Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 16)


Thank u so much guyz for commenting… Sahima, Sanjana , bestie janvi where r u guyz ???? ….. Guyz….I’m slightly dissappointed as silent readers and regular ones are not interested in my fan fiction…… If u don’t like I’ve end it soon….. If u like then plz leave ur feedbacks and comments becoz I want to improve my ff…. Ok guyz enjoy


Scene 1 :
Forest – night 7:16pm

Aahil and sanam are roaming on the same place……… After sometime aahil sees a hut which is approximately 5km far from where they are standing ….. They both go there……. They both go inside…..

Sanam : thank god …… Finally there is a hut in this dense forest… And not bad … I like this place

Aahil : (makes faces) we have to be her… In this hut… I’m not comfortable here….

Sanam looks at aahil and says

Sanam : if u don’t like this place u better sleep on road… We are going to be her just for 5 hours..

Aahil : (what the hell like look) oh god…. Fine ….

Sanam : I’m hungry …. I want something to eat now….

Aahil : (tries to tempt her) oh really….. What do u want to eat??? Pizza, burger, pasta with red sauce , french fries with pepper and salt , pastries …

Sanam : (gets tempted ) Stop it …. I’m already hungry and ur tempting me????

Aahil : excuse me …. Even I’m a human being … Even I’m hungry…

Sanam : fine I’m going….

Aahil : where r u going….

Sanam : in search of food…

Aahil : oh… U better order from a hotel and give the address …….dense forest , hut, mumbai….

Sanam : haha very funny….. Now I’m going in search of food…..

Sanam starts going

Aahil : hello jalli wali…. When u will be here … U won’t find me here…

Sanam doesn’t listen and goes

After 20minutes sanam comes there with a water melon…… She doesn’t find aahil there …. She gets tensed

Sanam : Bewakoof …. I mean aahil where r u?????

She keeps the watermelon down and searches for him

Sanam : (tensed) oh god…. Aahil where r u ???? Aahil …. AAHIL!!!! See don’t do any pranks with me…. Plz come here….

Sanam gets haunted by the sounds produced by the animal……..

Sanam starts running….. Meantime aahil comes there…

Aahil : sanam …. What happened …. Why r u running?????

Sanam gets relieved and hugs aahil (junoon tere ishq ka plays)

Aahil is taken a back at first and he feels strange while sanam is hugging him…. He then hugs her back tightly and smiles…..

Aahil and sanam both come to senses and they compose themselves ……

Sanam : (hits aahil ) u scared me….. Where did u go …

Aahil : hey stop hitting me …. Even I went in search of food … I brought a watermelon …

Sanam : even I brought a watermelon.. 2 watermelons will be too much….. We will better eat 1 watermelon now and the next one after 3 hours..

Aahil : WHY ???? Now I’m very hungry …. Plz ….. U eat one and I’ve eat the another…..

Sanam : now way…. Only one watermelon now and another one after 3 hours…..

Aahil : ok fine …. Let’s start…..

Sanam : ok…

They both sit down…

Sanam : break the watermelon …

Aahil : (puzzled) excuse me???? I have to break this watermelon… Then how we can eat if I put this down and break it..

Sanam : (what the hell expression) ya Allah …. Break this watermelon with ur hand so that we can eat….

Aahil : I should break this watermelon with my hand….. Like aamir khan huh???? Not bad idea sanam…… Fine I’ve try……

Aahil breaks the watermelon with his hand like aamir khan …..

Aahil : (He acts as if he is hurt while breaking the watermelon) oops!!!

Sanam : what happend ??? Is it paining a lot????

Aahil : (laughs) nothing … I was just acting …..

Sanam : u….. Fine let’s start eating the watermelon…… And by the way do u spit the watermelon seeds fast after eating it????

Aahil : of course …. No one can spit faster than me (funny tune plays)

Sanam : oh really…. Even I’m expert in spitting the watermelon seeds…. I’ve definitely beat u..

Aahil : let’s see….

They both start eating the watermelon and starts the seed spitting game Also (dil hai ki manta nahi song plays….)

Finally sanam wins the spitting game…

Sanam : Yay!!!! I won the game…

Aahil : ok fine madam… U won … Come on let’s take rest…..

Sanam : fine but I’m going for a walk … I’ve be back within 20minutes … R u coming with me ?????

Aahil : ummm…. (Thinks) yaar I’m still hungry …. Let her go for a walk and I’ve better eat the 2nd watermelon fully…. (And says) no I’m going to take rest…. But be careful..

Sanam : fine……..

Sanam leaves…

Aahil rushingly starts eating the watermelon and finally he finished it….. Sanam still didn’t return to the hut….

Scene 2
Aahil’s residence guest room…

Rehan comes to meet seher but she’s not present there …….. On table he finds a diary……

Rehan : diary???? I think it is seher’s diary….. Let me see

He is about to take and he says

Rehan : no rehan…. It’s not good to see others secret….. But… I want to see….

