Samragni-the empress (episode 6)


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Story till now,

Ragini is the daughter of ruler Shekar. She inherits the throne after her father. She suppresses all the revolutionaries who didn’t like the woman ruler.
She happens to see Prince Laksh in court and a flach back starts in thier mind…

Now…flash back is happening….

Epi 6

Ragini keeps going away. Laksh keeps looking. He stands rubs his head and keeps going at her back.

“Prince Laksh…” his friends shout. But he keeps going back of her in hypnotised way. Yes, he was hypnotised by her…

Ragini keeps going on Kingdom roads. She is looking at the shops. Laksh is looking at her.

Ragini looks at set of bangles and smiles. she wanted to take them, but she didn’t bring any coins. She goes away disappointed.

Laksh buys those bangles for her.

Ragini then sees one man is forcing one family to clear his debt. He was torturing the family. Ragini’s eyes burn in fire. She is about to teach him lesson.

Laksh was just looking at her ignoring the world. He observes her red eyes, then he comes to world and sees the quarrel.

“Oh no..I couldn’t see sadness in my goddess eyes..”
He thinks…

He goes and stops that man. Ragini keeps looking.

Laksh: take this money. And don’t torture the poor family like this….

That man happily takes money. All appriciates Laksh. He turns back to see smiling face of Ragini. But, she is going away silently. He feels bit sad for her ignoring.

But he keeps following her again. Ragini sits under a tree. No one is present over there. Her veil accidentally falls.

Her cloths are dirty and with some rags. Laksh feels sad looking at her.
“Oh my goddess, just take my hand once. I will keep you in my heart as Queen…”
He thinks.

She covers herself in veil again. He runs to a shop and buys a nice lehenga for her.

She is not there again when he came back. He starts searching for her desperately.

Ragini feels hungry. “Hey mahadeva…what about my food now?? I never felt hunger in fort before…” she thinks and looks at a tree.

She hits two stones and gets two fruits. Then a gardener comes in run towards her.
“Hey you…!! How dare you to take my fruits? ?” He shouts.

Ragini gets shocked and amazed as no one ever raised voice against her. And now she is a thief in normal man’s eyes?? She never knew taking fruits like that is wrong.

Laksh just sees the scene and enters.

Laksh: raising voice against such a poor innocent girl is not correct…!!

Ragini in herself amazed: poor? Innocent? ?

Laksh keeps taking class to man: she just took being hungry. You should show mercy towards unable people… take this money for fruits..

That man takes money. Ragini gives back those fruits to him.

Ragini: I don’t need anyone’s mercy…!!!
She says strictly and goes away.

Laksh keeps following her again.
Ragini then looks at some beggars. She thinks,
“I don’t know, how all these are surviving without food. I couldn’t even bear a minute without food.”

Then a beggar comes near her, “maata, plz give some money. I didn’t eat from three days…”

Ragini shocks, ‘hey mahadeva..! Are some people in my Kingdom are this miserable still??” She shocks.
She doesn’t have any coins to give him. Then Laksh gives something to beggar.

Ragini turns to Laksh.

Ragini: are you daana karna? You have been giving something or other to all…

Laksh feels happy as she talked with him.

Laksh: nothing like that devi.. I’m just aaa…vooo…

Ragini laughs with his confusion. He keeps looking at her lost.

Then again she keeps going away. Suddenly a arrow shoots her hand. She fells down unconscious. Laksh shocks and holds her.

He takes arrow into his hand. “Why such a normal girl is targeted? I think, it is a missed shot on someone..!”
He thinks.

She could see everything in blur but she can’t hear anything. Laksh carries her in his arms. She is somewhat heavy, as she is athletic.

He takes her under a tree and applies some medicine on her arrow wound. Ragini understands everything but she can’t talk.

She in herself keeps amazing for his concern. She gets normal almost after an hour.
Laksh keeps preparing some liquid medicine for her on fire. His hand burns suddenly. She trembles..

He gives the medicine to her. She looks at his hand.

Laksh: oh…it’s nothing….

Ragini then tears a part from her pallu and ties to his wound dipping in water.

This time Laksh keeps looking at her. There is a brief silence in between them.

She holds her stomach with hunger. Laksh runs near a tree to bring her fruits. He puts different fruits before her.

She is still in amazement.

Ragini: why are you doing all this for me…??

Laksh just laughs.

They listines to some ladies chit chatting and their anklets. .bangles sounds. She stands and looks at them.

She feels sad as she couldn’t be like them.

Laksh understands her feelings. He takes out lehenga from his bag.

Laksh: here…take this.

Ragini looks at a beautiful saree in his hands.

Laksh: hmm..However your dress is dirty, if you wear this…

Ragini takes that into her hands happily, but thinks for a while. How she can take such things from strangers.

Laksh: plz don’t think me as stranger… I’m your friend…

Ragini feels deepness in his words. She takes them.

Laksh will be waiting behind rocks. Ragini goes near lotus pond.

She closes her eyes and reminds all her dreams.

First..taking bath in lotus pond.
She puts her feet in water and feels tingling. Then she slowly goes into the water. She likes that cold water… she swims for sometime.

She comes out of it and gets ready in all dress and jewellery.

She looks herself in water reflection.

While she is doing like this, Laksh is busy in practicing how to propose her.

Laksh: hey…I want to be ur husband. . No no..not like this. Will you be my wife..???
Hmm….how should I say that..??

Ragini looks her reflection in water and gets amazed. She is another girl…who is just like angel. All her warrior qualities aren’t present now…

She comes at Laksh’s place. Laksh turns back and looks her. He just becomes dumb struck. And she remains bending her head. She has never been like that before. She never bent her head before anyone.

She doesn’t understand what is such a feeling. They both keep going silently towards temple.

Ragini bends her head and walks behind Laksh. She doesn’t know why she is doing like that. She completely forgot that she is a princess.
They goes into temple. As she wished, she chit chats happily with all girls. She swings on a nice swing. Later they both walk in a garden.

Laksh gifts her a talking parrot. It always says, you are looking beautiful…

At night, they both sit under the moon light. Ragini keeps looking at the moon.

Laksh: what is ur name..??

Ragini: ragini…

Laksh: hey..princess name is also Ragini…

Ragini: hmm…

Laksh: my name is Laksh…

Ragini then comes into her sences. “I have heard ur name earlier…” she says.

Precap: flash back continues –Ragini’s war with enemies.

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