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Hello friends,
Samragni is back after many days. I thought to come very late because, I thought you forgot me. I thought you were not interested in Samragni.. but, I was wrong. You all still love my Samragni, that’s why I’m back… thank you so much dears…

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Samragni next epi 53

The clouds seemed to be cleared. The clear sky is welcoming the warm sun light.. that sun light has touched the earth, to give a beautiful spring season…

Spring season.. the season of love and also the season of marriages. That season has filled the passions in hearts of all people and the Gadodiya empire seemed to be filled in happiness. That empire has not seen any enemies since 6 months.

People have forgotten the war and all are living in peace and harmony.

The palace walls of samragni’s sasural are filled with marriage musics. Because it is the marriage of prince Chandra, the brother of Laksh.

King Ram is seemed to be nervous, he is very busily seeing all arrangements.
Ragini comes.

Ragini: papa, please sit calmly. We are seeing everything right..!

Ram: but beta…

Laksh: pitasri… sit and talk with all the kings…

Laksh smiles at Ragini. She too smiles and they get busy. The bride is no one but mansi. She was getting nervous. Ragini comes near her.

Ragini: mansi, didn’t you get ready yet..?

Mansi: didi, I don’t deserve Chandra. You all remembered right, I cheated you..

Ragini: Mansi, it was past. Chandra loves you still and Ram papa, believes that you will be good bahu..
Mansi smiles. Ragini makes her ready with help of maids.

For that marriage, samraat chiraag also comes along with his wife and son. His son and chotu keeps running throughout the palace. That prince runs and kisses princess’s cheek again. (Raglak’s daughter-1 year old)

Ragini and Laksh smiles looking at them, but Chirag doesn’t like it.

Ragini was setting some deepas in a room, Laksh comes. He sits beside her. he places his hand on her hand.

Ragini: laksh, this is marriage place and all will see us.

Laksh: Samragni devi seemed to be brave, but coward actually.

Ragini holds Laksh’s cloth in neck.

Ragini: who is coward..? me..??

Laksh: yes..!!

Then Ragini looks in all directions kisses his cheek suddenly and runs. Laksh laughs.

Kavitha who was there, looks that scene suddenly and she laughs in herself and gets dashed to Sanskar suddenly who just came there.

Kavitha: I’m sorry senapati ji…

But Swara who looks at the scene gets furious.

Swara: can’t you see and walk..??

Sanskar: let it be swara..

Swara: if servants are given freedom, they won’t even look back to trap kings..!!
Kavitha hurts with her words. swara takes Sanskar hand and goes away.

Ragini was sitting with prince and princess in both of her hands. chiraag’s son was at princess hand and chotu was at prince hand.

Chiraag son(3 years old) asks Ragini, “Samragni devi, why don’t you send princess with me to my palace..?”

Ragini: ahan, why do you want princess..??

Chi son: bcz.. she is so cute.. I want to play with her…

Chotu: I won’t agree. Princess will stay here only..!

Chi son: no..! she has to come..

Ragini: ok.. ok.. I will send her when time comes…

Chiraag looks on…

Mansi and Chandra’s marriage will be started. Laksh and his other two brothers are teasing Chandra. Mansi is smiling.

Ragini gives two kids to a maid.

Ragini: swara, let’s go and tease mansi also..

Swara: but why..?

Ragini: why..? she is also like our sister right..!

Swara: that desa drohi is not my sister..!

Ragini looks at swara un believed. Then she calls Kavitha for assistance. Kavitha at first hesitates as she is just a normal soldier in army. But, Ragini takes her too.

Kavitha and Ragini are together teasing Mansi.. swara looks jealous.

The whole royal family is seemed happy….

But the land away from this land… which was separated by the oceans… which land was covered by oceans in all ways… no connection with outside world…

A spy enters into that palace which is king’s palace of that Island kingdom.

‘Maharaj, It’s Gadodiya empire which is very close to us..!’

Maharaj: so, shall we attack that kingdom first.?

Spy: the way to enter that empire land is very tough..!! they war covered by heavy density waves… which submerges all the ships..!

Maharaj: entering is not a tough job..!! tell me, who is ruler of that empire..?

Spy: Samragni Ragini devi..!

Maharaj: a woman..?

Spy: just not a woman..! a form of goddess as people believe. She is the only protector of that empire. Until, she is there on throne, it’s even impossible to touch the sand of that empire..!!

Maharaj: then, let’s eliminate her only first..!!

Spy: it’s even more impossible. She is surrounded by the protection armors of maharaj Laksh as her husband. Senapati Sanskar as her friend.. and the clever man equal to chankaya, sri durga Prasad is her mama sri..!

Maharaj stands in frustration..

‘whoever it is..! whoever are there..!! defeating Samragni is a must and occupying Gadodiaya empire is my aim…!!!’
He shouts..


Ragini in her palace laughs.

She keeps laughing looking at cute antiques of her kids and chotu.

Laksh makes them sleep. Ragini was looking at him.

Laksh: at last, our Chandra got married..!

Ragini: yes, I think, papa is happily taking rest now. bcz, bahu maha laxmi has entered that house right.

Laksh: whoever comes Ragini, you are the 1st bahu always…

Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: this is not my word. Pitasri said.

Ragini smiles. Laksh comes near her and removes her many stones studded hair pin. Her hair becomes free and falls on her shoulders.
Laksh smells her hair.

Ragini: laksh, kids will see…

Laksh: hmm… let them see…

Ragini: laksh.. you naa…

Laksh cups her face and kiss her nose.

Laksh: Ragini, what would have happened if you didn’t come in my life..?

Ragini: will you ask this question daily..?

Laksh: I would have never loved Samragni, but I loved a girl who is normal and she became Samragni.

Ragini: that girl was already a Samragni, but you didn’t know that…

Laksh: ya.. ya..! what would have happened if I came to know that before..?

Ragini looks on… she hugs Laksh.

Ragini: that’s why Laksh. Fate designed like that… to make us together. If you have always respected me as empress, I would have really missed you…

Laksh kisses her head. She rests in his embrace.


Next morning,

In practice area,

Ragini and Sanskar are doing sword fight.

Ragini: go Sanskar go..!

Sanskar: today, I will defeat you at any cost Ragini..!

Ragini: I’m listening this from childhood.

Laksh was sitting on steps aside.

Laksh: get defeated once Ragini, let’s see happy face of Sanskar..

Ragini: ok pati ji.. if you said, I will obey it..

Ragini makes her grip on sword lose, Sanskar beats on sword, her sword falls.

Ragini: Sanskar..! you have won..!!

Sanskar: Ragini, no games..! you did this intentionally.

Ragini: oh… cry baby Sanskar..!!

Sanskar: ragini..!!

He chases her.. Ragini runs.

‘catch her Sanskar. Let’s teach her a lesson today..!’

Ragini will be running, Sanskar is chasing her.

Dp who was going through corridors looks at them and stops. He laughs.

Old soldier: their friendship was started 20 years back.. now they are 23 years old.. still they are friendly like that only mahamantri ji…

Dp smiles.

At last, Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand.. Laksh comes and holds her other hand. They three are laughing looking at each other.

Dp looks them smiled and shifts his gaze to swara who was standing at other side. He was surprised to see upset swara.

Precap: not decided..

Friends, hope this episode is not boring. From next episode the flow of story will start. There will be delay in updation of epis bcz… of other three ffs and also due to exams.

Hehe.. not my exams.. my readers exams.. I feel they are missing episodes. That’s why..

Keep smiling guys.. bye.. bye..

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