samragni-the empress(44)

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I know you all are angry with me that I have made RagLak enemies. But, from this new hatred only the intense love grows. I bet, you all will enjoy this..! and why they are trying to be enemies…you will know in coming story,….
Haha…till then please bear this twist….

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Samragni epi 44

Dp and Sanskar runs to Ragini. Ragini was in Laksh’s hands. Dp takes Ragini into his hands and they go back. Laksh looks on.

Chirag comes near Laksh.

Chirag: Maharaj Laksh…

Laksh: the war has come to halt. But, it’s not end..!

Laksh goes away. All armies disperse.

Ragini opens her eyes after one hour. Swara and Dp are near her. her hand is held by Raaja vaidy.

Raaja vaidy: it was a poisonous dagger which hit Samragni. I have given medicine. But, she can’t raise her hand for some days…

He goes away.

Ragini: that means, I can’t wage a war till then..? actually, it’s my defeat know mamasri…that means…

Dp: it’s not defeat Ragini. It’s a halt.

Chotu has turned 3 years kid. He can walk run and talk a little.
He comes near Ragini.

Chotu: mamma…wath happen 2 u…(in cute voice)

Ragini caresses him with other hand. Swara takes Chotu with her.

Dp says: take rest for sometime…

They all leave. Ragini looks at a wooden doll on the table beside. It is the traditional wooden baby’s doll. She takes it with her other hand and cries hugging it.

Dp and Sanskar meet outside.

Dp: a poisonous dagger..??
Sanskar: that was aimed for Laksh not for Ragini…

Dp: but, who might be it..?

Sanskar looks on…

Laksh was in his palace. Ram comes in a run near Laksh.

Ram: what happened to Ragini..?

Chandra: some dagger aimed at bhayya..but bhabhi came in middle.

Ram: laksh, let’s go and see Ragini once..!

Laksh: pitasri, if you want to go. You go. I will not come..!!

Ram looks on. Chandra takes Ram with him.

Laksh was holding the chain…(ya, that chain which he gifted her at childhood)

He reminds a fb, how she takes away that chain and throws it to him.

Laksh’s eyes turn red. He stands and about to take away the ring which she made him wear.

He reminds again… the way she kisses his hand after wearing him that ring.
He takes his hand back without removing it.

There, Ragini was touching her mangal sutra in her neck and thinking about Laksh. She is thinking who shoot that dagger on Laksh.

Just a maid comes,
Maid: Samragni devi, your father in law and devars have come to see you…!

Ragini stands from bed: yes.. I’m coming. You go..!

Maid goes away. Ragini stands and comes into hall.

Ram stands looking at Ragini.

Ragini: papa…

Ram comes near her and blesses her. She looks at Chandra, Vijay and Ajay smiles.

Rag: how are you all..?

Ajay: we are fine bhabhi..but bade bhayya was always sad…

Ragini smile vanishes listening about Laksh.

Ram: ok ragini. Go and take rest.

Ragini nods her head.

Rag: papa, didn’t he come with you..?

Ram, Chandra and others looks on…

Rag sighs: I know..! he won’t come..! he has changed a lot..!
She goes silently into her room. Ram is about to tell something Chandra stops.

Chan: pitasri, it’s better to leave bhabhi alone now.

They go away.

Ragini sleeps on bed again.

Ram and others reaches their palace.

Ram: laksh…! Laksh…. Where r u..??

A soldier: maharaj has gone somewhere.

Ram looks on…

Laksh comes to Ragini’s palace. It is almost one year since he came there.

The gate keepers soldiers amaze looking at Laksh.

He goes inside. But, they won’t stop him. Chotu was running, Uttara was running behind her… Laksh smiles looking at Chotu.

He was running and about to fall.. Laksh holds him.

Uttara amazingly: bhayya..??

Laksh nods his head and leaves chotu and proceeds to Ragini’s room. Sanskar amazes looking at Laksh, but they both don’t talk anything.

Dp comes in front of Laksh.

Laksh: namaskar maha mantri ji…

Dp: relations doesn’t fade away with distance Laksh…

Laksh: I’m sorry papa… I said in…

Dp: I can understand..! I want to talk with you..
Laksh looks at him.

Dp: do you have any enemies..?

Laksh: no…

Dp: but, why someone wants to kill you with that poisonous dagger..?

Laksh worried: it’s poisonous..? Is Ragini ok..?

Dp smiles a little: she is safe. Did you come to see her..?

Laksh bends his head. Dp smiles and goes away. Laksh proceeds to Ragini’s room.

