Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 12)


Guys….. I this episode the killer will be revealed…. To make court scene more interesting I find hindi dialouges will be the best….only some dialouges …… But don’t worry … I’ve give english translation also …… Keira , angel where are u dear… Hope u guyz are reading it …..I have given the translation below the dialouge with the brackets or beside it……. Ok enjoy the episode

Scene 1:
Rehan’s residence …

Rehan plays the video and sees….

Rehan : kuch to hai iss video mein (something is there in this video )…

This time rehan finds out ……..

Rehan : (shocked and excited) wh what….. That’s gr8…. Don’t worry aahil sanam, tomorrow I’ve produce this last evidence and save u both….. And now I got to know who’s the murderer… Now u can’t escape …. I’ve catch u red handedly….

Scene 2:
Next day morning ….. Court

Aahil and sanam are produced there

Rehan comes there where as mr. Mathur comes there…(before the case starts)

Mr. Mathur : rehan , u remember right ??? Today is the last day…. So be prepared…

Rehan : I know what to do ….

Judge comes there ….. Today all are present … Mr. Malik , tanveer, Dilshad , ayan , humeira, seher…..

Judge : the case may proceed….

Rehan again plays the video again in the court and he pauses the video when sanam shoots …..

Mr. Mathur : your honour…. Mujhe lagtha hai ki …. We are wasting the time by investigating this case…. It’s clearly seen that sanam only shooted Arzaq…….

Rehan : objection my lord….. Mr.mathur ….. Shuruvad se aap ek hi dialouge me atkke hue hai…. (Mr. Mathur from the first court hearing … U r saying the same dialouge…. That he killed her she killed her)…

Mathur eyes rehan angrily…

Rehan : your honour ….. Me eh sabith kar sakhatha hoon ki khooni sanam nahi hai….. Balki koi aur hai….(I can prove that sanam is not the murderer but someone else) (Turn towards mr. Malik) am I right mr. Malik…

Mr. Malik gets tensed…

Mr. Mathur : objection my lord….. Mr. Rehan is trying to accuse my client…. Rehan… Koi sabooth ke bina ab kaise keh saktehai ki mr. Malik hai kaathil hai (without any proof how could u say that mr. Malik is the murderer )

Rehan : wait wait wait mathur….. My lord …. Jab sanam ne wahaan gun Lekar khadi thi….aur jab usne gun chalaaye ….kyun ki usko gun chalane nahi aati aur voh Dari hui thi ….. Toh voh gun misfire ho kar uss vase me lagi thi…. Aur teekh ussi vakth…. Mr. Malik ne chupkar Arzaq pe goli chalaayi aur teekh ussi waqth Arzaq ke seene me goli lagi aur uski wajhese uski athya hogayi…..

(When sanam was holding the gun and when she fired it ….. She doesn’t know how to fire the gun and at that time she was scared too…. So the shot was missed and the bullet hit the vase….. At the same time mr.malik who was hiding there shooted Arzaq and that bullet hit Arzaq and he died)

Mr. Mathur : mr. Rehan Eisa ghatiya kahani iss adaalat me math sunayiye…. Eh aap kahi baar suna chukke hai ……. Kya aap ke paas Eisa sabooth hai ki Jisse sabith ho ki mr. Malik ne hi Arzaq ki athya kiya…

(Don’t say such stupid stories in this court….. Do u have anyother proof in which u can prove that mr. Malik is the murderer???)

Rehan : mr.mathur….. Sabooth hai aur aap dekhna chahtehai right???? (U want the proof right)….. Your honour sabooth ankhon ke samne hai aur sabooth ankhon me hi hai….. (Proof is in front of our eyes…. And the proof is in the eyes only)

Mr. Mathur : ky kya….. Mein kuch samjha nahi hoon….. (I’m not able to understand)

Rehan smiles and says : mr. Mathur …. Mr. Mathur…

He breaks into a poetry…(says it fastly yet clearly)

Samaj samajke samaj ko samjho
Samaj ko samajna bhi ek samaj hai
Jo iss samaj ko na samjhe mere
Samaj me voh ek naa samaj hai….

Samjha… Mr. Mathur (and smiles)

Everyone including judge stares at rehan puzzled….

Mr. Mathur : mr. Rehan I know that u are too good at poetry and don’t forget that this is court…… Aur aap peheliyaan math bhujaayiye…. Just come to the point (don’t knit stories)

Rehan : mr. Mathur me peheliyaan nahi bhujaarahahoon …. Me aap ki savaalonki Jawab hi derahahoon (I’m not knitting stories… I’m just answering to ur questions)
Sabooth….. Your honour sabooth ankhon mein hai…. Sanam ki ankhon mein (proof… Proof is in the eyes …. Sanam’s eyes)

Everyone are shocked in the court….

