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Samragni epi 59

In this part I will narrate the story simply than with dialogues and all.

So, Ragini’s empire is Gadodiya. She is the empress(Samragni) of it. I have already said about the Island which is away from this empire. So, they wanted to conquer a small part in her empire as their Island is facing with series of floods with ocean water.
So, Ragini accepts whoever comes to her feet. But, that Island king want to conquer the place on his own, he doesn’t wanted to be the subordinate of Samragni. For that he was in his planning to eliminate Samragni. But, she has the protection of Laksh, Sanskar and Durga Prasad in three directions. He plans to separate Sanskar from the royal throne. When the empire loses a great warrior like Sanskar and who is the only opponent of Ragini, that king’s work becomes easy to kill her.
For this he is trying to use Swara.

But.. being the best friend of Ragini.. will Swara helps that king..?

Being aware of the series of mysterious attacks happened on Ragini, Dp doubts that there is some new enemy who has come for Ragini again. For her protection, he sends away her, Laksh and their kids away from empire.
Ragini doubts that there is something happening inside the fort and she appoints Kavitha as the secret spy. However, Sanskar was also busy in spying everyone.

Laksh who comes to a village along with his family doubts some secrets movements in Chirag’s empire. So, Laksh at night time gets busy in finding out the secret. He doesn’t say this to Ragini as she was already upset in getting banished from the empire.

But, turning as a normal woman her real character has not changed. she couldn’t tolerate the injustice occurring in front of her eyes. She disguises herself as a man and starts fighting with the goons who are suffering normal people. Laksh supports her in this. as no one can change Ragini’s attitude, ‘For people’

Meanwhile, Chirag’s only sister Kavya starts growing feelings on the new guy who is fighting with the goons. She loves Ragini who disguised herself as man while fighting.

Swara comes to know that Chandrashekar is her father and who has suffered a long prison life. The Island king says this to her and spoils her mind saying that her father has suffered the unwanted punishment, for which Swara vows to take revenge on the Gadodiya royal family.
It was Island king men who kidnaps Chandrashekar from Ragini’s custody, whom she was giving treatment secretly. Ragini gives treatment on having respect on him that he is swara’s father.

Swara goes to meet the Island king secretly for her revenge purpose, and Kavitha keeps doubting her movements. On questioning about this, Swara taunts Kavitha.. but amazingly Sanskar supports Kavitha instead of Swara which even more burns her. but innocent swara is not aware of the Island king’s cruel intentions.

Now, the story takes a major turn when Laksh comes to know that the secret works happening in Chirag’s empire are by the Island men. They are secretly storing their weapons in that empire to war on Gadodiya.

And, he also comes to know that Swara was in their team, which even more shocks him. A period of one month passes since Raglak has left the empire. Now banishment punishment for Ragini is over.

Now, Laksh is spying their secret place.. those goons will see Laksh.

A fighting happens between Laksh and them, then a goon catches Laksh and other one is about to kill him…
Just then a dagger comes and shoots that man. He falls. Ragini comes and fights with that goons too. They both drive them away.

After sometime,

Ragini was holding her two kids on her back.

Ragini: what was all this Laksh? Why didn’t you tell me when you are spying?

Laksh: you were happy these days as normal girl Ragini. I didn’t wanted to distract your happiness.

Ragini: but, I’m still a Samragni. I have to know everything..!! Now tell me Laksh what did you find out..?

Laksh: I will say this to mahamantri Dp. You don’t worry Ragini. We will handle this.

Ragini makes her face serious now.

Ragini: maharaj Laksh..! As the Samragni of Gadodiya, I’m ordering you to say the secret right now. this is empress’s order..!!

Laksh takes a sigh,
“Samragni, the island people are placing weapons around Gadodiya. They are ready to come on a war at any time..!!”

Ragini shocks with his words.

Laksh: and, they got treasure from fort.

Ragini: someone is helping in us..?? who is it Laksh..?

Laksh: what will you do if I say Swara’s name.

Ragini shocks.. but soon she laughs,
“How Swara would do this?”

Laksh: you won’t believe me?

Ragini: I won’t believe even in God in this aspect..!

Ragini goes away. Laksh looks on…

The next day Raglak returns to their empire. Ragini was not talking with Laksh for blaming Swara. By the time they reach fort, the place beside fort is busy with marriage arrangements.

Dp receives them with great smile.

Dp: Ragini, the one of the solider in our army.. Kavitha is going to get married. We all have waited just for you till today.

Ragini feels happy. Swara hugs Ragini. But, Laksh just turns his face away. All gets ready and the marriage rituals are about to start.

Ragini observes Swara and Sanskar are not talking with each other.

Rag: senapati, are you not talking with swara…?

San smiles: that’s just for funny Ragini.. and even I observed, you aren’t talking with Laksh..?

Ragini looks at Laksh, he was already looking at her.

Then Laksh sees Swara is going somewhere..

Lak: where are you going swara?

Ragini and Sanskar looks at him as he asked.

Swa: just a small work maharaj, I will just come..

