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Samragni epi 55

Mansi was hurt with Swara’s words and runs from there. She was crying. Ragini comes near her. She keeps hand on her shoulder.

Ragini: mansi..

Mansi: that’s why didi, i said i will not marry Chandra. All people will only blame me, only bcz i’m a desa drohi once.

Ragini: mansi, I’m not concerned about you past. But, now you are the great king Ram’s 2nd bahu. You are this Samragni’s sister like girl. I won’t spare if anyone says anything to you. You are as equal as Swara to me..!

Swara who just comes listens to it. ‘how can she be equal to me..??’ thinks Swara.

Then kavitha(she is a soldier in Ragini’s army. We all know this already) comes there.

“Samragni devi, the great prisoner has escaped from the jail”

Ragini shocks. Just then Dp comes.

Ragini: mamasri, this is what security in that jail where even Samragni is not allowed..! did you listen, that prisoner has escaped. What will you answer me now..?

Sanskar comes.

Sanskar: Samragni, this is my responsibility. I will look after it. There is someone in this palace who helped him to escape, bcz…

Ragini: because..??

Sanskar: that prisoner was jailed since 20 years..! he has the punishment of life time imprisonment. He was paralysed as he was punished for long. So, he can’t escape by himself.

Swara: why do you doubt only on palace people..?

Sanskar: it’s my assumption. Moreover, being a senapati i shouldn’t tell secrets more than this to except Samragni and mahamantri.

Swara expressions become dull as Sanskar said it.

Ragini: and Mamasri, what is that big sin that prisoner did that he got such a big punishment..?

Dp: Ragini, i think maharaja Laksh is waiting for you. Please go..

Ragini: ??

Dp goes away. Sanskar follows him.

“What mama is hiding from me..?” thinks Ragini.

Later Chandra and Mansi goes away.

Night time…

Senapati Sanskar was looking after the security around the palace. He is talking to some of soldiers about weapons etc..

Then, he finds some woman with black mask is going somewhere.

Sanskar: a woman who belongs to palace is going to somewhere this night time..??
He amazes.

He secretly follows her.

She goes into woods like place and Sanskar misses her.

That lady goes to the same hut like place where, she has allotted some doctors to give treatment for a middle aged man.

She enters into hut. As soon as the doctor saw her, he is about to call.. ‘s..’

That girl shows her hand again to stop. Her face is not shown.

Girl: how is the improvement..?

Vaidy(doctor): very well. But, we are scared. If people know that we are giving treatment to a great notorious prisoner..?

Girl: you are in the shelter of mine. Even God can’t do anything until I’m here..! there is no man born to oppose me that easily..!!

Sanskar who was searching all around happens to come to that hut.

Sanskar: where that girl has gone..?
He then starts going away silently ignoring the hut.

That girl, bends towards that man and holds his hand.
“Soon, you will be normal. I will not let anything happen to you.” She says. That man gets tears. This girl wipes his tears.

Soon, she starts going away.

While she is going away, Sanskar happens to see her again.

He comes from back and places sword at her neck.

“I don’t like to fight with women. But, tell me who are you.? This is Gadodiya’s sarva senani’s order..!” says Sanskar.

That girl holds Sanskar’s hand and twists it and pushes him back. Sanskar amazes.

“you aren’t a normal girl. May be you are a warrior.” He says.

That girl takes out her sword. They both fights.

Sanskar: tell me who are you. Otherwise, i will arrest you.

That girl, beats on his sword, his sword flies in air and falls too far. Sanskar shocks. He looks at his sword.
“Only one in this world can tackle me in this way..!” he thinks and looks ahead again.
But, that girl is missing. Sanskar looks on..

In the palace….

Ragini was running behind prince with rice bowl.
She hardly catches him and puts a round of rice in his mouth.

“hey mahadeva, in crawling state only these kids are making me run, don’t know what they will do once they start walking. Now, where is this shaithan princess..?”
She says and looks around.

She hears a laugh and finds baby princess is hiding below the table,
“Rajkumari..” Ragini says and goes near her and she keeps other rice round piece in her mouth.

“Maata..” she hears chotu’s voice and he has hugged Ragini’s legs. She bends to chotu, the 3 year old and feeds him too.

“chotu, go and catch that prince. Go..” Ragini says. Chotu runs.

She keeps the rice bowl aside and takes princess into her hands.

“ayyo, rajkumari.. see how you became dirty again..!” she says and changes her cloths. Then she looks at Laksh who was happily reading something.

Ragini keeps hand on her waist and says,
“hey maharaja shri Laksh deva..!”

Laksh looks at her.

Ragini: arey, here your wife is struggling with your kids. Don’t you have any effect..? this poor Samragni has to bear the empire’s responsibilities, she has to think about her people, enemies and when she comes to her anthahpura, she has to do her pati seva and look after her kids again. And, this mera pati swami is busy in reading something…

Laksh closes that book and comes near her. He sensually moves his hands on her waist.

Ragini: you only like to do these kinds of silly things..!

Laksh pulls her and make her sit in his lap.

Ragini: leave Laksh, kids will see..

Laksh: what can they understand..?
He is about to kiss her. Ragini stands from his lap.

Ragini: “bechare Ragini, might have been tired. Let’s take her somewhere…” did you ever think just like this..??

Laksh: oh.. my goddess got angry on mee…

Just then Chotu brings prince. Ragini makes prince and princess sleep in cradle. And chotu asks her to tell story before he sleep.

Ragini: see, he is asking story..! now, it’s your turn.

Says Ragini and sleeps.

Laksh: hey, what story i know..?

Chotu: papa..
Laksh sits beside him.

Laksh: there is arrogant princess and innocent prince…
He keeps telling story and Ragini smiles that Laksh is telling their story.

(guys, chotu is not Raglak’s kid. He is, Adarsh’s son. I hope, you remembered)

Sanskar comes to palace back thinking about that strange girl.

Precap: Laksh’s surprise to Ragini and sudden attack on Raglak.

/*guys, do you feel i’m dragging the story..? if yes, say me.. I’m thinking to write few more epis. If it’s really boring, say me..*/

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