samragni-the empress (summary and teaser)

Whole SUMMARY of the story till now…

Ragini is the only heir of samrat Shekar. She is the one who has to occupy throne after him. Despite of being a girl, the mahamantri Durga prasad teaches her all war education and makes her a great warrior and also a good student in all ancient education.

Shekar’s younger brother who has thirst of becoming emperor targets Ragini always in different ways, but her friend Sanskar and Laksh are always around her to save her.
In process of friendship, Laksh and Ragini falls in love. They get married eventually.
Acting being fake enemies Ragini and Sanskar exposes he real culprit. However, she shocks to know her own chote papa Adarsh was behind everything.

In a great war after killing Raajat, Ragini also becomes empress to his empire too. Adarsh and parineetha will have a fatal death. Ragini looks after their one year old son chotu.

After this, they come across again other rival Mansi and her father Nayak. Nayak is Raajat brother who comes to revenge on Ragini. Mansi enters the palace faking marriage with Laksh brother chandra. In way of tracing Mansi, Ragini falls in waterfalls, but it was just acting by her and expose mansi and nayak. Ragini disguises herself as Ladoo here. On series of dramas at last they know secret of mansi and nayak, Ragini defeats then in the war.

At last, Ragini gives birth twins. In the process of hiding princess, Raglak had a clash. But after overcoming all misunderstandings they are one again. They teach lesson to Chirag who was reason for all that.

Now the story continues…..



Scene 1

Away from that land of samragni…

The mighty ocean separating the lands….

There exists another land…… an huge Island, who’s king’s target is now Gadodiya.

The foreign king:: Gadodiya … the land of greenery, the land of treasure … now it will be mine..!!!

His minister:: it’s impossible, the land is ruled by SAMRAGNI, who is hard to be defeated.

King:: so what, we can defeat her..!

Minister:: the chanakya’s minded mahamatri durga prasad, the lion power senani sanskar, the strong minded Laksh are always as shield to her. It’s impossible…

King:: then, let’s take a target from palace itself..!!


Scene 2

One girl holding sword… “Ragini, you are my prey today..!”

She reaches Ragini’s room who was sleeping. She stabs someone sleeping on bed. She removes bed sheet and shocks to see pillow.

Ragini turns the girl back and slaps her.

Ragini:: enemy is in my own house..!!

Girl:: i have come as enemy to your house..!

Sanskar shocked to listen her.


Scene 3

Ragini is in embrace of Laksh.

Ragini: my most secure place…

Laksh:: you r the most beautiful girl…

Kavya looks at them in jealous eyes.

Kavya–the new entry.


/guys, there may be delay in my next update from samragni. This time I won’t separate anyone. But, going to make one person villain, don’t worry… the person whom we all hate will be villain. ? (Not kavya)

I won’t disappoint u guys, but i need ur support… do comment..!!

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  1. Darshini

    Hey asthu bck to bck updates of all ur ff…it’s totally awesome…
    Vry eager to know who is villain here…
    Ha ha…
    Who is that king??who is that girl who tries to stab ragz???aaah…am scratching my head…
    Storm of love is blnce I thnk…it’s missing…u updte all ur ff today…i was jumping…

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot darshu… haa..I’m tired already given 4 updates today.. storm will be 2morow

  2. Kavitha??? Update soon

    1. Astra

      no bubbly…she is not… sure..

  3. Fairy

    It’s one of d most awesomest storyyyy..!!!!it’s one of a kind…..soooperbbb….waitnggg for d update….keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety???thnx a ton for gvng us. Such wonderfulll EPIC storyy..????

    1. Astra

      thank you so much dear…

  4. IQRA222

    awesome waiting for the episode eagerly

    1. Astra

      thank you

  5. You mean is swara is new vilan? And teaser is intresting

    1. Fairy

      Hahahhahahahahhaha ?????no comments????

      1. Astra

        hahaha…she is right yar…hehe..

  6. Interesting teaser. I think it’s swara (New villain)

    1. Astra

      thank you ammu..yup..!!

  7. Dharani


  8. i love this ff..waiting 4 further updates yar..swara will be the villain right?

  9. Jazzy

    omgg toh jisse hum sab boht pyaar karte ha woh villian hehehe toh woh ek hi insaan ha u know who is the person starting from s hehehehe

  10. Akshata

    first of all you have never disappointed us, you are true raglakian….
    awesome promo, update soon

  11. Superb dear. I hope the villian is swara. Will be waiting.

  12. Asra

    awesome teaser dear….i think swara s new villan….bcz u made mentioned sanskar name na so only I thought like that…..and who’s the new king…..waiting for ur update…tkcr dear…

  13. A.xx

    Amazing and as always love u Astra xx


  15. Interesting

  16. Don’t make swara villian pls

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