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Samragni epi 45

Ragini was upset with Laksh’s behavior.

She is thinking,
‘I’m not understanding…! Whether he is doing intentionally or unknowingly..!!’

It was already night, Laksh didn’t come to room yet.

‘Where is he..? what is he doing..?? I wanted to say this to him first and nobody knows about this news..! I want to see happiness in everyone’s face after knowing this…!’
She is thinking.

Laksh is still not coming. Ragini feels sad.

‘Is he angry that I have called him dumb…? I didn’t mean it..! I was just upset with him then… moreover, people say that mood swings these times. So, it’s not bad to be anger…!! But, why is he not coming still..??’

Ragini’s pov was continuing like that. Chotu is sleeping in his place.

‘where are you Laksh..??’ ragini thinks and falls asleep.

In some place,

Laksh was cutting some wood and making a doll. He is shaping that doll properly. He got a slight wound on hand while preparing it.

He smiles looking at that wooden doll.

He takes it with him and reaches their room.

Ragini is sleeping peacefully. He comes near her in a wide smile.

He gently touches her tummy and slightly kiss it. with that, Ragini wakes.

Ragini: laksh….

Laksh was simply smiling looking at her.

Ragini: where were you..? I was waiting for you…

He is silent. She looks at the wooden doll in his hands.

Ragini excited: is it for me..??

Laksh: Samragni is not a kid to play with this… this is for my…
He says and gently keeps his hand on her belly.

Ragini looks him in moist eyes.

Ragini: laksh…do you know this..??

Laksh: then what did you think..? I’m dumb..?

Ragini hugs Laksh tightly with tear eyes.

Ragini: I’m sorry Laksh…

Laksh: I was just irritating you then for fun Ragini…

Ragini breaks hug and beats him.

Ragini: oh..! you are doing fun on me..?? on this Samragni..!!

Laksh holds her arms and make her fall on him.

Laksh: maybe you are Samragni..! but, you are my prey here..!!
Laksh moves closer to her to kiss..but she keeps her hand in between them…

Ragini: I’m hungry..!!

Laksh: what..? just two hours back you ate as a demon..! now you are hungry again..!!

Ragini: that’s for chota princess or prince in my tummy then for me..??

Laksh smiles: for just third month you are doing like this..! I don’t know what you will do later on…

Both comes out of their room.

Laksh: wait… are you going to walk till dinning..??

Ragini: then..?? shall I call my horse now..??

Laksh smilingly lifts her up in arms. He keeps carrying her in arms. She lovingly wrapped her hands around his neck.

He brings her to dinning and make her sit.

Laksh: I think all maids are sleeping now. ok, I will bring something…

Laksh goes into royal kitchen to bring her something… Ragini keeps looking at him.

After few minutes he brings some sweet.

Laksh: the first good news. Let’s start this with sweet..

He puts one spoon in her mouth. Later she feeds him.

They both smile with moist eyes. While Laksh is about to feed her second spoon..

Ragini: hmm…enough..! I’m not hungry..!!

Laksh: what..?? but, just now you said that you are very hungry..!!

Ragini: but, I’m not feeling hungry now..!!

Laksh: that’s fine. At least finish this bowl of sweet. I have prepared any dish for first time..!! that too this is sign of our good news..!!

Ragini: hmm..! ok, I will eat this is in morning..!!
Laksh keeps it aside. Suddenly, they hears Chotu cry.

Ragini shocks, “chotu..!! oh no..! we have left chotu alone and came..!!” she says and runs.

The sweet bowl falls down, all sweet fells on floor, Laksh shocks. ragini keeps running.

‘Ragini..! don’t run..!!’ shouts Laksh. But, she goes in a run to the room and takes chotu in her hands.

Laksh just comes. ‘chotu…mamma came naa..! don’t cry..!!’ she keeps cuddling him.

Laksh looks at her in upset. Chotu stops crying and she makes him sleep.

Ragini: I’m such a fool..! how can I leave chotu..??

Laksh with little anger: what is the need to run like that?? you are not normal girl now..!

Ragini stands: I forgot about it. how can I see chotu crying..? I’m like his mother now..!

Laksh gets anger: Ragini, you also remember one thing..! that you are also mother to my kid in your womb now..!!

