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Samragni epi 56

Sanskar is sitting in the balcony of fort remembering the fight with the girl.
“She can’t do like this.” he thinks.

Just then Kavitha comes.
“Senapati ji, you have called me..?”

Sanskar: yes kavitha, I have a work for you.
(he says something to her)

Just then Swara comes. “why sanskar is talking to her this night time?” she thinks.

Kavitha is about to go away, she slips Sanskar holds her. now, Swara burns in jealous. She goes away from there frustrated.
The Island..(which I said once, who are trying to occupy gadodiya)

The king of the Island is laughing.

King: the color attack didn’t killed her..!
Minister: I said know maharaj, it’s impossible to kill her until Laksh is with her. and also Sanskar and Dp are her armors.
King: she herself is the armor to that whole empire..!!

Minister: yes maharaj…
King: then, let’s don’t kill her. but.. let’s occupy a part in her empire. Plan for it.

Minister nods his head.

Next morning,

Ragini is running the court. She observes Swara is missing.

One man: Samragni devi, in your ruling all the directions of empire are happy and prosperous. Everyone, are praising you.

Ragini: where the country is green, on that country always the eye of enemies falls. I’m asking about our secret enemies.

All look at Sanskar as he is the whole responsible for security. But, he was lost somewhere. He was remembering how Swara did verbal war with him last night.

Dp: Sanskar..! (Dp calls in somewhat loud tone)
Then he comes to world.

Sanskar: ji Samragni..

Ragini: someone attacked me on holi, and someone escaped from the jail..

Laksh stands.

Laksh: I have a clue for this.
All look at Laksh.

Laksh: there is hand of Adarsh behind this.
All shock.

Sanskar: but, he is dead.

Laksh shows a letter to all which have resemblance of Adarsh’s hand writing. That letter states, “I have come back to end Samragni.”

All becomes calm.

Laksh: so may be your chote papa Adarsh..

Ragini: baas maharaj Laksh.
Laksh becomes calm.

Ragini: we have seen him dying in front of our eyes. And it’s you who did his last funeral. Did you forget it..?
Tears start forming in her eyes.
All look at her silently.

Laksh: Samragni…

Ragini: I know my chote papa was desha drohi. But, it doesn’t mean, you have to humiliate him even after death…!

Ragini gets up from the throne as it is not correct to sit on throne when they are lost in emotions.
“sabha for today is finished..!” she announces and keeps going out. Laksh takes a sigh.

Sanskar comes near him.

San: how can you say that Laksh..?
Lak: I found this letter on the gate of palace.

Sanskar looks at letter. “this is his hand writing. But, this is impossible”

Laksh: that’s what I’m thinking.

Dp: laksh, Ragini needs you. Go near her now.
Laksh nods his head and leaves. Dp looks on.

Laksh goes to find Ragini. She was sitting at the pond and her tears are falling in the pond. She remembers her moments with Adarsh, but still she couldn’t his betrayal. After all, he is her chote papa.

Laksh: Ragini, the tears of a woman are not good for the house.
Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: and tears in samragni’s eyes are not at all good for the empire.

Ragini stands. “I’m still a human Laksh”

Laksh: crying for a desha drohi is just useless.

Ragini in anger: he is my chote papa..!

Laksh: he is the one who tried to kill your mama also Ragini..!!

Ragini becomes calm.

Laksh: a culprit should be never excused.
Ragini: of course, he can..? and what do you mean, chote papa is doing this again..?

Sanskar just comes: may be in his name Ragini.
They both looks at him.

San: it’s logically impossible for Adarsh’s return. So, probably someone to shift target from them, they are using his name.

Raglak looks at each other.

Sanskar: and haa Ragini, Laksh is right. Desha drohi is always a desha drohi, whoever it is..!
Ragini looks on…

The night.

Prince and princess are silently sleeping. Laksh wakes up from the sleep and finds Ragini is not beside him.

He comes out searching for her. in hall he happens to see Sanskar.

Laksh: are you not sleeping Sanskar.

Sanskar: I’m awake to catch a thief Laksh.

Laksh: thief.?

San: yes. It was impossible for me to catch her. atleast let’s see, if it’s possible to you..?

Laksh: wow..! challenge accepted.

Sanskar and Laksh goes to a forest like place.

San: that thief comes now in black mask. Attack him.

Laksh nods head. Then they see some black masked person is going.

Laksh goes to him and blocks his way. Sanskar smirks, ‘I know, you can’t raise sword against him.’

Laksh: who are you..?
Asks Laksh and about to remove the mask with his sword, that girl pushes his sword and tries to run, but Laksh holds her hand. She pushes Laksh. Laksh raises sword, she just keeps her sword as defense but, don’t attack him.
Laksh keeps raising the sword, but she keeps just as defense but doesn’t attack him.
Laksh can’t understand why she is not fighting with him and he comes into clarity that it’s a woman looking at her waist and he feels her familiar. Laksh pulls her to him holding her waist and she leaves the sword in her hand and her hand is trembling.
“No girl becomes calm like this when a strange man holds her in this way. If she remains calm, that means it is his lover or husband. So, it is Ragini..???”
Laksh thinks. Her eyes which are only visible are looking straight into his eyes. Then he removes her mask and her face is really reveled as Ragini..!!!

“Ragini..!!” amazes Laksh and steps back. Ragini bends her head. Sanskar comes there.

San: I know, that was you Ragini.

Raglak looks at him.

Sanskar: because Samragni is the only opponent for Sanskar’s talwar.

Sanskar: and, I also know.. you can never raise sword against Laksh. So, he will revel you..! now, we have to know the answer.

Ragini sternly looks at him.
“you proved yourself as clever again senapati. But, you don’t have right to question a empress.”

Laksh: here not the positions questioning you Ragini. But the friendship.
Ragini looks at Laksh.

Laksh: you only said we are humans. Samragni is superior to all, but Ragini is friend of us. Can we know why our Ragini is doing like this..?

Sanskar too looks at her.

Then the doctor comes in a run near Ragini.

Doctor: Samragni devi, that prisoner has escaped.

Ragini: what..?(shocks)

The trio runs to the hut. And he is missing. Ragini takes a sigh.

Sanskar: so, you are helping the notorious prisoner who was imprisoned more than 20 years…?

Ragini: yes..!

Sanskar: you have cheated the rules of law..?

Ragini: yes..!

Laksh: why Ragini..?
Laksh was about to hold her shoulders, Sanskar takes the chain shackles and ties them to Ragini’s hands.

Laksh: what the hell you are doing Sanskar..? she is empress. You can’t arrest her.

Sanskar: laksh, you may not know this rule. Senapati has right to arrest even the emperor when he crosses the limits of law.

Laksh: you need not be this much dramatic. Remove those shackles now.

Ragini: let him arrest Laksh. I will feel happy as an empress that my friend is doing his duty unlike the friendship.

Sanskar hides his tears.

Sanskar: I can now say you as desha…

Laksh holds Sanskar’s chin. “don’t let that word come out of your mouth Sanskar..!”

Sanskar pushes Laksh. “let me do my duty maharaj”

Laksh takes out his sword, “then I will do my duty.”

Ragini shocks.

Laksh and Sanskar starts fighting.

Ragini: both of you plz stop the fight.

But, both are not cared to listen to her.

Precap: Dp gives a part time desha bhahiskaran for Samragni..! (but, is it also their plan..??)
Bhahiskaran= banned.

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