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Samragni epi 29:

Adarsh shouts: No..!!
Pari and Nikil holds him.

Ada: she is going to kill me..! raajat is dead..! now, she is going to kill me..!

Pari: u r her chote papa. She can’t kill you.

Ada: u don’t know about Ragini. Her love and hatred both are intense. She won’t tolerate anyone if she knows that they have cheated her..!

Nikil: so, let’s kill this Dp. Why to put him alive like this?

Dp is ties in ropes.

Ada: no..! let him be alive. I will kidnap that Laksh and Sanskar also. I will kill all three of them together before her eyes. Then I have to see her weeping.

Dp looks on……


Ragini takes bath with plenty of water.
She sits in the room’s corridor gazing at stars.
Sanskar and Laksh were discussing in other room.

San: we have to find Adarsh.

Lak: he is somewhere in the forest. According to soldier’s information.

Swara comes.

Lak: how is Rgaini?

Swa: hmmm….i’m still scared to go near her.

Lak: Sanskar… atleast you…

San: why r u asking us? U go on ur self…

Laksh smiles: even me feeling indifferent.

He at last goes into room. Ragini was still gazing at the stars. He hesitatingly goes near her.

Lak: hmm ragini..!

Rag in upset: what??

Laksh scares first later he brings out his all dareness.

Lak loudly: Ragini..!!

Ragini stands in anger and looks at him and shouts: what?????

Laksh shocks and looks on. She turns away her face.

Lak slowly murmurs taking gulps: what happened is happened..!

Rag in anger: what?? I can’t hear you.

Laksh clearing his throat: what happened is happened… leave it for now. how many days are you going to be like this…

Ragini turns her face to him. He scares and steps back. She keeps coming towards him.

Rag: what is your problem? Get out of my room…leave me alone..!

Lak: what?? I’m your husband….

Rag: just leave….
When Ragini about to complete sentence, Laksh gets all his braveness holds her tight near him by waist.
She shocks at once.
Before she could respond, Laksh holds her head tightly near him and makes a forced lip lock.
She shocks with that. She becomes calm.

Then he breaks the kiss slowly and looks at her.
Her eyes are down. He sets her hair back to her ear, he rubs her palm with his fingers and he now he makes a passionate gentle kiss again on her lips which is for long time.

Ragini was closing her eyes. Laksh opens his eyes and look tears among her cheeks. He wipes those tears, then she opens her eyes. Both are looking affectionately at each other.
He rubs her cheek with his thumb then he gently again kisses her cheek, nose and eyes. He tightly kiss her forehead…which makes her close her eyes again…

She then hugs him tightly. He rubs her head.

Laksh: ragini, what happened is happened. It won’t change even though if u think. Let’s forget it as a nightmare…

She breaks the hug and keeps looking down. He holds her hand and takes her near bed. She keeps her face on his chest and rests.

Laksh: rest for now ragini. U will forget everything by morning….

Ragini sleeps silently.


‘Ragini..!’ shouts Laksh…

Adarsh was holding him and about to kill. Ragini tries to run near him.

‘Ragini save me…!’ he hears other shout of Sanskar who is held by Nikil.

‘Ragini…help us…!’ swara and uttara shouts who were captured by parineetha.

They three kills them all at a time. Ragini shouts….

Dream over…..

She opens her eyes and finds Laksh is not there with her. it’s already morning..

She runs out of room.

Swa: ragini..? what happened??

Rag: where is Laksh??

Swa: prince laksh and Sanskar together went to Adarsh’s place…

Rag: what?? Why didn’t they inform me?? Moreover, how did they find about the place??

Swa: u were so tired ragini…that’s why…! They went with some soldiers don’t worry.

Rag: no..! I can’t sit calm here.
Ragini is about to go. Swara stops.

Swa: we shall go for sure Ragini. But, eat something first…

Ragini eats something unwillingly with her force. Soon, she feels dizzy and falls asleep.

