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Ragini: I have heard ur name earlier… hey, are you prince Laksh..prince of Maheswari kingdom..?

Laksh trembles: no no. I’m not prince. I’m just normal boy. I have the same name.

Ragini: Maheswari is one of the Kingdom in Gadodiya empire. I heard about prince Laksh… He is very helpful boy.. who respects women a lot..

Laksh: how do you know about him..?

Ragini: everyone in Kingdom says that… What’s big deal knowing to me…

Laksh feels happy in himself.

Ragini: I just want to know, what everyone are thinking about princess Ragini. What’s your opinion on her.

Laksh: I have never seen her. But, once I met her in childhood…

Ragini amazingly: what..?? When.???

Laksh: hehe…leave that matter. Coming to princess, she is very brave and a warrior. No man defeated her still. It’s amazing right..!

Ragini feels proud in herself.

Laksh: I just amaze , is she is a girl??

Ragini’s face expressions changes.

Laksh continues: does any boy will like her..? I want a girl who is very soft and a shyful.. a boy could love only such a girl….

Ragini gets angry.

Laksh: but, I have much respect over her..! I respect her as the samragni of this empire. There is no doubt, I will support her.

She feels happy again.

Laksh: and I’m very fortunate I found the girl I liked.

She looks at him.

Laksh: it’s you Ragini. I would like to marry you…

Ragini shocks with his statement.

Laksh: I know, we are too young to get married. I’m just 18..and may be you are 16..but.. even after 100years I can wait for you…

Ragini is about to tell him something…

Laksh: I know, I’m very fast in expressing feelings. You believe me or not… I have never such feelings b4 any other girl. Tell me about your parents… my family will come and talk with them.

Ragini: what are you talking..? Do you know who am I??

“A beautiful girl….!!!” One man shouts.

Raglak raises their heads and see some men surrounded them. They both stand.

Those men are laughing at her cunningly. Ragini is not at all afraid. Laksh holds her hand.

Laksh: Ragini, don’t worry. I will save you..!!

Ragini looks at him.

Laksh goes forward before them.
One goon: hey boy..leave that girl to us and go away.

Laksh: you leave this place and go away. Otherwise I will not leave you…

That man hits Laksh and he falls down.

He keeps coming towards Ragini, she tights her grip.

But, the man falls down. She amazes and keeps looking, Laksh had beat him with log.

Other men come to fight with Laksh. He gives nice blows to them. Ragini keeps looking at him amazed.

Laksh doesn’t care about the wounds he get, but he keeps fighting.

Ragini is about to help him, but a dove comes near her. It’s their royal dove, for information passing.

Ragini amazes and takes the dove. She reads information in that letter.

“Princess Ragini, where ever you are..come back soon. Palace is attacked by enemies…!”
Ragini shocks and looks at Laksh.

He is busy in fighting. Ragini thinks, “I’m sorry Laksh. I have to go…!!” She runs back.

Laksh finishes his fight and looks for Ragini. She is no where. He keeps searching for her. No where…

He shouts… “Ragini….!!!’

Ragini is riding on horse furiously and reaches the fort.

She is shocked to see all the palace is occupied by enemies and king Shekar and Queen Sharmista are before enemy king Rajat.

Rajat is laughing wickedly.

Even Durga prasad and Adarsh were captured. Swara and Uttara were crying. Sanskar was not there.

Rajat: Shekar, now your empire is in mine. Bow down to me. I will leave every one alive….

Ragini grews anget and shots arrow on Rajat’s hand which is pointing their parents. He shouts in pain.

Everyone looks at Ragini and gets happy.

Adarsh: princess. .!! Run away… These enemies don’t leave you…!!!

Dp: Rajkumari, you are a Raaja putrika..!! Running away is coward’s job. Take the sword and fight…!!!

Shouts Dp and throws sword at Ragini. She catches it strongly.

Raajat laughs: these whole gadodiya army couldn’t defeat can???

Ragini comes with a sword towards him. Raajat amazes with her brave and stubborn face.

Adarsh keeps shouting: princess, go back..he is cruel.

Ragini comes in front of Raajat.

Ragini: leave everyone right now..! Otherwise I will not leave anyone..!!

Raajat keeps laughing. Ragini is in complete women attire.

He looks her from top to bottom.
Raajat: princess ragini, you are looking very beautiful like this…I will leave you without killing, you can be my daasi.

Ragini’s eyes turn red with anger. She pushes Raajat down to floor slapping his head. Then she places her feet on his back and jumps.

While in air, she throws the sword in her hand strongly to wall.

She falls on her knees and balances with one hand. The wall breaks.

She smirks looking at wall. All keep looking with confusion.

the wall slowly breaks and some weird sounds come. All are confused..!!!

Ragini shouts: Gadodiya vaasi.. bend down…

Shekar, sumi swara uttara dp adarsh and their soliders bend.

Some fire balls shoot from that wall. Raajat is shocked.

Ragini jumps aside. The fire balls come and blast.

Some soliders in Raajat’s army will die. Raajat falls down and keeps looking confused.

He looks at the hugely growing fire. And in between them, he sees Ragini. She has a sword in hand.

Ragini eyes are red and her hands are strong and her heart is brave. She is just like the lioness ready to hunt…

Precap: war… discussion…

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