u are posting for us that’s great! I am not able to post mine and u actually there is a problem with the comp.system coz I contacted the page and this was their reply.Well for the ep.No words DDLG and HAHK and KKHH are one of my fav. Old times movies which are a super Dooper hit!!!.

  3. Adharshika

    U r fab fab fantastic sunehri darling. .. and that hum aapke hai kaun dialogues and ddlj was a good idea … u recreated those scenes back … seriously u r extraordinary. .. HATS OFF TO U 🙂

  4. Kashish

    Thanks sunehri for mentioning in me in ur ff. … and I luved the episode a lot. .. I want to see sahil and sehan romance soon

  5. Nafeesa

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  6. Mathanghi

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  7. Zoya

    Luved it and ur ff is veryyyy interesting and I relax only by reading ur ff …. I’m also waiting for ayaz and samar entry to make aahil and rehan jealous and of course they are kabab me haddi. .. right

  8. Gulrez

    Sunehri. … u should have written the real qubool hai. … gul khan should take a tip from you 😛

  9. Gargi

    guys as we all are friends, i wanted an opinion that i like a guy since 2 years. he is a good friend of mine but he is a bit too selfish but respects girls a lot. he just takes me as a friend, i have written a letter stating my feelings as we both are getting separate ways but in the same school. now i am in a dilemma whether to give him the letter or not . i am too confused please help…………………….

    • Hmm…….. Don’t worry Gargi ….. U mean that u guyz are going to different section ??? Or u guyz are in 12 so u r going to some other college ????? In my point of view u as a friend u can give him ….. I’m sorry if I hurt u …. As ur my friend I’m just giving a opinion 🙂

      • Hey dear no worries y r u feeling afraid ??? U said he’s ur friend right then go and give it to him . As sunehri said dear sorry if I have hurt u …. Be happy

    • Zuha (Asya fan)

      Gargi I am not your good friend but as a human u should never hide your feelings from the person you like !agbe its infatuation but you will be satisfied that yes I confessed and you should say direct to him better not by a letter …..just an advice , hope you like it!

  10. g

    why are u guys saying sorry . thanx but we are in 10th and in 11th he is goining to the sc. stream and i am to commerce, i might change my school, i am afraid because maybe i am not able to face him ever because he is such brahamachari type of guy, too focused to look at girls but still so adorable. and yes your ff is wonderful, this is quite similar as in the movie dil bole hadippa in which shahid kapoor does the same for rani mukherjee.

  11. angel

    Sorry sunehri I could not comment as soon as I would normaly do..I am doing fine and I don’t think I have internal bleeding so I will be fine..

  12. angel

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    • Zuha (Asya fan)

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  13. Sunehri

    Guys I posted the next episode but they aren’t posting it … I have posted it 6am morning

  14. angel

    Yep me 2 but we still waiting for reports that we will get on tuesday and did u read saya ff comments I explained how doctors found out that I don’t have internal bleeding…yes sanjana bff and how old are u?

  15. jasmine

    hai sunehri…

    great thoughts ra,..

    i enjoyed alot…

    hey all the tlme in forest u spent on jalliwali n bewakoof fighting….

    ofcourse its nice..
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  16. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Thanks year sunehri O just posted hope it arrives soon ☺ Named it Asya and Huyaan : A Delicate relation

  17. This is amazing, I’ve always love sanam and aahli, I also love zoya and asad. I’ve written a story about Zoya and asad but their names are different it’s called Tia and Karan and there is different couples in it. So far I’ve read all your episodes it’s amazing and worked well. I hope you can read mine and comment some ideas too :> ( This is the website
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    • Yes we are already friends and please do read my ff too :> it’s posted under qubool hai and please give me some feedback also there names are Tia and Karan instead of Zoya and Asad! And please tell your friends to read my ff so I can get some feedback and improve on my skills because your story is just beautiful. I can’t wait till the next episode. Sometimes when I get bored I read the story from the beginning all over.

    • Sunehri

      Hey zoya I updated twice but I don’t know why they aren’t posting and they asked me to post it again

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    • Actually they are saying that it’s a technical prob as there is a virus in that file … So I have to type it from first … 🙁 don’t worry I’ve post it before afternoon …. Sorry guyz ….

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