samragni-the empress(58)

This world has witnessed many heroes. ‘Hero’ is not only the one who has power or who has fight. He is the one who can fight for people. And, he is called as Hero..!
Hero word is not just permitted for male. A hero can be a lady also. And we still talk and read about such ladies in our society.
Our country India has given many such ladies to this society. There are many queens in this country who has fought with enemies not less to men.
I have started Samragni fan fiction dedicating my deep respect to all such queens. And also to the power of women..!
This world is created with the grace of woman and it also ends in her anger. What not a woman..! she can be a mother. She can be a daughter. She can be a wife.. and everything..!
My all time inspiration is Rani Rudrama devi of Warangal. She belongs to Kakatiya dynasty. Who is the first empress in Deccan Plateau region.

Now, let’s go into the story.

Samragni epi 58

Ragini is singing lori song to her kids to make them sleep. Laksh was swinging the cradle gently looking at his kids.

The both kids have slept. Ragini smiles and sits on the steps at the door. Laksh too looks at kids for a while and confirms they are sleeping, he too sits beside her.

Laksh: are you thinking about chotu..?

Ragini nods her head: I don’t know, how is he..? can he stay without me..?

Laksh looking somewhere,
“who is he Ragini..?”

Ragini: who..?

Laksh: that prisoner..!

Ragini: he is related to this royal family Laksh…
Laksh looks at her.

Ragini: promise me, that you would never say this to anyone.
Laksh nods his head.

Ragini: he is Swara’s father..!

Laksh shocks at once.

Ragini: and you know who Swara’s father..Is? he is cousin brother for my father Shekar.

Laksh looks on…

Ragini: I don’t know that my dad has a cousin brother. One day I happened to visit the great jail, then I understood why mamasri has kept me far from that place…


Ragini goes to the jail to check. Then she happens to see a old man who is sleeping in cell.

Ragini: why punishment to such old man..? what crime did he do..?

One soldier: Samragni devi, he is the one who has killed your grandfather.

Ragini looks on..
“then he should deserve death punishment. Why he is left like this..?” Ragini asks.

Soldier: Samragni, this is the punishment given by your father samraat Shekar. “life time imprisonment..!”

Ragini goes away looking at that prisoner.

“then I happened to refer all the old documents(taalapatra) which are related to the palace. Then I checked, all the punishments which are given to the prisoners. I have came across about him, and I was shocked to know the truth that the person is none other that Swara’s father Chandrashekar.”

Fb again start,

Chandrashekar is Shekar’s cousin brother who used to be as the Senapathi. At that time Shekar’s father was the ruler. He sees when Chandrashekar was helping the enemies. In the fight, he kills Shekar’s father. Then Shekar becomes the emperor and he gives life time imprisonment to CS.
At that time Swara was the few months baby, who was unaware of her father’s betrayal. And her mom is dead already.

At the same time, Ragini was born.

In the good time of when Ragini has born, Shekar didn’t wanted to kill any prisoner. So, he gave life time imprisonment to that man.”

Fb finish…

Ragini continues saying,
“As soon as I came to know that he killed my grandfather, I wanted to kill him. But, when I came to know about that he is Swara’s father.. how can I have hatred on him anymore..?”

Laksh looks on..

“Swara believed that she is orphan for life time. And, she didn’t ever know that she has a father in jail who is the desha drohi. My mamasri Dp never let her know that she is daughter of such criminal, and he looked after her as own daughter. Except mamasri, my parents and few people… no one else know this secret. I really felt very sad when I saw Swara’s father was suffering in that jail in that way. I at least wanted to make father and daughter meet before he die. That’s why, I have planned myself and managed to get him out. I made him given treatment.”

Ragini completes saying.

Laksh: but truth is he was an cheater. Who helped enemies, who has killed your grandfather. That means, an emperor..! it’s a crime..!

Ragini: I know Laksh. But he is also Swara’s father. I remembered only this..! swara maybe not my sibling, but we both behaved as soul sisters. And her father is like my father too.. how I see my father suffered..?

Laksh: why didn’t you ever tell this to us then..?

Ragini: in our empire, a ‘deshadrohi’ is always treated as a ‘deshadrohi’. Whether he may have changed or realized. Still… he is treated in same way… see Laksh, Chotu is my chote papa Adarsh’s son. He is still treated as deshadrohi’s son sometimes. And Mansi.. who has married our Chandra.. she is also referred as same even though she is changed..! and in same way kavitha and karthick….

Laksh keeps looking…

Ragini: if I say this to everyone, all start separating Swara as the betrayer’s daughter. Which I never want to see or hear..! she is my friend..!! what mistake did she do if her father did something. That’s why I kept it as secret.

Laksh takes deep breath.

Laksh: so, for him now.. you are facing desha bahiskaran..! (ban)

Ragini: I’m not worried. This is only for a month. But, I’m thinking where did he escape..? did he escape on himself or someone helped..? if yes, who has helped him..??

Laksh looks on…

Next morning,

Raglak goes to market with their two kids. Ragini is holding Laksh’s hand and prince in one hand. Laskh is holding princess. Ragini is looking at the market all the stuff amazingly.
Laksh stops at a place and buys bangles to Ragini.

Rag: my wish is fulfilled at last.. as a normal girl.. I’m roaming in streets..

Then they happen to see a man is beating group of people and making them work forcefully. Ragini being intolerant towards injustice,
“Hey..!!” she shouts. But Laksh drags her from there.

Ragini: what is this Laksh..?? let me punish those cowards..

Laksh keeps finger on her lips and she looks on..

Suddenly a warrior comes and beat that man who was beating those innocent people.

Princess chariot passes by.. She removes the curtains and looks at the warrior who is fighting with that man.

He is strong and his eyes are sharp as cheetah.. that warrior kick that man’s hand and he falls down holding his hand. That warrior’s face is covered and only eyes are visible.
“Jai ho veeraa..!” all people cheer.

That princess smiles looking at that new guy.

Precap: Ragini to know the bitter truth which may shatter her..! on other hand, what’s happening in fort between Swara and Kavitha. Chirag will know that Raglak are in his empire..?

/* guys, if u remember.. kavitha and karthik are bro and sis. Kavitha once had crush on Laksh..(I said this in Laksh’s swayamvara) kavitha and karthic were once enemies to rag.. but later they changes and joins in ragini’s army. And I hope u all remembered who is chirag.. if not tell me, I will again repeat the summary in next part.*/

So now… who is that princess..?? what is the relation b/w her and Chirag..! who is that new warrior..?

Any guesses..??


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