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Samragni-the empress (episode 4)


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Epi 4

Ragini keeps sword pointing to Sanskar.

Ragini: so friend, what’s your conclusion? ?

Sanskar: Rajkumari Ragini devi jai ho… You are the winner as always,  I could never defeated you from childhood.

Just then a girl comes,
“That is the universal fact. And, now she is not yuva rani..maha raani..”
She is Swara.

Ragini puts her hand on her shoulder,  “may be I’m yuva raani or maha raani. We are friends as always…!!”

They three puts hands together.  “Me tooo..” shouts uttara and joins hands with them.

Sanskar: ok, may I know why maha raani is in some other world? What she is thinking? ?

Ragini remains silent.

Swara: may be about Kingdom..?

Ragini: that prince..

Sanswautt: prince..???

Ragini: nothing…

She says and goes into palace.

They three keep looking.

Ragini goes into her mandir(room). She sits on bed and looks at the parrot.

The parrot keeps saying, “you are beautiful Ragini… u r beautiful…”

Ragini smile and takes the parrot into her hand…. she looks at it and goes into flash back…

It was before her birth. Queen Sharmista was a pregnant. all the kingdom, people and Royal family is waiting for a boy child..the prince.

But the fate designed the story in other way. It was a girl child who is born. Shekar and whole Kingdom is disappointed because the girl can’t be the heir. And even enemy kingdoms are waiting for chance.

Then, Durga prasad comes and takes the baby into his hands.
Durga prasad is elder brother to Sharmista. He is also the Royal minister.

Dp says, “Raja..don’t Feel sad that it’s a girl child. She is born to bring fortune. I will make her as the great warrior and eligible Queen. Later, she can take responsibility of being the next heir…”

Sharmista: girl as next heir, will people accept it..?

Dp: sodari, (sis) people want a good ruler. It’s not important whether it is male or female. So, don’t worry.. I will make your daughter a great ruler.

 Adarsh: What are you telling Durga prasad?? She is the only girl who born after 3 generations. Till now, no girl is born in our family. She is the valuable treasure.

Dp: that’s what I’m telling. She is really a treasure. And only the heir of Gadodiya. She needs to be turned as a best Emperor. Because, she is only the heir.

Shekar: yes maha mantri..! You said truth. My daughter will be Samragni.
King Shekar takes baby Ragini into his hands and raises her to sky.

Shekar: she is the Empress. Samragni Ragini Devi…!!
Everyone smile with his words.

Durga prasad takes up the responsibility of making Ragini a Samragni.

Childhood of princess Ragini…:-

Generally, Princesses will stay in rich palaces, they play with their same age friends, get ready beautifully and they enjoy all the pleasures of palace.
But, Ragini’s life was different. Her day starts with war arts practice and ends with Royal king’s rules training. Dp is her guru. He teaches all lessons to her.

He calls good teachers and pandits to teach her vedas and philosophy.

Durga prasad’s children are Sanskar and Uttara.
He makes them friends to Ragini. And basically they are family members.

Swara is a girl of same age of Ragini, who is an orphan. Dp looks after her, and she too becomes her friend.
By the age of 16, Ragini becomes a perfect warrior and also a clever student. She knows ancient mathematics, science, vedas… etc etc…

There was no man in their kingdom who defeated her in sword fight. Everyone used to amaze for her power. A girl, that too at the age of 16 is that powerful, no perfect warrior could defeat her.!!!

Not only Shekar and Sumi, but also Dp who trained also amazed. So, Sanzkar’s only aim is to defeat her one day..but Ragini devi is impossible.

At her 16 years of age only, once she happened to have sword fight with Adarsh. Adarsh is her choti papa. He is shekar’s younger brother.

As usually Ragini defeats Adarsh.

Adarsh smiling: princess, no one can defeat you ever…

Ragini proudly: that’s what Ragini then..! Lioness of the forest..haha…

Adarsh putting his sword aside, “but, you are missing the normal girl’s beautiful life….”

Ragini: what..??

Adarsh: I’m feeling pity on you..!

Ragini keeps looking: what r u saying choti papa??

Then Adarsh shows her some girls who are playing happily. Ragini looks at them.

Asarsh: that is ur life beta. U too have to he happy like that..

Ragini: but I’m to be empress. I have to learn all the things.

Adarsh: yes..! They all kept a heavy crown empress on your head an made ur life heavy…

Says Adarsh and goes away.

Ragini keeps thinking his words. She goes to her room and sees herself in mirror.

She compares other girls with her. Other girls are in jewellery and colourful dresses.
But, she is in warrior cloths. Her hands and legs have small wounds.

She sits and keeps thinking something.

Precap: flash back continues… Raglak first meeting…

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