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Samragni epi 42

Ragini and all sat in a hall. Sanskar, Swara and Laksh are looking at her confused. The Ladoo’s drama not known Chandra and his brothers are sitting peacefully.

Laksh: what is this Ragini? They are telling you as Ladoo? What has happened actually?

Swara: actually, you are great prince Laksh. We were with Ragini from childhood, we didn’t know that she is our Ragini. But we were thinking she as Ladoo. But, you sternly said that she is Ragini… that is the power of..

Sanskar: oh my swara devi..! plz shut your mouth. Ragini, plz tell what is this suspense?

Ragini: actually I got doubt on Mansi on the 1st day itself when I saw her. I wanted to finish the matter there itself. But….
Ragini looks at Chandra.

Ragini: Chandra actually liked her.

Laksh: what?? Chandra you said, that you don’t love her..!

Ragini: with words everything doesn’t finish Laksh. One has to observe their hearts.

Laksh: but, I’m a good observer.

Ragini: I thought I should do something before Chandra would grow even more feelings on Mansi. That’s why I have brought her to our palace. And even, I wanted to know what’s her plan actually..! then Mamasri Dp said me that she is Nayak’s daughter as soon as he saw her. then we planned to do something.

Laksh: so, why didn’t you tell us this??

Ragini: if I say, Chandra and you might start hating Mansi. I didn’t wanted that. she is a kid. She has to know what’s wrong and right. She has to know that her father is taking her in wrong way. So, I decided to deal this matter sensitively. If I should know about Mansi more, I have to become Mansi’s friend. That’s why, I have changed myself as Ladoo. Then, she might tell her plans to me.

Dp: that day, we have expected Mansi might push Ragini into waterfalls. But, Ragini didn’t fall. She balanced on the stone below it.

{an fb shown, how Ragini balances}

Laksh looks on…

Dp: then soon, Ragini changed her dress as Ladoo. The dida who helped Ragini is the woman we set. And all the villagers are dark army people. They transformed them as villagers with our order. And we have said Ladoo story to cheat Mansi and Nayak.

Sanskar hitting his head: why there is need of this much drama?

Ragini: bcz, Mansi and Nayak shouldn’t get doubt that I’m Ragini but not Ladoo.

Swara: what is need of turning Ladoo?

Ragini: I’m sure, when Samragni is not there in fort…enemies will become active. And, that’s what we wanted. We can catch enemies only when they come out..! if I transform as Ladoo, Mansi will tell me all plans… becz, everything should run by some duplicate lady who looks as Samragni.

Sanskar: how did you expect that they will bring a duplicate Samragni?

Dp: we didn’t expect. We planned it should happen like that. and so, mansi and nayak fell in our traps.

Ragini: I’m very successful in making everyone believe that I’m Ladoo. But, Laksh always thought me as Ragini.

Laksh: you can’t hide from me Ragini. Bcz, after all I love you…

Ragini hiding her blush: so after exposing enemies I thought, I would tell Mansi everything and change her. bcz, Chandra likes her and even she likes him. I wanted to make them together. I never wanted you people should know about Mansi. But, she kidnapping Swara and getting booked by Chandra and Laksh…. Changed the plan.

Chandra: bhabhi, maybe it’s true that I like her… but, I hate her now..!

Ragini looks on…

Sanskar: so, that day who saved me…

Ragini: it’s me…

Swara: lori song..

Ragini: of course it’s me…

Swara: but, how is it possible?

Ragini: how means? I came fast before Sanskar reached…

Sanskar: oh… so, you killed that lion?

Ragini: yes. Any doubt?

{fb: ajay hugs ragini, ragini takes out the dagger and throws it on lion}

Sanskar: pitasri and Samragni has acted very well, but pitasri, why did you send her to puja?

Dp: Sanskar, it is the ritual to be conducted. And every year Ragini does it. so, I have sent her. but, we never expected Rakshasas would come suddenly.

Ragini: as soon as I got information, I came back from temple.

Swara: so, there is a reason for not telling to Laksh and Chandra… then why didn’t you tell me? I’m your best friend and sister like know…

Sanskar: and for me? I’m also your best friend…even we were in all plans together…

Ragini: we didn’t have that much time. We thought, Mansi shouldn’t get doubt in any way… that’s why, I have even acted as if I has dreams on a prince. But the truth is, at my childhood, I used to go near those waterfalls with my mother sharmista devi. Then she used to tell me some stories so that I eat food.

A maid brings Chotu to Ragini. Ragini takes Chotu and plays with him.

Swara: that’s why, chotu never cried in Ladoo’s hands.
Everyone smile.

Laksh smiles and silently goes away.

Ragini goes near him. He is standing at a window looking out.
Ragini comes near him and keeps hand on his shoulder.

Ragini: laksh…
Laksh pushes her hand.
Ragini: laksh, I’m sorry.

Laksh: what sorry ragini? How couldn’t you tell me this? what’s the need to hide this matter from me?

Ragini: laksh, did I ever hide any matters from you than this? if I say this plan, you would have never sent me..!

Laksh going away…
Lak: ha… you won’t say. And you will do whatever you want… bcz, you are Samragni right..!! and I’m after all….

Rag: laksh…laksh..laksh…why are getting so hyper? Plz stop it. I can’t see your anger..!

Laksh: yes..! I’m a hyper boy. If I’m showing concern on you, is it anger? If you think it’s anger..ok, it’s anger…

Ragini: laksh…

Laksh: y you need 2 tell me… from now don’t say anything….

Ragini: laksh….

Laksh: by the way…

He is about to open the mouth, but his lips are locked by her lips. Laksh shocks at once. They slowly break it.
Ragini leaning to him: not only you, even I know your tricks..!

Laksh smiles and grabs her by waist. She keeps her hands around his neck.

