samragni-the empress(39)

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Guys, I mentioned one thing wrong. Samragni(Ragini) is only 20 years old. In some epi, I said her as 24. So, Chandra’s age will be 18 and Mansi is 16.
{sorry for this mistake..}
So, let us consider the story started at her 20 years of age, now she is 21. Laksh is 24.

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Samragni epi 39

Sanskar shocks, ‘Ragini is alive? So.. ladoo is Ragini?’ he thinks and rushes to palace on horse as soon as possible.

By the time he reached the palace, he hears a song….

He amazes and gets of horse goes into palace. He goes near Swara,

Ladoo was singing holding Chotu. Swara, Sanskar and Dp are looking at her from some far.

‘Mein jo dil liye…tere peeche bhagoo..
Mein jo raath mein tere liye jagoo….

(yes guys, this song is from chakravarthi ashok samrat serial)

Ladoo is singing lori song for Chotu like that. laksh is looking at her lovingly holding his hands.

‘Kaise bathau thuje…thakena haroo kabhi…
Parhtere hoto hei jo… dekh kilthi hasi…
Uske siva thum..sukh mein ne jaa nahi…
Chah nahi..laal mere…yeye….laal mere….
o…. laal mere….!’
Music continues…

Sanskar: how long she is singing from?
Swara: just now…
Sanskar: I think she is our Ragini.
Swara: impossible..! ragini never sang songs.

Ladoo continues,

“badi boli waali bathe hai teri…
Bade meethe meethe bol hai teri…
Par mein bhi janoo teir bole phanke..
Kithene hei phire…kithene dhere…

‘Kaise bathau thuje…thakena haroo kabhi…
Parhtere hoto hei jo… dekh kilthi hasi…
Uske siva thum..sukh mein ne jaa nahi…
Chah nahi..laal mere…yeye….laal mere….
o…. laal mere….!’


Song overs… ladoo makes chotu sleep in cradle.

Swara: why are you thinking her as Ragini?

Sanskar explains her what happened.
Swara amazing: that means our Ragini is alive. Then why is she hiding herself?

Sanskar: I doubt, this Ladoo is…
Swara: Sanskar, ladoo didn’t go anywhere. Moreover, she saved you and came her in minute and sang lori song..! how could it be possible??

Sanskar thinks.
Swara: so, the person who saved you may be Ragini or some other who used her arrows.
Sanskar looks on…

Next morning,
Dp and sanskar are thinking how to prevent Ladoo from sitting on throne.

Meanwhile, analyzing the army plan…Nayak gets Rakshasas at the borders of Gadodiya empire. However, Dp and Sanskar are un aware of it.

Chandra and Ajay comes to that palace.

Laksh: hey..! why you guys came here?

Ajay: see, I have gained my guru’s appreciation locket for being perfect in ganitha (mathematics).

Laksh: that’s great…

Ajay: I came to show this to bhabhi..! Where is bhabhi?

Laksh: she is in garden. Go…

Ajay runs to garden.

Laksh: and, why you came Chandra?

Chandra was busily looking here are there.

Laksh: are you looking for mansi?
Chandra cheeks turn red.

Just then, they see mansi going somewhere.
‘where mansi is going this secretly.’
They thinks and follows her secretly.

Ajay runs to garden where Ladoo is there.
‘bhabhi..!’ he shouts and hugs her.

Ladoo amazes.

Ladoo: what happened Raj kumar?

Ajay: you are calling me raj kumar? Ok, I got prize….
He says and shows it to Ladoo.

Suddenly a lion comes jumping from a fence, Ajay scares and hugs Ladoo. Ladoo closes her eyes.

Laksh and Chandra are following Mansi. Mansi is going on a horse and she is carrying something wrapped in a cloth.

Chandra: what is she taking bhayya?

Laksh: even, I do not understand….

Mansi stops near a tent, she gets that thing off from horse and removes the cloth. Laksh and Chandra are shocked to see it’s Swara.

