Samragni-the empress (episode 32)


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Samragni epi 32:

Laksh: why something disturbs us always..!
He upsets and goes near arrow.

Chotu starts crying, Ragini goes near him. Laksh alerts the soldiers to go to the direction from where the arrow came.

Laksh takes arrow into his hand. It has one message, ‘the enemity didn’t finish. It will start now..!’
Ragini looks at it and becomes silent.

Laksh: this arrow came from that forest side. Someone has much talent to shoot arrow correctly to pillar through window. That too from that forest. Hmm, they would have stand on a tree.

Ragini: not only talent, they have shot with much revengeful heart. That’s why this arrow travelled all the way.

Laksh: who might be that much hateful enemies?
Ragini looks on confused.


Mansi who was on a huge tree about to shot other arrow, her father orders her to come down.

Her father Nayak: have you gone mad? You are giving alert signal to enemies. We have to attack them silently.

Mansi: pitasri, it’s not a warrior’s habit to attack silently. How much enemies they are, we shouldn’t attack them silently.

Nayak: but we are going to get them down by kutil neeti (cunning law)

Nayak says something to her, she smirks.


Next morning,

The practice ground is filled with sword sounds. Chandra is Sword fighting with Ragini. She defeats him.

Ragini: what is this Chandra? You have been defeated 3rd time too.

Chan: bhabhi, tell me one person who has defeat you till now. how can I defeat you?

Rag: Chandra, in war we shouldn’t compare ourselves with opponent. Yes, we have to know his strengths, but believe that you are great than him..! Now fight…

Chandra is about to raise sword, Ram comes.

Ram: stop this practice now. It’s getting late, Chandra we have to return back now. you don’t have any responsibilities…! You got 20 years, till behaving as kid..!

Chan: pitasri, stop scolding…
Ajay vijay laughs.

Rag: start after lunch papa…

Ram: no beta, we have lots of works. We need to leave.
He comes near Ragini.
Ram: don’t forget to search a nice bride for Chandra…
Ragini looks on…

Ram and his sons leave.

Laksh: ohh..! this fort is peaceful now. those three brother idiots are gone..

Ragini is thinking…

Lak: what r u thinking??

Rag: Chandra is not matured enough to get married. He is still a kid.

Lak: hmm, he is a kid? 20 years small kid..!

Rag: but, it’s too early to get married. He himself doesn’t know to look after his own responsibilities. How can he be responsible towards a new girl? Moreover, if a girl marries him, she has to be younger than him. A young girl below 20 years, how can take responsibility of a queen?

Laksh too thinks.

Rag: we have to convince papa about this. Chandra needs at least two more years to get married.
Laksh nods his head.

Next day,

Ragini and Laksh go to south kingdom. Chotu is with Swara.

They both are going in cart. Laksh stretches his hands yawning hitting Ragini’s face. She pushes his hand.

R: laksh..!
L yawing: what?
R: you are always sleepy..!!

Laksh drags Ragini keeping his hand on her shoulder. He keeps looking at her.
L: and why are you angry always? at least smile when I’m beside you..!

Ragini pinches his hand. He removes shouting slow.

R slowly: behave properly when we are out..!

Laksh turns away his face in anger. Ragini keeps her head on his shoulder,
“I’m sorry my prince..”

L: no need..! behave yourself.
Ragini twists his cheeks, “my husband so cute in pout..!”

Laksh: aww Ragini..! stop it..!

The man who is driving chariot smiles at their antiques.

Ragini slowly to Laksh: that’s why I said..

Laksh: ok my empress, I’m sor…
Ragini closes his mouth.

Ragini: don’t tell me sorry.

They have a brief eye lock.

Ragini: Laksh, you can’t stay without me right.

Laksh: I can be peaceful if you aren’t there.

Ragini: oho..!
She turns away her face in anger.

Laksh: Ragini, I can’t live without you…
Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: I will grow my beard so long… my moustache also becomes so long…

Ragini controlling her laugh: ok, stop..!

Laksh: I will go in kingdom roads calling, ‘ragini…ragini..’ my eyes will become big and red…!!
Laksh shows acting.

Ragini starts laughing: hey stop it….

