Samragni-the empress (episode 30)


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Samragni epi 30

When, Ragini is about to enter the mansion, Nikil comes in front of her. he looks Ragini up to down.

Nikil: wow, what a beauty you are..! Ragini, at least now accept me. You can be happy.

Ragini looks on…

There Adarsh is laughing as mad man. The rope of sanlak is getting thinner with the heat of flames. The crocodiles are moving around swara and uttara.

Ada: where is your Samragni? Ha..! where is she??

Then they hear the sound of footsteps. All turn back…
Ragini is walking and she has sword in one hand, in other hand she was holding Nikil’s hand and dragging him. He was lying down dead.

Pari and Adarsh shocks looking him like that. ragini leaves his hand and pushes him near Pari with her leg. Nikil’s body rolls and comes near Pari.

Pari falls on knees and cries. ‘nikil bhai…’
Adarsh imagines how Ragini has killed Nikil.

Adarsh shouts: Ragini..!!

Ragini: shh..! Samragni devi. Give respect to the empress you desha drohi..!

Adarsh: see now, what I will do to your loved one’s..!!

Ragini: why did you wait till now? I thought you have killed them..!

Adarsh: I wanted to kill them before you..! I have to see your break down..! see..what I will do now..!

Adarsh is about to cut the rope, suddenly side of the cave breaks. All shocks and looks at that side.

An elephant has broke the wall of cave with it’s trunk. Ram was sitting on it. beside the elephant Chandra, Ajay and Vijay are standing.

That elephant is Lakshini. It throws water from it’s trunk on those flames. The flames gets off.
Chandra throws a dagger which cuts sanlak rope, they come out safely and free Swara and Uttara.

Ragini was just standing looking at Adarsh. Adarsh was shocked looking at all consequences.

Everyone stand silently. Ragini was looking at adarsh reminding past.

She reminds that chote papa who stands on his knees and calls her lovingly and lifts her in arms in her childhood. She reminds that chote papa who protected her always. She reminds that chote papa who supported her. she reminds when he was calling her as daughter.

Tears roll down from her eyes. She bends her head and wipes tears. All look at her sadly. But, Adarsh was still seeing her in anger.

She hears Pari’s crying.

Rag: I’m sorry chachi, I didn’t mean to kill your brother. But, he is man filled with lust. If I don’t kill him, he is a problem to every girl.

Pari shouts: how dare you to call me chachi? I will kill you Ragini..!!
She comes with a dagger near Ragini, but Chandra comes and slaps Pari, she falls down.

Chandra: I’m sorry bhabhi. I didn’t mean to beat her. but, I can’t tolerate is someone raises hand on you..!

Ragini smiles a little and turns to Adarsh.

Rag: the people who are not related me by blood also supporting me. But, you… my chote papa…! Why chote papa? Why?? I’m your daughter..!!!

Ada shouts: that’s what my problem..! if you were not born, I would have been king..! and my son would have been next heir. Just because of you, my wife was hidden..!

Rag: chote papa..if you really wanted throne, I would have kept my crown near your feet. Bcz, you are my ch…

Ada: hey..! don’t call me chote papa…chote papa always..! that call has made me a slave always..! I wanted to kill you many times..! but, all are failed.. once bcz of Dp, once bcz of that Sanskar and once bcz of Laksh. They were all around you to save you always..! that’s why..! I wanted to kill them all..!!!

Rag in tears: how could you kill mamasri chote papa? What he has done to you??

Ada: he is the great maha mantri of this empire and your only guru..! guru dev..! I wanted to kill him and make you mentally weak..!!

Rag: I’m really feeling weak now chote papa..! bcz, I have been cheated by you..! see my helplessness. Knowing that you are a drohi, still my hand is not raising to kill you..!

All looks sadly at Ragini.

Ada: but, my hand raises always.
He comes and attacks on Ragini, Chandra pushes him, but still Adarsh’s sword makes a slight cut on her shoulder.

Ragini falls down and keeps her head down sadly.
“Ragini..!” shouts Laksh and runs near her. when adarsh is about to attack on Chandra, Sanskar comes and stops Adarsh.

Fight starts between Sanskar and Adarsh.
Laksh lifts Ragini up and she was silently hugging Laksh keeping her head in his chest as she doesn’t want to see the fight.

Sanskar throws Adarsh down and points sword to him.
San: I’m not emotional like Samragni. You have killed my father..! I will not leave you..!!
Sanskar raises his sword.
“Your father is alive..!!” shouts Adarsh.

All shock and looks at adarsh. He points towards a corner. Dp was tied there.

“pitasri..” shouts Sanskar leaves sword and runs near him.
Ragini happily looks at Dp. Sanskar frees Dp.

Laksh and Ragini were looking at Dp….

Adarsh slowly takes sword into his hand, and that time PAri also takes a sword. they silently run to RAGlak to kill them.
No one observes.

Lakshini the elephant throws something at raglak, to observe. The both see and come aside suddenly shocked.

Adarsh didn’t see pari and she didn’t see him, as they were in force, both stab each other suddenly. They shock looking at each other. They both die in each other’s hands.

They fall down dead.
“chote papa…” ragini cries and kneel down before him. She takes his head in her lap and cries.

Dp takes adarsh’s baby son into his hands. he comes near Ragini.

Dp: fate has decided this for him beta, leave it here..! now, you are this innocent soul’s responsibility.

Ragini looks up. Dp gives that baby into her hands. ragini holds the baby. He was crying till now, but as soon as he came into Ragini’s hands he smiles. Ragini forgets her tears.

Laksh keeps hand on that baby’s head.
“we shall be his parents.” He says.
Ragini smiles.

The final rituals of Adarsh and pari were done. All return back to palace.


Everything is alright now…………….

Ragini is facing Dp, Sanskar , laksh, swara and uttara.

Lak: ragini, actually…we are sorry..!

Ragini starts scolding: what sorry? You both went away without telling to me and swara, uttara made me unconscious. Just imagine, what would have happened if veer(horse) didn’t come on time???

Veer shouts. All looks at him.

Dp: chalo beta, now leave it.

Rag: you also mamasri, you would have said everything soon and straightly. We would have reacted in time…

Dp: that time it was important for me to tell about laksh’s love…

Rag: whatever, now I’m angry with you all..! I’m not talking to you.!

She turns other side…

Everyone: arey…sorry Ragini…
they come around her and keep requesting her.

laksh: ok…! I know how to make her cool down. Everyone, move apart.

Everyone moves far. Laksh comes near her and suddenly kiss her cheek.

‘Omg..! laksh u r impossible..!’ everyone close their eyes and go away from there.

Ragini looks shocked at Laksh. He winks his eye.

Rag: u r shameless Laksh..!
She says and about to go…laksh holds her wrist and drags her near. She falls on him.
He holds her nearby waist.
Ragini shyly keeps her head down.
Rag: what??

Lak: hmm…nothing..
He is about to kiss her….
They hear Lakshini’s shout.
They move apart in red cheeks.

Lak: hey idiot. Go away…! You lakshini….
That elephant starts playing laksh with it’s trunk… Ragini keeps laughing looking at them….


Precap: Epilogue or Season 2

Hey my friends,

With here actual Samragni story completes. Let me know if you all want season2? Is it interesting? Or you want other ff with other concept?

Thanx for all support till now….keep smiling…take care….

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