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I said that I will write season 2, but I would like to continue with this only… I mean, season 2 will be continued with these episodes. So, no epilogue…

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Samragni epi 31:

Ragini has defeated even Raajat. So, as a rule whole Raajat’s empire was also merged into Ragini’s Gadodiya empire… now, Ragini devi is the single monarch for the vast empire. She is ruling whole empire under eka chatradipathyam( under one umbrella)

So, after 11 days of defeating Adarsh,

The whole gadodiya fort is decorated grandly. Everyone are busy in some arrangements.

Ragini: decorated those flowers there. Why this wall is empty like this? keep mango leaves in that entrance..!

Sanskar: Samragni devi, you are a empress. Let me guide all these works.

Ragini: what guiding? See, all works are left like that only. Did you say what to cook in kitchen?

Sanskar: oh no..! I forgot…

Ragini: that’s your guiding. Go and see that work first.
Sanskar runs into royal kitchen.

Ragini: swara, did you arrange girls at entrance for welcome??

Swara: ya ragini..on that work.

Ragini: and about dancers and singers?

Swara: on the way….

Ragini: the muhurtham is coming. Still everything is not set.

Laksh comes.

Laksh: for just Namakaran you are doing this much drama, I don’t know what you will do for his marriage?

Ragini: there is a long time for it…
Ragini keeps shouting on maids to work fast. Laksh comes near her to control her anger. He hugs her gently, but she punches him in tummy.

Rag: I’m not going to fall for your tricks.

Just then, uttara brings adarsh’s baby near Ragini. Ragini smiles looking at him.
Ragini takes that baby into his hands.

Laksh: so, he has to come to control her anger now…

Ragini is playing with that boy.

Dp: he is her chote papa’s son. But see, still she is treating him as her own son. Just looking at arrangements we can understand.

Rag: oo..oo my chote brother. Oo.oo…
She keeps pampering him. All smile looking at Ragini.

Ram and his sons come to the function. Chandra, Vijay , Ajay run to Ragini.

Chandra takes baby into his hands.
Chan: hai hero, this is your jiju’s brother….
Vijay: this is ur jiju’ 2nd bro…
Ajay: I’m 3rd bro…
Chan: bhabhi, what are you going to name him?

Rag: I don’t know.! Panditji has to tell… but, I have kept him pet name, ‘chotu’

All brothers shout at once looking at baby: “chotu..!”

He starts crying. Ram takes the baby into his hands.

Ram: cha cha cha… these boys doesn’t know being sensitive and emotional. Grown up in women less family right..!

Chandra: but bhayya is sensitive and emotional.

Laksh: hmm, I got those feelings just because of your bhabhi…
He says and about to keep hand on Ragini, she beats his hand.

Swara: so, Chandra also needs a girl to teach him feelings…

Chandra in red cheeks: choti bhabhi plz… (swara is also like bhabhi to him right..!)
Everyone laughs….

The function starts…
Ragini and Laksh sit in position of parents of chotu. Laksh is holding him.

Pandiji: according to his birth star and time, the name starting with ‘La’ is suitable for him.

Laksh: ‘La’..? then let’s name him with same my name, laksh…

Ragini: we shall change it a bit, let’s name him ‘Lakshya’

Panditji: it’s a super name. prince Laksh, please hold baby’s hand and make him write that name in raw rice..
Laksh makes chotu to write that name.

Dp closes his eyes and prays: may this boy doesn’t change same as his father. He has to get pure qualities of his sister Ragini and his jiju Laksh.

Swara and Sanskar are already married by now.

After the function,

Laksh: so, what will be the next function?

Ragini: what? Surely our Chandra’s marriage.

Chandra: bhabhi, I’m just 20…

Ragini: oh my, see his face how it’s tuning red when we talked about marriage…

Ajay and vijay tease him. Ram looks and thinks about it.