Laksh: I will drink everyday dreaming about you…
He says and falls in Ragini’s lap accidentally while acting.

Ragini rubbing his head: Laksh, please never become like that even I really go missing…

Laksh looks at her and gets up from her lap. He leans forward on his knees, he keeps telling,
“Ragini, I should never listen to such words again from you.”

Ragini slowly: I was just joking Laksh…

Laksh: how can it be a joke Ragini? It hurts me..!

Ragini bends her head.

Laksh: if you say such beautiful dreams, how can I tolerate?
Ragini looks at him confused.

Laksh: you are raising my hopes by telling such beautiful dreams… if they aren’t satisfied how I will hurt..!

Ragini looks at him in anger. Laksh looks at her and laughs.
Ragini starts beating him and keeps a pout.
Laksh: oh, my wife is so cute in pout..!
He twists her cheek gently. She laughs, he too laughs..

They reach Ram’s palace.

Ragini and Laksh explain Ram about problem in Chandra getting married early. Ram thinks.
Ragini holding Ram’s hand.

Ragini: papa, I’m telling this for all good. Chandra needs sometime to understand emotions.

Ram keeps his hand on Ragini’s head: today, you have proved again, you aren’t not only elder bahu, but also my daughter.

Ragini smiles.

Ram: you have enlightened my mind. Ok, let’s take time for his marriage.

Ragini and Laksh smiles.

Laksh: where is he pitasri?

Ram: I have sent him on some work. He has to know responsibilities right.

Just then Chandra stands at door.

Ragini: Chandra is here. There is a good news Chandra…

But Ragini stops looking garland in his neck shocked. Laksh and Ram also looks at him shocked.

Chandra bends his head and comes in. a girl follows him back bending her head. She has also garland. She is Mansi.

Ram loudly: what is this Chandra??

Ragini goes near him and holds his shoulder.

Ragini: who is she Chandra? Why did you marry her??

Chandra: bhabhi, I’m not married. They have forced us to marry.

Ragini and Laksh looks him confused.

Chandra: I went for hunting…

Ram: what hunting?? I sent you for other work right..!

Laksh: pitasri, wait for a while. You say bhai.

Chandra: I went for hunting…

Ram: this boy never knows any responsibilities. I have sent him to…

Ragini: papa ji, don’t get excited. Let him say…

Chandra: I went for hunting…

Laksh: then what happened??

Ram in anger: aa, he saw a deer and followed it…right..!!

Laksh beats his head to pillar.

Ragini: say fast Chandra..!

Chandra: I went for….

Laksh shouts: I will kill you, tell something else than hunting..!

Ram: why did you go to hunting if I asked you to see a work..!!

Ragini: papa ji and Laksh. Be calm. Chandra now you say…

Chandra: when I saw a deer I chased it.

Ram sarcastically: ha, I was correct..!

Ragini: papa…

Ram becomes calm.

Chandra: I chased the deer and..and…
Ragini and Laksh looks at him eagerly.

Chandra : and..and…I got down from horse.

Laksh keeps hand on his head.
Laksh: hey chandrashekara..! (lord shiva) what is this kid’s problem..!!

Chandra: I ran behind the deer…

Ram: is that deer is so important than work I said?? Who said you to hunt it??

Laksh scratches his head getting annoyed.

Chandra: I was running and running…
Ajay and Vijay keep moving their heads if he is going to tell something.
He looks at them.

Chandra: bhabhi, ask ajay and vijay to go away from here. They are kids, they shouldn’t listen.

Ram looks at Chandra: why? What stupid thing you have done??

Ragini gestures Ajay and Vijay to go away. They goes away.

Ragini: now say…

Chan: I was running…

Laksh can’t control curiosity: haa…what happened..

Chandra: the deer is missed..!

Ram claps his hand. “Wah, you didn’t even hunt it at last..!”

Precap: so, what happened??

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      Thanks dear… mansi is Nayak’s daughter. Nayak is Raajat’s elder brother. Yes, she was on revenge mission. Haha, her introduction was given in 31 epi dear..

  7. Akshata

    hahahaha omg i am laughing so hard and crying too. rolf damn astra i cant control right now. its so hilarious poor chandra and his hunting story…… but i want raglak moment

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    1. Astra

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