Swa: I’m sorry Ragini. It’s Laksh’s order. He doesn’t want you to be in trouble.

With help of maids Swara shifts Ragini into her room.

Swara and Uttara wear shields and remain in fort’s protection.

Uttara: do you think this is a nice idea?

Swa: yes. Ragini needs rest. She is taking care of this empire always. She needs a break. Did u forget what happened to her yesterday??

Uttara looks on…

Laksh and Sansakar reach to the forest.

San: where can we find him now??

Lak: let’s follow those foot prints of horse.

Sanskar nods his head. Suddenly they hear a cry of Ragini.

“Help me..!”

Laksh shocks: ragini??

Sanskar: laksh, don’t get confused. May be this is plan of Adarsh. Ragini is taking rest in fort.

The shouts of Ragini continues… “aaa…”

Laksh tense: no..! that’s ragini for sure. I will not let anything happen to her..!!!

Laksh soon starts going there fast on horse. Sanskar keeps shouting his name and he is about to go,
Someone throws log on Sanskar’s head, resulting Sanskar falling off from horse. He gets unconscious.

Laksh goes to the place where Ragini is shouting.
“Ragini..!! Where are you..???” he shouts.

Adarsh comes out shouting as Ragini… “Prince Laksh…! Help me..!”

Adarsh smirks. Laksh looks angrily at him. He is about to go near Adarsh, but, he falls in a pit which is covered by twigs and dry leaves.

Laksh falls into pit, and rolls through the underground passage leading him into a cave. His head gets hit to a stone and he too falls unconscious.

Adarsh laughs loudly. ‘Samragni has fool friends..!’ he shouts.

At fort,

Swara and Uttara were captured by Parineetha secretly. With the help of her men, she shifts them somewhere.
She then comes into Ragini’s room as a maid to kill her in sleep.

She takes out the dagger and points to her. but, Ragini’s horse comes a sudden and pushes Pari to ground beating with legs.

The palace people gets alert then. They don’t understand why her horse has come in.

Pari shocks and jumps through the window and escapes. Ragini is sleeping.
The horse shouts. Still she won’t wake up. Then the horse, drops pot on table, the water completely falls on her face.

Ragini wakes all of sudden. She is surprised to see her horse over there.
She understands the situation and soon she too goes out.

She doesn’t know where to go, but her horse keeps taking her somewhere.


Swara and Uttara open their eyes and finds themselves in middle of a swimming pool like thing. They were seated on a rock. But, surrounded by crocodiles.
They shock.

Beside them, a huge fire is laid, and upon that Sanskar and Laksh are tied.
They are getting fire’s smoke which is making them suffocated.

Then they hear a baby cry.
Pari: o my baby.. don’t cry….
Pari keeps telling and comes there. They all look at her.

Pari: see them…! We shall kill all of them and next Samragni also..! then your father will become the king…!

The baby keeps crying.

Pari raises baby up..: after him, you will be the emperor of this gadodiya empire..!!

Just then Adarsh enters and takes baby into his hands. he kiss her forehead.

Ada: at last, our dream comes true darling…
Pari smirks.

Sanlak and swauttara… don’t talk anything but keep looking at him in anger.

Adarsh keeps the baby in cradle.
Ada shouts: who will save you all now?? do you know your mistake? Being obedient to Samragni is your mistake. That’s why, you are going to face a severe end today..!
I will see, who will save you now…!

Laksh closes his eyes and reminds his sweet moments with Ragini.
‘I want to see you once before I die Ragini..!’ he thinks.

Just then, the horse brings Ragini near a mansion in deep forest. She gets off the horse and looks at it amazingly. She hugs it’s head.

Rag: thank you so much veer..(horse name) I’m still surprised, how did u do all this? u are the best assistance for this Samragni. No..! u r my best friend.

She kiss the horse on head. Horse looks at her. Ragini smiles and soon she enters the mansion.

Precap: will the truth triumphs?

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