Samragni-the empress (episode 33)


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Samragni epi 33

Chandra: pitasri…

Ram: what pitasri? First tell me, why did you go for hunting?
Laksh goes aside scratching his head.

Chandra: I wanted to show my talent to my friends..!

Ram: who wants your talent show??

Chandra: pitasri, it’s prestige issue before my friends.

Laksh: pitasri, you can ask about it later..! rey Chandra.. first tell me what happened next, my head is burning in eagerness..!

Ragini: so, the deer missed right..!

Chandra: haa bhabhi. Then I went in search of deer.

Ram: where your friends are gone?

Chandra: they were following me silently papa…

Ragini: Chandra, when you go for hunting you have to go alone. If you go in group…

Laksh: ragini, you can give those hunting classes later, let him tell first.

Chandra: so, I saw the deer again.

Rag and ram: wow..!

Laksh keep looking silently.

Chandra: I raised my bow and pointed the arrow..!

Raglak and Ram are now curious.

Chandra: I dragged the bow’s thread…

Curiosity increasing…

Chan: the bow is ready to shoot the deer…

Ram: did the deer ran away again?

Chandra without taking breath: the arrow released from my bow, it is about to shoot the deer, the deer moved aside, the arrow hit the tree, with that force the branch from that tree fell on other tree resulting a pot of turmeric water falling on this girl..!

Laksh and Ragini making their eyes big: what? What happened?

Ram: why turmeric water pot is on tree?

Mansi bending her head: maharaj ji, it’s our tradition. Whoever throws that water pot from tree on a girl, that boy should marry that girl. That water fell on me resulting I’m becoming his wife.

Ragini: but, he didn’t throw that water right..! it was an accident.

Chan: I also said the same thing bhabhi. But, because of me only the pot was fell know..they argued.

Laksh: they made you a small kid and played with you Chandra. We won’t agree with this marriage. Let’s send her out.

Ragini: how can you be this cruel Laksh? This is my empire. I will never let in justice happen to any girl.

Laksh: what in justice? Chandra doesn’t even know that tradition and it was happened accidentally. What he can do for that? why he should accept her?

Ragini: if that girl goes out now, just think what people will think about papa ji and us? For kings one rule and for normal people other rule?

Laksh: ok. Not for me. Just think about Chandra. How can he accept a girl whom he don’t like?

Ragini looks at Chandra.

Chandra: bhabhi, I will accept her.

All looks amazingly at him.

Chandra: not because I like her, but I’m accepting her just respecting your words bhabhi. Bcz, you are my mother.

Ragini feels emotional and rubs his head.

Ram: so, I have a small doubt. Why did you say ajay and vijay to go aside?

Chandra: pitasri, they will tease me if I say this.

Ajay and Vijay: we already heard.

Ragini looks at them amazed. Ajay and Vijay run to Mansi and turn around her,
“welcome to new bhabhi…our 2nd brother has become groom..!”

Mansi keeps smiling.

Ram: but, we have to perform their marriage in our rituals. Then only it’s completed.

Laksh: pitasri, you are accepting it that easily?

Ram goes near mansi: this girl seemed to be purely innocent. Let us accept her in our family…
Mansi feels happy and takes his blessings.

Chandra keeps an expressionless face. Laksh takes Chandra aside.

Laksh: Chandra, do you like this marriage in real?

Chandra: no bhayya. How I can like her? I don’t know what love is and all… how can i? I just don’t want to turn against to bhabhi.

Laksh: now, you be calm. Let me deal this.

Laksh comes before Ram and Ragini.

Laksh: this marriage will not happen..!

Ram and Ragini looks shocked at Laksh.

Laksh: I have right to take decision on my brother. And as his elder brother I know, what is good for him.

Ragini: so, what about this girl laksh?

Laksh: I’m not telling let’s betray her. But, I don’t want to suffer my brother.

Ragini: you are right Laksh. But, no other will marry her. her life becomes pointless.

Laksh: ragini, you are such a feminist. You don’t even care about your devar.

Ragini: Chandra is like my son. I won’t tolerate if he is unhappy. Ok, now Samragni will speak…

Everyone becomes calm.

Ragini: as the Samragni of this empire, I’m the justice maker for everyone. I will not see the tears in my people’s eyes. Chandra is a kid to start married life. And this girl becomes shelter less if Chandra doesn’t take care. Now, I will take the responsibility as her sister..!

Everyone looks on…

Ragini: she will stay in my palace as my sister until prince Chandra marries her..! this is Samragni’s judgment.

Laksh smiles.

Ram: it’s not fair. I wanted to celebrate my son’s wedding right now..!

Ragini: papa, there is no hurry for that. let’s take atleast one year time. But, Mansi will be your 2nd bahu.

Ragini comes near Mansi.
Ragini: you are just 16 right.

Mansi nods her head bending.

Ragini: in two years you will turn 18, then we all shall perform your marriage grandly with Chandra. Until then, you are my sister.

Mansi smiles and about to bend to her feet. Ragini stops her and hugs her.

Laksh turns away his face. Chandra looks on.

Mansi pov, “I wanted only this Samragni. I have to enter your palace. This Chandra is just a bridge. My father very well know that you will do this. that’s why we have planned this.”

Mansi looks at Chandra. He was looking at her. suddenly her cheeks turn red.

Mansi thinks: but the truth is, Chandra is very cute. Am I loving him?

Ragini breaks hug and sees Mansi and Chandra are looking at each other.

Ragini clearing her throat: sorry for separating you both for two years. So, how much you be far, that much bond gets strength.

Chandra in red cheeks: bhabhi…
He goes away.

Ram: I’m happy…god has presented a nice bahu again…

Mansi smiles.

Mansi pov: I loved all the family. I want to be happy with Chandra. But, Samragni.. I won’t leave you..!

Mansi just gives a glare at Ragini. And, Laksh observes it.

Laksh: something is fishy…

Precap: Ragini’s new enemy… Mansi.

Note: Mansi is Raajat’s elder brother’s daughter. He is Nayak. Nayak and Mansi are to take revenge on Raajat’s death. Raajat is chote papa to Mansi.
(mansi and nayak doesn’t have any relation with Nikil or pari.)

/* hai guys, I know it’s a short update…but, next one will be big with raglak scenes*/

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