Samragni-the empress (episode 26)


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Samragni Epi 26

Ragini goes into Adarsh’s room. She checks here and there.

Swa: what are you checking Ragini?

Rag: you all were blaming my chote papa right..! So, I’m checking.

Lak: Ragini, we have proofs to blame him. He only said wrong information about Dp ji?

Rag: so, what’s your doubt Laksh? My chote papa has done something to mamasri?

San: Ragini …it’s not like that.

Rag: may be mamasri has sent a information to chote papa to come to farm. And may be again, they might have changed the plan. Whatever it is..! chote papa and mamasri were nice friends even before we were born..! Do you know that?

Sanskar and Laksh remain calm.

Rag: they together plan many things. They can’t say everything to us. If my chote papa is really a culprit, he could have cheated us during my father time only. Why would have he take this much time..!!

San: sorry Ragini, we were just worried about my father durga Prasad ji..!

Rag: don’t worry about mamasri Sanskar..! we all know he is very intelligent and he can save himself..!

Swa: but the truth is ragini, he was not there in kingdom from yesterday…

Ragini remains calm.

Rag: allright, Sanskar.! Send army members to search mamasri and also chote papa. I want to prove you guys, my chote papa is noble.

Lak: ragini….

Rag: everyone, leave me alone..! I want to stay here for some time.

Laksh, Sanskar and Swara goes away..!

Ragini looks at Adarsh’s painting. She stands before it.

Rag: everyone might doubt you chote papa, but your daughter..! this Ragini believes you..!
She says and touches the painting. For her amazement, the painting moves aside. She is shocked to see the secret passage through that wall. She takes a kagada..(a wooden log with fire at one end) for light and goes into the passage.

She follows the passage and reaches one room which is filled with paintings of one lady(parineetha) and Nikil. She even gets surprised to see Raajat’s paintings. She is hell shocked to see the plan of fort, army secrets… etc.

Rag confuses: what is this all??
And she sees a small hole to that room which could be the exit to outside world. she comes near the exit. And that exit leads to a forest.

Ragini becomes doubtful now. she comes back into the room and keep looking at the portrait. Then she hears talks of two maids.
Maid1: hey, sweep there properly..!

Maid2: yaa..I’m sweeping. U see you work.

Ragini looks from the door to upstairs and the maids were talking there.

Rag: the place is that far..! how can it audible till here?
She observes a pipe like thing in wall.

She hits an arrow at that place and that sound resonates in adarsh’s room. Ragini shocks. maids shock to see Ragini hitting arrow at them. They come in run to her and bend to their knees before her.

Maid 1: maharani, did we do any mistake??

Ragini: no..! but, are you both were talking about sweeping?

Maid 2: yes maharani..! but, how did you know that? we are too far from you..!

Ragini looks back at the pipe. She remembers a past, when Laksh and She were talking about fake Swayamvara near Dp. They talked in the same place.

Rag: So, whatever we talked… chote papa has heard..!!
She shocks.

Then Ragini remembers Dp giving a letter to Ram to read. And Ram gave her..! She forgets reading it.
Then she soon runs into her room. Looking at her hurry, all the fort people confuses.

She goes into room and opens the box in which she kept the letter.
She takes out the letter and reads it,

I have come to tell you important thing. But, you have to go to the bandits mission.
Now, listen… your chote papa Adarsh has married already. She has the wife name Parineetha. And, it’s Adarsh who helped Nikil in sending your raja mudrika. I’m going now to know more about him. You and Laksh be cautious about him. Don’t believe him..! he is the raja drohi..!”

Ragini’s eyes turn red after reading the letter. But, at least one tear also didn’t come out of her eye. Bcz, she suppressed her tears to be strong..!

She twists the letter in deep upset and keeps reminding Adarsh’s words,

‘you are a girl, and u hav to be as a girl. They are making u far from ur enjoyments.’
‘why r u torturing her teaching all war arts. Let her be as a girl….’
‘I want to see my ragini as bride soon..!’

Then Ragini says,
“So, you never wanted to be me as Empress. You wanted to divert me from my aim. You wanted to make me as a slave for the groom you choose. That means, you have cheated me chote papa..??..!!”