Ragini comes near her,
“but, it’s kavitha’s marriage now swara.. go later..”

Swara with bit annoyance,
“I need not attend that bad lady’s marriage..!!”

Raglak and san shocks with her statement.

Rag: what happen to u swara?

Swa: I don’t understand why her marriage is celebrated this grandly..?? she was a stupid lady who loved king laksh once, who also came to his swayamvara, she has trapped my husband and now getting married..!! she is shameless..!!

All shocks with her words at once. The groom listens to her words. kavitha was sitting on wedding planks with blank expressions.
The groom’s family leaves the place silently. Kartick-kav’s brother tries to stop them.

Karthick looks at Ragini,
“Samragni devi, this much injustice is happening before your eyes and you are calm still..?”

Ragini looks on…

Karthick: the great mahamantri durga Prasad, maha senapati Sanskar… and mahan maharaj Laksh… no one couldn’t stop this..??

Swara: what they can do..?? it is true your sister was a bad charactered lady..!!

Kar: she was once like that devi, but she has changed now. she is the devoted soldier of this gadodiya maha sena..! but, what she has got at last..? now who will marry her..??

Ragini bends her eyes. Karthick comes before her.

Kar: Samragni, you do justice to all in this empire. Now tell me what justice you are going to give to my sister..? bcz of your sister like friend’s words my sister’s life is spoiled. Tell me the justice for this..!!

Ragini is about to say something… then Sanskar speaks up…

“If kids do wrong, it’s parent’s fault. If a student has done wrong, it’s teacher’s fault. If a wife has done wrong, then it’s husband’s fault. Now, I will correct it..!!”

All looks at Sanskar what is he going to do. Sanskar moves towards the wedding planks.

Swara is about to go near him, “Sanskar, stop..”

San: soldiers, block her..!

They keep swords as barrier to Swara.

Swara runs near Ragini, “ragini stop Sanskar.. he is going to marry her.. don’t do injustice to me..!!”
But, Ragini remains calm.

Sanskar marries Kavitha shocking each and everyone. Swara remains shattered with teary eyes. She shouts at Ragini,
“what kind of Samragni you are..?? this much injustice is happening to me..!!”

Ragini says a loud,
“Whatever you give, that you receive..!! swara, this was all your fault. And I can’t stop person’s decisions. I’m Samragni to people not to their decisions..!!”

Ragini goes away. All were upset with Swara. But, Ragini is still very shattered thinking about Swara’s situation.

Swara remains shattered at the wedding place only, no one cared for her.

Night time,

Swara gets annoyed on Ragini and brings a dagger to kill her silently. She lost her father bcz of this family and she lost her husband too..!!
Laksh observes that swara is coming like this. he alerts Sanskar and ragini silently and also to expose her.

Swara enters to Ragini’s room and stabs her. she removes the bed sheet and shocks to see it’s a pillow but not Ragini.

Then Ragini soon comes and slaps her. swara looks shocked. She looks around. Dp, Sanskar are also there.

Being angry on Swara, Sanskar sends her out of the fort. Completely shattered Swara reaches the Island king’s place and she realizes that they are planning against their empire but not helping her.

Swara realizes her mistake and decides to inform this to Ragini to save their empire from enemies, but she gets arrested by them. She even realizes that her father was actually the killer of Ragini’s grandfather and it’s Ragini who helped her father all these days for his treatment. Swara cries deeply for misunderstanding Ragini and she curses her fate for losing her loving husband.

Here Ragini was completely upset in the fort. She asks Sanskar to excuse Swara and accept her back. But Sanskar becomes too arrogant but he has love on her still.

Ragini alerts whole army to war against the secret Island goons around their empire.

Then Ragini gets a letter from dove,
“Samragni devi, if you announce a war on us, your loving friend Swara will die in our hands. if you want her alive, send senapathi Sanskar and your husband maharaj Laksh to us without any weapons..!”

All gets stunned with that letter.

Laksh: Ragini, don’t get down to that… maybe it’s her plan again..!!

Ragini: laksh, I can’t risk her life at any cost..!! you and Sanskar are going there without any weapons. Meanwhile, I will alert whole army secretly.

Sanskar nods his head. But, Laksh unwillingly follow her order.

Dp: instead of alerting our army, let’s ask Chirag for help. The Island king will never expect this.

Rag: samrat chirag will help us, send him a letter mamasri..

On other hand,
Princess kavya who came to know that these many days she has loved Ragini thinking her as a boy, gets furious. Looking at her even Chirag gets upset.

Then, they gets letter of Dp. Chirag looks at his sister Kavya and smirks getting a plan into his mind.

Precap: Will Ragini save swara from goons..?? Island king is going to arrest Laksh and Sanskar? What is Chirag’s plan… all this will lead to a great war..?? how Samragni is going to handle everything..?

/* guys, hope I didn’t confuse you. Do ask me if you got any doubts or you didn’t understand. I narrowed many episodes parts in single take.. in two or more parts this ff gets finished..*/

Author: Astra

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