Samragni-the empress (episode 34)

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Samragni epi 34

Laksh looks at Mansi doubtfully, and Mansi is such a clever she observes what Laksh is thinking. She then smiles.

Laksh: ragini, mansi is anger on you I think…

Ragini surprisingly: why??

Laksh: may be because you are separating her from Chandra.

Ragini: Mansi, is it true?

Mansi bending her head: no Samragni devi…

Ragini: call me JiiJii….

Mansi: Samragni…
Ragini smiles and nods her head.

Mansi smiles: jiji….
Ragini hugs her again. Mansi amazes.

Mansi thinks: no. I shouldn’t melt..!

Ragini: ok, let’s return to our palace.

Ram: 2nd bahu has come to house 1st time. You all can go after lunch Ragini. Let me present many things for mansi…

Ragini nods her head.

Mansi stands at cooridor(no one are there)
She writes something on a letter. She keeps looking straight. ‘what should I do now? whatever I do, after going to palace only I can do..!’ she thinks.

Laksh just comes.
Laksh: what are you writing mansi?

Mansi hides letter getting nervous.
Mansi: nothing maharaj…

Laksh: I know very well you are a kind of enemy…
He says angrily and grabs letter in her hand. Chandra also just comes who is equally angry on her.
Laksh shocks to read what’s in letter.

Chandra: bhayya, what’s in letter? For whom she is sending info??

Laksh: you only read…I’m sorry Mansi..
He says and goes away giving letter to Chandra. Chandra reads letter and his cheeks turn red.
‘chandra…I’m loving you…’ it’s written on that.
Chandra silently keeps letter there and runs away. Mansi smiles.

Laksh comes into room near Ragini.

Laksh: cha..cha..i have done a wrong thing. I’m feeling bad.

Ragini: what did you do?

Laksh: I read mansi’s letter for Chandra.

Ragini in anger: why did you read her letter?

Laksh: I thought she might be planning against us.

Ragini: laksh, you don’t know whom to doubt and whom not to.

She is about to go Laksh stands in her way.

Ragini: give me way…

Laksh: where is my tax today?

Ragini face becomes red.
Ragini: I’m not understanding…

Laksh: hmm, I’m not letting you go until I get it…
He wraps his hands around her waist.

Ragini: laksh, not here…

Laksh: why? Our love started here. Didn’t you remember?
Ragini bends her head and blushes. He raises her face by chin.

Laksh: moon…
Ragini: what white lotus…?
(guys, did you remember this epi 23…when they sang song.. raglak calls them like this in their lovely moments)

Laksh: Ragini, you were just as angel when you were 16…
Ragini: what? I’m I not angel now…
Laksh: no…
Ragini: ??
Laksh: you are a goddess now…
He says and buries his face on her shoulder. Ragini rubs his head.

Laksh: I’m I heavy?
Ragini: yes, but I will bear you….

Laksh: what did you feel about me when you 1st say me? I was 18 then…
(we know rag and lak met 1st when they were 16 and 18 respectively..)

Ragini: hmm…who is this mad boy?
Laksh: then now?
Ragini: that madness over loaded..!
Laksh: hmm, poor Samragni is bearing that man now…
Ragini: yes, poor Samragni….
Laksh: ok, then I won’t trouble you…
Laksh leaves her and about to go…
Ragini holds his wrist and drags him back. He falls on her, both have tight hug.

Ragini: laksh, I want you forever. I can’t bear our separateness.
Laksh closes his eyes. After a while,
Laksh: ok, give my tax now.
Ragini: you only take…
Laksh brings his face upon her…she closes her eyes…

“Bhayya..bhabhi…” they hear door knocking. They both separate and run at door.

Laksh opens the door, Ajay pushes Laksh and runs to Ragini. Vijay is chasing him.
Ajay holds Ragini’s shoulders and hides behind her. “bhabhi, save me from him..’

Vijay: you are finished today you little..!
He shouts…and runs… both run around Ragini.

Vijay: bhabhi, move..

Ragini: arey, tell me what happened.

Ajay leaves her, and runs aside.
Vijay: you little idiot….
He shouts again and throws a pillow at him, ajay bends and it hits Laksh’s face.

Ragini: hey what is this?

They keep chasing each other. At last, Vijay catches Ajay. Ragini holds vijay’s ear.

Vijay: aaaa, bhabhi..leave plz..

Ragini: what’s going on here?

Vijay: ask that little one..!

Ajay: I’m not little one..! I’m 13 years old..!

Ragini makes her eyes big and pats ajay’s cheeks,
“ok 13 years man..! tell me what happened?”

Ajay: bhabhi, he always calls me chote chote…

Vijay: you are small that’s why I call chote…

Ajay: I called him budaa..he got angry..!

Ragini: ajay, can you call your brother like that? budaa means old. He can call you chote, but you should call him bhayya, ok…

Ajay nods his head. Ram just comes and sees the scene…

Ragini: now call him bhayya…
Ajay looks at Vijay.

Ajay: budaa..!
He calls and laughs. Vijay shouts again and comes to beat him. Ragini stops vijay and keeps her hand on his shoulder.

Rag: leave it Vijay, if Ajay does same…we aren’t going to talk with him..!

Ajay: bhabhi…

Ragini: let’s go away…
Ajay holds Ragini’s hand.

Ajay: ok, I’m sorry. Vijay bhayya…
Vijay: come in way like that…

Ragini plays with Ajay and Vijay.

Laksh goes near Ram rubbing his nose.

Ram: see, my bahu rani sets everything fine in house.

Laksh: yes, after destruction happens.
Says Laksh and removes his hand on nose, it’s red. Ram laughs.

Chandra just comes there running, “pitasri, we found something in kingdom outskirts.”
Ram, laksh and ragini goes with him. He shows a box which is filled with some wooden masks and weapons.

Ragini: they are rakshasas..(the warrior tribes name) what are they doing here? They stay in deep forest of north.
Laksh and Ram looks on.

Ragini: I can expect, something wrong is going to happen. Now, it’s time to alert our armies.

A soldier just comes, “maharaj, mahamantri Dp’s son Sanskar has arrived…”

Ragini and Laksh shocks looking at Sanskar.

Ragini: is everything fine Sanskar?

Sanskar: no Ragini. There is a problem….

Raglak looks on…

Precap: what’s the problem??


  1. nikky

    nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing plzzzz give raglak romance and yaa plzzzz be regular bcoz now days raglak ff are very less plzz for raglak fan all raglak writers give more for temish plZzzzzzzz it’s a request

  2. Fats


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous update. I love when RagLak call each other moon and white lotus. Their terms of endearments are the sweetest things ever ❤️. And Lool, poor RagLak’s romance got left incomplete. Can’t wait to read the next part 💕

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