Samragni-the empress (episode 35)


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Samragni epi 35

Ragini: what is that problem?
She asks seriously.

Sanskar shows chotu with Swara. Chotu is crying.

Swara: your chote bhai can’t laugh without you Ragini. He has been crying long time since you left.

Ragini: oh my chotu…
Says Ragini and takes him into hands and pampers him.

Laksh: ofoo Sanskar. I thought it very serious..!

Ragini: of course, it’s serious. See, how red chotu became crying.
Chotu smiles as soon as he came into Ragini’s hands.

Swara looks at Mansi.

Swara: who is she Ragini?

Ragini: she is our new sister Swara.

Swara and Sanskar looks confused.

Ragini: you want to know story? Chandra will say…

Chandra: I went for hunting….

Laksh: No..! you please stoppp, I will say the story.

All sit for lunch.

Swara: so, that’s how it happened.

Laksh: ya, that’s how Chandra became married man.

Chandra: bhayya…!

Swara: mansi, you are so lucky. Chandra is a nice boy…

Ragini: there is time for their marriage swara.
She says her condition.

Lunch completes.

Mansi: jiji, who is swara?

Ragini: my sister.

Mansi: means, your own sister?

Ragini: actually, swara is orphan. She was brought up by my mamasri. And we both always grownup as sisters.

Mansi looks on.

Raglak, swasan and mansi returns to gadodiya palace. Mansi looks at the palace amazingly. She was always grown up in forest and she never know what are pleasures and riches. They give her a separate big room. Mansi amazingly looks at all the room and the bed is very beautiful and soft.
Then some maids come and keep lots of sarees and jewelry for her in the room..
She is looking at them amazingly.
Ragini enters.

Ragini: what mansi, did you like them all?

Mansi: jiji, why all those for me?

Ragini: arey, you are samragni’s sister..! you have to be grand..!
Mansi looks on…
Ragini makes her sit and tries to ready her.

Ragini laughing: I don’t even know getting ready, how can I make you ready?

Mansi: then maids help you getting ready?

Ragini reminds,
‘Every day, it’s Laksh who makes her ready. After making her ready,

Laksh: wow, my queen is beautiful than anyone in world…
He says and kiss her foot.

Ragini: laksh…
Laksh smiles. She stands and bends to his feet to take his blessings. This follows everyday.’

Ragini comes out of her thoughts with Mansi’s call.

Mansi: what are you thinking jiji? Is it for jiju?

Ragini: why are you thinking like that??

Mansi: your cheeks turned red. That’s why asking.

Ragini: mansi, you are a kid. Don’t think such things.
Says Ragini and comes out, but blushes in herself.

It was already night, she goes into her room. She sees Laksh was sleeping. Ragini silently goes and sleeps beside him. She caresses his hair, then kiss his forehead. She keeps hand on him and moves close. She keeps looking into his innocent sleeping face. She pats his cheek gently and joins her mouth with his. Laksh who was half awake, keeps hands around her. both fall asleep….

Ragini closes his eyes with her hand. She says in his ear…

Ragini: laksh, I love you….
Laksh: even me ragini….
Ragini ties his eyes with cloth.

Laksh: what are you doing?

Ragini: laksh, now I’m not your wife. I’m Samragni. Show me your talent in shabdaberi..!
(shabdaberi: an act of shooting an object eyes closed identifying place of object with sound)
Laksh: I’m ready Samragni..!

Ragini throws a stone on a pot. With that sound, Laksh shoots arrow at pot and it breaks. Ragini smiles.
Then she throws other stone at a bell, he shoots the bell correctly with arrow.
Now, at a time, she throws stones on a chair, stool, and a pillar. Laksh shoots them all perfectly.
Ragini smiles. She takes a round metal object and held it near her waist. Then she hits the metal object with hammer. Laksh shoots as sound came. (he doesn’t know what he is shooting as he was blind folded)
She puts the metal object aside, the arrow forcely strucks in her stomach. She shouts in pain.

“Ragini..!!” shouts and Laksh wakes.

He was sweating. Ragini who was sleeping beside him awakes and keeps hand on his shoulder. Suddenly Laksh hugs her.
Ragini: laksh…

Laksh: ragini, please don’t leave me.

Ragini: I won’t leave you Laksh. I’m always with you.

Laksh holding her even more tight: no..! you are lying..!

Ragini cups his face: who can separate me from you Laksh? See, I’m here..!
She points towards his heart.
Then she keeps her head on his chest and listens to his heart beat,
“See, it’s saying Ragini…Ragini…” she says.

Laksh rubs her head. She closes her eyes resting her face on his heart.

Next morning,

Mansi sends a letter secretly to Nayak. (nayak is her father)

Ragini is facing the sun and doing surya namaskars. She stands on one leg and folds other leg to her thigh, lifts two hands up doing salutation. She remains in that position for few seconds.
She gives her salutations to sun. she comes to normal position.
A maid comes and calls Ragini that Dp has arrived.

Ragini and Dp seriously discuss about something.

Laksh who just comes sees them.
Dp: now, the empire and family are in both sides of you Ragini. Decide what you choose..!

Ragini: I love my family a lot. But when it comes in choice of empire, I choose empire..!
Laksh slightly listen their convo. Looking at him they stop the discussion.

Laksh: hmm…what mahamantri and Samragni are discussing?

Dp: nothing maharaj, just common things…

Laksh: papa ji, call me with name. why maharaj?

Dp: then, call me papa ji laksh. Why mahamantri?

Laksh laughs. Dp blesses Laksh and goes away.

Ragini silently looks at sun.

Laksh: ragini, you are seemed to be worried about something?

Ragini: laksh, do you feel that I have taken wrong decision regarding mansi and Chandra?
Laksh looks on..

Ragini: halting their marriage is a need.

Laksh holds her hand.
Laksh: ragini, I have complete trust on you. Moreover, even Chandra doesn’t like to get married this early. But he likes Mansi I think.

Ragini looks on. He looks at Ragini.

Laksh: hey be happy. Even I waited for you for five years, let him wait for two years.
(guys, child marriages were common in those days)

Ragini holding Laksh’s hand tightly…
Ragini: laksh, we shouldn’t let mansi and Chandra meet again. We shall make them face to face only during their marriage.

Laksh: ok, as you wish Samragni….
He bends before her. she keeps hand on her shoulder.

Ragini: laksh, I’m serious.
He looks at her.
Ragini: Chandra and Mansi are not elders enough to love each other. Chandra has to learn his responsibilities first…

Laksh: allright Ragini, agreed with you. But, are you hiding anything from me?

Ragini: laksh, you will know everything when time comes. But promise me one thing.

Laksh looks on.

Ragini: If I’m missed ever, or maybe I may not return…
Laksh painfully held her shoulders.
Laksh: what are you talking Ragini? Tell me, whatever that is creating you problem. I will solve it. don’t go alone..!

Ragini: laksh, why are you so emotional? I’m just telling. If I may go missing, never grow up your beard and run along palace roads…. Don’t become a drunkard….

Laksh puts his hand sensually on her neck. She looks meltingly at him. Both have a intense eye lock followed by great silence. Suddenly both have a tight hug.

Laksh: ragini, what’s your way..that’s my way..! I always support you..!

Ragini: I’m very happy that you understood me Laksh…

(guys, I’m trying to tell their eyes have spoke with each other)

Precap: Mansi pushing Ragini into waterfalls…

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