Nayak comes out of tent.
Mansi: pitasri, now she will say rest all secrets. Or, let’s keep her as a reason and know secrets.
Nayak feels proud of his daughter and they both wakes Swara. Swara is shocked to see herself there..!

Swara: mansi..! how cheat you are..!!

Mansi: yes..! and I’m the one who brought Ladoo to fort in samragni’s place.

Laksh shocks with her words.

Swara: if Sanskar knows that I’m here..! he won’t leave you..!!

Nayak: really..! we will see, who will save you..!!

He is about to raise sword, Laksh throws dagger to his hand. Nayak shocks looking at Laksh and he runs away. Mansi shocks looking at Chandra and she stays there itself dumb struck.

Ajay keeps his hands around Ladoo’s neck being scared. He closes his eyes.
(he is 13 years old)

Ajay: bhabhi, I’m scared…!!!

Ladoo pats his back: raj kumar, don’t be scared. See, the lion has dead..!

Ajay opens his eyes and finds the lion dead.
‘Who killed it?’

Ladoo: Samragni has killed it.

Ajay: you are the Samragni..!

Ladoo smiles: ok, now go inside.
Ladoo sends away Ajay with Uttara.

(note: only dp, Sanskar, swara and mansi knows that she is ladoo. All are thinking that she is Ragini)

Just then Sanskar and Dp comes there in hurry looking at Lion.

Ladoo: where were you when lion has attacked?
She asks sternly same as Ragini. Dp and sanky amazes.

Ladoo bending her head: some dagger has came from that building and killed lion.

Dp takes the dagger and amazed to see it’s Ragini’s dagger.

Dp sends soldiers to the bulding which she said.

Dp: ladoo beta, however Ragini can’t return. Now, you do Durga puja in her place.
Dp gestures a pandit ji to come. He comes and gives a puja plate to ladoo.

Ladoo: but, how can I do in samragni’s place.

Sanskar: we brought you in her place. So, why can’t you do like every year?

Ladoo silently nods her head. Pandit ji takes her to temple. It’s some far from palace.

Dp: so, we have avoided her from sitting on throne.

Sanskar nods his head: but, we can’t prevent this everyday..!

Dp: don’t worry Sanskar. With today, the problem will be solved.


Laksh and Chandra comes near swara. Mansi bends her head in guilt.

Chandra: how can you cheat like this Mansi? So, you aren’t innocent..! you are evil..!

Mansi looks at Chandra in tears.

Swara: maharaj Laksh. She is not Ragini who is in palace. She is ladoo..!
Laksh amazes.

Swara narrates what actually happened. Laksh laughs..!

Swara and Mansi looks at him confused.

Laksh: Ragini…I can feel Ragini with just the sight. Do you think, I’m a dumb to feel other girl as Ragini?

Swara looks on…

Laksh: I don’t know about this Ladoo story and all. But, the truth is she is my Ragini..! and, no one can change this..!

Swara: but the truth is she is not Ragini. Ragini and Ladoo aren’t same..!

Laksh: I know Ragini very well..! she is not Ladoo.


Ladoo takes bath in sacred pond in temple and wears a red saree. She comes near durga maa idol.
There are many maids.

Pandit ji: Samragni, today is auspicious Vijaya dasami day. Today, whatever you do, the success will come to you. Dance and sing to make durga maa happy. She will shower abundant mercy to empire.

He sits to do puja.
Pandit ji: only Samragni devi can do this dance maataa… she will make you happy now…
He is busy in puja…

Ladoo ties anklets to her feet.

The maids play the drums…
(don’t worry, no men enters inside while empress is dancing..! it’s their royal family’s ritual)
‘whoever am i.. I’m Samragni now..! I will fulfill this responsibility..!’ thinks Ladoo and keeps a dance pose.

Precap: Samragni’s rudra dance..! Lioness Vs Rakshasas…

So, friends…the next episode will be next year on 2nd. Because, TU people mentioned that 31st and 1st are holidays. So, I may publish or may not publish tomorrow. So, if I won’t publish tomorrow, let’s meet next year..!!

Until then, bye dears…
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