He picks up the diary and starts reading it…

Rehan : arey… I thought it is seher’s personal diary but…. She’s writing some article it seems… Let’s read….

Rehan reads it and smiles ….. Meantime seher comes in and she is shocked to see rehan reading her articles….

Seher : don’t touch my stuffs (takes away the diary) …

Rehan : arey…. Why did u take it in the middle ??? It was very interesting seher…. And by the way ur articles are awesome…

Seher : thanks … Now leave and don’t touch my stuffs without my permission…..

Rehan : arey par…… Fine

He silently takes one of her diary smiles and goes……

Scene 3
Forest – night 8pm

Aahil : arey .. Still jalli wali didn’t come here…. It’s already 8pm … .. Fine I’ve make call….

Aahil was about to make a call but he sees sanam’s mobile there

Aahil : uff…. Madam left her mobile here…. Yaar….

A police van passes by the hut…. Aahil sees that….

Aahil : police .???? Here??? I think there is a problem….. Let’s go and see…

Aahil is walking on the road …. In the road he got hold of a bracelet

Aahil : this is sanam’s bracelet (he gets tensed)

He then starts going fastly …. On one corner he sees 1 broken sanadal

Aahil : (tensed) even this is sanam’s sandal… I hope she’s fine…. Let’s asks police…

He goes to police and asks

Aahil : sir … Any problem here???

Police : voh… Actually a car accident…

Aahil : what???

Police : yeah…. Actually someone reported us that a girl was wearing a blue top and jeans …. She was walking on the road … A car suddenly came and hit her… That’s why we are here….

Aahil remembers sanam wearing the blue top and jeans and he’s super shocked …

Police : see there ambulance came here and now they are taking her to the hospital…

Aahil is not able to control… He starts to run behind the ambulance shouting

Aahil : SANAM!!!!! (Dramatic version junoon plays)

The Ambulance goes….. He is sitting on the road (he’s in knees) and he’s is almost in tears…. He doesn’t know what to do…….

Finally he hears a girl talking with someone in a phone booth……

Girl : (to a guy who is standing there) excuse me bhaijaan …. Everyone are waiting to call … Plz make it fast..

Guy : fine ….

The guy goes….

The girl who is in the phone booth Is none other than sanam…… Aahil wipes his tears and relieved after seeing her…… But aahil come backs to his angry mode and goes near sanam…. Sanam too sees aahil…

Sanam : aahil… U r here…

Aahil slaps her…. Sanam is in tears and rage…

Sanam : (rage and tears) what did I do ???? Why did u slap me now??

Aahil : (holds her wrist) what r u thinking about ur self ????I was searching u for a long time like a mad person….. U left ur mobile in the house and u went for walking …

Sanam : so…

Aahil : (doesn’t let her speak and holds her tightly) I didn’t see u anywhere and I got these 2 things on the road…

Sanam gets shocked after seeing her bracelet and broken sandal

Sanam : (still in tears) aahil .. It’s hurting me leave me…. And let me talk..

Aahil : u r the one who hurted me a lot sanam!!!!! (Remembers running behind the ambulance shouting sanam’s name ) I thought u were ….

Holds sanam even tightly (dramatic junoon plays)

Aahil : do u even know what I’m going to …. I was mad, tensed about u sanam…..

Holds her face and says..

Aahil : I thought … I lost u forever… And u r here…. If u would have been in that ambulance …. WHAT HAVE I DO IF I LOST U!!!!!!!!

Sanam eyes aahil tensedly ….. The screen freezes on their faces……

Precap : at 9pm they both (sanam and aahil ) get into sanam’s friend’s father’s nautanki…… He friend marshiya is also present there ….. Marshiya says that in nautanki the girl who’s going to play heer is not going to come…. So she asks sanam to play as heer….. Aahil says that he will make her forgive him @ this nautanki that too in that play…….. Sanam makes entry as heer and says the dialouge….. Aahil makes a dramatic entry……… The car mechanic comes and the car is fixed…. Aahil and sanam both are returning home…. Sanam asks aahil about something he gets tensed……..


Guyz plz vote again for ayaz …. I’m confused between mohith and namish ….. So I’m giving 4 options now…….

A) namish taneja (swaragini – laksh )
B) parth samthaan(kaise hai yeh yaariyaan 2 – manik)
C) mohith malhotra (jamai raja – yash)
D) yuvaraj thakur (bade ache lagte hai – samar shengill (sammy)

And guyz I think some of them are not liking my fan fiction … If I’m boring I’ve end it soon…. And if u like plz leave comments and feedbacks….. And by the way sorry for the short episode … Actually I’m in class 9 and my sa-2 exams are going on and it will end only on 18th march….. Thank god that main exams are over so I’ve be updating everyday…. Sorry for delaying ….. And plz plz plz … Leave ur feedbacks and comments about my fan fiction

Credit to: Sunehri

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