Then she reminds all the war plans he made for their failure( however, they are changed by Dp later..)

Ragini throws a glass strongly to wall.

“How can you cheat your daughter..?? I believed you more than anyone..!!”

She breaks down holding her face into her hands. But, no… no tear out from her eyes as she doesn’t want to become weaker.

She reminds all the moments with Adarsh, when he feed her food. When he lifted her in arms in childhood. When he made her laugh… when he consoled her and shared affection…

She wants to cry out. Her heart was dipped in ocean of tears, but she didn’t let even one drop to come out. (still her face in hands)

‘what to believe..
Whom not to believe…
Loved one’s are enemies?
For what this hatred?
In the flames of misery…
Heart is burning…
This cunning world…
Ruined everything….
That affection was false?
That truth is so harsh..!!”

Her heart was singing in pain… she raises her face from the hands and looks at sun which is getting set.
Her eyes were burning….

“Ragini..!!!” she hears a shout.
Ragini stands and looks at door in shock. Swara was in tears and her face is red.


Adarsh goes near Raajat.

Ada: omg..! omg..! she might have came to know truth now..!

Raaj: hey, don’t worry. Any day, she has to know…

Ada: she is going to kill me if she knows that I have killed Durga Prasad.

Raajat laughs vigorously.

Ada: why are you laughing aa..??

Raaj: if u r afraid that much… y did u kill him??

Ada: arey, he came to know my secret. He was about to arrest Paineetha and NIkil. So, I had to kill him…

Raajat looks at Adarsh in smile.


Ragini: what..? what happened swara…

Swar: ragini…
She is about to say….

Laksh comes. “Ragini…come with me..!!”

Rag: tell me what happened..!
Laksh holds her shoulders gently and makes a sigh to come. Ragini’s heart says something bad…. He takes her to court hall. She hears the weeping sounds.

Rag: Laksh…plz tell me what happened..!

Then Laksh shows her. She looks on shocked. There was Dp’s armor and sword. Sanskar was holding his armor and crying. He held Uttara with other shoulder. She was crying deeply in his embrace.

Ragini’s eyes turn even more red.

Rag: where is mamasri??

Lak: ragini…..

Rag: laksh, I’m ok. Tell me….

Lak hesitatingly: he was burned in fire…we could find only them….

Rag: how did you all confirm it’s mamasri only??

Lak: his horse was before the fire, his body was completely burned…. Only they are remained.
(laksh stops further explaining her. as he too feels pained)

Ragini goes before that and hold the sword.
She was in shocked state. Her tear even didn’t pass out at that time too.

She reminds,

One flash back…..

On the death bed of her mother… Ragini was crying.
Sumi: beta, don’t cry. Your mamasri-my brother is your mother and father from today. So, what is need of tears.
Sumi keeps her hand in Dp’s hand and dies.
Dp holds tears of Ragini. “Ragu beta, I won’t let you shed tears until I’m alive..!” he says…

Fb end……….

Ragini holds the sword to her heart and closes her eyes. She remains like that for several minutes.
Laksh comes and kneel down beside her. he keeps his hand on her shoulder.

Lak: No Ragini… don’t stop your tears like that.
She was still holding the sword.

Lak: let the sadness come out of your heart completely. Let that tears flow out from your heart. Cry until you overcome your weight on heart….

Ragini soon leaves sword and hugs Laksh and cries a loud. Laksh holds her tightly.
A flow of tears burst out from her eyes. She has released all the misery at a time…
The sounds of her sobbing made even Laksh to shed into tears. The whole fort filled with her weeping which made all the empire week and soul less.

(omg..! I’m so sorry guys if I made you cry… this is important in scene point of view)

In Raajat fort…

Ada: why r u smiling when I’m tensed??

Raaj: hahahaha…my friend, how can I see you in tears.

He says and removes a curtain… Adarsh smiles looking at the person who tied in ropes behind the curtain.

Precap: Ragini’s depression. An enlightenment… and the final war…!!

/* hey my dears, hw r u all? Hehe, just wanted to ask… eat well and sleep well…
If u eat well and sleep well… u will be well…. ( hw was the potery?? Haha)
Well, Laughing is the secret of my energy..! keep laughing… stay happy……
See u until nxt episode….

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