Ragini looks at Laksh in disbelief.
Rag: laksh, even chotu is our son..! I hope, you won’t forget this after I’m giving birth to baby..!

A slight silence arises.

Laksh holding Ragini’s arms gently,
‘Yes..! I will remember that. but, I’m just asking you to be careful. We are parents to chotu, but it doesn’t mean you have to forget about yourself..! ok..’
He says.

Ragini nods her head.

Next morning,

In court….

Important judgment is going on…

Ragini is speaking,

‘Mother is the first god in this world. and, you betraying such a mother is un excusable sin..!! bend your head and agree your mistake before the throne..! you will be left with less punishment..!!’

The person who is accused shouts,
‘who the hell are you to order me..!!’

Sanskar and Laksh rushes with swords near him in anger. Ragini gestures them to stop raising her hand.

‘This man seemed to be an animal who doesn’t know value of royal throne and even mother..! this kind of beast have to be given punishment.’ Says Ragini.

That man is looking really as a demon. He tries to come near Ragini in rage…

Sanskar and Laksh stop him, but he pushes both of them. They both falls. All shocks. he comes near Ragini….. she takes out her sword and just one shot…!! That beast dead..!!

But, she has raised her sword with all force and she has to apply more energy, with that stress falls on her tummy. She painfully holds her tummy.

‘Ragini..!’ shouts Laksh and holds her. Dp too comes near her.

Dp: that’s why I have said not to free him from chains. You didn’t even allowed soldiers near him.

Ragini: but, while giving judgment we aren’t supposed to do like that know mamasri…

Sanskar: demons doesn’t need any rules..!!

Laksh: ok.ok…we can talk later..! ragini, let’s go you need rest..!!

Dp and Sanskar keeps following them.

Sanskar: what happened to you today Ragini..? you can fight with such 10 beasts at a time… you didn’t even stand this single one today…

Dp: but she has killed right..!!

Laksh takes her into the room, dp and Sanskar waits outside.

Laksh makes her lie on bed and he comes out.

Laksh: papa, Sanskar… we forgot to tell..!! ragini is carrying..! she is 3 months.

Dp and Sanskar’s face shine with happiness.

Sanskar hugs Laksh.

San: why are you telling this slowly then..!! this is the time to celebrate and announce..!!

Sanskar is about to go… Dp stops.

Dp: no Sanskar..! these news should be brought out when 5months completes. This is for heir’s protection. Anyone may start their plans after knowing this..!!

Laksh nods his head in agreement.

Dp smilingly: we can share this news within us… to swara uttara… and Laksh, to your father and brothers..!!

Laksh and Sanskar nods their heads in happiness.

Dp: and be sure…they won’t tell this to anyone..!!

But, the walls have ears. Someone listens to this news and a smirk appears on that person’s lips.

After sometime…
Laksh comes near Ragini. Ragini was holding her belly and struggling.

He comes and applies some oil…she feels relieved.

Ragini: what is that oil..?

Laksh: raja vaidy has given this. he said no wars and fights up to 6 more months. And, no stress or strain in mind..!!

Ragini: hmm…then how should I rule..??

Laksh: your mamasri mahamatri ji has said, a ruler can take rest for one or two years..when it’s emergency, then the ruler’s subordinates will take care of empire,..till ruler returns back…

Ragini keeps looking at Laksh..

Laksh: so, don’t worry about empire… concentrate on yourself… and…

Ragini: and….

Laksh: and…..

Ragini: hmmm…

Laksh takes the wooden doll and gives it to Ragini’s hand. She looks at it.

Laksh: become a small kid now Ragini. All your childhood also passed with swords and bows. But, not now. These 6 months you are a kid. You are to be mother. So, whatever you wish, it will be before you..! and you you like..!!

Ragini looks at Laksh…

Laksh: what do you want..?

Ragini: I want to eat the sweet you prepared yesterday night…

Laksh smile vanishes. He remembers that sweet was spilled on floor. But, he doesn’t want to disappoint her. he decides to prepare again.

Laksh: ok, I will bring it. until then…take rest. Don’t move here and there..!!

Ragini nods her head. Laksh goes away. She keeps playing with wooden toy.

Precap: can’t say….

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