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Samragni epi 41

The stick which Ragini threw in sky is about to fall on ground, Ragini breaks the stick with sword when it’s in air itself, the stick breaks into two pieces and those two pieces stab into throats of two rakshasas.
(this happens in fraction of seconds, and imagine that pieces forcedly stabbing their throats means, Ragini has threw the stick with that force and she has made it to pieces in same force..!)

Ragini’s war begins. Sanskar fights with some. Dp with nayak.

Meanwhile, Laksh and Chandra reaches the war field. Laksh looks at Ragini.

Laksh: look at Samragni.

Chandra sees Ragini.

With her one shot of sword, three rakshasas have fly in air and fell down.

Chandra: bhabhi is ferocious..!

Laksh: in the war field she is Samragni..! now, do you agree she is Ragini and not Ladoo..!

Laksh and Chandra join in the war.

A rakshasas raises gadha on her. Ragini beats his hand with gadha with her hand punch. That fellow falls on ground with pain.

Laksh: I wonder, what Ragini ate in childhood.
He was fighting and looking at Ragini. Suddenly his hand gets injured with one fellow’s attack.

Laksh: how dare you to attack on samragni’s husband..!
He attacks him.

War continues.

Ragini’s sword is waving in the wind, but don’t know how… the rakshasas keep falling down. In fraction of seconds her sword is telling answer to many.

Nayak understands defeating Ragini is impossible. He points arrow to her to kill. No one observes.

He is about to leave the arrow from bow, a dagger suddenly throws his arrow down. Nayak looks anger. It’s mansi who threw it.

Nayak: Mansi..!

Mansi: let’s stop this war pitasri…

Chandra looks at Mansi. But, nayak will not listen to her.

One Rakshasas throws chain to Ragini’s neck and make her fall down.

All shouts, ‘Ragini..!’

She falls down, but frees herself from chain, and find herself surrounded by 20 Rakshasas.

Sanskar and Laksh tries to rush near her. they are stopped by their opponents.

Those 20 come on Ragini at a time. Ragini beats a man, and she jumps on his back and then she jumps out of that group. As they rushed on Ragini suddenly at a time, they get punched to each other and they all fall down.

Ragini laughs, ‘you should have brains also sometimes..!’

They try to stand, but they get pushed by each other. Then Sanskar throws a chain net, Ragini catches it from other side and they keep chain net on them to confuse them further.

Swara is looking all the way not understanding what to do. Suddenly someone tries to attack on her, Ragini saves.

Rag: swara, fight or go at one side..! why are you standing in way?
She is talking while fighting.

Swa: are you ladoo or ragini?
Then someone comes and about to attack her from behind, Ragini pushes Swara and kills that man.

Ragini shouts: is it clear now??
Swara nods head in confusion.

A rakshas comes furiously to Ragini to kill her, at that time she was killing one Rakshas cruel. The man who came looks at it scares and runs back.

Almost most of Rakshasas are defeated. Some are killed. Some ran away and some are arrested.

Nayak stands as statue alone.
Sanskar comes near Ragini.

Sanskar: are you Ragini or Ladoo?

Ragini slaps him lightly. (hey, just for fun guys)

Ragini: now, tell me I’m Ragini or Ladoo?

Sanskar: Ragini..!! then where is ladoo?

Dp: ladoo is Ragini… ragini is ladoo…!

Sanskar rubbing his cheek: but how??

Swara: ya… how??

Ragini: let’s finish other works first.
Ragini looks at Nayak.

Nayak slaps Mansi. Ragini keeps going near them.

He keeps slapping Mansi. Ragini holds his hand.

Ragini: what kind of father you are..! how can you beat your daughter??

Nayak: hey Samragni, this is my personal thing. Leave me….!

Ragini pushes Nayak. He falls down.

Ragini: mansi is my sister. Don’t dare to raise hand on her.

Nayak looks shocked. Soldiers comes and arrests Nayak. They take him away to jail.

Mansi is silently weeping holding her cheek. Ragini keeps her hand on her shoulder. Mansi falls on her legs.

Mansi: I’m sorry Samragni devi..! my sins shouldn’t have excuse.

Ragini raises her holding her shoulders.

Ragini: you have realized the mistake. Don’t worry and come back.

Mansi namaskars to her.

Mansi: I don’t deserve your excuse..! leave me Samragni. I will go away.

Ragini: but…

Mansi looks at Chandra once. He has turned away his face.

Mansi: I thought, you were cruel. But, after coming here only I have known your greatness. A cheater like me don’t deserve place in royal palace between good people like you… that’s why.. I will leave…

Chandra still don’t see her.

Ragini: Chandra, ask her to stop.

Chandra: bhabhi, a desh drohi is drohi for me always. I can’t excuse cheaters. Sorry for not accepting your words…

Ragini: but…

Mansi smiles painfully… and starts going away…
Then Chandra then looks at her…. he keeps looking still she is disappeared.

Ragini looks on….

Precap: why Ragini transformed to Ladoo? They know about Mansi? Has Dp helped Ragini? All answers will be leaked tomorrow. And… Laksh is going to be angry on Ragini for not telling this thing to him. So… this time Samragni has to make him cool…..

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