Laksh: I wanted to do the same thing when I found you at river. Why did you push me in river then?

Ragini: laksh, I will get affected by your love and I have to agree that I’m Ragini, which ruins the entire plan. That’s why, I pushed you… am sorry…

Laksh: hmm, may I resume it now..?

Ragini closes her eyes blushing…. Laksh is about to move further close…

‘bhayya..! bhabhi..!!’ shouts Ajay again…!

They both moves far suddenly….

Ajay comes in a run… ‘ me..!!’

Vijay: this time you are finished you chote..!!!

Ajay: you bude..!!

Both starts fight… raglak becomes busy in stopping them…

At night,

Chandra is starring at moon sitting out in corridor. He is looking at a chain which he wanted to present for Mansi.

Ragini just comes.
Rag: what are you doing here?

Chan: nothing bhabhi…. I’m just thinking why my mother has named me Chandra?

Ragini smiles and sits beside him.

Rag: moon is so kind and you are also so kind. That’s why…

Chandra smiles and hides the chain he is looking at. Ragini observes it already. She rubs his head.

Rag: go and sleep now. you have to go back to your kingdom next morning…

Chandra nods his head and leaves.

Ragini too stares at moon for some time.

Laksh suddenly comes and twists her both cheeks.
‘my ladoo devi..!’ he says and kisses her cheek.

She lightly beats on his hand: not ladoo..ragini…!

Laksh hugging her tightly.
Laksh: why did you only replace your name with ladoo?

Ragini’s cheeks are turning red: no..! I won’t tell…

Laksh leaning his head to her: no..! you have to tell.

Ragini: you know it anyways..! why should I tell…
She looks at him naughtily.

Laksh then touches the chain in her neck, (that one which ladoo threw in valley…)
Ragini looks at him… Laksh makes her lie on him…she keeps her head in his lap. He is rubbing her head…

They both go into a little fb…

Their childhood, when they met first time… Laksh gifts this chain to Ragini and kiss her cheek. (they are kids know then..)
Rag: why did you kiss me?
Lak: bcz, u r very cute..! ladoo..!!
Rag: ladoo?
Laksh simply smiles naughtily…
Then he again gifts her doll elephant.

Rag: I want real one..!
Lak: I will give it, when you become empress…!

(after that only Laksh has gifted Lakshini elephant to her.. hope, u all remembered it)
Fb ends…

Both smiles remembering that fb…

Lak: do you love me from then itself?

Rag: no..! I have loved you only when I saw you again..! I love you now, so I have kept the name you liked..!

Laksh smiles and about to touch her cheek..his face expression becomes anger. He gets up..!

Rag: again what happened Laksh??

Lak: so, you kept the name…but threw the chain..!!

He stands aside with annoyed face.

Rag: laksh, whenever I see the chain I remember sweet moments between us. They are making me weak to come back and see you..! I have hidden mangal sutra covering with choli, but this chain kept coming out…

Lak: so, that’s why you threw it? you have locked it in a box..!

Rag: laksh… you are just pointing that I have threw it… but, you aren’t understanding how bad I felt when I threw it..!

Lak: jane do ragini..! you don’t like me..

Rag: aise nahi laksh…

Laksh: no.. it’s ok…

Rag: laksh..

Lak: u just hate’s ok..

Ragini is silently looking at him…

Lak: u don’t have any emotions…

Ragini is just looking… laksh looks at her

Lak: what..?

Rag: what..?

Laksh: ???

Ragini laughing: are you expecting the same thing…which I did morning. That’s why, you are doing drama..!!

Laksh cheeks turns red as she identified the purpose.

Lak: umm..nothing like that. I’m sleepy bye…

He is about to go away… Ragini holds his hand and comes forward to him..
She stands on his legs, he circles his arms around her waist. She raises up to him…


The screen shifts to moon………..

Precap: two years leap…

friends, hope i have cleared all confusions… if u have any doubts ask me…


  1. Raglakholic


    |Registered Member

    He is about to go away… Ragini holds his hand and comes forward to him..
    She stands on his legs, he circles his arms around her waist. She raises up to him…


    The screen shifts to moon………..

    Ala evaraina chupistara???
    Romance motham moon lone chudali
    Leap of 2 years
    It seems so interesting
    Please do continue soon

  2. nikky

    two years leap now I think raglak have baby and parineeta moon who came her trick to kill or harm raglak children give them twins as they are legal heir so the Adarsh pari child and yaa rag extra care towards chotu makes lakshya hyper are raglak fight as lakshya is is giving less time to their children

  3. nikky

    nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing plzzz be regular don’t be late bcoz we want so many raglak ff ts ss O’s but now they are very less so all raglak ff writer plzzzz give more for raglak ff and yaa big thank to all those write who write raglak ff giving their previous time

  4. Fats


    |Registered Member

    Wonderful update. I love the way Ragini calms Laksh down: it’s so romantic 😊. And the story behind Laado was really interesting. Can’t wait to read the next part 💕

  5. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Hi Devi.. Hope u remember me. Sry for being late in commenting from so many days. Today I read all n enjoyed very very much .. This part jus astravellous astravely Astrabulous astrastic astrwesome astrrxcellent and mind blowing…

  6. B_Ani


    |Registered Member

    awww…..astra baby, this is awesome. now only i read all other epis. sry for this late cmnt evry tym….
    and coming to the epi….oh, my god its just fantabulous. esp, the pre war scenes were awsome and i like laksh’s confidence and his love. and his fight in the last for getting his kiss, ha ha…though it was funny, it was lovely too…
    thought the 1st tym when u introduced ludoo itself…but this much plan i didnt expect. it was so awesome. and the 2 yr leap…i am eagerly waiting for it. keep rockinh!!!

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