Samragni-the empress (episode 24)

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Epi 24:

Sanskar and Ragini are shooting daggers of hatred with eyes. Laksh was standing behind Ragini simply looking at them.

Kavitha and Karthick are beside Sanskar.

Sanskar: Samragni has got into our hands after lots of plans. Thanks Prince Laksh, for bringing her here..!

Ragini gives a confused look at Laksh. Laksh smirks looking at Sanskar.

Kavitha: I never thought prince Laksh will support us.

Karthick: prince laksh is behind everything, if he is not there, none of our plans got succeeded.

Ragini looks at Laksh in confused way. Laksh looks at her and smirks. He keeps hands on her shoulders and says,
“I’m sorry Samragni, I need to do this. After all, I’m also the member in dark army..!”

Ragini shocks with his statement.
Rag: how could you cheat me like this? I have loved you a lot and I have given all myself to you…

Sanskar laughs from behind. They both looks at him.

San: Laksh, you have nicely trapped her..! She has fallen in our trap…!

Laksh also joins in his laughs. Ragini bends her head.

Laksh remembers helping Sanskar in escaping throwing net on Adarsh.

Kavitha: Ragini devi, did you think prince laksh loves you? Is mad about you? This was just the plan to trap you..! poor girl, fell in our trap..!!!

Everyone laugh except Ragini.
Sanskar comes in front of her and points sword to her neck.

Karthick: kill her Sanskar..!

Laksh: mitra..! he seemed to be so hurry..! let’s do our work fast. What do you say Samragni??

Ragini gives an anger look at Laksh and Sanskar once.



She starts laughing vigorously. Sanlak gives a confused look at her. she even falls on her knees laughing. Then she stands controlling her laugh.

Rag: bhagavan..! I have never laughed this much..!
She looks at both of them.

Rag: Laksh…! Sanskar..! is the drama finished? Or anything left??

Now Kavitha and Karthick looks confused.

Sanskar: what Ragini? Can’t you wait for a minute more?

Laksh: yes..! we were enjoying those fools faces.

Now, Ragini Laksh and Sanskar laugh together loudly. Whole dark army looks them confused.

Ragini: enough of this fooling. Let’s finish the game soon..!
Sanskar and Laksh nod their heads and stands beside her. Both are on each side of her.

Now, the question mark expression goes to karthick’s batch.

Sanskar: cheating Ragini..! It’s impossible.

Laksh: trapping her?? It’s only a hallucination..!

Sanskar: bcz, she is my friend..!

Laksh: and bcz, I love her..!

Sanlak together: this is the Sanskarini mission…!!

Ragini: to catch the dark army..!

Kartick and kavitha gives death glare.

Laksh laughing: trapped fools are you..! Not she..!

Kar: how dare you to fool us..!!

Rag: making our enemies fools is our mission. Getting fools is your problem.

Kav: how can you survive? We are 500 and you are just three..!

San: kavitha…! We aren’t fools just like you..! look around.

Those 500 army were surrounded by Ragini’s soldiers. Kav and kar shocks.

Kar: ok…ok, we understood what will happen to us now. but, can you tell me how this all happened??

Sanlak Rag smiles.

Rag: we know very well that there is an enemy for the empire. We wanted to get that person out. So, all knows that Sanskar is only a good opponent to me..!

San: pranaam Samragni…! Apke abhiman keliye dhanyavaad..!

Lak: Sanskar..! Don’t interrupt. Let her tell.

Rag: so, me and Sanskar acted as if we became enemies.

Fb starts…..

San: enemity? With you..! I can’t do that.

Rag: are you mad? This is just acting. We have to find culprit.

San: who will believe if best friends have become enemies means..?

Rag: that’s why..! we will start acting hating each other.

San: but, what should I do?

Rag: simply talk negatively on women. Everyone knows Samragni never spares if someone humiliates women.

San: no..! in dream also I can’t humiliate women. You know, I respect them a lot.

Rag: Sanskar plz…! We don’t have another way. Just start doubting me and say women as foolish. Then my anger will touch peaks. Which will lead us to enemies.

Sanskar agrees.
Fb ends…..

Rag: so, as usually, our plan got worked out..!

Sanskar sadly looks at Ragini: I’m sorry Ragini. In that fake fight I accidentally wounded your hand.

Rag: that is not a worry Sanskar..! it helped us a lot..! and I know, you have felt very sad about it.