In a forest, in a small hut…

A middle aged man is looking at a chain. His eyes are full of tears and his face is red in anger.
He says: she killed..! she has killed my chote bhai Rajat. I will never leave her..!! she has performed her chote bhai’s namkaran grandly right..! now, I will take him away from her..!

He breaks the glass in other hand. A 16 years girl comes in a run near him calling, ‘pitasri..!’
She ties a cloth to his hand.
Girl: what are you doing pitasri? It’s dangerous..!

He: then how should I take revenge on my brother’s death Mansi? I have left whole empire for him and came to this forest. That much I love him…! Now, that Ragini has occupied even our empire and ruling all together…! I won’t leave her..!

Mansi in red eyes: even, I want to take revenge on her pitasri. I want to take revenge and restore our kingdom back..! if I won’t do that, I’m not the daughter of this ‘Nayak’..!

That man name is Nayak. And Mansi is his daughter.

Mansi throws a dagger at Ragini’s painting, but the target misses.
Mansi: the target might have missed Ragini. But, you won’t be missed. I will take revenge of my chote papa Raajat’s death..!!


Ragini is happily smiling playing with Lakshya aka Chotu. Ram stands at door.

Rag: plz come inside papa, why are you standing there.
Ram comes inside and holds Ragini’s hand.

Ram: beta, you are the bade bahu of our house, even you are like my daughter.

Ragini smiles.

Ram: I have to take your permission, whatever I do in our family.

Rag: papa, you are the elder for us. We all obey you..!

Ram: but, bade bahu is rani to house. That’s why I want to tell you an important thing.

Ragini keeps looking.

Ram: I really want to perform Chandra’s marriage soon.
Ragini amazes with his words.

Ram: I thought about it, when you all were talking.

Rag: papa, I said it for fun.

Ram: but it enlightened me. You may be our bahu, but you are always in your own palace. Even, if kids are born to you they will be this gadodiya heirs but not my maheswari heir.

Ragini looks on…

Ram: did I hurt you putri..?

Rag: no papa. You are right. If I’m the empress, Laksh is indirectly the emperor, even though he doesn’t rule. So, his son will be this empire’s heir. So, you are fearing for the next heir of Maheswari…

Ram relieved: yes putri, you got my point now…

Rag: but, Chandra is still a boy. He is just 20….just now marriage…

Ram: he can’t take throne until he is married. I’m getting old…. So…

Rag: papa, I can understand. You may go with this decision. Let’s search a nice bride for Chandra…!
Ram feels happy and leaves. Ragini smiles and keeps looking.

Then Laksh comes and closes door. He comes near Ragini and holds chotu. He is sleeping. He slowly places him in cradle.

Lak: Samragni devi has become busy with her chote bhai. She is not even caring her husband.

Ragini looks at Laksh.

Lak: she is busy with empire’s work. In palace works, in treasure works.

She was bending her head. Laksh sits beside her.

Lak: hey Ragini, I’m just saying it for fun. Don’t take my words to heart.

Ragini silently places her head in his lap. He keeps rubbing her head,
“Sometimes, even I feel that Laksh. I should get rid of all these responsibilities. Lay happily in your lap like this. and..and…. even sometimes, I want to be a normal girl. I’m just 24. But see, I have responsibilities more than my age.”

Laksh: you are special than everyone Ragini. You are born to be empress. You are the only monarch for this empire.
Rag: I know but…

She raises from his lap.

Rag: laksh, take me to a place.
Lak: what place??
Rag: the place far from these responsibilities. Where I’m not empress. But, we are just alone…always looking into eo eyes…
She keeps coming near Laksh and he keeps going back suddenly he struck to wall.

She looks straight into his eyes naughtily. Laksh takes gulps and closes his eyes. She too closes her eyes and moves close to him…

Suddenly, an arrow shoots to a pillar. They both get alert and look at it.

Precap: can’t say….

Plz note: today, I couldn’t submit love my country next episode, due to some other work…so guys don’t wait for it. I will update next part tomorrow…

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