Did Samrat really have a change of heart in Doli Armaanon Ki?


Urmi, from the small town in Jhansi, had many dreams connected to her marriage. She had a picture perfect imagination just like fairy tale weddings, where her prince charming will come riding a horse with a shining armor. Urmi had many wonderful expectations from her marriage just like any other girl. Her high hopes made her set a world of illusion where she saw herself only smiling with lots of happiness. She felt Samrat will be the best husband in the world and wanted to keep up her relation the best way, by having a lovely bond between them.

But all her hopes were broken and her glittering eyes filled with tears. Her world shattered after she got married to Samrat, as he did not prove to be a good husband. He started abusing her a lot and ill treated her. Tired of his physical abuse, she went ahead to file the police complaint against him and sent him to jail to make him realize his mistake. The family persuaded her to take the complaint back and give another chance to Samrat. The soft hearted Urmi could not see the family suffer because of Samrat’s evil doings and decided to give him another chance. She took her complaint back and hoped to see Samrat change after the time spent in jail. But to her amazement, Samrat was still the same, an abusive and ill treating husband. He was not a bit thankful to her, and was angry as she has sent him to jail. His arrogance and anger did not fade. Things went on happening the same way and Urmi was losing all hopes from her marriage.

Samrat then had an accident, which was very fatal. Urmi’s prayers and her service to his recovery saved him. Samrat never expected this from her, as he has not given her anything in this marriage. But seeing her goodness, and selfless help, his heart started feeling towards Urmi and he finally understood Urmi deserves to be happy. He recovers and comes home, and decides to give a good life to Urmi. Urmi’s birthday comes and she waits for everyone to wish her, but feels upset as no one comes forwards to her. Samrat arranges a surprise birthday party for Urmi and it gives her immense joy seeing Samrat’s efforts for her. Samrat then apologized to her in the party infront of everyone and promised to keep her happy forever. Urmi gained her dreamy eyes again and hopes that all her expectations come true. Will Samrat live up to it, did he really change or not? What do you think about Samrat’s sudden change? Give us your opinion.

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  1. Let’s hope so

  2. a bit nervous hopefully its not a pretense or passing fad

  3. Ok guys
    Here is a spoiler
    Amrit will put a camera in samarats office and get hid password, urmi will find this video and catch amrit red handed

  4. I hope he is not playing with her

  5. Im afraid that he might not change in heart but i hope he did change

  6. I hope samrat heart changes

  7. This is such a stupid poll. Why do u even conduct this poll? All is well with Urmi and Samrat,

  8. yea, i thnk he is a changd man. i rlly lyk mohit mallik, he is playng d character of samrat perfctly

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