Samragni-the empress (episode 28) The War..!


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Samragni epi 28

Laksh and Sanskar are at the war. They both and Senapathi are leading their army. Karthick is leading dark army.

Raajat is with his army opposite to them.

Raaj: hey prince laksh..! where is ur wife the empress haa?? Did she sat at home crying??

Laksh and Sanskar gets angry with his words.

Lak: she is not coward like you Raajat. The Sun shines always. and she is the Sun.

San: we are enough to finish you..! why up to Samragni devi?

Raajat: then why wait? Let’s start..!

The war begins. Lak and San shouts, “hara hara maha deva..!” they begin the war..!

The soldiers raise their horses. The both sides army runs and collides. The shower of arrows follows. The war field is filled with the shouts of soldiers and horses.

Laksh and Sanskar are waving their sword in air just hard to imagine how they are killing. Their sword moments were in fraction of seconds. The enemies were falling down.

But Raajat is simply looking at them without doing war.

San: raajat..! y r u sitting silently as coward..? come and fight..!!

Raaj: the emperors fight only with emperors. Not with slaves like you..! call u r Samragni..!

Lak: hey..! tell that u r afraid. Come and tackle us if you are a man..!

Raajat gets angry with his words. he says something to senapati.

While Sanskar was galloping horse, Raajat throws some rod at horse’s legs.(which is against to rules) resulting Sanskar falling down.
But, he stands and tries to fight. But, he is captured in net.

San shouts: Raajat..! is this is a war?? This is against to rules..!!

Raaj: ur samragni herself tell know, everything is fair in love and war..!!

Laksh about to shoot dagger to free Sanskar, but enemy senapati shoots arrow to Laksh’s hand, resulting he dropping the sword.
Then enemy soldiers surround Laksh. He continues his fight weaponless.

Senani is about to stab Laksh, but Raajat stops him.

Raaj: how can we kill him that easily? He is pati of Samragni. Let’s respect him a lot..

Raajat holds his neck. Laksh tries to protest. Some soldiers point swords to Sanskar.

Raaj: kneel down to me prince laksh. Otherwise, u r friend will be stabbed with numerous swords.

San shouts: no laksh..! If u bend, this empire bends. Don’t do that. This raajat always uses same plans. Don’t do that laksh….

Laksh is about to bend, but Raajat punches him and he falls down.
Raajat looks at the flag on entrance.

Raaj: why prince bending? If I remove that flag, I can beat ur empire’s prideness.

San lak shocks. laksh tries to get up. But, he was suppressed by Senani. Sanskar is captured in net.

Almost all soldiers were in enemies hands.

Raajat takes his horse and gallops speed at the entrance. San and lak keeps looking shocked. He was about to touch the flag….

In the wind speed, four arrows shot him strongly into his shoulders. Raajat falls far from his horse down.

Pin drop silence arouses for a second. Everyone raises their head and looks….

Ragini devi is standing on the entrance arch who is felt as equal to the sun. The arrow in her hand is vibrating as anything, but her strong hands are holding it without any jerking. Her eyes are even stronger than her shoulders…!

(kiddos, close your eyes now…)

“Jai Maatu bhumi..!” she yells loudly. With her voice, whole army got energy. With her presence everyone got strength. the gadodiya army awakes and fights.

Laksh rises up with full strength and fights. Sanskar tears the net shouting, ‘aa..!’

Ragini jumps from the entrance to the ground and balance on her knee and hand. Enemies come to fight with her, she beats them with the arrow in her hand.

She is surrounded by 5 at a time, she beats everyone to ground with the arrow. It’s not arrow’s power. It’s strength in her shoulders.

Then she takes out two swords from back. Raajat was looking at her shocked.

Raaj: goo..! Defeat her..!!
He shouts.

Now Ragini fights with her two swords, one as defense or armor and other one to kill…!
The enemies terrify with her rudra roopa in the war field.

She has been cheated and her loved one is gone. Why her mind will be in control? She has taken the form of kaali maa….
She is taking out the lives of enemies and her swords are filled with blood. Her hair is messed up.

Some enemy soldiers come up to her and stop a feet far afraid of her..!
“Come and die..! come..!!” shouts Ragini and steps ahead.

The soldiers scare and run back. The soldiers run away and only Raajat is standing in front of her.

Ragini is looking at him in red eyes. She is holding the sword that strong, all the nervous are visible.

Raajat: today, I will sacrifice you to this war field. Until then, I won’t stop the war.

Ragini: words doesn’t make a warrior. Worthless promises are useless..!

Raajat comes raising sword on her. Ragini moves aside. He is about to fall and balances on his legs. He turns back and runs on her again, she moves aside.

Raaj: hey samragni..! r u playing..!

Rag: yes..! the play of your death..!

Raajat shocks with her words. he comes to her with all force. Ragini holds his neck. They both go back with that force, then she holds his head and throws him on ground.
Raajat stands on his legs again, then sword fight begins.

Raajat makes Ragini’s sword fly in air.
Raajat: hahaha… u r weapon less now. I can kill you..!

Ragini: warrior’s hands are weapons. He doesn’t need any other.
She holds Raajat’s wrist with one hand and punches him in stomach hard. Blood comes out of his mouth and while holding the wrist, Raajat’s hand turns blue.

Raajat beats her hand to make himself free. He looks at his blue arm and shouts,
“Kill that Ragini…! I will give half empire to the person who kills her..!!”

Then 10 soldiers come forward towards her. They surround her. Ragini keeps looking at each of them. They come on her at a time with swords and she doesn’t have a sword.
Then Ragini takes out the daggers from her both legs where they tied and keeps against to all swords.
All amaze.
She pushes everyone back and takes a round, making her daggers cut their throats.

All fell down and she is standing in between them as goddess of death. Her hands are dipped in blood. The blood is flowing from her daggers as shower.

All the rest enemy army run away looking at her dangerous form. Now, it’s Raajat’s defeat.
Ragini keeps stepping forward towards him. Raajat keeps stepping back.

Then he looks at Swara. He takes his sword and runs to swara to kill her. swara scares and closes her face in hands. he is about to raise sword on swara’s neck…
Ragini jumps and throws the dagger which cuts Raajat’s head from body. His blood falls on Ragini’s face. His head rolls as a ball and falls far…..raajat’s body falls down.

Ragini is standing like that looking at him. She leaves other dagger from her hand. It falls down. Her face and hands are with blood. Her hair is upon her face and shoulders.
She is taking heavy breath and then closes her eyes in relief.

She looks at all through the war field once and looks at sky. She falls on her knees.
She laughs loudly looking at the sky.

Sanskar swara and even Laksh scare to step near her. they keep looking at her silently.

Ragini laughs and at last cries loudly. Laksh closes his eyes seeing her condition. Sanskar takes swara near.

Ragini closes her face in her hands. some words start travelling in her mind,
“Ahimsa Paramo Dharma
Dharma himsa tathaiva cha” (Non-violence is the ultimate dharma. So too is violence in service of Dharma.)

and then she reminds Dp words.

“Putri, bloodshed is for peace. And peace is for prosperity. A war is for protecting nation. You are just a warrior in that field.”

Then she opens her eyes and looks at the setting sun. she stands up and keep walking at towards the fort.

All her army and people keep walking behind her silently.

Precap: now… prince Laksh has to make her normal….

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