Sanam aur aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (episode 1)

Scene 1 :
Dilshad’s residence

2 girls are shown ……. They are twins and they are doing namaz….. The elder one is seher and the younger one is sanam ….. After doing namaz Dilshad calls them

Dilshad : seher sanam , come quickly …. Everyone has arrived for Quran Khwani…..

Sanam and Seher (at the same time) : Han , badi ammi …..

Just then sanam sees her parents pic (asad and zoya) ….. A teardrop falls from her eyes….

Seher : sanam come on let’s go everyone are waiting for us……

Sanam : I don’t want to come ….. I won’t be able to control myself … Tum jaavo (u go there )….

Seher : (gives a sad look) sanam plz…… We are doing this for ammi and abbu’s peace …… At least do this for your ammi and Abbu ….. They both hug each other and cry …..

Meanwhile Dilshad comes there ……

Dilshad : sanam seher , come on everyone are waiting …

They both hug Dilshad

Sanam : badi ammi why we aren’t lucky to have parents like others…

Seher : if that accident would have not happend our ammi and Abbu would have been with us …..

Dilshad : I understand beta … Come on let’s go (in her mind ) I’m sorry sanam seher ….. I lied about ur ammi and abbu’s death that they died in accident….

Quran Khwani starts ……..

In afternoon it gets over …. Ayan and humeira comes there (I’m showing ayan and humeira as husband and wife …. And they are alive in my ff)

Sanam : ayan chacha… ( both sanam and seher goes running and hugs ayan and humeira)

Ayan : my princess how r u …

Seher : absolutely fine chachu…. And humeira chachi…. How is ayaz (ayan and humeira’s son)

Humeira : he’s doing good … Now he’s in London .

Dilshad : that’s gr8… Ayan humeira … Come on let’s have the lunch… Sanam seher plz bring the food and plates….

Sanam and seher goes to bring the plates…

Ayan : ammi … How many days will u hide the truth from sanam and seher…. We have to tell them the truth behind asad bhai and zoya bhabhi’s death…..

Humeira : ammi we have to reveal…

Dilshad : no ayan …. If I reveal …. Even seher will understand …. But sanam… She won’t be able to control herself…. Both will breakdown if I say tanveer ….

Meantime sanam and seher comes there and all 3 Dilshad , ayan and humeira are shocked and act as if they are normal …. They are relieved that they didn’t hear anything… After sometime they start eating lunch ……..

Sanam : badi ammi , I’m my collage there is a cooking contest….

Dilshad : arey wah … Then u both are going to participate huh???

Seher : badi ammi u know that I’m very poor in home science…

Sanam : but I’m going to participate …….

Ayan : then start the preparations…..

Sanam : yes chachu…. I’m planning to go as Cook in someone’s house …

Everyone at the same time : WHAT !!!!! (Funny tune plays)

Dilshad : ya Allah this girl…. Sanam have u gone mad …. Last time also u did the same thing …….

Seher : sanam last time u went as a maid in chadda aunty’s house …. U turned the house upside down …… U tried out all characters …. Only beggar is left…

Sanam : ha ha very funny…..

Issi baat pe mene ek sher arz kiya hai me ne (I composed a poem)

Ayan : arey wah ….

Sanam : toh arz kiya hai

Waisae bi har kisi kehatehai sanam dikthihai badi acchi…
Par iss bar sanam bankar jayagi bawarchi…… Yippe ….

Sanam and seher leave …….

Humeira : kitni pyaari bachi hai yeh (sanam and seher are very sweet) … She’s just like zoya and seher is just like asad bhai…

Ayan : ammi sanam is beating my shayari record… I’m planning to compete her…

Dilshad : badmaash …. I’m praying that they both should be happy ….

Scene 2:
Aahil’s residence

Time is 12 noon and a guy is still seen sleeping …. He’s aahil raza ibrahim ….. Meantime rehan comes there (I’m showing rehan as his friend and he’s a lawyer) …..

Rehan : aahil get up…. It’s 12 noon and ur still sleeping ??

Aahil : rehan plz…. Let me sleep….

Rehan : I have a good news buddy…. Ur ammi ….. Begum sahiba tanveer is returning home today after 20 years from jail ….. She will be here in 30 minutes….

Aahil : (jumps happily and hugs rehan and cries) u know what rehan ….. In this 20 years I was very lonely after my father died and ammi went to jail….. But today I’m very happy as my ammi is returning home…..

Rehan : yeah buddy ….. I think we have to make preparations for her welcoming right
. Let’s go to dargah

Aahil : yes rehan … We have to make preparations …. Rehan u know that I don’t believe in this god…

Rehan : but ur ammi is returning today right ….

Aahil : fine…. But after meeting ammi ….

A woman comes there …. (Billo rani tune plays )

Tanveer : ur ammi is here aahil beta……..

Aahil and his sisters nazia and shazia comes there and hugs her …….

Aahil and tanveer have a emotional conversation

Aahil : ammi I wanted to ask you something…. For what reason u went to jail?

Tanveer refuse to answer and excuses herself…..

After sometime she goes to a secret room …. In that room she has the portrait of asad and zoya’s pic……

Tanveer : zoya , zoya …. Because you for 20 years , I have been in jail ….. If u have not married asad …. U would have been enjoying your life…. But today u r a LOSER

She says it again and again and laughs…….. (Billo rani tune plays )

The screen freezes on tanveer’s face

Precap : sanam is driving scooty…. She hits someone’s car …. The guy who is in the car is aahil …. Both aahil and sanam have a big fight

Sorry if it is boring …. Plz leave your commemts…. I’ve try to make it more interesting..

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  1. awesome yrr update next part soon……

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  8. Hey sunehri i just wanted to ask u weren’t haider and humeira together last ayan left the show before zoya found her father woudnt it be better if haider was with humeira instead of ayan? I know your ff is different from the real qubool hai but I am just saying ayan left and haider was with humeira. But your ff is great keep it up love u lots.

    1. Hey I know yaar. … I love ayan and humeira pair at 1st … that’s why 🙂

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  11. Hey sunehri great epi I am 12 years and i want to start my own ff but they ask me for a phrasas any idea what could I put as my phrasas

    1. Thank you natasha 🙂 …. on which couples u r writing fan fiction? ? If u tell I can give you some idea 🙂

  12. So nice dear but didn’t mentioned tht whom u choose as tanveer…n pls i like that rehan calls ahil to Ahil Bhai pls accept my request…love u dear..

    1. Yeah n one more thing that can u pls request in ur next ff that someone update qubool hai ‘s written update which is currently air on ZEE ANMOL…pls pls pls….
      N who is ayan rishabh or vikrant??actually i would like to choose rishabh as ayan..

    2. Amu. … After a 5-6 episodes rehan will start calling him like that… 🙂 ok I’ve request

    3. First of all. … Both additi and amrapali got equal no . Of. Votes. … u guys tell me who is suitable? ?? And no doubt …. only rishab is Ayan 🙂

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  16. Awesomeeeeee episode, keep it up. Ahin n sanam totally opposite to each other. ..precap is very interesting. ..but u said in the intro that seher is dead….but in your ff intro u said that seher is dead…keep it up. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads….

    1. Everyone wanted seher back so I made her alive … Thank u so much Roma 😉

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