Samragni-the empress (episode 27)


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Samragni epi 27:

Adarsh smiles looking at the tied person. He goes near him and removes cloth tied to his mouth. It’s Durga Prasad.

Dp breathing heavily: adarsh..! how can you cheat us? I was your friend, you were the younger brother of samrat Shekar… and loving chote papa for Ragini. Do you know, how she will feel??

Ada: I don’t care about anyone’s feelings. I want Gadodiya throne. You and She are obstacle for it. that’s why I want to eliminate you both..!

Dp: Ragini will not spare you at all Adarsh..! you know only her love, but hatred has the power to burn you all..!

Ada: you know dp, why I kept u alive like this? firstly, I will kill that Ragini. Then, you have to see her dead and cry till you die. Now… I strongly believe, she might lose her all strength in sadness of losing you..!

Dp: why are you this much against to that innocent girl? What she has done for you??

Ada shouts: she did everything..!! she is a woman, and still she is made the next heir instead of me..! if Shekar doesn’t have sons, then the next brother should be given throne. But, why everyone supported Ragini??

Dp looks on…

Ada keeps shouting: it is because of her I was remained married less to out world and I have to hide my wife.

Dp: not getting married was your own decision. No one has forced you..!

Ada: yes, I thought… to impress everyone with my promise. So that, they will give me throne. But, it became reverse on me..!

Dp laughs. Adarsh beats him.

Dp: that’s why they didn’t give you throne Adarsh..! The heir should have qualities to become a perfect emperor..! your imperfect thoughts and your foolishness made you far from throne. That’s why, Kumari Ragini was selected for it..! (loudly) and she is the Samragni forever..!!

Adarsh holds his neck: ok dp ji, now let’s see how ur Samragni will take breath…

Adarsh : Raajat..! let’s go to the war..!!

Raajat nods head. Dp shocks.

In Ragini palace,
All the cremation works are done. The fort was very sad.

Ragini comes near crying Uttara. She was crying holding Ap and Dp painting.

Rag: did you eat anything Uttara?
She says no.

Then Ragini brings food plate near her.
Rag: eat now…
She looks at her. ragini takes paintings from her hand. She brings a food piece to her mouth.

Rag: uttara, one has to give strength to other during these times. So, be strong.
Uttara cries and eats. Ragini feeds her.

Later she comes out, she sees Sanskar sitting near pond and his tears are falling into pond. Ragini sits beside him. He wipes his tears. They both are calm. He tries to control his tears, but he sheds out. She keeps her hand on his shoulder to console.

Then she sees Swara and gestures her to sit beside him. She goes away.

Laksh comes in front of her.

Lak: you are seeing about everyone Ragini. But, r u thinking about yourself?

Rag in sad tone: why? What happened to me?

Laksh holds her hand and takes her inside. He makes her sit.
Lak: u didn’t eat anything from yesterday..!

Rag: I’m not hungry.

Laksh is mixing rice with some curry. He brings one piece to her mouth.
Lak: I know, u r not hungry. Sometimes lies are not worthy…

Ragini looks at him. She eats at last.

Laksh comes near Karthick later.

La: what happened?

Kar: prince, the enemies have laid their tents at borders.
Laksh shocks.

Lak: probably they are…

Kar: Raajat’s army.

Lak: ok, you alert all the army. I will inform Samragni.

Karthick nods and leaves.

Laksh comes near Sanskar who was sad.

Lak: how many days u r going to spend in these tears..! don’t you want to kill the culprit who killed your father..!

Sanskar stands furiously.
San: not once..! I want to kill him 1000 times.

Lak: the enemies are at entrance.
Sanskar shocks.

Lak: they are thinking we are weak now.

San: they forgot that we are with burning revenge…!

Lak: then let’s go and call Ragini also.

They both go and see Ragini in puja mandir. She was looking at the Durga maa idol.

Sanskar about to call her.
Lak: leave her Sanskar. Let’s see this work on ourselves. She needs rest.

Sanskar nods his head.
They both go for war preparations.

Swa: Ragini, the preparations for war are going on…

Rag: I can’t participate in any war. My shoulders have lost their strength.

Swa: ragini….

Rag: my hands are shivering. All the fear has crowded around me. I can see only darkness.

Swara: ragini but…

Ragini goes into sleep. She can’t even listen to Swara’s dialogues.

Now…. Ragini goes into a dream.

Ragini was a small kid. She fell down and she has a wound on her knee. She was crying. But, no one is coming. Suddenly, she feels a hand on her shoulder.

“maa…” ragini exclaims.

Sumi smiles and takes Ragini near.
Sumi: why are you crying dear? Wounds are meant to hurt you..! but, you are meant to overcome it.

Rag: maa, but it’s paining.

Sumi: it’s not paining. You are crying and making it pain. Now..stand up…
Ragini tries to stand and falls down. She keeps crying.

Rag: no maa, it’s paining.
Sumi suddenly shouts: Ragini, a lion is coming save me..! save me..!

Ragini stands and runs to her mother and stands before her..!

Rag: maa, where is it? where is the lion?

Sumi: where is your pain?

Ragini forgot the pain in hurry to save her mom.

Sumi: the lion is false and your pain is also false.

Shekar comes: but the only truth is your aim, your aim to save your mother. Before that aim, all the false become burned.

Ragini looks at Shekar.
Shekar: the truth burns all the lies. Your mission burns all your miseries. Ur mission now was to save your mother. And your mission will be saving the mother land. And, none of the pains are going to suffer you in your mission..! Raise up..!!

Ragini stands and looks forward determined. Durga Prasad comes and gives her the sword to her hands. Ragini takes it and points it into sky..looking up.

Shekar Sumi and Dp slowly disappear blessing her, ‘vijayee bhava..!’

Ragini dream vanishes and she opens her eyes suddenly..! she saw the huge idol of Durga maa with pleasant smile but with brave posture.

Ragini stands up and prays, “Maata, you have showed me the way. Now, I don’t have any doubts or pains.”

Swara and Uttara are behind her. Ragini turns to them.

Uttara: the war was started Ragini.

Rag: both of you wear shields and get ready. Let’s go to save our mother land..!

Uttara and Swara nod their heads confidently.

Rag yells: Jai Maatru bhumi..!
Both of them: jaya ho maatru bhumi… (hail to mother land)

Precap: the great war… going to witness ferocious Ragini.

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