Mr. Mathur : (laughs loudly) ha ha ha …. Sabooth sanam ki ankhon mein huh???? My lord iss baat ka mathlab nahi hai mr. Rehan iss adaalat ka apmaan kar rage hain

(Proof in sanam’s eyes huh??? My lord rehan is disrespecting this court)

Judge : mr. Rehan plz say it clearly….. Kis sabooth ki baat kar rahe hai aap (which proof r u talking about)

Rehan : if I should say it clearly ….. Your honour ….. Sach ankhon ke samne hi tha …. Par hum dekh nahi pathe…. Infact me kya sanam khud dekh nahi pathi….

(Truth was infront of our eyes…. But we were unable to see it…. Infact even sanam was unable to see it)

Mr. Mathur : I know that I have said this 100 times…. It’s clearly seen that sanam is the murderer and that’s all…

Rehan : mr. Mathur …. Aap ne shahid mere baat par gour nahi kiya… Mene aap se kahatha ki….. Aap Zaraa iss video me sanam ki ankhon me dekiye……. Ek kaam kejiye aap ki kaan ke saath thoda aap ki ankhon me bhi Zoe Daaliye aur sanam ki ankhon me dekhiye…..

(I think u haven’t understood my words….. I told u that….. U just see sanam’s eyes in this video …. See it properly….)

Mr. Mathur sees her eyes but doesn’t find anything

Rehan : chaliye koi baat nahi….. Mein hi dikhadethi hoon…. (It’s ok…. I will show it to u)

Rehan then zooms the video and shows only sanam’s eyes in the video…

Rehan : my lord…. The thing which we were not able to see in the video it’s clearly seen in sanam’s eyes….. There is a mirror behind Arzaq when she was about to shoot and the sound …. When she’s firing the gun is heard twice….. And the main point is the real culprits face is also seen….

Everyone are dumbstruck after seeing it ….. Mr.malik and tanveer get tensed…. Sanam and aahil get relived….

Rehan : gour se dekiye mr. Mathur ….. Agar abhi apko sabhoot nahi mila toh me apko ek advice de thi hoon….. Aap chasma pehenlijiye aur uss chasme ke saath iss sabhoot kho dekiye……dekhiye mr. Mathur….. Sanam ke aankhon me jo reflection hai uses dekiye …… Eh hai Arzaq qureshi ka also kaathil…..

(See it properly mr. Mathur…… Even if u don’t find any proof….. Then I’ve give u a free advice…… U better wear glasses and see this proof properly)

The video is played ….. It is clearly seen that mr. Malik is the real murderer….

Rehan : ye hi hai ….. Ye hi hai voh insaan jis par mujhe pehele se hi shaq that……. (In loud voice) sabash sangram malik….. Aab time range Haat pakadegayi….

(This is the person …. He is the real muderer …. The person whom I suspected from first…. Well played sangram malik…. Now u r caught red handed…. Now u can’t escape)

Judge: point to be noted…..

All seher,Dilshad,humeira , ayan , sanam , aahil are relived while tanveer is frustrated…

Rehan : mr. Mathur any objection…

Mr. Mathur : I do agree with mr. Rehan my lord….

Rehan : that’s all my lord….. Defence is at rest…..

Rehan and mathur come and sit in their chain while judge is writing something….

Rehan turns around and eyes seher romantically and smiles…. Seher too smiles

Judge : this court has sentenced that mr. Sangram malik will be put in jail…. The case is closed….. Mr. Malik tries to run but police comes and catches him…. He eyes tanveer angrily

Sanam and aahil jump in victory and they both hug (junoon moment)

Everyone are staring at them…. They notice this and compose themselves….

They all celebrate…..

The screen freezes on their faces….

Precap : tanveer takes mr.malik in bail….. Aahil organises a party for the victory in case….. Sanam’s family become friends with aahil rehan ….. Aahil and sanam to become friends……. Mr. Malik silently enters the party and he’s planning to do something …….

Promo : seher rehan aahil sanam plans for a picnic…… Sanam and aahil alone in one car …..sehan in another car with the other family members….. Aahil’s car breaks down and they are struck in the forest……


Hope u guyz liked today’s episode….. And by the way I want to ask u guyz something…… I already told u that I’m going to bring ayaz (ayan and humeira’s son) to make aahil and rehan jealous….. Do u want him as negative or positive……

Plz leave ur comments and feedbacks and I request all silent readers also to comment becoz I want to know how I’m writing and is my story good or not…. Plz do comment…..

Credit to: Sunehri

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