A maid was talking to Ragini.

Maid: Samragni devi, I have come to apply this medicine to your shoulder.

Ragini nods her head and turns other way. Laksh just comes. He gestures maid to go away. He takes the medicine bowl.
Ragini didn’t see him.

Laksh gently slid the cloth from her right shoulder making her slight bare shoulder back visible.
He takes medicine and gently applies to her wound.
She shouts a little.. ‘ahh..! it’s burning. Do it slow..’

He looks at Ragini, she was holding the wooden baby’s doll.

He sighs and applies medicine gently again. He blows air gently on her wound. She feels lovely warmth in that. But, generally when medicine is applied they do like that, Ragini didn’t care about it much.

Rag: do it again dasi… it’s soothing..!

Laksh smiles and blows air gently from his mouth again. Ragini doesn’t understand why, but she reminds Laksh’s warm breath on her… she unknowingly smiles and closes her eyes.

Due to the medicine effect she goes into sleep. Laksh understands that she has gone into sleep.

He takes the wooden doll from her hands and his tears fall on that doll. He rubs Ragini’s head….

Then he goes into flash back…………………….

Guys, let’s run back to two years past now……………..

Two years back…………..

Fb start…………….

The Mansi’s problem is solved. She gone away somewhere. Ragini and rest all are happy.

One day, they are celebrating chotu’s birthday. It’s his first year. Chotu was playing on ground with some dolls. Ragini was holding her wrist…counting something and she was blushing.

Laksh comes in hurry to room.

Lak: Ragini, all are busy in arrangements. You are sitting here silently..? come fast..!

He takes chotu into his hands.

Rag: Laksh… I have to tell you something…

Lak: we can talk later….come fast…
He goes away with Chotu.

Ragini comes out slowly.

Swa: ragini…come fast..! why are you walking that slow..??

Rag: haa…can I run fast..?

Swara looks confusedly at her,
“If you run, none of us can’t reach you, and you are asking can you run..? what happened to you..??”

Ragini: nothing..! I will tell to Laksh first..!!

Swara looks at her confusedly again.

All are celebrating Chotu’s birthday. Dancing, poetry and singing are being done in court. But, Ragini is standing near the window in corridor.

Laksh looks at Ragini and comes near her… he goes and moves his fingers fast on her visible stomach. Ragini trembles and turns in red cheeks. Laksh grabs her near by waist.

Laksh: Samragni devi ji, all programs are going on there…and why are you standing here..??

Ragini keeps blushing.

Laksh: hey..!! are you Ragini only..??

He moves Ragini back holding her shoulders and moves her around. He looks her up to down.

Rag: laksh..! what happened to you..?

Lak: then what happened to you..? why are you feeling shy? This is very new in you..!

Rag: umhmm…didn’t I ever feel shy..?

Lak: you did..! but, not all the times. From morning you are like this..! what’s the matter..??

Ragini doesn’t understand what to say and she shows him a cow and it’s calf. It is drinking milk from it’s mother.

Rag: Laksh…what do you feel from that..??

Laksh looks at them and looks at Ragini. He smiles.

Ragini too smiles expecting answer from him.

Lak: those cows have lot mud. We have to say servants to clean.

Ragini gets angry. “Laksh..! you won’t understand anything..!!” she says and keeps going.
Laksh keeps coming back of her.

Lak: ok, ok… they are in sun are you asking to put them in shelter..??

Ragini tights her palms annoyed. Then she controls and smiles. She looks at Laksh.

Ragini: laksh, did you observe any change in my eyes..??

Laksh bends and looks into her eyes.

Lak: kajal is less Ragini….

Ragini closes her eyes in dismay..

Ragini: ok..! hold my wrist and count the nerves beating.

Laksh holds her wrist and estimates the beating. He smirks looking at Ragini. Ragini smiles again. He grabs her near holding her back. She bends her head.

Lak: I know, your heart beats always raises to peaks when I’m near you right..!!

Ragini looks at Laksh in upset.

Rag: Laksh..! you are un believable..!! cha, you are very dumb..!!

Ragini keeps going away in upset. Laksh keeps following her.

Laksh: what happened to you Ragini..? is your health ok…!! Did you get fever or what..??

Rag: hey mahadeva..!!! laksh, leave me alone..

Precap: flashback continues. Laksh understands..? or Ragini says..?

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    Vadileyi ragini cheptene baguntundi
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    Chala confusion ga vundi
    Tondaraga repu update cheyy
    Nenu vuru velle munde
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    So please do continue soon

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