Sanskar wipes his tears.

Raglak smiles looking at him.

Karthick shouts: stop this drama..! you need to fool us this much??

Rag: ya..! you all believed we became enemies, and so you approached him for help and we needed that of course.

Lak: and I acted to join your team to make you fall in your trap even more. I wanted to be in mission Sanskarini…!

Rag: so, that swayamvara is also a drama..!

Kavitha and Karthick amazes.

Rag: I know, it’s Kavitha who came to that painter that day and asked painter to draw Laksh image.

Kavitha cutting her words: painter? Laksh image? I never came to you jail..!

Sanlak shocks.

Rag: don’t lie..! is it not you, who asked prisoner painter to draw Laksh image so that we divert our minds on him.

Kav: it’s true that I have wish on Laksh. But, I never did that.

Raglaksan confuses.

Rag: so, it’s someone else.

Lak: so, the swayamvara drama wasted?

San: why wasted? We have confirmed bandit kavitha and your crush kavitha are same..! for that only, I have send her with name Sanskarini.

Lak: hey..! not my crush..! I’m a crush to her..!

Kavitha: you were my crush..! but not now..! I will kill you for cheating us..!
She is about to attack Laksh, Ragini stops her and push her.

Rag: why your team has become enemies to us if you don’t want to be rulers? We don’t have any enimity. We shall stop it here. Our main enemy is not you..!

Karthick and Kavitha looks at each other.

Rag: my intention is not to kill you..! but, I want to ask you, what is your problem?

Kav: we thought a woman can’t rule this empire. So, we formed a secret army against you..!

Kar: but, we came to conclusion now..! it’s only our foolishness. This empire can’t get another best ruler like you..!

San: so, I think someone helped you to do all this..! who is it?

Kar: it’s someone in your palace. We don’t know who is it? but, he provides us all weapons and money. To turn against you..!

Ragini and Sanskar look at each other in confusion.

Lak: we did this much planning, but we didn’t come to know who is it?

Kav: that person has the skull mark on hand same as me.

Raglak amazes.

Rag: nobody in palace have that..! but, everyone is good to us. On whom we can doubt?

Kar: that person is always with mask.

San: can you recognize his voice?

Kar: each time he speaks in different voice. Sometimes in lady voice..!

Raglaksan amazes. They keep thinking something.

Karthick and his army bends before Ragini putting all the weapons at her feet.

Kar: Samragni, excuse our sins and make us free..!

Ragini smiles.

Rag: from today this dark army will be part of our army. You are no more andha sena, but the secret spy of us..!

Karthick and Kavitha feels happy.

Rag: I thought war will be solution to this problem. I never thought it’s so easy..!

Lak: samragni can do anything…!

San: Samragni ragini devi ki….
Lak: jai ho….
San: jai ho….

Sanlak are teasing her.

Rag: stop it boys..!!

Back of them dark army keep hailing, ‘ragini devi ki jai ho..!’

Ragini smiles and keeps looking straightly determined..!

Precap: Dp is missing..!


  1. Varsha


    |Registered Member

    At first I thought SanLak has cheated ragu but after finishing it fully I loved Ragu even more. She is so brave and I wish to be like her

  2. Amore


    |Registered Member

    Wow! I’m happy with the way ragini made dark army as spies… you did good job Astra

    “Astra” is not only solution to end enmity and Astra showed it in her ff 😉

    • Astra



      Thank you so much dear.. yes yes, weapon is not always solution..! And as u expected Rag and san were just acting as enemies. Thanx dear…

  3. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Astra Devi howz u???? After a week I’m reading this I had 102° fever didn’t even see d phone 📱 fr so long… N this one, I’m not going to tell u how it was.. I’ve no words for it ‼‼‼‼

  4. Raglakholic


    |Registered Member

    It’s awesome
    Totally loved it
    Now confusion was cleared
    Precap seems damn interesting
    Please do continue soon
    Eagerly waiting to read more

  5. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous dear….omg what a planning ragini….sanlakrag r one team….kavitha and karthik also join in ragini team…astra dear u r really genius…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

  6. Pinky

    Hi astu sorry for late reply only I came home.epi is awesome. Wen laksh said he is also a part of dark army I got slight heart ache itself….thank god he didn’t cheat my ragoo.ragsan friendship was awesome. Update soon.

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